xt7pzg6g4m8z_22 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7pzg6g4m8z/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7pzg6g4m8z/data/2009ms132.0286.dao.xml Tandy, Milam F., 1904-1957 1.58 Cubic Feet 4 boxes archival material 2009ms132.0286_20200303_123502_utc__ead English University of Kentucky The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.  Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Milam Tandy papers Engineering -- Study and teaching Civil engineering. African Americans -- Colonization -- Liberia World War, 1939-1945. Letters to Milam Tandy from Firestone plantation employees text Letters to Milam Tandy from Firestone plantation employees 2020 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7pzg6g4m8z/data/2009ms132.0286/Box_2/Folder_12/Multipage1202.pdf 1940-1942, undated 1942 1940-1942, undated section  xt7pzg6g4m8z_22 xt7pzg6g4m8z 59 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7pzg6g4m8z/data/2009ms132.0286/Box_2/Folder_12/0428.jpg 1736 2632 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7pzg6g4m8z/data/2009ms132.0286/Box_2/Folder_12/0428_tb.jpg https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7pzg6g4m8z/data/2009ms132.0286/Box_2/Folder_12/0428_ftb.jpg Firestone Plantation Co Division #27-30 November 14 - 1940 Dear Father Mr J. D. Sampson I receive your letter with many thanks Please I never got any letter from you at all, but this is the first letter. Myself I wanted to see you very bad but I thought you never come up to Firestone. Please you will see me after A December. And I know this is your country and my country, but you is my old father Mr Sampson. Yrs truly J. K. Brown

 To Mr M. F. Tandy Engineer Hydro From Siaffa Carpenter. Baclay Farm. 31-1-40. Dear Sir I have the the honor most respectifully to draw your felicitous attention to my faithful request. When this note meet you, you may attempt all your gracious excellence and approve to my request. I am here with forwarding myself to you with my Carpenter tools to let you may let me have a carpenter's job. I just came from home. This is the first time I want to work in your Dept. as a carpenter. Am a boos Carpenter for myself. I already got my Carpenter tools. I will be pleas if you will approved to my gracious requests. If you do approve or employee me, I will be honest, smart and obedient to my Seniors. I was working to Cape Mount as a carpenter. And I just came from there. I am awaiting for my urgent request. I have the honor to be Sir I am your obedient servant Siaffa

 Mr M. F. Tandy Engineer Hydro

 Kakota July 11, 40. Mr Tenndy Manager Sir:- With reference to these humble of words, I beg most politely to ask your honour, that you may kindly give me job. Infact, I never do Firestone work before. But if the privilege will grantes me, I will convenience to do my possible best to merits your confident. Far as intellectual ability is concerned, I beg to offer you in the Roman Catholic mission at Kakota. While thanking you in anticipation, I beg to remain yours faithfully. H. Roberts

 To Mr. Tandy,
Manager Hydro.

 From 29 to 30 days I dream, here is the listen.
On the twenty nine of July 1940, when I liy to sleep, I dream. 
Now in my dream I saw a large ship over the river and it was

very beautiful, after that I cross the river. Then a Union Jack
from way up and stick down to the ground by himself without tuching,
then I walk off through under the big tree, after I look, up, I see 

one large eagle hang over me, at once I saw a white man coming with 
his gun and about the eagle immediately but he eagle did not fall 
down until a black man come with his gun and shout again before the fall down from the tree, there the people clap hand to him 
after all I see seven airplane run from South to West but one come 
down lower and the other go up high, in my return to come home I saw 
myself stand over a high mountain, there I hear a question to me, are you see all over the wolrd ? I reply no sir. The person say to 
me look up and I look up there was seven seven months hanging up and

shining brightly, then he tell me to look round and I did it, but
everything was equal, the men who speak to me, I did not see himself at all.

Yours sincerely
C/S. D. Thomas
Hydre Station

 Hydor Electric
December 26th, 1947
Mr. M. T. Tandy 
Dear Boss, Sir I am here 
with thakeing this great 
opportunity to write you these 
few words of mine in 
asking you about the thing which 
I told you about the other day 
consent about my payment.
Boss, so I have told you 
already about my expentes 
that I have to under go in this t
ime. Because you know well in this 
fire stone a man with a woman 
and children one shilling is not 
engenef to feed or do anything with. 
So please Boss do for God sake

help me this moth if no more 

sis cents pay it on my money 
Because I have coulth for mysef 
to wer this time so please try. Thank 
Faithfully yours Ben,

M. T. Tandy
Hydor Electric

 Hidro Hill
9th, 11, 40
With due respect and more perfect opinion 
beg to say that I can't wait on you no longer than

today, you promised to let me have the articles Thursday last, 

and up to this pleasant date I havn't receive any. 

