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Eligibility Rules Are An
nounced for Entrance to
Oratorical Contests
The preliminary contest for the pur
pose of selecting the representatives
of the University of Kentucky to com
pete In the two big oratorical contests
to be held in Lexington In March
1920, has been postponed to January
14, 1920.





Dr. Frank L. McVey, Dean Paul P.
Boyd and Ezra L. Gillid went to Lou
Isvillo last week to represent
University of Kentucky at tho twenty-fourtannual meeting of tho Association of Colleges and Secondary
School of tho Southern States hold
there December 4th and 5th.
President McVey addressed tho convention Friday, his subject being, "Is
There a Tendency to Vocatlonalize
Our Colleges of Liberal Arts and
Sciences, and If So to What Extent
Is It Wise to Folow Thl3 Tendency?"
Thi3 meeting of the Association was
the first held in Kentucky since that
held in Lexington some twenty years


No. 12



SPEAKER AT Y. SERVICE Lovendale Proves Skillfull Photofl

Compares Body to Ancient
Temple in Speech



rapher; Will Go to Virginia
Military Institute.
All dates to bo made with J. Victor
Lovendale, White's photographer, who
Is making tho Kentuckian pictures,
must be arranged before Monday, at
3 o'clock.
Mr. Lovendale announces
that the proofs for the pictures and
extra personal order3 will bo handled
by a young woman, whom White will
send down from New York at an
early date.
Mr. Lovendale wishes to express
his appreciation for his kindly reception and treatment here at the University. He is an artist In his work
and he has given
satisfaction. Mr. Lovendale photographed
the pictures for "The Better 'Ole" and
for "Lombardi, Ltd." He will go to
do work for Virginia Military Academy after finishing here.

Investigation Shows High
Percentage of Students
Earning Expenses
The Investigation
acently completed by the Faculty Loan Commit
tee has brought to light some remark
able and interesting facts in regard to
the earnings of the students of the
The student body has
shown one of the highest percentages
of wage earners of any of the universities of tho country. Of the 90 per
cent, of the student body who filled
out questionnaires sent out by the
committee It was found that out of
400 men students,
63 per cent are
either earning their entire expenses
or earning part of their way through
school. Of this 63 per cent. 27 per
cent, are earning their entire way, 12
per cent, half of all their expenses and
25 per cent, are earning approximately a fourth of their expenses while In
Of those earning money during the
summer and the school term It was
found that 20 per cent earn their en
tire way through school by working
in summer and during the school
term, 22 per cent, earn
their way and 21 per cent, earn at
least a third of their way.
Statistics given by the women of
the University showed that 22 out of
the 240 girls arc helping in some manner to defray their expenses and of
these 22 five are earning their entire

Once more soft cushioned wicker
chairs were placed beside the battered Recreation Hall chairs and once
more dining room furniture and parlor furniture were dragged Into use
to accommodate students and faculty
members who attended the "Y" meeting held at Patterson Hall Sunday
evening. Dr. John J. Tigert made a
humorous and at the same time in
spiring talk upon the "Temple of
"Happy" Chandler, accompanied by Elizabeth Kimbrough, sang,
'God Will Take Care of You."
Dr. Tigert, in his talk, likened the
temple to the human body, its conse
cration being that act by which one
Is dedicated to the service of God; the ASSOCIATION OF
heart, representing the Holy of Holies
out of which come the issues of life;
the temple was the repository of law
as the human body is the repository
of law; not laws written on tablets of 15 Entrance Units for All
stone but laws written in the human
Kentucky Colleges
"The temple," said Doctor Tigert,
Fifteen units as a requirement for
"is a place of sacrifice and the body
Is also a place of sacrifice.
It is entrance to Kentucky Colleges and
necessary for us to sacrifice our phys- the bestowal of only one degree, that
ical and natural propensities that God of Bachelor of Arts, on graduates of
may have some place in our develop the College of Liberal Arts, will prob
ment; that we may transform our ably be adopted by Kentucky Colleges
bodies from material things to trans- as a result of conclusions reached by way.
cendental spiritual things. God has heads of Institutions of higher learn-tgThe College of Arts and Sciences
Saturday at the fourteenth anual has the highest percentage of stugiven man the ability to choose and it
is therefore necessary for him to se meeting of the Association of Ken- dents who are earning money by the
tucky Colleges.
week, but the College of Engineering
lect and imitate the best of life."
Will B. Campbell, president of Ken and the College of Agriculture have
During the social hour which fol
lowed, tea and sandwiches were tucky Wesleyan College, Winchester, larger numbers of students
served and "Happy" Chandler, accom- was elected President of the Associ work in the summer.
panied by Elizabeth Cook, rendered ation for 1920.
Out of 39 Junior Engineers 38 are
As a result of this meeting also wage earners.
several solos "Lonesome for You,"
It was shown by the.
"Because," "At" Dawning," "The Ros- Junior colleges of Kentucky will from survey of the classes that the Freshary," "When You Look in the Heart this time on be given partial member men and Senior classes lead with
ship in the association.
high percentages while tho Sophoof a Rose," etc.
This was the first meeting of the as more and Junior Classes are low in
sociation in two years, the war and their percentages.
the influenza epidemic Interfering
The purpose of the survey by the
with the convention last year. The Faculty Loan Committee was to assessions were held Saturday, begin- certain just how many of tho students
January 17 Cincinnati at Cinning at 10:30 o'clock in the morning, are wage earners and to get the stacinnati, offered.
In the Little Theatre.
The president, tistics compiled.
These will be
January 23 Maryville at Lexingplaced beforo the people of Kentucky
Frank L. McVey, presided.
ton, offered.
Thirty-sirepresentatives of Ken- with a view of showing tho needs of
January 31 Georgetown at Lextucky colleges were present.
students at tho University of Kenington, offered.
Will B. Campbell, who was unani- tucky for iargor and more liboral conFebruary 1 and 7 University of mously elected president,, i3 the most
tributions to tho loan fund and to
Tennesseo nt Lexington.
recent addition to officers of the col- scholarships. Tho Faculty Loan ComFebruary 14 Centre College at lege world in this state. He was mittee
has always been active in tho
Danville, offered.
elected last summer. T. 11. Leigh, of aid of deserving students, usually tho
February 17
Georgetown at Georgetown, was elected
upperclassmen, Juniors and Seniors,
and Frank L. Rainey, of Centx'O who lacked sufficient funds to enable
February 21 Wesleyan at LexCollege, Danville, secretary and treas them to complete their college work
rroressor Harney will enter but on account of inadequate funds
February 27 and 28 University
upon his twelfth year in this office. this work is necessarily limited.
of Tennessee at Knoxvllle.
In addition to the officers, the follow
Tho purpose of tho questionnaires
March 6 Centre College at Lexing were elected members of the Ex- sent out for the students to (111 out
ington, offered.
ecutive Committee, Dean John L. Pat- - and return, was to get the statistics

