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Chapman, Hanson Score *     In Quest To Land Miller
University Archives Margaret I. King Library -
University Kenttick Lexington, KentucKy 4\
 UK's Cliff Hagan Invites Fans To loin Cats On Basketball Trip To lapan This Summer
The University of Kentucky basketball team will travel to Japan this summer to participate in the Kirin World Basketball Tournament and play in at least four other games, it was announced last week by UK athletics director Cliff Hagan.
Hagan added that the University of Kentucky Athletics Association is inviting Kentucky fans to join the team during its journey to the Orient.
The tour will leave Lexington Wednesday, June 18 and fly to Tokyo. An elaborate Welcome Party is scheduled for Friday, June
20. The Wildcats will then make their third appearance in the Kirin Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, June 21-22. UK will be joined in the event by the national teams from Japan. Czechoslovakia and Finland.
The Wildcats will play Japanese teams at Sendai June 24, at Niigata June 26, at Ohtsu June 28 and at Sapporo June 29. A farewell celebration is set for June 30.
The tour group will split from the team after the game June 26 and fly to Bangkok. The tour group and the team will rejoin July 1 in Hong Kong, where the squad may play
another game on July 2. Details of that game are not final.
The entire group will return to Lexington July 4.
"We're excited about this trip," said Hagan. "It will be a once-in-a-lifetime educational and entertaining experience for our team and fans."
UK Coach Eddie Sutton says such trips are beneficial for two resons.
"First of all, it's a great learning experience," said Sutton. "Our players will have a chance to get a first-hand look at a different
culture and a different way of life. That's important. Secondly, it will make us a better basketball team. We'll have a chance to compete against some excellent competition. Plus, trips like this can bring a team closer together since they are traveling as a family for that two-week period."
Sutton said the team will begin 10 days of practice on June 8 in preparation for the trip.
According to Hagan, the cost of the trip for those accompanying the Wildcats will be approximately $3,000. For more information, contact Hagan's office at (606) 257-2881.
Hex Chapman's Dunk
Hanson Goes Against UL-Bound Spencer &7i& (jat&' &cum&
Sutton All Smiles With Miller's Decision
This is one of those catch-up columns, one which doesn't focus a great deal on any particular item, but pecks away a litte at everything. Here goes.
Just as we were preparing to pull a quickie and get this issue out long before our regular deadline, word made its way to TCP headquarters that UK had landed Georgia prep star Derrick Taylor. Now that's worth stopping the presses and that's exactly why we didn't beat our deadline, which is exactly what our printers have become accustomed to over the past couple years anyway.
But they didn't mind either. They were just as excited to read about Miller and his comments about playing the next four years with Rex Chapman.
I know I goofed five lines ago calling him Derrick Taylor but LSU is on my mind these days. Did you read what I read about LSU athletics director Bob Broadhead and his wiretapping deal last week and how he pled guilty?
We'll get back to LSU in a few minutes, but first let's talk about Miller and Coach Eddie Sutton.
To say Sutton was happy when his staff informed him Miller had signed a national letter of intent would be putting it mildly. Maybe some of those UK fans will shut up now.
When April 9 arrived, UK fans wasted little time in complaining about the lack(what?) of recruiting by Sutton. Our phone calls got so bad that I finally had to take an extra hour for lunch rather than debate those people that Kentucky's roster isn't exactly bare.
Just before I sat down to write this column a long-time friend and subscriber (bless their little souls, they keep bread and milk on our table) from Ohio walked in our office and immediately expressed his concern over Sutton's recruiting abilities.
He hadn't heard the latest news about Miller so I thought this one would be easy, but he wasn't. When I told him UK had won Miller, he responded, "yeah, but what about a big man, we need a big man."
But what about Cedric Jenkins and Robert Lock?
My friend frowned.
And then I sneaked in the name of Mike Scott and he frowned again.
Then I asked my good friend if he remembered how good or bad Rick Robey or Mike Phillips were their sophomore year and he admitted he couldn't remember. Thank goodness he didn't have a good memory but I needed all the help that I could get. Both were impressive, Robey the first half before he suffered an injury which sidelined him almost the entire last half of the season. That's when Phillips went to war.
But those were different circumstances back then. Kentucky went with a big man all the way.
The past couple seasons Kentucky couldn't afford to because some seasoned forwards could contribute more than inexperienced big men like Jenkins and Lock.
Because of that a lot of people are down
on UK's big men. I'm not one of them.
I'm going to be mighty surprised if both of them are excellent players next winter. You Kentucky fans should show a little mercy.
C'mon fellas, give Eddie a chance.
All he did last year was to go 32-4 without a so-called big man and while next year's mark may slide a little, the quality of play won't.
Let's enjoy the success of last season and talk about this summer in Japan which will enable UK to be mighty competitive when the season opens next November.
