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news ·» we ¤¤¤¤=¤·· THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY enema as mm
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for publication on   k—.»,_,i__e   post office at Lex-
reeeieii   i . Lie     _ mgton, Ky.
 .... __. ,____
August 1, 1918 LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY V0l_ l_ NO_ 14
A list Of schools accsreditcd by the Miss Eliza M. Piggott, of Irviilgton, summer S¤1¤¤<>1 at the University Of Professor hlrggnry Rhoads State The second University of Kenluqglw
Kgiiiiicliy Association Of Colleges Cm-- who will be graduated with the class i§€11¥i1(’kY C10S€€}1i$§iX_“’€€k$’ €0}u`$€· Supervisor of Secondary Education, rliiiiiigiig Deiacliiiigm Op ilig Nuiioiiil
reeied ie iiiiiy 1 hee been eempiieii by ot ].9i9i\\’1[il the degree of A. B. in b=’~U11d·9·Y· Jullf Ni €1Q5111g 0119 OI W9 delivered two addresses at Eastern _ Y _ i `
.]'0ur1ial1sln,Uuivgr5ity of Kentucky most suecesstul sessions in the his- v - · ~, Aim) began -‘¤1‘1< at (Jam!) Buell,
i,i_Of M _Hem_ Rh eds Su i(_i_Vie0i_ of » _ _ State l\o1mal School, R1Cil1l]OIlLi. hen-
· ` ° y O · I ’ ‘ has taken a position on the editorial LOW OI {119 mSmut`i0¤· Regular Work tucky July 24 and 25 on the subiect 11¤¤<1¤>’· July 15· and already mg men
S€¤011d¤1‘y Edl10¤U011i 511109 UW 11196** staff of the Lexington Herald as State 81V€11 was S11USY¤¢t01`Y 111111 SDGCMI Of Organization ami mlnilnlslimloii in have settled clown to work followinw
ing of [lie association in May when €dit01`· Miss Piggott has SO I`19i1l`iY features W€1`€i`3·r more attractive 1111*11 high SCil0OiS The iGC['l1I`€S WBYB ‘l· the l*l‘Cscl‘ibe‘l lines as auto meglm ia
i i i » r , 4 ‘. l ' ' ij.
iiiprescmiiiives attended the meeting completed her required work tor usual- part of the summer school course ics fm. ··
,,_ . , . . . 1, , -_ · , _ s, -gen ,· tg, l ·t · _·
from Georgetown Coiiegei Ti,iiiiSyi_ L1i1dl1¤t1Gn that It will be possible to i The taculty xxlneh has digbgiuilgd given emiuiiiiyi The entire eiiieiii i 1911 iC8I`D€11 91% eiec rimane
_ _ continue her work on me Herald stars wr the renwiuder of the summer was mem and fgguliy lim-li um addresses md 1`“°“° "“g’“€B*`S ¤CC°1`d111g 10 <‘1·
V“ma· Kentucky WGSIQYML B€I`€‘*’ thrcughout the forthcoming session €0111P0S€d of P1`€Sid€¤t F- L- MCV€Y· Professor Rhoads is making an in- r€°ti°uS·
(lenter, University of Louisville and and complete her university course. Prof- J· T- C- Noel Prof- E· L· G1111¤i spection of schools that are provided The ¤1¤¤¤1>¤rS Of the Second Caml)
UIiiV€1·Sity Of Iientuckyi i     \vhO yvgis Illnngiging PI`Of. G. lvl. Baker,     Boles, DI`. ii). for in the _SHiith_I.Iugh€S   and hg arc all 1{€I]tuCkiB.HS except t\V€Hty·
The growth of the accredited editor of the Kentucky Kernel, the P· Bvydi PFM- J- M- Davis, DIV I-·· L- will continue that inspection until all mic “°n'C°“““iSSi0“€d Oilicers l1€m ‘
eeiieeie in Keeiueiiy eiiiee 1910 iiiie eiiiiileeesiiipeblicatiioiii, laiet yeaiiieis also Eiiifzliiri  1;eii3fiki‘i?e`» Pii D§$<1111i§» schools shall have been visited. Ovir {mm   mst ?3mp· The D"€s'
i _ _i_ _ iiiii i· icue 0 18 entuc nan, the . · · ll 1 , 1 i. . . __.i 611 810111) iave a gieat many advan-
been rema.x‘kB.bl€. IIFGHI So 111 1 Uliivgyslty Annual {Oi. lglgl Miss Freeman, Prof. J. S. Horlne, Prof, UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL tages ill organization, their instruc-
tlie list has increased to 239. There Piggott’s adaptability to journalistic MCNBHI James. Prof. T. T. Jones, SGHEDULE MADE tors continuing the successful ulgtllgdg
were then 54 public schools and 29 W<>1‘1< is ¤1¤1k<>¤1- The 1¤V11¤11¤=1 1¤ P"? C- D· K“‘€""*"’· Mm Margmt OUT FOR THE SWASON they "d°""’d f°" *1*** T€"""“°a“S·
· - . . . ·· G . . , . —-I ·- .
