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First Annual Session


“An Equal Opportunity for Every Kentucky Child ”'

Louisville, Kentucky — April 21, 22, 23, 1954








Life, Health and
Accident Insurance


Over 51 Years of faithful service to policyholders
More than $36,000,000 paid to policyholders

and their beneficiaries since organization.

Kentucky Central

Life and Accident Insurance Company

Home Office: Anchorage, Kentucky

E. H. Speckmcm. R. H. West

President 'Executive V. P. and Secretary









 Who is Who on Convention Program

Dr. Benjamin Mayes
Atlanta, Georgia

Mrs, Edith S. Sampson is a native of
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Trained as a

social worker and engaged in social
work for a number of years in Chicago,
her interest in people led her into the
study of law. She obtained her degree
in law at the John Marshall Law School
in Chicago. Later she distinguished her—
self by becoming the only woman to re—
ceive a Master of Law Degree in the
Graduate School of Loyola University,
and she was honored in 1952 by the
John Marshall Law School with the
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law.

Mrs. Sampson’s interest in and ser—
vice to people expanded when she be-
came a member of the World Town
Hall of the Air. This was followed in
1950, 1951 and 1952 with appointments
as Alternate United States Representa—
tive to the 5th Session of the General
Assembly of the United Nations.

Mrs. Sampson is chairman of the
committee on International Relations
of the National Council of Negro Wom—
en, member of the Executive Board of
the United Nations Association of Chi—
cago, member of the National Bar Asso—
ciation, the Chicago Bar Association, the
League of Women Voters, a life member
of the National Association of Women

Dr. Benjamin E. Mays was born in
Epworth, South Carolina, August 1,
1895. Graduating as the valedictorian of
his class, having finished the high
school department of S0. Carolina State
College in 3 years. He received the AB.
Degree from Bates College; the MA.
and Ph.D. Degrees from the University
of Chicago.

From 1921—1924 he taught mathema—
tics at Morehouse College and served
as pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church,
Atlanta, Georgia. He served as instruc—
tor of English in 1925—26 at State Col~
lege of South Carolina. At Tampa,
Florida, he held a position of Executive
Secretary of the Tampa Urban League.
This was followed by a position as Na—
tional Student Secretary of the YMCA.
In 1934 he went to Howard University
as the dean of the School of Religion.
Since 1940 he has served as President
of Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Mays has written several out—
standing books and many articles for
leading periodicals. He has served as
delegate to several international church
conferences, as a member of the South—
ern Education Foundation, and as a
member of the Commission in Inter—
racial Cooperation. He holds honorary
degrees from several institutions.

Attorney Edith S. Sampson
Chicago, Illinois

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Who is Who on Convention Program ,

Born in Logan County, Kentucky, M1s
Jane M. Spaudling later moved with
her family to Nashville, Tennessee,
where she was educated in Napier Ele—
nentary, Pearl High School and Fisk
University. After her marriage to the
late Dr. Albert L. Spauldina. 81“., she
moved to Charleston. West Virginia. It
was there that Mrs. Spaudling’s interest
was sparked in the health and welfare
needs of people.

Mrs. Spaulding was the first major
Negro appointee of the present Repub—
lican Administration. She served first
in a sub—cabinet post as Assistant to
Secretary Oveta Culp Hobby of the De—
nartment of Health, Education and
Welfare. She is now serving as Special



Consultant in the War Claims Commis— ’
A nationally known social welfare
worker and world traveler, during a
twenty—year period, Mrs. Spaulding was
a leading figure in the health and wel—
fare activities of West Virginia. At pres—
ent, she is national treasurer and mem— ? 1
her of the Executive Board, National Mrs. Jane Morrow Spaulding ‘
Council of Negro Women, Inc. Washington, D. C.
A native of Ohio, Dr. Berns taught in
the public schools of that State for 19
years, serving as a rural school teacher,
high school principal and school super—
intendent. From 1935 to 1945, he served
as assistant secretary of the Ohio Edu—
cation Association. Dr. Berns received x
a BS. Decree in education from Kent rt
State University, an MA. from the Uni—
versity of Akron, and LL.B. from Wil—
liam McKinley Law School and a Ph.D.
from Ohio State University. He is the
author of three books. During World
War II, he served in the armed forces.
Dr. Berns joined the NEA headquar— .
ters staff in 1945 as assistant secretary. ,
In 1948 he was named assistant secre—
tary for business. At present, he directs
two major programs of the Association.
He is responsible for the NEA field
service program and is in charge of the
$5 Million Building Fund Campaign of
the Association. In this capacity, he
Karl H. Berns works in cooperation with the various
Washington, D. C. state and local education associations, 1
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 .Who is Who on Convention Program


Dr. Blyden Jackson
Nashville, Tenn.

