appeared                                and

to me personally known and to me known to be the

and Secretary, respectively, of the BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF UNIVERSITY

OF KENTUCKY, one of the corporations described in and which executed

the within and foregoing instrument and who being by me severally duly

sworn, did say that he, the said                             , is the

                    of said Board of Trustees, and he, the said

                    __is the Secretary of said Board of Trustees;

that the seal affixed to the within and foregoing instrument is the

corporate seal of said corporation; that said instrument was executed,

signed and sealed in behalf of said corporation by authority of its

Board of Trustees; and said                                   and

                             , each acknowledged the execution of

said instrument to be, and said instrument to be, the free and

voluntary act and deed of said corporation by it voluntarily executed

through them as its duly authorized officers.

          WITNESS my hand and Notarial seal, this       day of

          , 1978. My Commission expires

                                 Notary Public in and for the
(SEAL)                             County and State aforesaid


          On this       day of         , 1978, before me, the under-

- 72 -