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March ll, 2005

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Celebrating 33 years of independence


UK Climbing tackles
the wall


Bat Cats lose to Morehead

Page 6




Thousands of UK
tans swarmed
Atlanta yesterday
for the start of the
Southeastern Con-
ference Tournament
in the Georgia

Among the attrac-
tions was the SEC

The Cats will go for

their 26th SEC Tour-
nament title at 7:30
tonight, when they

play the Tennessee


The Cats own an all-
time 136-62 record

against the Vols.

itemi stain |

Painting the town


Cats fans march on Atlanta,
readying themselves for SEC weekend

By Ben Roberts

tar‘kzutucki mm

beloved Cats hadn't even
stepped off the team plane
yet. but that didn't keep
UK fans from leaving their
footprints all over Atlanta
yesterday afternoon.

Front the throngs of
blue-and-white clad visi-
tors shuffling up and down
l’eachtree Street to the
Wildcat faithful snapping
photographs in Centennial
Olympic Park. it was clear
which team would be the
most represented through-
out this week‘s Southeast-
ern Conference Tourna-

There was the occa-
sional Alabama T-shirt
here and a Vanderbilt hat
there. but Kentucky blue
dominated the downtown
Atlanta landscape.

Many of those UK fans
decided to spend their off
day at the SEC Fanfare
event next door to the

Georgia Dome.

The exhibition featured
everything from a bar and
grill to a batik of televi
sions equipped with Xbox-
es and the newest college
basketball video game to
dozens of booths offering
free giveaways.

Dickie Oliver sat at a
table in the bar area. keep-
ing one eye on his four
sons shooting at one of the
hoops behind him and the
other on the Alabama-
Birmingham-I)ePaul game
on one of the bars televi—

Oliver. a UK fan from
Louisville. is attending his
first SEC Tournament iii
nine years. He described
the. weekend as a perfect
opportunity for UK fans
that wouldn't normally get
to see the Cats.

"1 think it's just a great
chance for people who
don't get to see them on a
regular basis." Oliver said
"You get sotne of the fans

showing up from the other
teams early. and then all of
the sudden there's a lot of

Another worn-out fa.
ther at SEC Fanfare was
John Cantrell. Cantrell.
also from Louisville. fol-
lowed his three sons from
court to court as they ran
the obstacle course. jacked
up prayers from 40 feet and
dunked in the baskets in-
side the trampoline cage.

While Cantrell admit-
ted he was having trouble
keeping up with the boys.
he said he would rather
watch them play than SEC
Player of the Year
Lawrence Roberts. who
was leading Mississippi
State to an opening round
victory over Georgia next

"To tell you the truth.
my favorite part so far has
been watching these guys
run around having fun."
he said.

See Fans on page 6





The Flare, located nearby the Georgia Dome, was built to

commemorate the 1996 Summer Olympic games in Atlanta.
uminiiuy | start




By Troy Lyle

FRANKFURT 7- Two tu-
ition-assistance programs #
that some UK students cur-
rently use received fund-
ing cuts in the state budget
that passed Tuesday.

The Kentucky Affordable
Prepaid Tuition program
had about $13.7 million cut,
and the Kentucky Higher
Education Student Loan
Corp. lost $82 million to the
state‘s general fund.

Patrick Clement. a me-
chanical engineering sopho-
more. said KAPT has made
it easier for him to afford

"I have three brothers
similar in age to myself." he
said. “KAPT will allow all of
us to attend college because
my family can prepay tu-
ition at lower rates and over
a longer period of time."

That‘s a very important
factor considering all the re-
cent tuition increases across
the state. he said.

KAPT was established to
guarantee the price of in-
state undergraduate tuition
and fees at the state‘s eight
public universities. A family
can prepay the cost of tu-
ition at Kentucky's most ex-
pensive public university
through a lump sum or
monthly payment plan of
three. five or seven years.

The loss of about $13.7
million will not affect the
1:30 students currently at-
tending college through the
program. said Kentucky
Treasurer Jonathan Miller.

However. he said the real
threat is to the 9.000 families
currently registered in the
program. If the state contin-
ues to remove funds from
the programs base. then
there is a possibility that the
program might not be able
to pay when the time comes.
Miller said.

See Money on page 2

of media



56 candidate sets up phone line to hear students' concerns

By Tricia McKenny

One Student Government

presidential candidate is hop-
itig that listening to students'
voices will help his cam-

Tommy Cunningham and
running mate Matt Neff have
set tip a voice-mail hotline in
order to get comments attd
ideas from students.

