?DDT suit initiated
NKW YORK (LNS)-A $30 billion damage suit was filed Oct. 14 in Federal Court in an attempt to attack those responsible for DDT poisoning and related ecological crimes.
The suit, filed by Mrs. Carol Y anna-cone, names eight companies, the principal manufacturers and distributors of DDT, the insecticide.
The defendants are: Montrose Chemical, Baldwin Montrose Chemical, Chris-Craft Industries, Stauffer Chemical, Allied Chemical, Diamond Shamrock, Olin Chemical and Lebanon Chemical. The suit cites the direct damage done by DDT as well as anti-trust violations by the corporations, who have fixed prices and crushed competition.
Mrs. Yannacone, whose husband, Victor, is associated with the Environmental Defense Fund, filed the suit "on behalf of all the people of the United States, not only of this generation but of those generations yet unborn, all of whom are equitable owners of the natural resources of the United States...entitled to the full benefit, use and enjoyment of the environment and natural resources without damage of degradation from the illegal acts and conduct of the defendants in furthering the production, distribution and use of the broad-spectrum, persistant chemical biocide DDT."
Seale bound in Chicago
CHICAGO (LNS)-Bobby Seale, the national leader of a militant political group dedicated to the liberation of black people, has been gagged and strapped to his chair in an ultra-modern courtroom in the city of Chicago.
If it weren't Bobby Seale, if presiding Judge Julius J. Hoffman didn't have the the power of the state on his side, one might see it all as a tableau from the Theater of Cruelty. But Bobby Seale's situation is more than symbolic. It is real, and there is only one word to describe it"slavery. Seale is a black man in chains whose fate is now determined by the masters in their mansions.
Seale's ordeal is a reasoned, if cruel response to his position as leader of the Black Panther Party. When he arrives at the courtroom at 10 AM each day, he has already undergone 6 hours of har-rassment by jailers, marshals and other pigs. They go to his solitary cell and wake him up at 4 am"one hour earlier than any other prisoner"and make him stand in place for one hour. From 5 to 7, he stands in a small room with hundreds of . other prisoners waiting to be transferred to various courthouses. From 7 to 8 he waits in still another room.
Some time before he and his chair are carried into the wood-panelled courtroom, a team of marshals go to work on him. His boots are loosened and his legs are bound with heavy leather straps to the legs of a folding chair. His wrists, wound several times with leather, are buckled to the arms of the chair. Several layers of gauze, adhesive tape, and cloth are wound around his mouth and tied at the back of his head. A similar gag is wound vertically around his jaw and tied at the top of his head. The type of gauze used resembles that used by football players to hold a trick knee in place. As time passes the gauze tightens up. They have tried to stuff rags in Bobby's mouth
but he successfully resisted this particular device.
On Thursday Oct. 30, despite all this, Bobby continued to make his plea for bis right to defend himself"including the right to cross-examine witnesses. He has spoken out in the courtroom only to make this legal point, and only when his name is mentioned or when the defense attorneys have completed their cross-examination.
The press, the judge and the prosecution have attempted to portray Seale as a wildman engaging in "disruption" and "outbursts". It is clear, however, that there would be no shouting if the judge would allow Seale to defend himself, or postpone the trial until Seale's lawyer, Charles R. Garry, recovers from an operation.
In a note smuggled into the courtroom and given to Jerry Rubin who later released it, Seale wrote, in part:
Section 198, title 42 of the United States Government Code says that a black man cannot be discriminated against in any court in any legal defense matter.
