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     The Executive Committee of State University net in the
President's office on Wednesday, March 25th, 1914. There
were present:  Messrs. C. B. Terrell, T. L. Edelen and R. C.
Stoll. On motion cf Mr. Stoll, Mr. Edelen was made Chairman
pro tem.

     President Barker then read his report, which is as

                                         March 25, 1914.

Executive Committee
  of the 3oard of Trustees,
    Lexington, Kentuacky.

Gentl emen2

     You have been called in special session today for the
purpose of considering, tentatively, at least, the budget
for next year. This will be submitted to you by Auditor of
Accounts and the Business Agent, and explained.

     Since our last meeting. we have had the misfortune to
lose by death, Mr. Calvin Lenaghan, who, as you remember.
was in the Business Office. A more faithful. upright, con-
scientious servant he institution ever had, and his loss
will be keenly felt by the 3usiness Department of the Univer-

     We have also in the interim, as you know, had a session
of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
that body passed two acts concerning the University: one, to
increase the 6sbmbetship of the Board of Trustees by giving
the ,.lumni representation on the Board; the first electioh
under this act to take place next Decembox; the other was to
require us to fis Cor accounts with the Auditor of Public
Aacounts each month, and if found lawful  he is to give us
a check for the sum total, and also, to make us an advance
of terlper cent to be kept in bank in Lexington to meet our
petty cash needs.

     In addition to the budget, there will be several minor
matters which I Will bring before you and which need not be
set down here with particularity. The University Is in a
prosperous condition, and , so far as I know and believe, its
being conducted in a most successful manner according to our
mean s.

                            Very respectfully submitted,

                                 Renry S. Barker

     On motion made, seconded. and unanimously carried, the
following resolution was adopted:


     RESOLVED 'THAT the automatic rule of advancing *;100 per
annum to the salaries of Professors, etc!, shall be suspended
and future increases in salaries shall be regulated by merit

     On motion made  seconded and unanimously carried, the
Secretary of the Executive Committee was directed to codify
the rules adopted by the Board of Trustees and the Executive
Committee, covering a period of the past five years, the
rules of the Board to be kept separate and distinct from the
rules adopted by the Executive Committee, and report will be
made at the next meeting of this committee.

     On motion, the following resolution was offered:

     RESOLVED that at the close of the current school year.
indefinite leave of absence shall be given to the following
members of the teaching force-:

                Miss Kinkead, salary  $1000
                s''5t Prof. STahr, salary S1200
                       "    1Dissinge'     1400
                       n    Schnaitter "  1200
                  H    H   Jamison         3 1100

     Mr. Stoll moved that the name of Miss Kinkead be not
included in the list, which motion was lost. Upon motion,
the resolution was adopted.

     On motion uade, seconded and unanimously carried, the
followinc- resolution was adopted:

     RESOLVED that the President  Comptroller, and Business
Agent shall prepare the details of the Budget and work out
a system of fees and charges on material used by the students
beginning with the next college year, the Budge to be ready
by the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

     The President then presented the following recommenda-
tion sent by Dr. Kastle, which was upon motion referred to
the Committee on budget:

     On recommendation of the Dean of the College of Agri-
culture, it was resolved that A course in aural Sociology
be included in the curriculum of the College of Agriculture
and that we recommend to the President of the University &nd
to the Executive Committee that Professor Bohannon be placed
in charge of this work.

     Upon motion made, seconded and carried upon rollcall,
$75 was allowed for prizes to be awarded to the Military
Denartment to be used in squad drell. The President then
read the following letter from Mr. Brumage:

                           Lexington, Ky., March 23, 1914

President H. S. Barker,
  State University.


Dear Sir:

     Since the beginning of school in September, I have
collected about $160 in locker fees. A Dart of this money is
for steel lockers at $L.00 a year not refunded. A part is for
wooden lockers at $1.00 a year with fifty cents refunded at
the end of the year, provided that the locker is in good
condition. There will be left at the end of the yearabout
$135.  I ask that I may spend a part of this money in the
following way:

     $70 for twenty steel lockers which are badly needed.

     $25 to ray for medals and incidental cost of putting
on the exhibition of the gymnasium work early in April.
his exhibition to be public and the work to be character-
istic of the work done during the year.   In order to made the
exhibition more interesting, I would like to offer medals
for those who perform best.

     Two accidents have occurred in the gymnasium through
no fault of anyone.  At the time of the accidents medical
attention was needed at once.   I could not, get in touch with
Dr. Pryor and was obliged to call another physician; Dr.
Scott took care of these two men and has rendered at bill
of $25 for his services, which I think we ought to pay.
I would ask that the above amount be spent as indicated.
The remaining sum to be disposed of in any way suggested.

                             Very respectfully,

                                  Alpha Brumage,
                                  Head of the Department of
                                    Physical culture.

     On motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, the
recommendations of Mr. Brumage were adopted, and the $15 re-
maining were ordered paid into the University Treasury.

     At this point  Mr. Davies reported that the Voucher
System had not been put into use for the reason that the
bill of the legislature providing for the new accounting
system might change our plan of payment and that it would not
be advisable to adopt the plrn until it was seen what would
be required in the report to be made monthly to the Auditor.

     On motion the Committee then adjourned to meet on
Thursday, April seecond.