The hotline. ~122—PR
lets students leave a voice-
mail for the candidates. and
Cunningham said they plan
to return all of the calls.

Students can leave a

By Dariush Shala
nit ittiitucn mm

Today is the last day for
students to withdraw from a
course and receive a W on
their transcript.

”That means that you're
withdrawing. and there's no
mark against you." said Con-
nie M(‘l)OW('ii. a student
records staff associate “As
far as affecting your grade
average. it does not.“

Advisers said a W on a
transcript will not hurt stu-



About the candidates

For more information about candi-
dates Tommy Cunningham and
Matt Neff, visit their Web site at




name and number if they
would like Neff or Cunning-
ham to call them back. or
simply leave a comment or
suggestion for the candi-

“We‘ve gotten quite a re-
sponse." Cunningham said of
the 2.500 students who have
already received e-mail infor-

dents when they apply for

jobs after graduation.

"Advisers feel Ws are
when students are making
good decisions rather than
receiving failittg grades."
said Adrienne McMahan. as-
sistant dean of the College of
Arts and Sciences.

Mary Sue Hoskitis. direc-
tor of Central Advising.
agreed. but she said there are

“On one's transcript. it
would look better than a D or

an E." she said. “If he or she

mation about the hotlitte.

"It's just been ringing
off the book." he said.

Cunningham said so far
he and Neff have been able
to call back all of the stu-
dents who have left a num-
ber and asked for a re-

“We are hoping to get a
lot of'response after Spring
Break." he said.

The voice-mail system. a
program front .12 Global
Communications. forwards
all of the voice mails to Cun-
ningham and Neff's e-mail
accounts. Cunningham anti
Neff can then sort and orga~

had a W here or a W there. i
wouldn‘t worry a lot about

However. too many Ws
over the years may make an
employer worry unless there
is a good reason. but this
doesn't mean students
should refrain from with-
drawing completely. Hoskins

"if I (Were an employer
who) saw a pattern of Ws. I‘d
want to know why." she said.
“The student needs to ask
him or herself. “What does

Getting a ‘W’ on a transcript not always bad, advisers say 1

nize the messages and listen
to the voice mails through
their computer similar to the
way people listen to music

Cunningham said most of
the messages they have re-
ceived so far have been posi-
tive feedback about his catn-
paign. but he said he hopes to
get more suggestions about
what students want. He said
the system comes with caller
ll) so they can idetitify atid
call back prank callers and
ask them to stop calling.

The hotline is there to
provide a way for students to
easily inform the candidates

this pattern of Ws suggest?”

Hoskins also said stu
dents need to study the warn—
ing message on WebUK or on
the VIP system before with»

After today. if a student
wants to withdraw from a
class. they must fill ottt a
form from their college to pe
tition for a withdrawal.
McMahan said.

The reason for withdraw-
ing fmm the class must be
nonacademic and document-
ed. and the faculty member

of any concerns or ideas
they have about l'K he said.

“I know l'm not the only
one who can think of things.
They istudents) just need a
way to let me know about it."
Cunningham said.

He said he plans to use as
many students‘ suggestions
and ideas as possible during
his campaign atid if he is
elected president.

“hit out there to please."
Cunningham said.

“I can't promise a cure to
cancer 1 am realistic but opti-
mistic at the same time,"

nnckennyu Irrkernelmm

who administers the class
must approve.

The petition then goes be
fore a committee in the col—
lege for approval.

However. before students
make final decisions on with-
drawing from classes. McMa-
han said students should
seek advice from others first.

“I don‘t think they should
withdraw if they haven‘t
talked with the instructor."
she said.




professionals debate
sex in media at forum

By Elizabeth Troutman
The Kentucky Kernel

Tighter regulations
since last year‘s Super Bowl
halftime show are hinder-
ing the freedom and growth
of broadcast companies.
said media representatives
at a forutti yesterday

About :30 students lis~
tened to the disadvantages
of government regulation
of the media at a journal-
ism symposium entitled
“Beyond Wardrobe Mal-
functions: Sexual Content
and the Electronic Media.“

“if you look at what
broadcast television put on.
some of it is tasteless. much

See Media on page Z


Over the Break

I Up-to-datenews







 Paul | Friday.March11,2005


Continued from page 1

The cuts were proposed
in Gov. Ernie Fletcher‘s ver-
sion of the budget. and the
House and Senate both kept
them in the budget. The bud-
get is now before Fletcher
for his approval.