·· t .li l_ Th 187 J0111 U1€ H€1‘3ld Staff IS El source ot I\111¤. PYOY- ·C· R- M€lCh€1, Plof. Mc- The unilorms leg have alpgaily been
Diigicesjlioslzs nd 5‘Fr€rii:e1;;\l\i00ls gratmcnuon to her Classmates Hwy RhOadS' Captain H` N' ROyd€H’ The football schedule of the Uni- given to the meui and from 1*18 Very ·
p_ _ a ' E ._ ' Miss Piggott is the second Candi. E- M. RuCk€1‘, Miss Ann Simvall, Miss versity Of Keiiiucky fm, the Season Oi first day of arrival everything has
Ol the public schools 19 are- IH Class (`lglitg for the journalism degree iii the Julia Van Arsdale, Gprdon Thurman, 1918 hee just been mmpieied and wm 1110V€d f01‘W111‘fi 111 {116 same System-
A and 40 private schools are in the class of 19l9 to be called into uews— D1`~  E- TM11111, D1`- F- E· Tuttle and ecnslstkur nine gaines, {ive of which Mic way as Obtained with the HY?
{il·gI; (313,55, while Class B has 108 pub- paper Service by the Heulld before Pl`0*‘ A' C` Z9mbr0d‘ will be played on Stoll Field Laying- group'
. , duatiuir Tllgrtpil Connell Of ————— · · l 4 1116 mst and Second i I t` "
hc and 12 pmvate schools. gr? _ · _ _ # ton, beginning Se ntembe ZS, h mocua wm
Seiieeie Wiieiiieii iiiiiie eii iiiveie Paris, editor-1n—ch1ef of the Kentucky EXTENSIVE HVIPROVEMENTS the Opposing mgmlwill lil; ii·Om`§i§; have been giV€11 1111d the 111911 will
’ D D ’ Kernel for ’18 and ’19, is the 0I·ligr_ IN ADMI]_\]’ISTRATION Siwiii Ceiieqie _ soon be released from quarantine and
may be accredited provided they meét Mr. Connell is on the reportorial BUILDING A’1‘lie T1iaiilisgivin·~· game with Uni- allowed a great deal more fr€€<1¤1¤
. the ifollowing requirements: Still?. Y;. versity Of Ciiaiiiiiiozge Wiii be played Y0i`i_F8t111`d&Y afternoons and Sundays.
i High schools and other schools do- STUDENTS UNDER   TO i 'i`h€ W01‘k of I`9UlOIi€iiI`1g the buiiliii- at Lexington and the season will be ieeifi; Tiieen iiieiiiweei behayedianqiiiare
lllg pl·9parai;0ry work now (lll {hg gg.       IHSS OU tht? CFLIDDUS of th€ UI1lV€1‘S1ty closed with gi llgllglugt ill llgllgy of [hg i ii _ V yisenous y· IGY
_ credited list and that may liereafter ———- nb of K"?‘“““kY has Stained and at Pgs- mem December 1% §Li)l]e{ 1?1Ii1?le(lr£oia51$;r(ii;i tzatriia Sdn?
