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going nowhere but finished with a brilliant 9-2 mark, one of the best in the school's history.
Kentucky has an excellent opportunity to match that mark.
When Florida State takes on Kentucky in Louisville next month, there will be more than casual incentive for the Seminoles than just another game.
Coach Hugh Durham is from Kentucky and he called his team's victory over Kentucky in the NCAA a few years ago one of his greatest thrills.
There's another reason for the importance to this year's game. Florida State had joined the Metro Seven Conference which include such schools as Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis State, St. Louis and others.
Since Florida State's schedule was long booked up, several games outside the conference had to be selected as conference games.
Just so happens, league officials penciled in the Kentucky game to count as a conference battle.
Sometimes the best football stories don't come from the players, nor the coaches nor even the long-time fans.
Sometimes it's nice to talk with someone honest and innocent, like a nine-year-old son of a coach.
Derrek Bailey is such a likeable fella. He's the youngest of two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bailey. Charlie is a defensive coach with the University of Kentucky.
Derrek, while riding back on a team bus to the Marriott from the Peach Bowl game Friday, talked about the life of a coach's son.
"It's not bad, I get to go to a lot of games, places like Florida and West Virginia," said the youngster who attends Cassidy Elementary in Lexington.
Derrek says his favorite heros are Jim Kovach and Rod Stewart. Why Kovach and Stewart?
"I like Kovach because my dad coaches him," said Derrek, "and I like Rod cause he's good." How honest can one be !
Does dad bring his coaching problems home with him?
"He always talks about the mistakes when Kentucky gets beat," said the fourth grade student who likes both football and basketball, "but he gets real excited when we win."
Do the kids on the block look upon Derrek with envy?
"Sometimes they want me to get autographs of the players and things like that," said Derrek, ' T tell them I'll
try to but they usually forget about it and I just don't mention it anymore."
While Derrek may be only nine years old, he's been around Kentucky football long enough to know which are the important games.
"My biggest thrill?" asked Derrek, "has to be this game, the Peach Bowl and then the win over Tennessee. That was really neat.
While the usually five-minute bus ride from the stadium to the hotel was taking fifty-five minutes because the city bus driver got lost twice, Derrek was prompted to comment:
"I don't know who the driver is but I'm sure glad he wasn't driving when we left Lexington or we would've never gotten to the Peach bowl."
Just telling it like it is, man, just telling it like it is.
If you're still wondering about our article on the NCAA investigation of
the UK basketball program, there's little more to report. We have learned from a very reliable source, however, that the reason Joe Hall has not commented is because he's been told not to. It's certainly unfair to both Hall and his program. . .Remember Mark Soderburg who transferred to Utah from UK back in the early 1970s. He's now   playing   in   Europe   with the Florence, Italy, team. . .Answering Jeffery Phillips of Nashville, Tennessee, who wrote and asked if Ernie Grunfield was one of those players who received a free UK T-shirt and turned  UK  into   the   NCAA. Your source is a pretty good one. . .Rick Robey has been swamped with people asking him if he had received a race horse to attend UK.  You can rest assured Rick loves horses but he has never  received  a horse   free from anyone. The racehorse offer mentioned in the NCAA report had nothing to do with the UK basketball program. . .Kentucky's basketball players spent the latter part of Sunday afternoon viewing the UCLA-Houston basketball game on television in the training room at Memorial Coliseum. James Lee's mouth watered every time a player went in for the slam dunk. . .The players were quite awed with the Grandstand Top 15 at halftime which showed ucla ranked above Kentucky. Players weren't overly impressed with Billy Packer's comment that Michigan would definitely be in the final four come March. For Michigan to be there as a Big Ten Champion, the Wolverines would have to get by the SEC champ at Rupp Arena.  .   .Look for football coach Fran Curci to come up with some blue-chip high schoolers during the next couple months. PAGE h   THE CATS' PAUSE, JANUARY 8, 1977
Wildcats Shutout Tar Heels
21-0 In Honey Of Peach
Psssst. Don't tell anyone but the Cats are back.
The football Wildcats served notice Friday to the Southeastern Conference and the rest of the football world they will have to contend with the Wildcats in the future.