Dr. Felix Sylvester Anderson, a na—
tive of Wilmington, North Carolina,
came to Louisville from Mobile, Ala-
bama, in May, 1948, to serve as pastor
of Broadway Temple A.M.E. Zion
Church. He holds the AB. Degree from
Livingstone College and the Degree of
Doctor of Sacred Theology from West—
ern Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh.
Last fall he was elected to the Kentucky
Legislature. Sympathetic towards the
working man and his problems, Dr.
Anderson, both in the pulpit and in the
Kentucky Legislature, has worked hard
and constructively to advance the
course of labor. Dr. Anderson has intro—
duced a bill in the 1954 General Assem—
bly of Kentucky that will tend toward
integration of Negro youth in the priv-
ate and parochial schools of Kentucky.

, I

Dr. »B1yden Jackson was born in
Paducah, Kentucky, in 1910. He came
to Louisville in 1914 where he was
graduated from Central High School in
1925. Since that time Dr. Jackson
earned his A.B. Degree from Wilber—
force University and the A.M. and Ph.D.
Degrees from the University of Mich—

Dr. Jackson taught at Madison Street
Junior High School in Louisville, Ken—
tucky, for eleven years. He left Louis—
ville to teach in the English Depart—
ment at Fisk University where he is
now Associate Professor of English.

A past president of the Louisville
Association of Teachers in Colored
Schools (now the Louisville Teachers
Association), Dr. Jackson worked ac-
tively with the Kentucky Teachers

Dr. Jackson was both a Rosenwald
Fellow and a University of Michigan
Fellow during the years 1947—1949. He
is the author of numerous articles,
papers, and reviews dealing particul—
arly with the criticism of Negro Litera—


Dr. Felix Anderson
Kentucky Legisiator
Louisville, Ky.

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Who is Who on Convention Program

Born in Adair County; graduated from
Bond—Washington High School, Eliza—
bethtown, Ky.; A.B. from Kentucky
State College; M.A., Indiana University;
graduate study toward Ph.D., Univer-
sity of Chicago; ordained as Baptist
minister and at present pastor of Vir—
ginia Street Baptist Church of Hopkins—
ville; principal of Booker T. Washington
High School of Hopkinsville; member of
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; President
of Kentucky Teachers Association.

Ray H. Bixler
Professor of Child Psychology
University of Louisville

B.Ed., Illinois State Normal

M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University

Psychologist Akron Child Guidance
Center 1943—44

Psychologist, University of Minnesota

Institute 1946—48

Asst. Professor University of Louis—
ville 1948

Exchange Professor Hamburg, Ger—
many 1953—54:

Guest Speaker, Elementary Depart—
ment at 1954 K.T.A. Convention

Minnesota Psychiatric

Lotte Bernstein, MD.
Clinical Director
Child Guidance Center

M.IJ., University of Berlin; psychiatr—
ist and psychoanalyst in Germany;
(giving supervision to child therapists
in child guidance work) Norway, and
Sweden. In Sweden her work was es—
pecially with parents, teachers and
social workers. She was also consultant
at the Stockholm’s Children Village, a
home for emotionally disturbed chil—
dren. Since 1951 she has been with the
Louisville Child Guidance Clinic as
Clinical Director and Associate Profes—
sor of Psychiatry in the Medical School.

Guest Speaker, Primary Department
at 1954 K.T.A. Convention.


June 2’7 to July 2, 1954






A. R. Lasley
President of K. T. A.
Hopkinsville, Ky.



12th (E Chestnut Sts., Louisville
Drug and School Supplies
Opposite the
K.T.A. Convention Corner





Teachers Confidential

$50 to $300

On your signature only
Repay in small monthly payments

Details free — write today


Dept. 17 Brundidge, Ala.