Jo Carole Ellis. KAP’I‘ di-
rector. said future recipients
will likely be hindered by
the cuts and the program
could be in jeopardy as a re-

lii addition. the state also
proposed moving $82 million
in reserves out of the Ken-
tucky Higher Education Stit-
dent l.oan (‘orp to the gen-
eral fund.

.loe Mc(‘ormick. the pro-
gram‘s director. said trans-
ferring those reserves would
not harm the loan pro-

“lt will not affect our
ability to offer loans or
scholarships.” he said. “We
will continue to function as
a strong. reliable lender."

However. it could hurt
low-income families. he

$82 million


$13.7 million

cut from Kentucky Afford-
able Prepaid Tuition plan

ma and go to college. he

He said this is a serious
issue facing higher educa-
tion in Kentucky 68 out of
a 100 young people never

.ond lmore!


UPS» been nous:

Saturday, 3/19 - IOamem
UPS lexington fatility

1800 Menei Rd

sult. said. have an opportunity to go to f new" m win 3 5,00 gm mmkm
“It‘s not a very comfort. Those funds had been college. Mct‘ormick said. . Q will! “mam“... ",4

ing thought that the state is targeted for use in special “When you take a look‘at ., ' .. . ,1

taking money from a pro- programs such as GEAR UP low-income families we re 1096 OFF, to“... ”an...“ W... ..,,,;t..,....,,.,,._...,,.,

gram that's gupptmtd to be (Gaining Early .~\wareness just not making enough of WlTHAVALlD

for paying future college tu- and Readiness for l‘nder- an impact. he said. SIUDENT ID _ r, PART-TIME PAFCRAGE HANDLERS

itions." she said. "Someday graduate Programs). a leder- _ ‘3‘ “l '" 'J'.'.."Z. 1“";va . m an

they're going to have to pay ill PI‘OSIWllaimed at encour- ‘ . - ’ , - mat. mam. .. ~ tam-m

this money back." ‘ aging lowincome students b-mazl , , ..~. .mmmt Mt t.

to stay in school. get a diplo- ilylezokykernelrtmi ‘ - s l .v lc, m «,imv. ,,t ,
~ ‘nghl Soil ltalwt li.‘llllllUln‘lllK‘lli plan . _. . ‘1 light yi

In. ’votl .‘v :iw

Also Hiring...

H tumble lth1llt'llll 431W», at: hm- .il

gress legislating something chased violent video games.

Continued from page 1

of it is very good. But it is
very far from what you
would consider to be ob-
scene." said Steve Langford
0f WAVE-TV in Louisville.

Besides Langford. .lohn
Dobken of lnsight (‘ommu
nications. Nathan Stevens
of Gamerz Edge and
Jacqueline White. a library
sciences professor. an»
swered questions concern-
ing the way the Federal
Communications (‘ommis
sion restrictions affect their
work in the industry.

The symposium. orga»
nized by journalism profes
sor James Hertog. focused
on sexual content.

White said there are
both benefits and draw-
backs to legislation that re-
stricts Internet media.
White was concerned with
children‘s access to sexual
content through the media.

“More and more stu»
dents have televisions in
their bedrooms and comput
ers in their bedrooms." she
said. “If there is a problem
at home. the parents can‘t
expect the government to
regulate it."

Langford defended the
broadcast industry by
speaking out against legis-
lation to regulate broadcast
“The thought of (‘on-

mining in to my home is lit.
dicrous." he said.

Langford said that re-
strictions by the l‘(‘(‘ are
hurting broadcast compa-
nies. Since the Super Bowl
"wardrobe malfunction" of
Boot. broadcasting compa-
nies are strictly monitored
for sexual content.

"My industry is so
strictly regulated. there are
many times you get a dra-
ma or a show and it has to
be so cleaned up it looks
tame it‘s an issue."

Dobken. ‘l former an.
chor for W’ '(Q in Lexing
ton. echoed Langford's con»
cern for the future of
broadcast. He said the pub-
lic overreacted to the Super
Bowl incident.

"I think after Janet
Jackson. they didn‘t have
much to say. l just don't see

outside \‘l'ashington and
other certain groups that
our friends and neighbors
are paying too much atten.
tion to it."

Stevens provided a pre-
sentation to inform stu-
dents about the lack of gov-
ernment regulation of sexu-
ally explicit video games

“It‘s in desperate need of
regulation from the govern
ment." he said. "lt‘s proyen
it can‘t do it itself."