The few change which I had I have spent all in buying food 

for the boys with me;  you even told me that you were going to give

me some rice yesterday and I did not get it. I think you
might have forgot. Try your very best to attend to me today for
I am leaving tonight 5, 30. A. M.

Thanks for your prompt attention
Sincerely yours  R. J.  [Trosser?]

Hydra Hill.
Firestone Plantation.

 Mr.   Hydro Electric
Tandy  24- Dec. 41
Hydro Electric
Dear Sir
We are here earnestly 
reminding your honour for our merry Christmas

as  we all are in your great charge and 

we hope you will look towards us as your 
children.  And we are praying to God our Lord 
for you to enjoy the same big day in peace and the one coming after this  ect.
So threfore, please Sir, you must not forget your 
children. Because we are looking to you 
as the baby looks to its father.
Now our favour is hopping on you [sir?] 
grant our poor request.  
We are remain with much thanks [Si?]
yrs obedient drivers
Prichard and all [Sin?]

 [left side of page]
Mr. Tandy Esq.
[Harbel?] Hills
Firestone Plantation
Du Side, Liberia
[right side of page]
Division #45
Firestone Plantations Co
April 12th 1940
Dear Sir/
As I am 
just out for my quarterly vacation for
this present time I am sorry to 
state that I have nothing doing
at this present moment while I should
be return back with all my clothing
and Books payment.  upon this I am 
asking you Kindly be kind enough 
to assist me about getting a 
job at your department such as
[clerk?] on [O/S?] is needed in
your quarter. I am sure that all
best satisfaction will be giving
you at the time of working
hours All hope of best trustfull 
mind to you.  [for?] your Sincere reply
I remain to be Sir
Yrs faithfully
G. B. Williams

Hydro Electric

 Dear Boss Tandy. I heard that when after pay you are going home I do not know whereth it is truth or not. There fore you must please find one good person like yourself for me to be with until you come back. I beg you for God sack. Bos do not left me here with out finding some body for me to stay with June 29. 1941 I am your boy MA Arolo.

 Mr Tandy.
Harbel hill
Dis 44.

 Mis Tanly Firestone Div #44. [Harbel?] Hills Dear Mis I wanted to go up to my country so I can find you sum meat skin but I did not go again so Here I bring one Chickens for your soup I am yours Headman Mulbar May 9 - 17/41

 to Mrs Tandy
Harbel Hill

 March 29, 1941. Fire Stone plantation Div #43. Dear Miss, I am herewith sending this letter to let you know that I have not get any Job. for me to do because, I was work under Mr Karamah. So he slap me from they work. So myself, I siting down about one month. I never get any kind work for to do. therefore, I am kindly to coming ask you. So can you to help me out. So please to be kindly so can give me. Small work for me to do. I am, truly yours, Yard Boy.

 To Miss - - Hard Bell Hill. Div #44

 Dear Sir, I run up to you for a help of a job as you have never one day disappointed any body in the hour of his financial need. I was working in the customs but I left on the account of the war therefore I came to beg you most kindly please do your best and give me any kind of job you find suitable in my request. Sir, looking forward with yearning vision and great anxiety of seeing a favourable reply at you earliest convenience, with sentiments of profound respect accorded, I beg to remain by your decided Obediently yours servant J Blyeeplay. 28/6/41

Mr Tandy

 Dear Mr Tenny, I beg to report my circumstance that I am out of job, therefore I feel, I should walk before you for assistance. Because since Mr [Gapem?] leaved I put my hope on you sir. Very your obediently Moses. #45 Brick Cp. 22/2/41.

