xt7prr1pkg0g https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7prr1pkg0g/data/mets.xml  France England   books  Latin French   This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Medieval Manuscripts Book of Hours Composite books Northern France grotesques Book of Hours (Passionale), 15th century (MS Latin Kentucky VII) text Identifier: MS LAT KY VII Summary: Comprised of three Books of Hours, the bulk of this book is an early 15th century likely-English Book of Hours (Text Two), flanked by sections of a later book of hours (Text One) and with additional suffrages from a later likely-English Book of Hours (Text Three). The strewn borders of the primary Book of Hours includes grotesques and detailed birds. Origin: Text One: Mid-15th century, Northern France. Text Two: Early 15th century, France or England. Text Three: Late 15th century, likely England. Decoration: Fifteen strewn borders. Four miniatures and four-line illuminated initials used throughout to begin important offices. Many two-line and one-line illuminated initials throughout. Pen flourishes. Shellgold illuminated initials. Provenance: A G: Mord/ Don Don. Ford/ De Depsford/ May 14 1783. Notes: fol. 47 v. Reader notation. fol. 4r: Kalens has heading 'de Paris'. fol. 14r, a reader has written a name in to the Kalens. Damage to fol. 111. Correction by reader from "meum" to "tuum" (fol. 193v). Correction by reader, insertion with caret, deus meus (fol. 235r). Correction by reader, insertion with caret, abfuit (fol. 241v). Notable shifts in hand on fols. 236r, 253v, 254r, 262r (most likely due to a later-stage composite book, not a true shift in hand). Script: Gothic cursiva libraria Support: Parchment Binding: Red morocco binding, probably 17th century, binding detatched. Offset from 17th century, possibly auction catalogue. Layout: Simple ruling frame in pink ink. Width (and hand) changes between fol. 47 and 48.
 Book of Hours (Passionale), 15th century (MS Latin Kentucky VII)   2021 true xt7prr1pkg0g section xt7prr1pkg0g