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Kentuckians planning.to be a part Of Lexington's representative in Con-
the October 14 March on Washington for gress, Larry Hopkins, has recently re-
lesbian and gay rights are asked to sponded to a letter sent him by the
contact Dennis Priddy who is the state Lexington Gay Services Organization on
coordinator for the march. He would the subject of gay rights as well as to
like to know of any person planning to letters from individuals on the same
stay over to lobby congress on the 15-~ subject. The letter from GSO contained
You may reach Dennis when you arrive in a brief explanation of H.R. 2074--the
Washington by calling him at the capi— bill now pending in Congress which
tol Hilton hotel. He will also be able would prohibit discrimination on the
to brief you on the latest information basis of sexual orientation; the letter
concerning any group action on the part went on to ask Hopkins to consider and
of Kentuckians. to support the legislation.

According to Dennis, the March on In his reply to the group, Hopkins
Washington is jUSt a beginning. When assumed a noncommittal stance. He ex-
that is completed, he Will be taking plained that the bill is assigned to
Steps to develop and coordinate a group the House Judiciary Committee's Subcom-
to continue lobbying efforts on a State mittee ' on Civil and Constitutional
level. Rights: no action has been taken there

The usual legislative pattern is to
hold hearings on a bill at the subcom—
CALENDAR OF EVENTS mittee level and then vote on whether
to send it to the full committee for
Oct. 7 Rap Group at Southland Branch consideration. If that vote is favor-
of the Lexington Public Li- able, the full committee can hold its
brary (521 Southland Dr.) The own set of hearings if it chooses be-
group begins at l p.m. and fore voting on the bill. If the bill
runs to 3 p.m. receives a favorable committee vote, it
Oct. 14 March and rally in Washington then goes to the House itself for con-
for lesbian and gay rights. sideration and (depending on the
Oct. 21 Rap Group. (See OCt- 7 for House's schedule, time constraints, and
further details.) other factors). Since he is not a
OCt- 27 Benefit dinner for G30 at House Judiciary Committee member, Hop-
Jezebel's. From 5 to 7 p.m. kins would not have an opportunity to
Tasty spaghetti, wine, and the vote on H.R. 2074 until it reaches the
trimmings as well as tasteful full House for consideration. When and
waiters/waitresses. Enjoy a if it does, he says he will carefully
fun meal and help OUt GSO- review the Judiciary committee's recom-
$2-50 donation. . mendations and keep GSO's views in mind

Oct. 28 GSO Speakers Bureau training as well.
session- 1 p.m. Call Gayline H.R. 2074 is not likely to move out
for more information. of the subcommittee where it presently
Nov. 5 Regular monthly GSO meeting at resides for some time. The House is
Walton Ave. Center (183 Walton behind in its work schedule as it is;
Ave.) at 8 p.m. Newcomers the gay rights legislation is not a top
welcome. priority item to most House members.
Nov. 7 Holly Near concert. Sponsored If anything, as a controversial issue
by Amber Moon Prod. and SAFE (like abortion), gay rights is some-
‘ $5.00 Call 278—2187 for more thing most Congresspeople would almost
information. surely like to aVOld taking a stand on.