 Application #18 Firestone Plantation Company 20/3/40 Dear Sir I send this my Application to you for me to work at your place as Clark. Even if you can put me under some one, else I can be their for a week for him to put me true. I hope when you received my poor Application you will try your possible to take me. then I am try my best to do the work yours Popoh Davies

 Harbel Landing, 30th Oct.,1942. Dear Mr. Tandy: I am appealing to you as if you were my immediate boss, for a helping hand. My wife is under confinement in the Liberian Government hospital - Monrovia. You can imagine how she needs not only moral assistance, but financial assistance as well. May I entreat you, sir, as one of my chief departmental chiefs, for an assistance of a few shillings? I would be much obliged should a big Shot of your type come to the rescue of one of his boys. THANKS IN ADVANCE. Humbly yours, [signature of Jas. Morris] Jas. Morris of M. & S. Mr. M. F. Tandy, Chief Engineer, Hydro.

 Air Port Area Fish Creek Via Division #45 3rd January 1942 Mr. F. Tandy, Hydro Electric. Dear Sir, I beg to write this note so that you may give John, your boy a recommendation testimonial, because several time someone wanted to employ him, he first ask for same. In the meantime, may I beg for the amount I due, as I will be unable to settle same coming payday, owing to the Xmas and New Year expenses made and will pay on January 1942. The favour for which accept my sincere thanks. Your most obediently James Doe

 Mr. F. Tandy Hydro Electric

 24th May 1942 Mr. Tandy Hydro Electric or Harbel Hill Dear Sir, I have the honour most respectfully beg to write this my humble and submissive letter to remind you to my verbal conversation few days ago that I would like to work under you in the Hydro Electric as your old servant after this my six months experiences in the Survey-Engineering Department as their payroll clerk and field helper. The labour office will have no objections should you refer the matter to them for my change of status of labour. I am keenly desirous to work under you ere your departure to home as you told me the day I met with you. In view of the above I am awaiting to hear from you before the end of the month. In current and that is my own subject of walking in this rain to your bungalow and awfully sorry when I did not meet you in person. May be, you will see me in the Airoplans' Station or hand my reply to the first small office in the Air Port after having passed the bridge. Or James Doe if possible. Sorry for any trouble caused I have the honour to be, Sir Your most obediently [signature "Thos [C?] Hatt" J.T.C. Moffatt.

 Mr. Tandy Harbel Hill

 9-5-42. Mr Tandy General Manager H. Hill. Dear Sir, I beg in your honour, that I should like to help my poor brother for the job as a power plainman. May, he can read and write clearly with his experience. Therefore do endeavour your possible best to give him a work for my sake, as you are entrusted the condition of me. And he is very expert fellow. And he, s name was J.D. Naglie. Good morning sir yrs truly cook Adam

 To, Mr Tandy Esq. General Manager. H. Hill. Division 43. F.P.Co.

 Dear Sir;
I have the greatly please and most 
respectfully to dropping you these few lines
of mine.
To Boss! I had being here for a 
number of time which yourself know.
and till now. therefore. do. kindly. help me
with my rate of 1-6 or 1-3 I beg you. You
raise all my firend them. which I came
before. and I being working here hard.
even from Digger work to Tools keeper
Doss! Kindly sorry for me. and see about my rate.
no more to relate
yours truly Tools Keeper
Tommy Morris,

M. F. Tandy

 9-4-42 Mr Tandy: Sir, I, m hereby to notice you that I do need the one of bed sheet from you with the best of your character Having, it is very sorry to depart from you. Please, you may try to thinking of me. May, do not forget my brother Mr Greywood Now I need sugar too. yrs truly servant. Adam

 F.P.Co. Div: #16 6th December 1940 M. F. Tandy Esquire Hydro Electric Division #44 Dear Sir, I have the honour most respectfully beg to write you this letter just to remind you to me once more as your clerk who had accident since 9 months ago, and in the mercy of the almighty, had been recovered, through the skilfulness of Dr. Campbell and his assistants. In view of the above, I am in debtedness to god for all who participated in prayer, for this my present recovery especially to one in person of Mr. Vipond whose name I shall never be forgotten in life for the kindness he extended to give me a job for my living, in Division #16. In the meantime, I don't know perhaps you might require my services once more, as desire. Kind Regards Your most obediently [signature "Thos. Cu. Hatt"] J.T.C. Moffatt