The contest of the State Associa
tlon is to be held on March 1, 1920
of Berea, Kentucky
Georgetown Colleges and the State
University will takte part.
To be
eligible to compete In this contest a DR. M'VEA DELIVERS
student must be an undergraduate,
who doe3 not hold a Bachelor's de
gree and who is pursuing a regular
course of study at the time of the
State contest. Students who are over President of Sweet Briar
Speaks in Chapel
twenty-seveyears of age are barred
from the contest. Contestants must
In a convincing address in Chapel
also be members of either the Pat Tuesday, Dr.
Emllle McVea, president
terson or the Union Literary Society of
Sweet Briar College, spoke on "The
The rules governing the character
World and .Our Responsibilities 'to
of the orations require that no ora
It." There are three reasons why
tlon shall contain more than two
the colleges and universities
hundred words and such quotations
that they can justify their demands
shall be indicated by quotation marks
for endowment funds." said she
Any outline, synopsis or analysis at
'First, the universities teach men to
tached to an oration shall be consld open
their eyes. Second, they dis
ered as part of the oration in making cover new things
for men to see.
this count.
Third, they help us to understand the
The prize for the winner of the present
In the light of the past.
contest of the Kentucky Association
"The question is, are we worth
la a loving cup awarded by the State
what we get out of our education?
Association. A forensic "K" on a gold
There should be no bargain counters
medal will be awarded by the Univer- in
life," the speaker went on. "We
sity to her own representative.
must make ourselves worth what our
The winner of the Kentucky State University gives
us. It is our busi
contest becomes eligible to compete
ness to interpret the meaning of that
in a series of contests leading to the
great word Democracy In the cities,
championship of the States of Kentowns and counties from which we
tucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Nebrascome.
ka, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Mich"We all hear a great deal about
igan, Kansas, North Dakota and South
this 'country's program of Americani
Dakota. The State has been unanization. Let us ask ourselves what
mously elected to membership in the
kind of Americanization we are going
Interstate Association of the Middle to teach?"
The winner of the Kentucky State U.
contest which is to be held at the
University of Kentucky on March 1,
1920, will represent
the State on
Dr. Tigert and "Daddy" Boles Leave
April 2, 1920, in a contest against the
for Alabama.
winners of fir3t honors in Ohio, InJ. J. Tigert and S. A. Boles left Lexdiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michiington Wednesday for Birmingham,
gan and Illinois. This Eastern DiAla., to attend the anual meotlng of
vision contest will be held at one of
the Southern intercollegiate Athletic
the colleges in Wisconsin. If tho
Association which will be held in that
Kentucky man wins one of tho first
city December 12 and 13. Dr. Tigert
three places in that Eastern Division Is tho delogato
from the University
contest, he will compete for final
of Kentucky, and Mr. Boles is also
honors against the winners of the
attonding tho convention in the infirst three places in tho Western Diterest of athletics in Kentucky. Many
vision. Tho final contest will be held
Important questions, such as tho eligon May 7, 1920. Thi3 series will make
ibility of Freshmen in intercollegiate
the K. I. O. A. contest especially imathletics and other subjects of vital
portant this year.
importance will bo discused at the
(Coatlauet oa Pg 8)


KYM DEC. 12, 1919





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