Coach Fran Curci's Cats demolished Atlantic Coast Conference power and runner-up North Carolina 21-0 in the Peach Bowl on New Year's Eve in Atlanta, and for most, the outcome was never in doubt.
It was a Fitting climax to Kentucky's finest grid season in more than twenty-five years, dating back to the days of Bear Bryant.
Next year, Kentucky opponents can expect to batde an even stronger Wildcat team. Only next season, the Kentuckians will be playing for pride and personal satisfaction since they won't be going bowling, thanks to a one-year NCAA ban.
But back to New Year's Eve in Atlanta.
More than 37,000 Kentucky faithful followed the Cats to Atlanta in what most Georgians described as the "biggest following" ever by a Peach Bowl participant.
They came early and stayed later.
Fans began arriving as early as Wednesday morning and stayed as late as Sunday.
In between, there were a lot of partying, rejoicing and having good times in the Georgia capitol. Thursday night, more than 10,000 fans jammed
the Marriott Hotel to view the Kentucky-Notre Dame basketball classic.
The outcome proved to be a preview of good things to come for the Kentuckians. Fans shouted after every Wildcat goal (and there were plenty of them) as Kentucky crushed the nation's number two team, 102-78.
By then, the "Big Event" was on.
With an all-time record crowd of some 54,000 witnessing the Ninth Peach Bowl classic in a frigid Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Kentucky and North Carolina battled to a scoreless deadlock for two periods before the Wildcats broke it open in the third period.
As it had in the final three games of the regular season, the Wildcat defense played the hero's part after almost blowing the shutout on North Carolina's third offensive play of the game.
Mike Kupec fired what appeared to a 50-yard scoring pass to junior tightend Walter Lee on a third and six situation. Fortunately, for the Wildcats, both North Carolina guards had lined up offsides and the play was nullified by a five-yard penalty. Ironically, it was one of only two penalties against North Carolina all day long. The other penalty was also a Five-yarder.
Rod Stewart, Kentucky's great sophomore fullback, was the offensive hero of the game, scoring three times, rushing for 104 yards on 19 tries and
was named Outstanding Offensive Player Of The Game.
The only other scoring threat in the first half was a 16-play Kentucky drive which started at the Kentucky 34, only to fizzle out at the North Carolina 2 with a field goal being missed by senior John Pierce.
Using the best offense quarterback Derrick Ramsey owns, the junior signal-caller engineered the drive entirely on the ground and moved the Wildcats to a first and goal situation on the NC five with less than four minutes left in the half.
Ramsey carried once to the four then Chris Hill was thrown for a loss back to the five on a second down play. On a third and five situation Ramsey jerked loose and dived to the NC 2.
Coach Fran Curci then decided to go for the three points with kicking -specialist Pierce. Trying to give Pierce a better angle to kick from, the Wildcats deliberately took a delay of game penalty which moved the ball back to the seven. Still, the kick was at a sharp angle (the ball was on the right hash-mark). Pierce's kick was wide and the two teams settled for a 0-0 deadlock.
Kentucky wasted no time in scoring in the third period, but the score resulted from a North Carolina mistake.
With the Wildcats kicking off, North Carolina's offense went to work only to see Kupec fumble on the NC 21 as he was attempting to pass.
Big James Ramey recovered and the Wildcats were in business.
Eight players later, Rod Stewart plunged over from the NC 1 with 9:55 left in the third period. Pierce kicked the point for a 7-0 lead. The big play in the series was a third and eight situation on the NC 19 when Ramsey hit Chris Hill with a pass good for 13 yards.
Kentucky scored its second touchdown early in the fourth period on a 57-yard drive in nine plays.
Wearing the North Carolina defense down, the Wildcat offensive line, led by Ail-American Warren Bryant, just dominated the final period. Stewart, Chris Hill and freshman Randy Brooks had a field day.
Stewart, stepping high like a Tennessee walking horse, galloped the final thirteen yards up the middle with 13:01 left for the score and Pierce's toe made the score 14-0.
After that, it was icing on the cake.
The Wildcats took over the NC 47 with 7:31 left in the game and marched 47 yards for the final score of the afternoon.
Again, the crunching ground game proved too much for the Tar Heels which entered the game a five to ten-point underdog, mostly because star running back Mike Voight was sidelined with a sprained ankle.
