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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 5th,1898 - page 203

      The Board of Trustees of the Agricultural and Mechanical
College of Kentucky met in called session in the President's
room, in the college building at 2 P. M. on Tuesday July
5th, 1898.


          Judge Bolt,
Messrs.   Boswell,


      The object of the meeting was stated by reading the
call issued June 18th.

      The President of the college read the proposition
submitted by the Louisville Medical College.

      Voted on motion of M11r. Boswell seconded by Gen. Hobson
that the proposition be submitted to a committee composed
of Judge Holt, Judge Landes and Mr. Flournoy, with the
request that they favor the Board with the expression
of an opinion as to the legality of the proposed

      On motion of President Patterson Mr. Gathright and
Mr. Marcum were added to the Uommittee.

      On motion the Board took a recess of half an hour,
3:20 P. M.


MINUJTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,July 5, 1898 - page 203-204

      At 4 P. M. the Board was called to order and the
following was presented, viz.,

      " The committee appointed to report on the legality
and power of the A. and M. College, to enter into the
contract proposed with the Louisville Medical College
report that in their opinion the A. and M. College has the
power under its charter to enter into a contract of the
character of that presented to the Board.

                 ( Signed)  Wim. H. Holt,  Chrmtn.

      On motion the foregoing report was received and filed.

      On motion of Mr. Boswell ordered that Dr. Kelly be
allowed to come before the Board to make some statements
concerning the proposed alliance.

      After Dr. Kellys statement:

Voted on motion of President Patterson that the clause
relative to the use of donations by the Louisville Medical
College be stricken out.

      Ordered that the time required for notice of
abrogation of contract be made four months instead of six.

      A number of motions were made, not seconded some were
amended, discussed, and with drawn.

      Judge Landes offered the following:

Resolved that action on this question be delayed till, the
December meeting of the Board.

Carried by ayes and noes.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,JJuly 5, 1898 - page 204-205

     Aye - Flournoy, Frazee, Gooding, Hobson, Kennedy,
Landes, Marcum, Peak, Stoll, Todd, - 10.

     No - Boswell, Gathright, Patterson, - 3.

     Voted on motion of President Patterson seconded, by
Mr. Frazee that a committee consisting of give members be
appointed by the chair to consider and report upon the
advisability of forming an alliance with the Louisville
Medical College, said report to be submitted at the
December meeting of the Board.

      The chairman appointed the following named gentlemen
as members of the committee: viz., Judge Landes  chairman.

                                   Gen. Hobson


V. E. Muncy                       Wim. H. Holt
    Secretary,                       Dhm.