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I Health Unit - Service Records; Payrolls. (276-278)
1 County Livestock Inspector A
I 276. (CORRESPONDENCE), 1957--. In (Health Records), entry 275. _
J Correspondence with Kentucky Crippled Children's Commission relative to 3
. clinics. E
v a
‘ I Payrolls (
277. (TIME REPORTS), 1956--. In (Health Records), entry 275. {
` A Duplicate time sheets of Works Progress Administration, showing worker certi- Q
_ fied or non-certified, state, county, district, office and work project num- 2
' ° bers, work symbol, description of project, names of sponsors, payroll dates, g
- name of worker, address, sex, occupation, classification, number hours worked, E
hourly wage, wage rate governing, rate per month. l
p 278. (PAYROLL), 195h. In (Health Records), entry 275. )
Record of foes paid health officer and nurse, showing date and amount of pay- j
5 ment, names of payer and payee, nature of fee. 1
a l
‘ E
‘ The office of county livestock inspector in Carlisle County was estab- I
lished in 1918 when the fiscal court was authorized to appoint a livestock }
inspector. This appointment, however, must be approved by the state live- ;
‘ stock sanitary beard. The inspector must be a citizen of the county and a {
{ licensed, practicing veterinarian, if there is one in the county, or some L
_- reputable citizen of the county who is familiar with the care of livestock {
, diseases. (Acts, 1918, ch. 69, sec. 18, p. 561; Carroll, sec. 65c-18.) No I
statutory pr6?IEi¤n is made for the term of offid5T_°*`- 2
, The county livestock inspector*s duties are: to be the local agent and t
Y representative of the board, under the direction of the state veterinarian, )
’ in enforcing its laws, rules, and regulations; to report in writing to the Q
state veterinarian all outbreaks of communicable diseases, giving the name (
and address of the owner, the number of animals that have died, the number ;
sick, and the number of susceptible animals exposed to the disease. He is §
j authorized by the state veterinarian to make necessary investigations, k
_ enter any premises, examine such livestock as may be deemed necessary, order
‘ quarantine of any animals or premises, and seo that this quarantine is main~ {
tained until released by order of the board. He must cooperate at all times
with the board in preventing, suppressing, controlling, and eradicating com- [
» municable diseases in livestock; and report his official action to the state Q
1 veterinarian, who, upon such report, gives any assistance necessary. Fail-
7 ure on the part of the county livestock inspector to comply with the direc-
P Ei-20-l7§ E