Stevens was the only
representative that ex-
pressed a need for regulzr
tion in his industry

History sophomore
.lames liall said he par.

60 T0

including Grand Theft Auto.
when he was 16 years old.

“I played a couple of
games he talked about." he
said. ”You always see the ‘E‘
but no one pays attention to
it." referring to the rating
that means a game is suit-
able for any age.

Ball said he was opposed
to strict regulations of the
broadcast industry.

“You just basically get a
general outlook on how the
l‘(‘(‘ regulates.“ he said of
the symposium. “For broad-
cast. they are way too
tough. Broadcasters can't
do anything without the
l‘(‘(‘ on their back."

Aaron ()eiman. an inte-
grated strategic communi-
cation junior. said he appre-
ciated Langford‘s defense of
the broadcast media.

“It is interesting to get
all of the different perspec-
tives.“ he said "He (Lang-
ford) was pretty aggressive.
but I can see his point of

Langford said communi-
ties need to support local
broadcast networks.

“I atn not looking for
more restrictions." he said.
"I am looking to survive.
We are your local communi-
ty. lt may not mean much to
you now. but ten to 1:"; ye' r:
from now. it means a

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Inafim‘ 3.. -~

March II. 2005


Features +

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The UK Climbing Club oifeis
students a chanoe to get physical
with the Johnson ( Zenter‘s climb
ing wall on 'lhursday nights.
The acthity builds camaraderie.
too. “You get to meet purple."
said foiestiyiunior Sarah 1* alley.
“and eyenbt )dy is ital in'endly.”
Top: Jessica Whirt, mechanical engineering freshman, says
climbing is unique and interesting. Right Jamen Mohan, a
2000 UK graduate who founded the UK Climbing Club in 1995,
secures the rope for forestry junior Sarah Fraley. Bottom: Tools

of the trade: climbing shoes, chalk bag for slippery hands and a
Carabiner attached to a GriGri for climbing.










‘Gizoogle’ your search results

By Stephen A. Crockett Jr.


There are words and
phrases that manipulate their
way into the collective lan-
guage of coolness , making

“You da man!“ is one such
phrase. A few years ago. it
had 50—year~old guys in office
slacks pointing finger guns.
And who cart forget "Was-

Afier this story. we can
add all things “izzle.”

Because now. for the Inter.
net gangsta inside us all.
there is Gizoogle.





Gizoogle is the illegiti-
mate. thugged-out cousin of
Google that translates its
search results into Snoop
Dogg slang. or male-speak. En-
ter "Vice President Dick (‘li-
eney" in the search field and
it turns up "Vizzy President
Dizzle Cheney." It then sup
plies the same information on
the subjects as (kiogle does
except it’s izzle-tilled and oh-
scenity laden.

We can thank MTV tor

MTV is the huh for izzle-
isms and Snoop Dogg‘s sketch
comedy show. "Doggy l-‘izzle
Teleyizzle." Thus. giz-illions of



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izzles reach places like York.
Pa. and people like .lohii
Beatty. who created (limogle.

“I started the site a few
weeks ago." says Realty. a '28
year-old Web designer. "I was
talking to my buddy on AOL
Instant Messenger and he al-
ways talks in that izzlespeak.
and I do it to my wile all the
time and she hates it. l was
thinking that it might be cool
if there was a site that
searched and all of the an-
swers came up in that for-

It started as a joke and a
homage to Snoop Dogg for
bringing izzle-spin'ik hack to

l l\"/.



Regency Centre and Nicholaswlle Road (near Kroger's)

the hip lexicon. But now the
Web site is clocking tittlliti hits
a day. according to Beatty. In
February. the site landed at
No. 4 on Entertaiiunent Week-
ly‘s "Must List." ()nly l'2‘s
"All Because of You" video.
Patricia Aruuette in "Medi-

um“ and the movie Aliens of

the Deep were rated cooler.

(‘ioogle officials aren't
commenting. but this isn‘t the
first time (loogle has had to
deal with folks lilting its style.
In 2004. lawyers for Google
challenged Boohle. a porn
search engine. Booble
changed its look and is still up
and running


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6:30 pm.

Lex'l‘ran Board Meeting
ll‘l'ffi (‘ouncil ('hainbcr
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200 East Maui \trcct

Thursday. March 1,". 2005
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Northsidc Public library
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(:lllf SHRIMP




discusses and signs


:\ scaring memoir of
n].l\\ tilinity. \ iolcntc.

and brotherhood.