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President, A. R. Lasley, Hopkinsville, Ky.
1st Vice—President, William Wood, Harlan, Ky.
2nd Vice—President, Mrs. M. I. Egester, Paducah
*H. C. Mathis, Drakesboro, Ky. E. W. Whiteside, Paducah, Ky.
*E. 0. David, Cynthiana, Ky. C. B. Nucholls, Ashland, Ky.
Atwood S. Wilson Consultant and Associate Editor of K.T.A. Iournal
*Terms expire 1954. Both will be candidates for re-election.
Secretary-Treasurer, Anita W. Robinson, Louisville, Ky.
Assistant Secretary, Robert S. Lawery, Louisville, Ky.
Historian, Alice D. Samuels, Frankfort, Ky.
A. R. Lasley, President, Hopkinsville, Ky.

Departmental and Conference Chairmen Room Page
Agriculture Teachers, P. I. Manley, Frankfort ________________ 201 14
Art Teachers, Mrs. S. S. Minor, Louisville ____________________ 333 13
Business Education Teachers, Alfred W. Eason, Frankfort _____ 313 17
Elementary Teachers, Mrs. M. R. Morris, Louisville ____________ 135 12
English Teachers, Miss Alice Samuels, Frankfort _____________ 205 17
Foreign Language Teachers, A. I. Richards, Frankfort _________ 204 14
Future Teachers of America, Hoyt Harper, Frankfort __________ 304 13
Guidance Workers, W. H. Craig, Covington _________________ 204 15
Home Economics Teachers, Mrs. Ada P. Hodges ______________ 103 17
Librarians, Iames O'Rourke, Frankfort ______________________ 316 16
Music Teachers, R. Lillian Carpenter, Louisville ______________ 230 11
Physical Education Teachers, W. L. Kean, Louisville __________ 318 14
Primary Teachers, Mrs. A. E. Bertram, Louisville _____________ 212 12
*Principals' Conference, Mrs. Agnes Duncan, Buechel ________ 21.8 18
Rural School Teachers, Mrs. E. B. Bennett, Louisville __________ 220 17
Science Teachers, Iames Washington, Lincoln Ridge _________ 302 14
Mathematics Teachers, A. .1. Ramsey, Louisville ______________ 301 15
Teachers of Exceptional Children, Mrs. Katherine E. Taylor,

Louisville _________________________________________ 202 12
Vocational Educational Teachers, A. L. Iohnson, Louisville, ____ 203 15
Social Science Teachers, A. W. Wright, Frankfort _____________ 206 15

*Luncheon Meeting at Newburg School, Buechel, Kentucky, 12 Noon

FirstI Prof. H. S. Osborne, Princeton Second, Mrs. Pearl P. Arnett, Madisonvillo
Third, F. B. Simpson, Elkton Fourth, R. L. Livers, Bloomfield
Fifth, L. J. Harper, Louisville Bluegrass, Mrs. Clara W. Taylor, Lexington
Northern, H. R. Merry, Covington Upper Cumberland, Mrs. Johnnie Wood, Harlan

1954 Convention Committees — Chairmen
Legislative: Pres. R. B. Atwood, Frankfort, Room 102
Resolutions: Prof. H. E. Goodloe, Owensboro, Room 103
Vocational Educatin: Prof. Burdis Brown, Paducah, Room 104
Rural School Problems: Mrs. Idella B. Irvin, Hopkinsville, Room 105
Scholarship Loan: Prof. H. S. Osborne, Middlesboro, Room 13
Auditing: Mr. M. I. Sleet, Paducah, Room 138
Research: Dr. G. D. Wilson, Frankfort, Room 139
Necrology: Prof. G. V. Curry, Ienkins, Room 140
Nominating: Prof: L. I. Harper, Louisville, and District Presidents
Room 137 ‘
(To meet Wed, April 21, 1954, at 7:00 PM. in Central High School Bldg.)

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Outline of the F irst K. T. A. Convention

Meeting Place: Central High School
1130 W. Chestnut Street, Louisville, Kentucky
Central Theme: "Better Schools for a Stronger America”


Wednesday, April 21, 1954

10:00 A.M. Teacher Registration
Setting up Exhibits


3:00 PM. Conference for Principals of
Kentucky, Mrs. Agnes Duncan,

3:30 PM. All City Musicale —- Miss R.
Lillian Carpenter, Assistant Super—
visor of Music in the Louisville
Public Schools

7:00 PM.