But a Tony Dorsett would have had his troubles with the great Kentucky
[Continued On Page 20] PAGE 5   THE CATS'  PAUSE, JANUARY 8,  1977
Four SEC Teams Should Be Ranked In Top 15
Question- Kentucky was awesome against Notre Dame Thursday night in Louisville. Can the Wildcats play any better than they did against the Irish?
Coach Hall- Oh, yes. We had nineteen turnovers and Notre Dame shot about 52 percent from the field. We need to improve on those two statistics. We were in trouble with the Notre Dame press with our second unit and during that time they outscored us 20-10 in five minutes. We can definitely improve certain parts of our game although it was a superb effort for us. It did point out several weaknesses we had. Our passing game was very unselfish and overall we were well pleased.
Question - Many sports teams have found the hex from such publications as The Sporting News and Sports Illustrated. Hard times have befell many a great team after being featured in such publications. Did you realize Kentucky was featured in Sports Illustrated the week of the University of Kentucky Invitational Tournament when everything bad happened?
Coach Hall- I guess we didn't recognize the problem soon enough to get my special antedote in action for the hex.
Question - Several fans have asked why Kentucky is not scheduled to play on national television and NBC this season. Why not?
Coach Hall- All of the teams that are on national television this year had to have cooperation from opponents in rescheduling some of their games. We were asked to move our last game with Alabama to a Sunday for national television but it necessitated certain other changes in the schedule and the arrangements couldn't be worked out with the other teams.
Question- Will Kentucky scheduling take into consideration the national television schedule in future years and will there be any Sunday afternoon games?
Coach Hall- Yes, there will be Sunday afternoon games in the future and we'll probably be on national television, but we don't know exactly what games until the schedules are announced each year.
Question - How many conference wins do you think will be needed to win the Southeastern Conference this season?
Coach Hall- Fifteen wins will probably win the title. That's what we usually figure on in the SEC and fourteen wins will probably give you a tie. The balance in our conference this season is unusually good.
Question - Some 5,000 to 6,000 Kentucky fans were reported at your morning practice session in Freedom Hall last week before the game with Notre Dame. It must have been a good feeling for the team and staff to see so many fans out for a practice session.
Coach Hall- It was a good crowd and they were real enthusiastic and excited. More people were asking for tickets at the Notre Dame game than any game since I've been here. They were even at the parking ticket entrances before the game trying to get tickets and meeting people as they got out of their car, hoping to get an extra ticket. I've never seen anything like it.
Question - Do you think the pollsters are taking into consideration the fact that Kentucky was without three players when the Wildcats lost to Utah in the UKIT?
Coach Hall- No. I don't think so. But the pollsters sometimes puzzle everyone. Like the NBC poll on television Sunday. It had UCLA ahead of us and UCLA had lost to Notre Dame on UCLA's home floor. I don't understand the polls sometimes.
Question - At this point, where do you think Kentucky should be ranked? How many SEC teams should be in the Top 15?
Coach Hall- I'm about like all the other people. I haven't seen enough of other teams play to make an educated judgment but based on our play alone we probably should be third or fourth in the country. However, the polls really don't make a whole lot of difference. As long as we're not number one, it gives us something to work for.
Question - Would you argue with a number one rating should the polls put you there?
Coach Hall- No, I would accept it just as much as any other team in the country. I just don't think there is a clear-cut number one team at this time. San Francisco showed in the NIT last year that they are young and coming on. Alabama is a great team but I haven't seen Cincinnati play yet. There are three and probably four SEC clubs which deserve national ranking. They are Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi State and us.
Question - Some fans have suggested the current Kentucky club is the best since the 1966 Rupp's Runts and maybe even better. Do you agree?
Coach Hall-1 can't tell. I'm too close to them. They have the potential to be one of the greatest teams. Greatness is the ability to sustain the type of game we've had against some of the better
teams this year, not just a game or two.
Question- Kentucky has beaten Notre Dame, Indiana and South Carolina already this season and the latter two on the road. How do you rank those clubs as of today?