Why am I handcuffed, shackled to a chair, and gagged in Judge Hoffman's United States District of Illinois courtroom? I am sure the masses of Americans, especially Black People, are intelligent enough to see the injustice from the very beginning of this trial as a railroading operation of U.S. imperialism abroad and domestic imperialism"fascism"here at home. We should know that racism plus capitalism breeds fascism; but, we see how the newspapers and especially the TV and radio news media try to say or imply that the reason I was shackled and gagged was because of what this pig Judge
calls "outbursts" or "interrupting the court proceedings." The masses of working people, (the employed and unemployed Black and poor oppressed people), can see further than that. And those who cannot and/or those who are confused about it all can now see the real reasons fascism is showing its head more openly; because a man stands up and speaks in behalf of his constitutional rights to be represented by legal counsel of his choosing and if not that, then the constitutional right to defend himself by being his own lawyer until his ill lawyer, who is most effective in proving his innocence, can come to defend him.
To say that I made outbursts is erroneous, incorrect, and a lie misleading the American people.
I have sat for hours and listened to testimony, most of which is lies, directed against the other seven defendants. The only times I've stood up and demanded my right to legal defense are when a witness says my name. Then I stand up and say "I object on the grounds that my lawyer Charles R. Garry is not here. I've been denied his services and I have also been denied the right to defend myself, so I object to this witness testifying against me." And then the Judge starts telling me that I have a lawyer, one that he, the Judge, has chosen and not me. That lawyer is Kunstler whom I do not desire at all to defend me in these proceedings. I know and have witnessed myself the lies that the pig U.S. government prosecuting attorneys are saying against me with their CIA-FBI-COPS et al, witnesses. Charles R. Garry is three times as good as Kunstler and Weinglass although they are very good lawyers and they will tell you themselves that they respect Charles R. Garry. Kunstler is profound in all of his legal techniques and is one of the lawyers for the New York 21 brothers and sisters. But this trial is an attempt to keep me locked up and the other seven defendants too, forever.
The Government doesn't want Charles R. Garry here. They are happy that Garry isn't here. He is nearly 60 years old and he has law on the top of his head that will make a judge's head and any government prosecuting attorney's head swim. Garry knows, from being the Chief Counsel for the Black Panther Party, the intricate political repression against the party as it's related directly to the oppression of black America, historically and presently; he knows how to bring this out legally in the courtroom. And the Pigs don't want him there to defend me.
After this story was set, Bobby Seale was finally unbound and continued trying to defend himself. Hoffman then declared Seale's a mistrial and sentenced Seale to four years imprisonment for contempt of court.
GI's are 'sick' of war
Spock to speak
After a bit of a hassle, Dr. Benjamin Spock, whose conviction for conspiracy to counsel, aid and abet draft resistance was recently overturned, will indeed speak in Louisville.
Dr. Spock will speak at 8 p.m., Friday, December 5, at the Atherton High School Auditorium.
Tickets can be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Kentucky Civil Liberties Union, 809 Center Building, Louisville, Ky. 40202. The price is $ 1.5 0 for students and $2.00 for adults.
Dr. Spock originally was to have spoken at the First Christian Church. The KCLU, which is sponsoring the talk, had obtained the permission of the church's minister and planning committee for using the facilities.
However, the church board called an emergency meeting when it learned of the decision and voted to rescind the church's approval. The board's vote caused a great deal of embarrassment for some members of the congregation and sent the KCLU into a frantic search for a suitable facility. But it appears that everything is all set now.
A statement adopted by a group of about 35 Ft. Knox GIs at a recent meeting at the Muldraugh coffeehouse: "We GIs are sick. We are sick of the war."
The logical cure: all GIs sick of the war will go on sick call at 8 :30 a.m., Nov. 13, the start of this month's Moratorium.
This movement is sponsored by Fun, Travel, Adventure (FTA), Ft. Knox's underground newspaper.
Although the plans originated at Ft. Knox, they will be nationwide in scope. GIs at about 45 Army bases are being asked to join in, and spokesmen say the response has been encouraging.
The sick-call protest is not illegal and is being supported by the National Mora-troiura Committee.
Besides supporting the immediate withdrawal of all troops from Vietnam, other demands include the freeing of Gls imprisoned for protesting Army practices, support for the women's liberation movement and amnesty for GIs in exile from the U.S. military machine.
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