8:00 PM. First General Session of the
K.T.A. (C.H.S. Auditorium)

. Welcome Address and Response

. Address: Dr. Benjamin J. Mayes,

President Morehouse College,
tlanta, Georgia

.President’s Annual Address

. Convention Announcements

K.T.A. Committees meet in
rooms (Central High



Thursday, April 22, 1954

9:00 AM. Second General Session of
K.T.A., Central High School Aud.
1. Necrology Report and Memorial


2. Report of the Nominating Com—

3. Address: Rev. Felix Anderson,
Representative to Kentucky Le—

4. Address: Dr. Karl H. Berns,
Assistant Secretary for Field
Operations, National Education

11:00 A.M. Motion Picture at Lyric
Theatre for Visiting Teachers

12:00 Noon Meeting of District Presi—
dents, Local Association Presidents
and interested persons with Dr.
Berns in Teachers’ Cafeteria, Rm.

1:45 P.M. Special Business Session of

2:30 PM. Departmental Sessions of
of K.T.A. in rooms at Central High
School (as announced)

7:00 PM. Band Concert, Central High
School Auditorium

8:15 P.M. Third General Session of the
K.T.A., Central High School Aud.
1. Report of Secretary—Treasurer,
Mrs. Anita W. Robinson
2. Address: Mrs. Edith Sampson,
Attorney, Chicago, Illinois
3. Awards and Citations

10:00 PM. Annual Social for Kentucky
Teachers and their escorts in Cen—
tral High School Cafeteria

Friday, April 23, 1954

9:00 A.M. Departmental Sessions of
the K.T.A.
10:00 A.M. 1. Joint Session of Element—

ary Teachers
Address: Dr. Ray Bixler, Univ—
ersity of Louisville

2. Joint Session of Secondary
Address: Dr. Blyden Jackson,

Fisk University and Mrs. Edith
Sampson, Chicago

11 :00 A.M. Annual State Spelling
Contest, Mr. Theodore Rowan,

2:00 PM. Fourth General Session of
the K.T.A., Central High School
1. Concert of Inter—School Orches—
tra, Jefferson County

2. Address: Dr. T. M. Stinnett, Na—
tional Education ASSOCiation

3. Address: Mrs. Jane M. Spaud—
ing, Washington, D. C.

3:30 PM. BusineSS Session of K.T.A.
Report of Resolutions, Legislative
and other committees

5:00 PM. Annual Banquet for Ken—
tucky Principals, C.H.S. Cafeteria

6:30 PM. Board of Directors Meeting,
Room 140

8:15 PM. 23rd Annual Musicale, Cen—
tral High School Auditorium

10:30 PM. Adjournment of Conven—

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 General Public Sessions of K. T. A.



General (Public) Session

Wednesday, April 22,1954 — 8:00 P.M.

Seated on the rostrum: Past Presidents,
Past Secretaries, Officers, and De-
partmental Chairmen

Presiding: Mr. William Wood, First Vice

National Anthem — Mrs. Ruth Davis at
the organ

Music — Boys’ Glee Club, Central High

School. Mr. Frank L. Whitaker,
Invocation - Rev. Felix Anderson,

Pastor, Broadway Temple Church,
Louisville, Kentucky

Music — Boys’ Glee Club, Central High

Welcome Address —— Mr. Jesse Law—
rence, Former Representative to

Kentucky State Legislature

Response to Welcome — Mrs. Clara W.
Taylor, Pres. Bluegrass District,

Solo —— “Morning” — Oley Speaks
“There Is A Balm in Gilead” — arr
by Hall Johnson — Miss Katherine
M. Bennett, Lexington

Address — Dr. Benjamin Mayes, Pres.
Morehouse College, Atlanta, Geor—
gia, Introduced by Mrs. Abbey C.

Solo — “A May Morning” — Weatherly
“The Wind” — Spross — Miss Rob—
berta B. Wylie, Hopkinsville

President’s Annual Address — A. R.
Lasley, President K.T.A., Hopkins—
Ville, Ky.


Benediction — Rev. Morris Holmes,

Emminence, Kentucky


Thursday, April 22, 1954 — 9:00 A.M.