Coach Hall- I still think Notre Dame has one of the top teams in the country. They will win a lot of games and probably be in the NCAA play-offs in March. Indiana is probably the next toughest of the three and is rapidly improving and will be a good team by the end of the season. They'll be shooting for a runner-up spot in the Big Ten Conference and a spot in the NCAA play-offs. South Carolina has played Alabama within four and Michigan within four. They're young and will come along. I was impressed with Kansas' second place finish in the Big Eight tourney and they were without their seven-foot center, Paul Mokeski.
Question - How do you describe the return of Mike Phillips, Jay Shidler and Truman Claytor to the team after the suspension during the UKIT?
Coach Hall- They played enthusiastic and showed no ill effects of their lay-off. They've handled the discipline with a good and positive attitude.
Question - You have Vanderbilt coming up this Saturday and it's the first   road   trip   of   the conference
season. What can Wildcat fans expect from Vandy in Nashville?
Coach Hall- Vandy always plays Kentucky tough in Nashville. You can count on that. They have a real young club and lost the services of the "F" Troop through graduation last season. Vanderbilt has some excellent young players, especially two freshmen, 6-4 Greg Fuller and 6-7 Charles Davis. Another Vandy player who is doing well is 6-9 John Snead at the post. Dick Keefer is an excellent floor leader and a good outside shooter. Their most outstanding game thus far was the double-overtime loss to Louisville.
Question - As Kentucky enters the SEC conference, is everyone healthy?
Coach Hall- Everyone except Rick (Robey). He's got an internal stomach disorder but I don't think it's very serious. He's still practicing and is
expected to play.
Question - Basketball Weekly has an outstanding feature on Kentucky in this week's edition and said Kentucky could possibly be the best team in the country, if it can learn to cope with prosperity. What's your reaction to that statement?
Coach Hall- Prosperity sometimes causes more problems than adversity. It takes a different type character to stay on top and not relax once you attain the top spot.
Restaurant & Gift Shop
Swimming Pool Playground  Gift Shop
6 a.m. - 9 p.m.
1675 N. Broadway Exit 113 I-75-I-64 South 1 Mile PAGE 6   THE CATS'  PAUSE,  JANUARY 8, 1977
Kentucky Destroys Notre Dame
102-78 At Louisville
Kentucky's Wildcats, still smarting from a humiliating 70-68 loss to Utah in the finals of the University of Kentucky Invitational Tournament before Christmas, took our the frustration on powerful Notre Dame Thursday night at Louisville's Freedom Hall.
When all was said and done, coach Joe B. Hall's "Eager Eleven" swarmed past number two ranked and previously unbeaten Notre Dame 102-78 after leading the Fighting Irish by as much as 34 points in the second half.
Notre Dame, which entered the game as a sure-bet for the number one ranking [top-ranked Michigan had been beaten earlier in the week] with a win over the Wildcats, matched the Big Blue for the first five minutes before the Kentucky five exploded.
Jack Givens, the super-velvet shooting artist, had one of his greatest games in scoring 30 points on fifteen of nineteen from the field and was voted the Most Valuable Player of the game.
After tie scores at 6,8,10,12 and 14, the Wildcats took the lead for good when freshman Jay Shidler rippled the nets from twenty feet out.
It was the beginning of a nine-point streak for the Cats and suddenly Notre Dame trailed 23-14 within a two-min-
ute span.
Kentucky stretched the lead to 21 points by halftime (53-32) as Givens pumped home twenty points in the first twenty minutes.
Meanwhile, Bruce Flowers was giving Digger Phelps' Fighting Irish their only offense of the half, scoring eight points and hauling down four rebounds.
Both teams were red-hot from the field the first half as Notre Dame hit 14 of 26 for a 53.8 percent but Ky. was a little warmer. Canning 24 of 39 attempts, the Wildcats blistered the nets for a 61.5 clip.
The difference in the 21-point margin came in the turnover department where Notre Dame was guilty of 15 mistakes to only 6 for Kentucky.
Big Mike Phillips ripped off two buckets from in close to open the second half and Notre Dame was never to threaten again although the Irish did slice ten points off the final margin with a late all-court press against the Wildcat second unit.
Givens was Kentucky's top scorer with 30 points while Rick Robey had a torrid night from the field on eight of nine and ended his exhibition with 18 points and 8 rebounds, tops for the night. Phillips contributed 15 points
and Shidler had 12 crucial points, mostly on long-range jumpers early in the first half when the Irish were forced to come out after the blonde -bomber. James Lee, who brought the crowd of more than 16,000 to their feet with a slam-dunk, pitched in 10 points.