be placed thereon may be designated The University of Kentucky is one ;iiiEii1S]1;ir9i4§}HEnts iu; the Ad“?“"S‘ Cqach T` A. Gm Came to the Um- 111311Y Di€‘1°i*111t affairs are beinp are
by two forms Of ciiiesmciitioni The of the ediieeiieiiei iiieiiiiiiieiie wiiieii · 0 ui lng anti ew Iiornntory versity the nrst week in July and iieieii fee iiiem ii iiie Lexi ig D
mst divisimii Oi. Class Ai may include youve mein Of the eee ei iii ie 91 ¤1`€ DTOEIGSSIHS liipldiy wh1le those looked over the figllli lllvggligalilig iii eiiie ii Y _ii ii 11g011 1)**0*
_ · - . ._ _ _ . ¤. , ne . · ‘ ‘
all schools which meet the following may enter and be enlisted in the army guiiihg Old D°“‘“.“”Y: Chcmlstly prospects fin team Cimdldatgs next eniertainiiigntsleig ite lie; Seriestltst
requirements; end iievyi Uiiiieriiie will be eiieeiiee ui I illciiii and construction of new year. Considering ting declination war eeiiiii iiiid iieiieee ie bg iiieiiaiii ii;
ie them by iiie Geveiiieieiii eiie they au emo 18 shops are being started. · has made in athletic ranks, the Uni-, evmiiiieiiiiii eii ii e g I
~ . . . · , · · . _ . · . .   1 \ 21111 '.
Reeiiiiiemeiiie fer eieee Ai Wm have the eiime eieiiie ee eeidieie iiieilxeeiiiieiiiilooie oiiiethe Adluinistie veiirsety hss ai? muah ieason to be sat- The eeidiere ei_e giieeiigsei eil eiieii
_ i _ _ _ . U lug rearrange . is e will t e outlook a · _· ‘l . . . . ·
l_ The School must Offer ii Stamp 1n the Eilllly except that they will not President Mgvey new Oeeupies the iiieiiiuiieii in ii S ii S dm mlm, aflairs and girls mvited are from an
ard { ur. Bai. F · ii receive pay. During the time the . . le Ou L · . .
0 y cou se ot study a d Y . ql 1 .
_ _ i i _ i ere iii eeiieee the me eii _iiii suite of ofhces on the southwest cor- The ent1re schedule is: Nip)-CVE. USL Chapcmues MG Sup`
icqiifm i U li mtéen €1lU_9~nC€ iiieii iiieimeiiee iiiiid ei, eigciiii “ ner of the building. These rooms will Sept. 28—Ma1·shalI College ut Lex. phed with approval Of the Council of
cre.l1ts lor giaduation theietrom. _ _ · · 5 P 6- be used in the fuiui., ii E ·ii·, - Defense and the expenses of enter.
9 . ·- While the a es r b lo th l ft 0 y Zm Gl 1* mgtom ·
-·- Ti11€€ Q11¤i111€d f€¤0I1€1`S 11111$1' QB e e the Ceveg aiéii 9 {V _i€ Cm , Registrar, and the present otlices of Oct. 5—Mian1i University at Ox- tmnmeuts am borne by Some of the
einplciyeiixiiho id€\i0te itil thelf tireIeeiieeiiviiigniglicilleeeaé iiiigiiiii ;1;iiL the registrari adjoining the Gxgciiiive ford Oi ` WO11l€11`S 01`g&1liZ£1ti011S 0f the city,
imc O ug} $(:100 WOT ' · -g i OTHCG will he 0cCulJied bv Pr0°ess0r Oil ]_‘> Y \t ’· _—`T‘*‘
g_ The pupil gnrolliiignt must not cat10nal purposes will . be brought M Heiii j { C" ‘_ xy" iesléyan LOIIGSG at »
_ _ . " y Rhoads, Supervisor ol Sec- Lexington XV-AR SERVICE FOR  
exceed tliiri l t . l _ about to the best advantage by allow- `“ _ _ _ _ · ~ _ -1 - 1.