Organ Music —— Mrs. Ru-th Davis, Or—
ganist, Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church
Invocation — Rev. Charles W. Owens,
Pastor, Lampton Street Baptist
Church, Louisville, Kentucky
Report of Necrology Committee
In Memorium — Deceased Members of
the K.T.A., Service conducted by
Prof. G. V. Curry, Chairman
Report of Nominating Committee ——
Mr. L. J. Harper, Chairman
Music — “This Is My Country” —- Tom
“Habernera” — Bizet—Remick
“Jesus Walked This Lonesome Val—
ley” — Dawson — Girls’ Chorus,
DuValle Junior High School, Mrs.
M. E. Smith, Director
Address (to be followed by discussion):
1. Rev. Felix Anderson, Represent—
ta‘tive to Kentucky Legislature
2. Dr. Karl H. Berns, Assistant
Secretary for Field Operations,
National Education Association
Introduced by Mrs. Arline Allen,
Pres. Louisville Teachers’ Associa—
Benediction —— Rev. W. R. Brown, Ash—
land, Kentucky


Thursday, April 22, 1954 ~——- 1:45 P.M.

Presiding: A. R. Lasley. President of

Music — Audience Singing lead by
Mrs. Selma Flack, Accompanied by
Mrs. Thelma Hampton, Louisville

Special Committee Reports ~-

1. Vocational Education
2. Rural School Problems
3. Scholarship Loans
4, Research
New Business
Announcements and Adjournment

Thursday, April 22, 1954 — 7:00 P.M.

Band Concert (One Hour) — Kentucky
School for the Blind, Otis Eades,
Central High School, E. Alan White,

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General Public Sessions of K. T. A.


Thursday, April 22, 1954 -— 8:15 P.M.

Seated on the Rostrum —— Board of Dir—
ectors and Presidents of District
and Local Education Associations
of K.T.A.

Presiding — A. R. Lasley, President of

Invocation — Rev. H. H. Green, Pastor
of Jones Temple Methodist Church,
Louisville, Kentucky

Music — “To A Wild Rose” —— Mac—
“Musetta’s Waltz Song” from “La
Boheme” — Puccini

“You’ll Never Walk Alone”—from
“Carousel” — Rodgers—Ringwald
Girls’ Glee Club, Jackson Jr. High
School, Mrs. Alyne M. Martin, Dir—

Secretary’s Annual Report —
Anita W. Robinson

Music — “Sylvia” — Oley Speaks
“March of the Toreador” — Bizet
“Falling in Love with Love”
Boys’ Glee Club, Madison Jr. High
School, Mr. William R. King, Dir—


Feature Address— Mrs. Edith Sampson,
Attorney, Chicago, Illinois, Intro—
duced by Mrs. Lucille Madry, Louis—

Solo — “Mon Desir” — Ethelbert Nevin
“Release” — Gustov Klemm
Mrs. Marguerite West, Ashland

Award of Lincoln Institute Key — Mr.
J. Mansir Tydings, Lincoln Ridge

Citations — Dr. Blyden Jackson, Prof.
A. E. Meyzeek, Mr. Jesse Lawrence,
Prof. H. R. Merry and Mrs. Jane M.

Benediction — Rev. J. S. Beverly, Pas-
tor, lst Baptist Church, Paris, Ken—

10:00 — Social for Teachers and escorts
in C. H. S. Cafeteria


Friday, April 23, 1954 — 2200 RM.
Concert (One—half hour)—Inter—School
and Newburg Schools, Mrs. Jessye
H. Hamilton, Director

Dorsey, Jeffersontown,

Invocation — Rev. M. B. Lanicr, Pres.,
Simmons University

Address — Dr. T. M. Stinnett, National
Education Association, Introduced

by Prof. H. R. Merry, Covington,


Music — “This Is My Country”— Ring—
“He Arose” — Spiritual

“Now The Day Is Over” — Barnby
Elementary Chorus, Lincoln School,
Mrs. Mary Catherine Larue, Direc—

tor, Mrs. Jennie Cooper, Accom—
Address — Mrs. Jane M. Spaulding,

Washington, D. C., Introduced by
Mrs. M. J. Egester, Puducah

Committee Reports:
1. Resolutions
2. Legislative
3 Auditing
4. Other Committees
(See page 5 for Committee Chair—

Benediction — Rev. E. T. Buford, Prin—
State Street High School,
Bowling Green, Kentucky


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Twenty-fourth Annual Musicale


Friday, April 23, 1954 — 8:15 P.M.
Central High School Auditorium
R. Lillian Carpenter, Mistress of Ceremonies