Notre Dame had four in double figures, headed by Flowers and Toby Knight who had 14 apiece followed by Dave Batton with 11 and Ron Branning with 10.
For the game, Notre Dame hit 52.4 percent on 33 of 63 from the field and 12 of 21 from the free throw line for 57.1 percent.
Kentucky finished with 62.5 percent on 45 of 72 from the field and 12 of 17 from the line for a 70.6 clip. The Wildcats outrebounded Notre Dame 37-31.
"This was a well played game," said a jubliliant Hall after the sounding thrashing of the nation's number two club, "we certainly were ready and the shots were falling. We played very aggressively on defense, something which we discussed prior to the game. We got a much better job on the boards than we expected."
"This game came from hard work and discipline," Hall continued, "the hard work began on Christmas night
when we got back to practice after the holiday break. This bunch just decided they were going to pick it up again and they did."
What's Digger Phelps' impression of Kentucky now?
"They're very quick, very good shooters, very strong inside and very strong outside," answered Phelps, "What can you say bad about them? They're a great basketball team, just unbelievable."
"I don't have any excuses," said Phelps, "we could have had the Pope on the bench and they'd have beaten us tonight.
Where will Notre Dame go from here? Phelps isn't too concerned.
"It's not an Irish wake. We just have to regroup," said the Irish coach, "we're very happy right now. What were we, 29th in the pre-season poll? We played eight and won seven. This is not the end of the world."
Did Joe Hall ever dream of leading the second best club in the nation by 34 points?
"No, I didn't think it would be possible," said Hall, "but this was a case of total dedication and a super effort on our part. This may be the best game we have ever played." PAGE 8   THE CATS'  PAUSE, JANUARY 8, 1977
The Tennessee Volunteers
The Vanderhilt Commodores PAGE 9    THE CATS'  PAUSE, JANUARY 8,   1977
GIVENS	8	252	72-	127	56.7	15-	19	79.0	62-7.3	22	16-0	159	19.9	10
ROBEY	8	209	45-	75	60.0	21-	39	CO 0 J-( . 0	68-8.5	10	30-1	111	13.9	14
JOHNSON	8	254	31-	74	41.9	21-	29	72.A	36-4.5	33	21-0	83	10.4	11
PHILLIPS	6	113	33-	55	60.0	13-	23	56.5	34-5.7	9	19-1	79	13.2	17
LEE	8	206	29-	55	52.7	21-	33	63.6	50-6.3	11	27-2	79	9.9	15
SHIDLER	6	166	30-	60	50.0	10-	11	90.9	13-2.2	15	22-0	70	11.7	14
CASEY	<>	117	10-	29	34.9	15-	22	68.2	7-0.9	13	14-0	35	4.4	14
STEPHENS	7	82	11-	34	32.4		4	50.0	10-1.4	7	11-0	24	3.4	3
WILLIAMS, L.	7	77	8-	22	36.4	6-	12	50.0	19-2.7	1	13-0	22	3.1	12
HASKINS	8	74	3-	U	37.5	L-	6	33.3	17-2.1	6	6-0	8	1.0	4
CLAYTOR	4	39	2 -	10	20.0	2-	3	o6.7	4-1.0	Q O	5-0	6	1.5	9
WILLIAMS 1 S.	1	1	0-	1		0-	0		0-0.0	0	0-0	0		0
	Mm	J.												
LAWLESS	1	r A	0-	0		0-	0	----	0-0.0	0	2-0	0	----	0
REBOUNDS							iCY	TEAM	39 Deartball		- Ky-Opp 13		-19	
8 8
274-550 49,
128-201     63.7   359-44.9     135   186-4   676   84.5 123
194-431     40.3      117-173     67.6   301-37.6     104   200-14 505    63.1 174
SEASON RECORD:   Won 7, Lost 1 - AT HOME:   Won 4, Lost 1 - AWAY:   Won 2, Lost 0 Neutral:   Won 1, Lost 0
Marathon Oil AAU (EX)	(KG--6,980)	HO	93	Givens 19, Robey 10
Wisconsin	(H-23,266)	72	64	Robey 13, Robey 13
Txas Christian	(H-22,312)	103	53	Robey 21, Robey 15
Indlana	(A-17,632)	66	51	Johnson; Shidler 20, Johnson 7
Kansas	01-23,107)	90	63	Givens 15, Lee 7
South Carolina	(A-10,907)	98	67	Givens 23, Phillips 12
Bowling Green	(UKIT-16,305)	77	59	Givens 28, Rnbe> 14
Utah	(UKIT-18,751)	68	70	Robey 19, Lec 13
Notre Dame	*(N-16,613)	102	78	Givens 30, Robey 8
* Freedom Hall, Louisville, Ky.