Goat prm ides an
unprecedented window
into the emotional
landscape of young
fraternity men and


introduces a writer of

unwmmon grace
and power.

Random House. “2.95


Thurday, March 17



I i'.\ III/QIIHI (ii'i'i’u

\ “’ ‘ i "ll l ' l(|\“phht'll\(til1\




March ll. 2005




bill.) Li-

‘ i 1.
iii! v.51 e.

£mily Hagedorn, Editor in chief

Andrew Martin. Opinions editor

Ben Roberts, Asst. Opinions editor

Rebecca Neal. Asst. managing editor for news


Steve lvey, Managing editor
Brenton Keniiel. Copy desk chief
Sara Cunningham. Projects editor
Tim Wiseman, Sports editor


Put downloading plan in the trash bin

Recent lawsuits of UK students over down-
loading music have made file-sharing an issue

on campus.

In an effort to curb illegal downloading of
music and movies at UK. administrators are
considering charging students who live in
campus housing $8 to $12 every month to use a
legal downloading service. starting in fall 2006

If the plan is approved. even those who
don‘t want to use the service will have to pay
the fee. In effect. all students in the residence
halls are being punished .,, to the tune of $72
to $108 per year ~ for the crimes of a few.

Pat Terrell. vice president of student af—
fairs. summed up the nature of the plan best:
“It‘s all or none. We will have to make sure
that even those students who are not interest»
ed would be willing to pay to benefit every~


They're not.

Meanwhile. the cost of attending UK is go-


tuition is expected to rise
as much as 14.5 percent.
Students cannot afford to
be coerced into paying for
a service they may not
even want.

A survey about the ser~
vice f0iuid that only 14 per-
cent of students would be
willing to pay $8 to $12 a
month for it. But a majori-
ty. 69 percent. said they
would want to pay only $5
to $8. and 17 percent wrote .
in that they would not
want to pay anything.

When it comes to charging students for a
service that supposedly benefits them. admin-

ing up. especially for those who live on cam-
pus. An increase of almost $400 yearly in hous-
ing and dining fees has already been approved; they‘re willing.

Students should not be
forced to pay for a service
they don't want to use,

especially when tuition and
housing fees are rising.




“up yaTTERScN"




’1 S




, gag/23%


Moon frown/Sands




Porn poisons society and hurts us all

People who believe porn does not
affect women are far out of touch with

Porn affects
every woman in this
world who has ever
been around a man
who has looked at a
Playboy or watched a
Jenna Jameson
video. Whether they
choose to recognize
this fact depends in
part on their aware
ness of moral issues
and in part on their

If you ask stu
dents on college campuses what they
think of porn. you will get varied re-
sponses. Many will say they love porn.
others may say it's a person's First
Amendment right or question who we
are to judge what others enjoy. Hardly.
if ever. will someone respond with "I
believe porn is wrong " People simply
overlook the fact that porn is horribly
degrading to women.

After men look at porn for enough
time. they become unable to differenti
ate the models from the women Ill
their everyday life.

When I was 16. my boyfriend be
came addicted to porn. The problem
affects every aspect of our relation
ship to this day. I'm overly self-con-





Accusations about Farrakhan
are unfounded and ignorant

scious because I know that often when
he looks at me. he sees me as an object
of his desires rather than the person I
truly am. It tears me up inside that his
love for me wasn‘t enough to conquer
his desire for sexual relationships
with other women.

The emotional pain I‘ve suffered
over this problem is shared with
women worldwide. Porn addiction de-
stroys women. making them self-con-
scious to the point of depression. eat-
ing disorders and suicidal thoughts.

As the amount of pornographic
content in today‘s magazines and tele-
v1sion ads rises. so do eating disorders
on college campuses. Men see gor»
geoiis women on the cover of Vogue.
and suddenly women feel they must ei-
ther copy that look or be undesirable.

Still believe porn only involves
those watching?

If porn has such a dramatic effect
on me and other thirdparty victims.
much as secondhand smoke does.
what does it do to women in the busi-
ness'.’ What would drive a woman to
make that career choice.” What feeling
do you get when your only contribu-
tions to the world are sold in the back
of a dark warehouse to iiiiddleaged
men in need of a batli‘.’

Women have an uncontrollable
need for safety and comfort. They need
protection and encourageiiieiit and ac
ceptance in order to be completely ful-


nient does'.’

filled. We gain all of those qualities
from parents. teachers and friends. but
when those relationships have been
abusive or lacking. the attention must
come from elsewhere.