The Star Spangled Banner
”O Bone Iesu” ~— Palestrina
“There Is A Balm in Gilead" — Dawson

“An’ I Cry' —— Noah Ryder
Lincoln Institute Chorus, Mrs. Cynthia Gibson, Dir.
Czardas _______________________________________________________ Monti
*Iran Acton, Violinist *Genevieve Moss, Accompanist
”List! The Cherubic Host” from ”The Holy City" — Gaul
Alto soloist, Iuanita Hinds Soprano soloist, Lauretta Hicks
“The Roads End” — Purvis
Soloists, Lauretta Hicks, Betty Foster
Accompanist, Patricia McMillon
Girls Ensemble, Central High School
Mrs. N. B. Crume, Director, Louisville
”lt ls Enough" from ”Elijah” ______________________________ Mendelssohn
*William Pearson, Baritone *Genevieve Moss, Accompanist
”Gloria” — Mozart
”Into the Night” — Edwards
Western High School Chorus, Owensboro
Mrs. Sara Osborne McClure, Director
“Sonnetto del Petrarca” No. 124 ___________________________________ Liszt
Thaddeus Reed, Pianist
“You Defy Me" — Giovanell
”Verdant Meadows" —— Handel
”Grant Unto Me the Toy of Thy Salvation" — Brahms
“Every Time I Feel the Spirit" — arranged by Smith
“Don't Be Weary, Traveler" — Dett
Kentucky State College Concert Choir
Richard L. Iames, Director
Dance Ensemble
(a) Suite of Spirituals
Delores Gordon, Barbara Thomas, Ruth Cruse, Freda Ross
(b) Special Design — Choreography
Delores Gordon, Freda Ross, Barbara Thomas
Kentucky State College Physical Education Dept.
Miss Winifred A. Ienkins, Director
Announcements ,
Present membership cards. Admission 50c to non-members of K.T.A..

*Students — School of Music, University of Louisville

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Kentucky State College

Frankfort, Kentucky

Established 1886
A. B. and B. S. Degrees

In Agriculture, Biology. Business Administration. Chemistry.
Commercial Teacher Education, Elementary Education.
English, French Language and Literature, General Science.
History and Government, Home Economics, Mathematics,
Music, Music Education, Physical and Health Education, Social
Science, Sociology and Economics, and Vocational and
industrial Education.

Two-Year Trade Curricula
In Carpentry, Welding, Radio Repair, Poultry and Dairying.
Registration for Second Semester — February 2. 1954

For Further Iniormation Write:

Dean David H. Bradford
Kentucky State College
Frantort, Kentucky








Lincoln Ridge, Kentucky

“A” Rated High School


Regular High School Subiects
Vocations (Engineering, Bldg.
Trades, Home Economics and

Pre-Nurse Training — Music

A safe, healthy and friendly
home for any child.












Departmental Sessions of K. T. A.



C. H. S. Auditorium
Wednesday, April 21, 1954
R. Lillian Carpenter, Chairman

Pupils of the following teachers will

Mrs. Selma Flack, Mrs. Goldie Hyatt,
Miss Elizabeth Minnis, Miss Emma
Minnis. Mrs. Henrietta Roberts, and
Mrs. Mattie L. Spencer.

(Programs will be distributed at the


Thursday, April 22, 1954 — 7:00 PM.
“The Star Spangled Banner”
Francis Scott Key

“National Emblem March — E.

“Iris Waltz” — H. Bennett
“Sacred Overture” — W. Kirkpat—

“Stars and Stripes Forever” — J.

Phillip Sousa
Kentucky School for the Blind, Mr.
Otis Eades, Director

“Our Director” —— March — Biglow
“Procession to the Cathedral” from
“Lohengrin” — Wagner
“Vincent Youman’s Fantasy” ——
“The Phantom Regiment” —- Leroy
“Warsaw Concerto” —— Richard
“Washington and Lee Swing” —

Central High School Band, Mr. E.
Alan White, Director

Friday, April 23, 1954 —— 1:30 RM.
“America, The Beautiful”—Samuel

0, Ward
“LaPaloma” — arr. by Joseph
“Star Dust” — Carmichael-Hermon

Marlee Thompson, Vibraphone
“At The Skating Riiik”—Hoffmann

“Our Flying Heroes” — March —
“Finlandia” Sieblius arr. by


Trumpet Quartet, Virgil Dorsey,
Louise Gilbert, Marshall Anderson,
Aivin Warfield

“Waltz Serenade”— D’Arcy Jaxone

“American Dance Melody”—Willi—

Inter — School Orchestra, Dorsey,
Jeffersontown, and N e W b u r g
Schools, Mrs. Jessye H. Hamilton,

Thursday, April 22, 1954 — 2:30 I’.M.
Room 230

Miss R. Lillian Carpenter, Chairman
Mr. L. A. Diggs, Co—Chairman

Theme: Devices Used for Embellishing
and Enriching the Music Lesson.

