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originating in the Medical Center have been in force for several years.
These procedures include the requirement that all protocols involving
human subjects that are generated by departments and academic or any
other units from the colleges of the Medical Center must be reviewed by
the Medical Center subcommittee. The purpose of the attached commu-
nication is threefold: 1) to outline the University's review structure,
2) to provide units outside the Medical Center that are directly involved
in the academic programs of instruction, research or service with pro-
cedures to follow in developing review committees which will support and
expedite the work of the subcommittee for the non-medical sciences and
professions, and 3) to apprise individual researchers of their responsi-
bilities to seek appropriate review and of the ways to go about it. It is
hoped that in addition to providing the University community with the pro-
cedural outline it obviously needs, the guidelines will also provide the
University with the ability to respond to the changing regulations and re-
quirements of granting agencies without complete committee restructuring.

Each unit subject to the provision of the attached guidelines must determine
if a review structure is appropriate to it. (The guidelines are flexible and
have been designed to accommodate the roles and functions of the various
University units. ) If a unit determines that investigations originating in it
involve human subjects, and if it decides that to establish its own review
structure is appropriate, it must file with the Human Investigations and
Studies Committee office a report describing the review structure adopted.
The deadline for developing appropriate review structure and filing the
reports is May 30, 1974. Proposed plans may be submitted first to the
Human Investigations and Studies Committee for consultations and suggestions.

Questions and communications concerning this matter should be addressed to
Mr. George Dundon, Administrative Assistant for the Human Investigations
and Studies Committee, 308 Kinkead Hall, 8-2861.