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I Historical Sketch · » (First entry, p, 2h)
The town of Bardwell, located west of the center of the county, was
chosen as the county seat, and the commissioners proceeded to undertake the
erection of the county buildings (Deeds, 1886, vol. 1, p. 2, in Carlisle
County Archives, entry 15). U
- There are no colleges or private schools in Carlisle County but the
average educational advantages are available to both the white and Negro
population of the county (Kentucky; Resources, Attractions, Opportunities,
Carlisle County, Louisville, Kentucky).
_ The physiography of Carlisle County is by nature adapted to the general
‘ purposes of building and highway construction, for which sands and gravels
are used. These materials, together with large deposits of clay and artesian
( and spring waters, form the principal natural resources of the county. (Ibid.)
L Unusually rich, fertile soil and an excellent natural water supply have
made farming the chief industry in Carlisle County. Although it is one of
the smaller counties, with the systematic development of a well-balanced
farm program, including dairying, poultry and hog raising, and truck garden-
ing, it ranks as one of the foremost agricultural counties in Kentucky.
Over 1,000 acres are devoted to commercial orchards, and the growing of
strawberries has proved most successful. (Ibid.)
Bardwell, the county seat, is also the site of various factories and
mills, since an adequate water system, cheap power rates, and good railroad
facilities are conducive to small industrial enterprises (ibid). It has a
population of 1,159, according to the population census of`l950 (15th Census
of the United States, 1950, vol. 1, United States Government Printing Office,
Washington, l95l, p. M55)-
The population of the entire county in 1890 was 7,612; in 1900 it had
increased to 10,195. Ten years later the number had dropped to 9,0hB, and
. in 1920 another decrease in the total number of inhabitants occurred, the
census of that year recording the population as 8,251. The census of 1950
lists Carlisle as having 7,565 inhabitants. (Ibid.)
Arlington and Milburn, both banking towns, and Burkley, where one of
the county*s numerous canneries is located, are other important towns in
Carlisle County (Kentucky; Resources, Attractions, Opportunity, Carlisle
County). ""`*`M` __—""`"—` _”`°"*"`*` `—"-—_-—`-— `_"———__
_ The Chicago and New Orleans Division of the Illinois Central Railroad
intersects Carlisle County at Arlington. The Mobile and Ohio Railroad passes
through Winfield, serving the extreme western section of the county. Inter-
_ state highways 51 and 62 pass through thc center of the county; state high-
ways 98 and 125 also traverse the county.