iii Tweiiiiiiiee ebii legen SieDe€e1iiei1`l1¤1iJi111g. New chairs will re- ing, pliygipg, cligmiglpy and Oillgi- Dl‘Oi°l(‘i€l\i in a new field of endeavor
_' _ Zted the Red Cross this summer by D 9-06 16 0 benches of the present. l ··l ‘ l — ‘ ~ · — 1 et f ~ ' ·
1_ Th l l _ . ,_ S1_$_ _ _ .€ellllCZ1 subjects essential to the 161 -001*2 0€€uP1€d by 111611 dl1110$t
ye;Sef:eii(i_;eI*;F;iii§a1§ediIii?[°?i giving instruction to army officers S- F· MCC0T111¥1€k 11215 ih€‘00!1tFHC£ prosecution of the war, or who is an €X€l11$iV€U'-
teen eeiieee eiiiiniiiyee qiiiiiiigg iiii: who have entered the services of the for the new automobile shops to bg iiidisiiciisalilc iwchei. in Such COMSBS -.t—;
ereiiiieiieiii Red Cross. Many formeri students €011$t1`11€t€d 111 1116 1i€H1` of M€Ch8·HiC?1i or who is engaged in the training of RADIO TRAINING- TO BE
2. Two qualified teachers lllust bg   1i;;;I;_;§eii1;dii:eiiie;ii?e; iiittiieeiiiiiiiv Han Thg W¤1‘1< W111 Start at 011€°€· army personnel, may gllligt in the Eli. FIXED COURSE NEXT YEAR
Employed who dgvoia all their `_ · _ _ ` _ ' _* listed Reserve Corps. Thereafter, on ?--
time to high school Worki   iiieiiiiilelniifeijegellurg G¤9St1011i GIRLS T0 HAVE OWN presentation hy the registrant to his Ccniniencing January 2, 1919, the
;l_ The School year must not be less iiieee Piiiieeeii yeiiiiii i ii Som? 0 VGYIVINASIURT NEXT SESSION l0C€1l board of his certificate of en- University of Kentucky at the re-
lllaii iliii·ty_Six wG€liS_ iiei ei “i ei_i_ i iimi isis giwgu i _ —.++ i listment, such certificate shall be ill- quest of the War Department offered
iii An iweieee ieeiiiiiieii iieiied e   910   10113 i Vd 119 ‘i1 i1if1U 30 Phe @115 Oi H10 U111V€1`S1tY of Ix€n— eil with questionnaire, and the regis- a twenty weeks’ course in radio train-
iiiiiei be iiieiiiiiiiiieii ei ieiiiii iiiiiii iieiiiienli ieernuneration, pieieeiiingi tit; lucky will enjoy a new gyinnasiumion trant shall be placed in Class Five on ing. Although only limited advertise-
ui€s_ ieii iiieliieiiiiieiiiiiceis Z1 D21 110 1C WOT W9 @111111115 1101fi Y€·31‘ when the build- the grounds that ho is in the military mont was given of this course it prov-
ei The eiiiiiiiiiieiii iei iiie ieeeiiiiie · · iie.;ii11iiliii?iiiei1e>e€eeeeiS ea iieiiefeteeiiaeilai service of the United States, accord- ed successful, and live ofthe students
of Science must not be less in ‘ i 1* S C 0 mg o a communication received at in the course are now at the Signal
value than $75 and me iibiery fer NEW CATALOG EXPECTED 40 by 100 feeticovered with hard wood. the University of Kentucky from Corps OfHcers’ Training School, Col-
mierence puriieeee miiei iiei be TO BE OUT AUGUST 5 ln the rearie>tithe main floor a dress- Henry F, Rhodes, Major Infantry, U. lege Park, Maryland.