BLOCKED SHOTS - STEALS. BY INITIALS IN ABOVE "LAYER ORDER JG         RR        LJ        MP      JL        JS        DC       TS       LW      MH TC
5-17     0-10     3-12     2-8     1-10     0-12     1-3     1-1     2-5 0-0 0-3
BJL 0-0
UPCOMING GAMES:   Jan. 8-Vanderbilt (A); Jan. 12-Tenncsscc (H); Jan. 15-Aubuvn (A);
Jan. 17-Florida (A); Jan. 22-LSU (H)j Jan. 24-Mississippi (H); Jan. 29-Alabama (A); Jan. 31-Mississippi State (A). PAGE 10   THE CATS' PAUSE, JANUARY 8, 1977
Has Kentucky Ever Lost Two UKITs In A Row?
1. Cliff Hagan was never the high point performer in the two games of the UKIT. True; False.
2. In 1960, Kentucky lost in overtime in the finals of the UKIT. Who was the opponent?
3. The UKIT started in 1953. Of the 23 appearances, how many has Kentucky won?
4. Who was the first team to win the UKIT other than Kentucky? A] Duke B] Dayton C] LaSalle D] Utah.
5. Kentucky has never lost two UKIT's in a row. True; False.
6. In one UKIT, the winning team played an overtime in the first game and the second to win the championship, who was the team? A] St. Louis
B] West Virginia C] Purdue D] Kentucky.
7. Kentucky has had two players as high point performers in two consecutive UKIT appearances. One was Dan Issel. The other was A] Cotton Nash B] Jim Andrews C] Louie Dampier D] Kevin Grevey.
8. The leading scorer in the 1975 UKIT was Jack Givens. True; False.
9. There has only been one player from an invited team to take high scoring honors in two consecutive years. Who was he?
10. The first team to beat Kentucky in the first round of the UKIT was A] LaSalle BJ Illinois CJ North Carolina DJ West Virginia
01 ^ 'U *&*\\ 'M iS6I d -0I 6S61 P* 8S61 *s3m. /Cuaf q JS Buozuy 'joj^ex ipiJI
piIC   JS   3jq qilUIS ueq -3!x "8
IS p3jods aq 996I uj -sjuiod 9^ psq .xaiduiEQ '5951 -Q 
dtqsuoiduiEtp [auipiaAO \] A31 'fh smo-j is P11110-1 JSI [auiiyaAo
I] SS "oiqe3 '^5 smoq       y 9 '0961 u! UOM smo^ } '6S61 u! UOM- E!UJ^J!A 'S3Ai '3SlB,l 'S U       '68 uojXeq "a - f L\ 
ZL ^ 'U smoi -js 'Z
SS6I   J S3UIE g 3q' u! SJ3JODS jje
pE3j oj sjuiod 55 psq ubSejj "ssjej; -\
Kentucky Auburn .... Florida .... Georgia .... Miss. State
		Conference				Full Season			
Won	Lost	Pet.	Pts.	Opp.	Won	Lost	Pet.	Pts.	Opp.
15	3	.833	1439	1292	23	5	.821	2200	1933
14	4	.778	1472	1365	21	6	.778	2216	2027
12	6	.667	1355	1342	16	11	.593	2060	2061
11	7	.611	1523	1472	20	10	.667	2415	2345
11	7	.611	1471	1412	16	10	.615	2115	2011
7	11	.389	1456	1471	12	14	.462	2101	2030
7	11	.389	1388	1470	12	15	.444	2092	2120
6	12	.333	1352	1388	13	13	.500	2009	195