Women in the porn industry: as
beautiful and wealthy as they may be.
are deeply hurting on the inside.
Many were sexually abused during
childhood or abandoned by alcoholic
fathers. and they struggle with fulfill-

Women want acceptance. and men
want sex.

What do women conclude? If I give
men sex. they will give me acceptance.
And while men will accept you for
your body and the favors you give
them. it will not be true. deep. inti-
mate acceptance.

Women iii porn are making them-
selves available. over and over again.
with the hope that someday someone
will fill the hole within their hearts.
They pretend to enjoy making porn
just as men pretend to give them ac:

Porn is either the cause of
women‘s pain. as in my case. or the re-
sult of the pain. as in the case of Jen-
na Jameson and so many others.

And even if you haven't noticed
yet. it‘s hurting all women.

Courtney Carr is a political science freshman.
E-mail opinions®kykernel.com.

him if indeed all of this slanderous material were true?
Why would Christians. (‘atholics and Jews

yes. even

support his supposed doctrine of hate and anti»
Semitism" And why would Farrakhan have better rela
tioiis with foreign countries than our own ILS. govern-

Anybody can search for "Farrakhan" on Google and


This letter is in response to Jason R. Nehmer's March
8 letter regarding the ”radical record” of Nation of Islam
leader Louis Farrakhan.

I wish to begin by addressing what is meant by the
term “radical." I looked in the dictionary. and I was
shocked to find that a radical is “a person who advocates
sweeping changes in the laws and methods of government
with the least delay." Here I was thinking that a radical
went around blowing up corporate offices and setting fire
to the American flag in front of the White House. Well.
since I was wrong. I guess you can say that Martin Luther
King Jr. was a radical too. But since “turning the other
cheek" worked best for those who resisted change. King is
safe and acceptable. Hence. there is no Malcolm X Day.

You know. it‘s funny to me when people criticize and
make these unfounded and ignorant generalizations about
the Nation of Islam or the Black Panther Party People are
so quick to associate these groups with hate and violence.
forgetting that groups such as these got their life and
blood because of the extreme hate and violence directed
towards them.

It is commonplace for those who have not followed the
Nation of Islam and Minister Farrakhan to misunder-
stand the teachings. Many of the minister's words have
been taken out of context — for example. the bit about
Hitler. But ask yourself. why would so many people follow


pull up slanderous information. but unless you have real-
ly studied his teachings and the truth be espouses. then
your Words are sure to hit a brick wall. All I ask is that
you see for yourself. Listen to what the minister has to
say. and no matter what color or creed you are. the truth
will make itself known.

philosophy senior



Send a guest tllllllllll or letter to the ctlltor to ( )piiiiuiis
litlitor Andrew Martin or .\ssist.iiit ()plnlhll\ litlitor lien
Roberts. Please limit letters to 50 words or less. llc sure to
include your full ii.iiiic. ( lass .llltl major with all submis-






istrators should listen to students ..- and that
means not making them pay far more than

If students want to
download legally. they can
already do so. There are
multiple services such as
Napster and iTunes that
offer songs
about 99 cents each: by us-
ing such services. students
can stay within the law.
while paying for only as
much as they want.

As for movies. Student
Government already offers
students a video-rental ser-
vice. and students can also
take movies out of the William T. Young Li-
brary. DVDs can also be rented for $1 a day
from the Lexington Public Library



Of course. the UK service may not even
curb illegal downloading among residents al-
together. Details of the plan have not been re-
leased. but unless it allows for an unlimited
amount of downloads per month. those who
normally get high volumes of music from the
Internet will continue to resort to illegal down-

At the same time. students in the residence
halls who don't have computers or simply
don‘t care to download music will be charged
for the illegal actions of others.

If UK students want to curb illegal down-
loading. they can take the initiative now by re-
sorting to alternative. legal services. But such
good behavior cannot be forced on students
from the top. especially in the form of yet an-
other increasing expense.

UK administrators should throw this plan
out now. instead of charging residents more
based on a false piesumption of guilt.

legally for

I'm starting to become my father,
so it's time to prepare for old age

I used to be young and fun and cool. like a little brother
who'll do everything you tell him. up to and including eating
a whole can of anchovy paste.

Then I came to college and something
happened. Something strange and painful.
like accidentally snorting Diet Coke up
your nose when someone tells a joke in

I became semi-responsible — at least
after the first year.

It was either that or face the wrath of
my father. after which my mother would
make a soup out of my bones.

I thought just being a little more re-
sponsible would be all I would have to do
to survive