 To Mr Tandy General manager H. Hill

 Parker's Office Eastern End, Hydro Electric Plant, R.L., 3 April, 1942. The Officers & Staff In Charge Hydro Electric Plant, Firestone Plantations Company, Republic of Liberia. Dear Sirs:- It having reached our hearings that our dear good boss will be taking his departure to the states in short, and we having adjusted ourselves to his management and not being desirous for him to leave us, do pray and petition to your good selves that if such be valid, to fail not in giving your audiences to our supplication for the following reasons: 1. Boss Parker is an energetic and indefatigable worker and his stay here will aid in bringing an acceleration to your work. 2. He is not a man that stays off the job and states what should be done, but one who follows the employees and see that satisfactory work is accomplished. 3. It being a fact that when one moves from one place to another he has to adjust himself to his environment, and we having adjusted ourselves to the superintendent-ship of our boss, do feel that if he should be replaced we will have to spend some time in re-adjusting our selves to our new environment which might eventually cause a procrastination in the progress of the work on the eastern end of your operation for a while. 4. If our petition is favorably considered we want

 to assure you all that we will give our boss our hearty cooperations in promulgating the success of the work down this end. 5. Our further assurances to you all is that even if our petition is non considered by you good sirs, and we be put under the superintendent-ship of a new boss, we will endeavor our utter-most to give him likewise our cooperations In conclusion permt us to thank you all in advanced and to extend the assurances of our profound respects and esteem. Respectfully submitted [signatures "R?nuckly" "Samuel Snoh" "H.D. Mayoon" "D.S.B. mensah." :Ben Watkins" "Creedy" "George Johnson" "Momo" "Jessie" "Robert Kilby" "Fire Boy #2 hisk" "Thomas Smith" "gohn Joe" "Momo Bie"]

 [Signatures "Flumo Brown", "Noemy", "Paul Josh", "Eliott", "Tamba", "Sopar", "D.E. Pearce", "James King", G.W. Payne", "David", "[illegible]", "M. Valentine", "Soua", "Charles Momis", Jas. Burgess", "G Berrie", "Momo #2", Momo [rie?]", "Fine Boy his"]

 F.M. Tandy Chief manger Hydro plant Div 44 Feb. 9, 1942 Dear Sir: Having completed the eighth grade course, and take four years training in the mechanic department I therefore ask you that I may get a vacant post. I think, that I can serve you to your highest expectation. I refer you to Mr. B.B. Cafield at Booker Washington Institute I hope that my application will be consider. respectfully your obedient Servant Charles G. Miller

 Mr. F. M. Tandy Chief manger Hydro plant [sideways on bottom right of page "James Brown"] [Sideways on bottom left of page, addition problem "75", "100", "160", line marking sum below stack of three numbers, "335"]

 Firestone Plantations Co. Hydro Electric, Sept. 301942 Mr Tandy Sir, I am writing this few lines of mind to inquire you condon to let me have my job back. Because I have work with Hydro long time and have no bad conplain against me. So I beg you to help me sir, if you sent to marshall or any where I will go there, just for me to have job sir, I have suffer for hydro too much for me to go without better. I put all the concret in the present of you so have considerad and give me good avialble. If the work is no more me one without boys alright. Many thanks. Yours very truly servant Yacparsaleo Headman Hydro Power Project.

 Mr Tandy Chief Engineer Hydro #44

 The Manager 07 Hydro Plant Farmington River Liberia Hydro Electric June 28th 1942 Liberia Sir, I take this great opportunity to apeal to you my circustance that it, I have been worked in the company for ten years, and I have know complain with any of my suptendents. Even you can ask your nephew mr. J.D. Waddington about me, on my work live. I cannot pleased myself just because I am out of job. It was true mistake between me and my supt mr. D.A menzer and he told me to sat down for six months square and

 to-day I see that at the end of this month the time will finish. So therefore I take the name of our great God to ask you that is, I would like very much for you to rehired me since you are the head of all of us your honour. Kindly give me one more trial I beg you. and if you do so I will be much appreciate for your kindess and Hospitality. your honour I have women and children to support and since from january I having work up till now and further more this is war season we can not work any where but here along. I hope you will take it to consideration. and I should like to hear from you with hope

 Division 43. July 30,40. Mr. M.F. Tandy Chief Hydro Electric Sir:- With reference to these humble of words, I beg most politely to inquire your honour, that you may kindly give me job. I worked for Mr Chancellor before. As assistant overseer, during the time he was opened #43. Please sir, help me out from my circumstance which I in. I was attended school in these past year. But I'm not attendance school this year in the case of my nesessity. Far as intellectual ability is Concerned, I beg to offer you in the Roman Catholic mission at Kakata. While thanking you in anticipation, I beg to remain yours faithfully. [J?].D. Roberts

 your honour. I close with best sentiment. Very sincerely yours truly servant mon mendi his x cross. By P. [snea?]