OUT OF THE CLOSET AND whom are gay), and is even suspense—
ON THE SHELF: ful-—like late show suspense. The
story does not center around being gay
Three Gay Novels but allows its characters to manifest
their sexual preferences without exag—
AMONG THE CARNIVORES gerations. There is a Hollywood setting
By Daniel Curzon and lots of money so our characters
Ashley Books, Inc. never have to worry about the mundane--
in that sense and only in that sense it
PUPPIES is a fairy tale. This is fun bedtime
By John Valentine reading. You can enjoy the characters
Entwhistle Books but not have to worry very much about
them. Doug Burnham
By Paul Monette
These novels have nothing in common Gay people are often fond (and cor—
except the fact that I read them over rectly so) of pointing out the diver-
the past summer. sity in our ranks. Despite certain
AMONG THE CARNIVORES focuses on the shared group experiences and concerns,
struggle of a college professor (crea- gays are usually just as independent in
tive writing speciality) to survive as their outlook on life as any randomly
a gay man in a small conservative town selected ten percent of the American
where he teaches. I liked the profes— population. No where is this more true
sor mainly because he was so vulnerable than in the area of humor; the piece
to human frailties. He made stupid written by Joe Lincoln that appears in
mistakes and misjudgements. He used this issue of Gayzette brings out this
people with only a slight awareness he issue. For the most part, it is a col—
was doing so. He believed people would umn that nearly all gay people should
respond in groups as they would respond be able to identify with and chuckle
individually, a real fallacy in think- over. And surely every gay person can
ing. He thought people would be will- find at least part of the piece rele-
ing to risk their jobs to support him vant to their own experiences and feel-
and their cause. He got angry and re— ings. At the same time, some gays may
sponded irrationally. He lusted and have some ideological or attitudinal
called it love. He loved and ran from problems with sections of the article.
it. Such a common man. "The Compleat Homosexual" was written
It is fast reading and evokes enough by Lincoln to amuse, to lighten our
feeling to get you involved. It is not collective load a bit. If any part of
great writing but allows you to iden— it——or anything that runs in this pa-
tify with the struggles. per——offends or seems inappropriate to
PUPPIES. The book stinks! It is you, please let us know. The Gayzette
written in journal style telling all belongs to its readers and to the gay
about Valentine's escapades to exploit community of Lexington. We solicit
young. men and boys. A true piece of articles from members of that community ,
homophobia. I love (lust) reading lust' Let us know how we are doing in presen-
but its merits hardly need a whole book ting your community. Better still,
Having read this novel is proof that I send us a piece that represents your
will read any novel that I think may outlook and perSpectives on gay life in
have a gay character. Though I end up general and the Lexington gay community
being a little pissed off each time, I in particular. Letters and/or articles
even read Gordon Merrick. can be mailed to P O Box 11471, Lexing-
THE GOLD DIGGERS is refreshing, par- ton, 40511. To 'be included in next
ticularly in the sense that it has a month's issue, items should reach us by
plot, interesting characters (some of the first week in November.

THE COMPLEAT HOMOSEXUAL theme, you may want to include how you
by switched heads with one of your sis-
Joe Lincoln ter's Barbie dolls, performing one of
the first gender re—assignments.

I suppose a duty which every homo- 3) While watching Bonanza, I used
sexual feels obligated to fulfill at to hope Little Joe would get shot, so
least once in his life is to explain why they would have to take off his shirt—
he chose to be gay. Usually an answer substitute the name of the idolized
to this eternal question is demanded.un- character from your favorite Show, if
der the most unpleasant circumstances, you so desire.
making it impossible to come up with a Now that you have the idea, I am
response which will not cause even the sure you can come up with some of your
most staunch of homophiles to wince. own. You will be surprised how easy
The typical scenarios are the parent-gay it is to make utter fools of some
child confrontation and the newly-in— straights.
formed friend-gay friend discussion—— There are numerous other misconcept
both of which we tend to avoid like Mex- tions about gay people which you may
ican water (for the same reasons). More be called upon to deny, clarify, or
often than not, of course, these encoun— blame on some other minority. Here is
ters are inevitable, and we might as a partial list in order that you will
well face it. But it is so hard to come not be caught by surprise:
up with a plausible reason for being gay 1) Most gay men would not die if
while your mother is trying her new- the word "hot" were removed from their
found martyrdom on for size or your vocabulary. (Severe depression would
straight roommate is giving constructive likely ensue, however.)
advice such as “And when I turn out the 2) Most lesbians are not hostile
lights, I better not hear your feet to men. (They may hit me if I do not
touch the floor". In our more rational include that point.)
moments we naturally know there is no 3) Most gay men do not want to "do
reason for your being gay; we just are. it" with straight men. (We want to