1 Demonstration of Louisville Schools

Kindergarten — Mrs. Catherine Willi—
ams, Paul Dunbar School

Second Grade‘ Mrs. Thelma Hampton,
W. H. Perry Sr. School

Fourth Grade — Mrs. Lena Warders, W.
H. Perry Sr. School

Sixth Grade — Mrs. Addie Black, Vir—
ginia Avenue School

11 Evaluation

Planning Committee — Mrs. Marianne
Scott, Chairman; Mrs. Edwina Mc—
Farland, Recorder; Mrs. Elizabeth
Hicks, Mrs. Ruth Davis, Mrs. Eve-
lyn Beard

Friday, April 23, 1954 — 9:00 A.M.
I Demonstrations

Sight Reading, Grade Six — Mrs. Marie
Herd, S. C. Taylor School

Choral Techniques for the Adolescent
Boy Voice — Mr. Gilbert Macfar-
lane, Choir—master and Organist,
Christ Church Cathedral, Louis-
ville, Kentucky. (In the demonstra—
tion Mr. Macfarlane will use boys
from our upper elementary grades,
junior high school, and members of
the Cathedral Choir.)

Friday, April 23, 1954 — 10:30 A.M.

Brief meeting of instructors of instru-
mental music.

Page 11









Departmental Sessions of K. T. A.



Room 216 (East Cafeteria)
Thursday, April 22, 1954 — 2:30 P.M.

Presiding — Mrs. Aora E. Bertram,

Song — “America” — Audience


Greetings —— Mrs. Aora E. Bertram

Introduction of Speaker — Miss Fannie
C. Taylor, Secretary of Primary

Speaker — Dr. Lottie Bernstein, Clinic—
al Director, Child Guidance Center,
Louisville, Ky.

Discussion Period

Closing Song

Adjournment '

Friday, April 23. 1954 — 9:00 A.M.

Election of Officers

N. B.: After election of officers, this
department will adjourn for the
joint session 0f elementary teachers
to be held in the Auditorium. Dr
Ray Bixler, Psychology Depart—
ment, University of Louisville will
be guest speaker.


Thursday, April 22, 1954 -— 12 Noon

Luncheon Conference, Room 208 (Tea
Room) Central High School
Sectional Meeting, Room 202, 1:15 P.M.
President: Mrs. Katherine Estill Taylor,
Speech Therapist, Louisville Public


Recording Secretary - Miss Lucille
Haynes, Kentucky School for Blind,
Louisville, Ky.

Theme: Education of the Mentally Re—

Speaker — From the International

Council for Exceptional Children,
Headquarters: 1201 Sixteenth St.,
NW. Washington 6, D. C.
Exhibit — Materials for Teaching Slow
Friday, April 23, 1954 — 9:00 A.M.
Business Meeting, Room 202


Thursday, April 22, 1954 — 2:30 P.M.
Room 135 (Auditorium)

Round Table Discussion, “Remedial
Reading in Elementary Schools”
(In this discussion, the tremendous
need for remedial reading will be
emphasized as well as the various
techniques that are being employed
in developing reading skills at the
elementary level.)

I “Needs and Causes
Mrs. Ola Mae Crowley, Madison—
Mrs. Mary Baxter, West Point
Mrs. Bessie Thompson, Elizabeth—

II “Remedial Reading and Word Rec—
ognition Methods”
Mrs. Estella Gray, Russellville
Miss Alice D. Samuels, Frankfort
Miss Eloise Travis, Louisville

III “Vocabulary Development”
Mrs. Edith W. Bristoe, Louisville
Mrs. Anita White, Richmond

IV “Methods of Teaching Comprehen—
Mrs. Hattie Maddox, Louisville
Mrs. Serena Hurd, Louisville
Mrs. William Woods, Harlan

V “Developing An Efficient Reading
Mrs. Marie Nelson, Jenkins
Mrs. Mariannie Scott, Louisville
Mr. H. C. Mathis, Drakesboro

Summary— Miss Sadie Abstain, Jeffer-


1207 'West Chestnut Street





Louisville, Kentucky

WCI. 1021



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 Departmental Sessions of K. T. A.



