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. Health Unit — Service Records (255-261) ·
’  `° g » 255· (MONTHLY BILLS), 1957--. In (Health Records), entry 275.
”Y _Y; ,. Itemized receipted monthly bills for medical supplies, showing date pur- I
A _‘ »_ chased, amount, total paid for month, and date paid. 3
‘ i Laboratory and Clinic Reports (
` 256. RECORD OF CHILD OF SCHOOL AGE, 1927--. 1 file box. A
I Health record cards of school children, showing name of school attending, I
< names and addresses of pupil, and parents, age, sex, color, and birth date I
h of pupil, mother*s maiden name, name of examining physician, child*s ime §
munity status, dates of physical examination and results of same, parent I
present, recommendations, and field visits. Arr. alph. by name of school g
_ e and alph. thereunder by name of child. No index. Hdw. on pr. fms. l8xl2x I
. 2l-LI  
l file box. I
Health record cards of infants and children of pre-school age, showing name,
sex, color, weight and birth date of child, parents* names and addresses, u
_ parents economic status, name of family physician, physical condition of I
A child since birth, date and recommendations made by examining physician.
- No arr. No index. Hdw. on pr. fms. l8xl2x2LI.
( 258. LABORATORY REPORTS, 1955--. 1 file box.
A Record cards of laboratory findings, showing name and address of patient,
° date, age, sex, color, name of physician, specimen, nature of examination
to be given. Arr. alph. by name of patient. No index. Hdw. on pr. fms.
I . A 259. (HISTORY RECORDS, MIDWIVES), 1927--. In (Health Records), I
entry 275, I
? Midwife record, showing date, name of midwife, age, color, address, equip- 1
A ment, intelligence and character, cleanliness, education, health, laboratory r
findings, live births, certificates received, date, deliveries, notes on ’
field conference visits, maternal deaths, date and cause. E
- I
260. (MONTHLY REPORTS), 1958--. In (Health Records), entxy 275. (
A Duplicate copies of health officer*s monthly report to state beard of health, i
Q showing county, or district, population of health jurisdiction, period, year, {
I services, communicable disease control, consultations with physicians, field (
A visits, itemized list of number and kind of communicable diseases, approved I
, by state and territorial health officers, United States Public Health Service, Q
· and United States children*s Bureau.
261. (QUARTERLY REPORTS, NARRATIVES), 1927--. In (Health Records), {
¤ entry 275, ,
.. Copies of narrative reports to state board of health, showing summary of {
A work accomplished by health officer for quarter, date of report, name of I
* _ county health officer. g
‘ I
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