Another question frequently asked of "do it" with every man.)
us (and one of my personal favorites) is 4) Most gays and lesbians do not
"How did you know you were gay?" Since feel threatened by straights. (It is
the answer is so painfully obvious, the their laws, prejudices, and baseball
homosexual should feel free to come up bats we are not too crazy about.)
with as many sarcastic responses as he 5) Most gays and lesbians cannot
wishes until physical harm is actually "spot" one another instantly. (Just
threatened. If you -are not terribly because we all dress alike is no rea-
creative, here are some good answers you son to assume this.)
may wish to borrow as written or to tai- I bet you did not realize being gay
lor them to your personal tastes. Re- was so complex, did you? Just think
member, the question is "How did you of all the reSponsibilities you are
know you were gay?" (Expect some occa- expected to fulfill, the questions you
sional paraphrasing.) ' will be asked, the talents you will be

1) I answered an ad on a matchbook assumed to possess, and the pressure
cover that said, "If you can draw this you will probably be under to keep
flower arrangement, you may be a homo— your private life private. So if we
sexual." can still be called "gay" after all

2) I found myself making my G.I. Joe this, we must be doing something right
dolls commit crimes against nature—~this
one is good for at least a half-hour of
sordid details, especially if you in-
volve a German G.I. Joe or two. Also
mention how much creativity it took on \
your part since the dolls are made with—
out genitals. As a variation on this

Con't. from Page 1
The last time the issue came up in the
House, on an anti-gay amendment to the M
Legal Services bill, gays won an over— ijrrwr' I fij ' [fl
whelming victory——because the vote was 'vf” '__HM] pgé-d
an unrecorded voice vote. When someone ”I rr ::;;__::
demanded a recorded, roll—call vote, /‘ ' ' ‘Q
the anti—gay amendment passed by a two [:3 ‘1‘ égbfi
to one margin. We can find some relief ggfiryai_ufi\§’:;§§?
in that the chair of the Subcommittee —-’”M@g»;% (MEX; M
. . . . . . )3:th K ‘_ h i \

on CiVil and Constitutional Rights is .ififitfi an? 0" i H'
Don Edwards of California, a progres- ’“IQE;E'.'L./".irg {a W.
sive legislator. It is better to have i j E“ 'm%yigig Y j if
H.R. 2074 bide its time in his subcom— : gétg ‘1172 (,f\\‘? 7/’
mittee than be sent to the full commit— 3 7 36§§EWWfiII {,nggé
tee or the House floor to meet an early . : §§jfl,??;{ EIV§§§LZ
death. :‘lfl‘i‘ f yl‘g’é ? I/ g §:f'"'

Which brings us back to the need for _,—11 éjtru rmmfi:g§E3mfi\
polite but firm pressure on Congress- 33%V””Aif U \ .JI j: 4’
people like Hopkins to at least see our ”guafw F,,# g\;lyh :‘aékhr
side of the story. We can‘t expect him “5” ;;i:>pfiffififL§%Eg;‘;
or any other member of Congress unfam- rarm‘»\ ” .gfl§gfgééw *
ilar or unsympathetic to our cause to Q; j“ ” 1 ' ”
suddenly see the light. These are .Any eff/tut. twnywm?
pragmatic politicians, often with other
concerns besides what is right and
wrong, like remaining in Congress. We
have to convince politicians that there .
is a viable gay constituency out there.
In short, keep those cards and letters SONNET
gOing--to Washington: to Representative
Larry Hopkins, 514 Cannon House Office I can't sleep though my body,
Building, Washington, D.C. 20501. He tired by sex, whimpers.
won't be won over easily, but over time You finish a cigarette,
we might make a difference. And with close misty eyes,
some new and formidable adversaries on roll
the scene (like Christian Voice--more Air starts whistling thru your nose,
on those folks next time), we'll just and I know you are lost to me
have to work that much longer and hard- the rest of the night.
'er. For more information, contact any Your-wearied face assures me
GSO member or write GSO at Box 11471, it will be noon or one
Lexington 40511. before this pest can have you back;

. your clock reads only three.
If you would like to -receive Gayzette . . .
regularly, just fill out the form below Our intimacy leaves me paranOid.
and mail it to 650, Box 11471, Lex. I am so ffrald 1t W111 end and'
NAME tossed like som: cigarette butt
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m ha‘d’le crossed my long midnight vigils
scription charge, we do need & would :firigi?ven true.
appreciate donations to help defra '. . . .
the cost of printing and postage. 1% I hope it Will be different With you.
you specify, we will be glad to mail
the paper in a plain envelope.