H tract of land which became well known as the Richards Farm.
The elder Richards died on this farm in 1845 or 1846. In 1820,
Thomas Richards married Margaret Givens. A son, Philemon,
married Eliza Bell, of Union `County, and to them seven sons
were born. They all continued to live on the farm at Boxville.
Philemon Richards’ farm consisted of 345 acres, with an addi-
tional 310 acres held in trust for his sons. William Richards, a
son of Philemon, was born and lived in Union County, where he V
owned and farmed a highly productive tract of 900 acres.
The Robertson family came into Union County early in the
nineteenth century. Thomas B. Robertson, born near Washing-
ton, D. C., in 1808, came to the county in 1819, and there married
, Malinda Floyd in 1842. His home was one of the county’s best,
, and he died there in 1877. Linn Boyd Robertson, son of Thomas,
i was born in Union County in 1855. He attended the common
schools for eight years and then went to Evansville College where i
, he was graduated with high honors. For several years, Linn Boyd
1 and his brother, Posey, who was a merchant in Uniontown, ran
  one of the best farms in the county, each owning 140 acres. Many
  fine horses and mules were raised by the Robertson brothers.
l The first house erected at Morganfield after the town was laid
i out was built by Ephraim Sellers (see Points of Interest) near Y
i the famous Morgan Spring which furnished water for the settle- V
ment. Isham Leonard Sellers. son of Ephraim, was born in North
, Carolina, in 1806, and was brought to Union County by his
  parents before 1811. He married Ellen Williams in 1826 and lived
. in Morganfield until 1842. In 1842. the Sellers family moved into
I the country where they remained until 1873. Returning to town,
I. L. Sellers spent the remainder of his life there, being past
eighty when he died. Isham L. Sellers was a cabinetmaker,
schoolteacher, and farmer. At one time he was magistrate at
Morganfield. George W. Sellers, another son of Ephraim Sellers,
I was the first child born in Morganfield after the town was laid out
in 1811. He was a captain in the Confederate Army and after the
, close of the war he married Polly Ann Johnson. Mr. Sellers died ~
in 1884, and was buried in the Sellers family cemetery near
, Seven Gums.
i The Spalding family was prominent in Union County from
  1820, onward. Ignatius A. Spalding, Sr., son of Ignatius Spalding
i and Jane Pottinger, came to Morganfield in that year. Mr. Spald-
i ing was born in Maryland in 1790, married Ann Huston in 1828.