, ,..  ]]]¤‘ 9 ’ · v' _ ‘ · · · _ . ·i .
less in value ilmii $60i exclusive The liiwiiiiis eeieiee ei iiie Uiiiiieie eiiiieegoigiiii ieeiieie; gift M11 UB QF S. R., (VUIBE Selective SGIVICG Depart- With ihe opening iot the fall sem-
Oi public docuiiienie eiiy ei, Keiiiiieiiv wiii be ieeiiee Aiiei ii~ ¤i ii iii * ai DF¤Df31‘ €Ql11iD- ment for kentucky. ester this course w1ll- be repeated
(S. The enrollment mugt bg limited list 5- The Ceiiiiog is Your meiiiiie, bwni _ 3 Fam] Sainimy t0*i‘$tS W111 ·~··———-·———— and extended. The length of the
to tiiirty pupils for eeeii ieeeiieie ieie iiiie iieiiii iiiiiiei ie iiie iieeiei ei io Dii1CG 1n the space under the HEATING BIDS OPENED AUGUST 5 course will be about twenty-eight
7_ The Soliool Sentiment must be i _, ’ ° _ (mss ng TODD} ——--— weeks, the date of termination being
tie comnattee, Dr. L. L. Dantzlei, lii miiiodgling the Oil D, ;i . · . . . .
]l0l·ljla_]_ Prefi Gi M Beiiei iiiiii iiie Reeieii_ei_ i i i i (1 —>1`111· Gly B1ds on plans for heating and fixed by the opening of new training
S_ The work must be approved ee Eeee Giiiie The eeiey iieweiieii ie 9* GMS 1001115 UW @111115 €¤11tG111l1l&te plumbing for the Administration classes at College Park. ‘
eiiiieieeieiyi ewiiie iii ee-iieiiei eiiiieee ieee ei iiiiiieii   itilee Hist floor evill be oecupied by building, Old Dini-initury, New Dormi- The course is especially adapted to
9._T11e academic selwlurglilp Oi all was the desire mi the peri Of the Uiiii i ii Dm mem 0 B°*¤111Y» 111G S80 101%*. Old Uh€*m1Stl‘y building, Agrieu1~ high school graduates and College
tiiiiciwrs miiiii meet the i_eiiuii_ei iieiieiiii ie iiiive ii eeiiiiiieie iiiiiiii Ont Y the ofiice of the Dean of Wo- tural building, Education building, students with requisite training in
c - ,_ E ' in . . . . _ _ .
ments of the State iew__iiie_ii iiei ieii iiie iieei iieiiii iiiiiiiieiieii iii iii; ilhn, thi? YGSK I`€ZOIll, Depziftlnelli; of and Mining building, ofthe University i\'iHlil€llllltl(5S and Physics who desire
*°‘1°°*g1‘*¤1¤¤11<>¤Mus 2 V6?-11'S in cqtqlng S0 the yvgyl- Oi Cumiiieii V "LOm`uilCS and homology; thc third Of K€11t11€kY will bé 0D€11ed August 5. to prepare for udmissloli to 0lli(,El·S·
college, Oi· noi-iiiiil School or the wee held iiii iiiiiii iiiiei eeiieii Weil} UO"' “"l be 11l1`i111§@dii01‘ the Dellult- Plans were completed about 10 days il`tl1lllll{=.’ camps in the spring of 1919.
eiluivulgill tli€i€Oy_ taken en iiiiiiei_i_iiii eeeeiiiiiiieiiie ‘” Eiiiltiiiefi1eiiii§1§ileiE<1T1E1iii 811iid Niusic, ago and advertising for bids started A minimum age limit of twenty is de-
‘ ‘ · = — ` ‘ JY 10 unt. at once, siruhle.