 To, Mr. Tandy at office Hydro Electric Plants Liberia

 Mr M. Tandy Hydro Electric Dear Sir, Since I last left hospital to Dr Campbell, fortnight ago, I have been trying to walk on my legs properly than before. In view of the above I have then written a note to Mr. Vipond that I can be able to start work at the end of this month. Many thanks for your help toward me payday before last. I go no food by now and thats the only trouble. Accept my kind Regards in advance. Yours in bed Tommy Moffatt.

 Mr M. Tandy Hydro Electric

 To Mr. ? Dear sir, Having heard from friends that you are a sympathetic person, I therefore thought it is better to lay my application before you for that I may be clerck or an Overseer as I have my picture and Card. I will like to ^go with the manager who's going to Wealar for making mortor Road. I am sure to do my duty to your satisfaction by the help of God.My Card rate only 1/-6 Do my dear bus try and help me. Thanks I beg to be sir Yrs. Alfred Jusu

 Mr. ? Manager/Hydro

 Boss, Tandy, I am indeed sorry to warray you again for the balance of the tacher, it suppose to be 280, and I received 93 bundles, the balance suppose to be a 187 bundles remain. Please see about it, the people give me a much trouble, and I am sure that really their huts are leaking. Again, I think Mr Edward Overseer make a order too, but they never show me the paper; I did know how many they need?, yours faithfully servant J.D. Sampson

 Mr M. F. Tandy At the office

 [upper right corner] Dakar
September 15.
[left side of page] Dear Tandys,
I have been meaning to write for ages but what with one thing and another I just haven't got round to it. I suppose by now you'll have seen Mr. Watson. He did up Dakar in fine style but unfortunately I wasn't able to help him. Things have been very interesting here, as you may have heard. One amusing thing :- at the time the "Richelieu" was bombed they had a blackout. [crossed out word] Just to be sure it would be a complete one they shut off the power at the station. The was fine except it cut off communication between the G.H.[O?]. and the defense guns, so not a shot was fired, the [feud?] for you! For me everything is going along nicely. The old tom is rather quiet but he will find a good deel to do in a small way. Would love to have a note one day as to what you're doing. [centered] Sincerely,
Bill Dunbar

 Mr. & Mrs. M. F. Tandy

 Mr. M. F. Tandy,
Chief Hydro Electric.
Div H H.
[written upside down]
Division H3

May 13 1940
Hydro Electric plant
Dear Boss Tandy
[Dimpling?] Writing you these
few lines to inform you about the Work Which 
We are doing. Boss you your self knows Boss
that We Who come from Ka Kata here to firestone to Work
Which you Knows it your self Boss that it means much
Some of us has Wife and children and for us to leave them
and come here to [work?] every [month?] they are Expecting
something from us and for us to work at  the rate of one
shilling per day it is very hard Because for my part My wife 
is here My two children is in Monrovia in school I have
to pay there school [field?] Beside I has to pay tax I have to feed 
my children and also My father My Mother and sister, is all looking
to me they dont know what I am geting per day all they know
[When?] the [Month?] end I will send them something.  I have Been
Working on the gover ment road for these year and six
Mounth as carpenter and steel Man Building Bridges, and the cause of
me leaving the road, is Because the closing of the road.
My Boss was Mr. Walker. he was about to go home. it is the cause 
of me coming here. so please Boss try and give me a rais on my

With hope and honour,
I have to give you an explanation 
for the report
x which H. M. Joe has fallen before you this
morning about me. who Said
that I am a stealer in Firestone.
while all is not true Sir. Because,
I have worked in this Company
almost two years without any
had complain from anybody
Concerning my actions.
But he only wants to spoil
my own character here to
you Sir. while we are 
not working under one 
man. Pot. u

 But because you are the head
of the whole working department
and you are to decide every
matter between boys. HMS
and over [sees?] six.
But you told me to come
back to my working place.
and I paid attention to 
your advice Sir
of J. P
[Yos?] obedient