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Minutes of the University Faculty a may 8, 1942,

graduate students might receive credit. In the discussion of this matter,
reference was made to the courses to be offered as residence work at Pike- @g‘
ville and Harlan during the coming summer2 and the issue was raised as to
whether it might not be desirable to allow a minimum amount of graduate credit
by extension. No action was taken on this matter, as it appeared desirable
to await the return of Dean Funkhouser before considering the question of
graduate credit by extensionn It was pointed out that any courses could

be offered by extension in another community, but that graduate credit

could not be allowed under present rules.


Dean Hill read to the Faculty 3 request from the Library that all
departments and agencies of the University that issue printed material
cooperate with the library staff in furnishing sufficient copies to allow thmz
to maintain their exchanges with other institutions.

Dean Hill also distributed copies of the tentative questionnaire
form designed to discover what proportion of students now in attendance at
the University expect to be in summer schools The deans of the colleges QB".
were requested to aid in distributing these forms in the classrooms, in
order that a census of the student body may be takena

On recommendation of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics,
the Faculty approved a tWOrday trip made by Professor W, De Nichollel

class in Systems of Farming. The trip covered May 1 and 2a

The Faculty also approved the trip of the University Band to Louisan
ville on Saturday, May 2, to participate in the Kentucky Derbyo

The next meeting of the Faculty was set for Friday. May 15,



May 15, 1942

The University Faculty met in the President's Office Friday, May
15, 1942. President Donovan presidede Those in attendance were Jesse E. F
Adams, Paul P. Boyd, Thomas P. Cooper, Alvin Ea Evans. J, H. Graham, M. Ea
Ligon, Frank D. Peterson, and Edward Wiest.

With one minor correction, the minutes of May 8 were approved as

The Rules Committee reported to the Faculty upon its consideration
of the suggested change in the admission requirements made by the College ‘gg.
of Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. ‘

It was recommended by the Rules Coumittee that the following addition to f
the recently adopted rules be inserted on page 6, following paragraph 3. i
and that reference to the high school mathematics requirement be omitted I
from the admission statement of the College of Arts and Sciences page 9. 2
paragraph 1:



a 71

Minutes of the UniVorsity FaCulty a May 15, 1342

It is strongly recommended that the annlicant nresent one unit of

«g. algebra and one unit of plane geometry, since he may wish to take

jq many courses in the University for which these secondary school matheu

1 matics courses are prereQuisites, Should the student lack these courses
as prerequisities for any of his college work, he will be required to
take them in college without credit, thus delaying his graduation.

The Rules Committee also offered the following recommendation respect»

ng changes in graduation requirements involved in the shift from the semes~

to the quarter plan:

d' t“

Through the June Commencement of 1943 a student may complete
his requirement for graduation by satisfying either the new re-
ouirement in quarter hours or by submitting the quarter-hour equivan
lent of the previous semester hOur requirement. H

t/Ql A particular curriculum requirement shall be considered satisH

fied. if the course has been passed successfully, either with the
credit previously required under the semester clan or with the credit

assigned in quarter hours.

This reCOmmendation was approved by the FaCulty,

On recommendation of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics,
the Faculty approved the addition to the curriculum requirements of that

college the following statement:

An applicant for admission who presents less than 2 units
in mathematics may enter the College of Agriculture and Home
Economics, but must make up the deficiency during the first year

(A by taking work: in mathematics without credit.

On recommendation of the College of Arts and Sciences. the following
course changes in Social WOrk and Bacteriology were approved:

I9 Social E23§


127a=d. Tutorial Conferences and Discussions.
Required comprehensive examination.
SaWe 12635}:e Independent Worko

> S. WGIQE. Qgientation 22 Field Work Practice 1;.

ea Chan ges:

? s.w. 2010 Public Assistance. Change to 55W. 151.

SeWe 124. Orientation tg_Fie1d Work Practice 3. Change
I ' from 3 quarter hours to 4 quarter hours.
















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Minutes of the University Faculty s May 15n 1942

Changes: (contn)

S» W. 12?. Fields 9}; Social Work. Change to 4 quarter hours. (9%
S. W. 222, Problems 2£_Rural Social Work. Change frOm 3

quarter hours to 4 quarter hourso



New Courses:


S. W. 2259 Social Insurance. 2 quarter hoursa A study of
social insurance in Europe and the United States.
Emphasis will be given to the problems in admin=
istration, financing, and coverage. Prerequisite,
So W. 215 or consent of instructor.



S. We 231. Introduction to Field Work Practice i£_Community
Organizationn 2 quarter hours. 100 clock hours
of supervised work in planning and execution of
simple projects in community organization. gfl~




IIa Bacteriology l

égf Eacteriology and Pathology for Nursese 4 quarter hourso ;
2 lectures and 2 laboratory nerieds a weeks '



Eb} Bacteriology and Pathology for Nurses. 4 quarter hoursa
2 lectures and 2 laboratory periods per week. Contine
uation of 6&0

These courses are an expansion of East. 6, 6 quarter hours.
Description is the same as for Bact. 6.

President Donovan emphasized to the Faculty the importance of retaim
ing wherever possible some of the younger members of the staff who may be
liable for military service, in order that the University may continue to G!’
have the nucleus of the stronger and larger faculty that will probably be \
required at the close of the wars He suggested that every effort be made
to arrange the deferment or postponement of induction of these men, and that
the deans confer with them concerning the possibility of their remaining on
the campus.

President Donovan read to the Faculty the preliminary announcement
concerning the enlistment of students in the reserve corps of the Army. It ;
was pointed out that this program would probably result in a larger enrol» i
ment in the University in September than had previously been anticipated. :

The next meeting of the Faculty was scheduled for Wednesday, May 27:;
at 1:30 pm. ‘ . ' {