Thursday, April 22, 1954 — 2:30 PM.
Room 333

Dept. Chairman, Mrs. Susan S. Minor,
Douglas School, Louisville

Associate Chm., Miss Margaret Taylor,
S. C. Taylor School, Louisville

Secretary, Mrs. Anna Huddleston
(Special Art), Lucie DuValle Jr.
High, Louisville

Discussion, “Evaluating Creative Art in

Group Leaders:

Mrs. Cleopatra P. Adams, Ban-
necker School, Louisville
Mrs. Mable 0. Clark, S. C. Taylor
School, Louisville
Mrs. Lucy Phillips, G. G. Moore
School, Louisville
Mrs. Marjorie G. Tisdale, S. C.
Taylor School, Louisville

Special Feature — Demonstration and
Mr. Maurice Strider, Art Teacher,
Dunbar High School, Lexington,
Ky. Mr. Strider will bring personal
art materials made and collected.

Planning Committee:
Mr. Robert Ewing, Charles Young
School, Louisville
Mr. Rollie Farthing, Lincoln School,
Mr. Thomas P. Green, Frederick
Douglas School, Louisville
Miss Sussette Jone, Mary B. Tal—
bert School, Louisville
Mrs. Eliza E. Smith, S. C. Taylor
School, Louisville
Mrs. Lucille M. Wathen (Special
Art), Central High School, Louis-

Friday, April 23, 1954 — 9:30 A.M.

Election of Officers

Evaluating the work shops as a means
of getting greater participation

N. B.: Thursday and Friday there will
be a Special Art Exhibit in Room
333. See children at work from the
Louisville Public Schools.


Room 304, Central High School
Thursday, April 22, 1954 —— 2:30 P.M.
Theme: F.T.A. Members Today Make

Ideal Teachers Tomorrow
Song —— “F.T.A. Will Lead The Way”
F.T.A. Pledge
Song — “We Are The Future Teachers”
Introductory Remarks —— Luther Wash-

History of F.T.A. ~— Doris J. Hayden

Panel Discussion — Mozelle Wilson,
Leader; Hoyt H. Harper, Consult—

How To Organize and Operate A
F.T.A. Club — Ella Lilly
F.T.A. At Work In High Schools
and College —— 1. George Vaughn,
K. S. C.; 2. Dorothy Terry, Central,
What It Means To Be A Future
Teacher — Bettye Brooks
(Questions Directed To The Panel)
Tribute To An Unknown Teacher
Business Session
Committee Reports
(a) Recommendation of Constitu-
tion and By Laws
(b) Recommendation of K. T. A.
(c) Election and
Closing Remarks — Hoyt H. Harper
This program is primarily designed
to attract high school teachers who may
be interested in sponsoring an F. T. A.
Club in their schools. Our goal is to
establish an ETA. Club in every high
school in the state.


Friday, April 23, 1954 — 10:00 A.M.

Presiding: Mrs. Mayme Morris

Opening Remarks — Chairwoman of
Elementary Department

Audience Singing — Led by Mr. Carl J.
Barbour, Principal of Dunbar and
Talbert Schools of Louisville

Presentation of Guest Speaker — Mrs.
Aora E. Bertram, Chairwoman of
Primary Department

Guest Speaker — Dr. Ray Bixler, De-
partment of Psychology, University
of Louisville

Installation of

Theme — “Psychological Techniques
Applicable to the Elementary Class—

Annual K.T.A. Spelling Bee — 11:00
A.M.—Mr. Theodore Rowan, Chair-

Departments Invited — Art, Music,
Primary, Rural School, Elementary
(teachers and principals), Teachers
of Exceptional Children, and Fu—
ture Teachers of America.

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Departmental Sessions of K. T. A.



Room 201
Thursday, April 22, 1954 — 10:30 A.M.

Presiding: Mr. Robert L. Banks, Teach—
er of Vocational Agriculture, At-

tucks High School, Hopkinsville,
Department Theme: “Improving the

Instruction in Vocational Agricul-

Remarks — P. J. Manly,