UK has AU-American Rex Chapman, a real sleeper in Reggie Hanson who is going to surprised a lot of people before he leaves UK and a 6-6 point guard who launches jumpers like Kansas's Danny Manning. I can't wait.
Now back to LSU. Looks like the ole soap opera is rolling again in the Bayou Country.
Broadhead was to face LSU officials at the time this column was being written. Inside sources believe he won't be fired.
In yet another chapter involving Broadhead, he recently was ordered by LSU administrators to stop publishing a sports newspaper which competed with a private enterprise performing the same services.
Tlie Tiger Rag, similar to TCP, has been strugglingly because of the competition and in fact taxes paid by his company were actually helping put The Tiger Rag out of business.
The in-house publication was being financed by athletic department monies and had lost several thousands of dollars, but continued to publish until Broadhead was finally called on the carpet.
It's unfortunate some universities look upon sports publications that way. They are a university's greatest source of spreading sports news, yet some athletics officials become either greedy to make some bucks on the side or become offended when a publication makes a suggestion contrary to company (ala athletics department) policy. That's not to mention that there could be some violation of law along the way.
And when the university goes into competition against the taxpayers themselves, then it's time for someone to call a halt.
Hats off to the LSU official who had enough guts to tell Broadhead to back off.
HITS AND MISSES ... To say Eddie Sutton's decision to hire ex-Wildcat Dwane Casey as a full-time assistant was a popular one in the Commonwealth would be the understatement of the year. But had that decision been made eight years ago, it might have attracted a different reaction. In the spring of 1978, Kentucky had just won the national championship with All-American Jack Givens paving the way with 43 points in the championship game and named the Final Four most valuable player. Casey was a member of that same team and, his claim to fame came in the first round of the NCAA
when he and two other pine-sitters, La Von Williams and Fred Cowan, replaced starters Truman Claytor and a pair of Ail-AmericansRick Robey and Jack Givens at the beginning of the second half with UK trailing Florida State by seven. The gamble paid off as UK rallied to beat the then Hugh Durham-coached State squad. That started the Cats on a roll toward the Cats' only national title since 1958. The three subs went back to the pine for most of the remainder of the tourney. Givens has done right well for himself in the business world and sport-scasting business (he recently signed a multi-year contract with NBC), but Casey is the one who has scored his school days dream, that of being a full-time coach at UK. And you know who was one of the 75 or so people to express interest in the jobnone other than Jack Givens. It was a no-lose situation for Sutton . . . Many of the Kentucky fans in attendance at the Derby Festival Classic expressed their warm feelings toward Georgia's Derrick Miller who had narrowed his college choice to Kentucky and Auburn. Miller, who earlier had eliminated DePaul, South Carolina and Louisville from the race, told reporters he would really enjoy playing alongside Rex Chapman. Looks like Derrick meant what he said . . . Another ex-Kentucky recruit hinted that he had second thoughts about saying no to Eddie Sutton and Kentucky. Kevin Prit-chard. a 6-3 guard from Tulsa, Oklahoma, narrowed his decision to Kansas and Kentucky before finally  selecting Larry Brown's Jay hawks. Kevin told reporters he might have made a mistake not going to UK after having playing in the Derby Classic. Pritchard said Chapman would be a great partner for any guard in the country . . . The rumor mills is working overtime that ABC-TV. which has never touched the game of college basketball is now tinkering with the idea and is in close contact with the folks of the Southeastern Conference. No one is saying so, but you hay_e to wonder if it has anything to do with a 1-2 punch also involving football. ABC-TV signed what was suppose to be a sure bet with the College Football Association but CBS-TV has hampered more than a few nails in ABC by coming up with intersectional games involving the Big Ten and Pac-10 (both signed by CBS) with members of the CFA which were supposed to be exclusive rights for ABC. Stay turned . . . Don't be surprised if Sonny Allen and Nevada-Reno figure in the plans of both Kentucky and Louisville next season. Unfortunately for the two schools' most loyal followers, the games would be played in Kentucky, not Reno. . . Congratulations to new Western coach Murray Arnold, the ex-head coach at UT Chattanooga and former assistant at Mississippi State as well as most recently with the Chicago Bulls. Arnold is an excellent coach and a good catch for the Hilltoppers but the real winner was UK which got Casey after Western decided to go with a former head coach. Guess you could say Eddie Sutton is still on a roll. . . Kentucky signee Rex Chapman is on a Nike high. First he showed up with a Nike cap on for his presentation as Kentucky's Mr. Basketball at a press conference in Louisville
a couple weeks ago. He told reporters he wore the hat because he hadn't had a chance to comb his hair after getting up at 5:30 a.m. in Detroit (after playing in the McDonald's East-West Game the night before) and flying to Louisville for the 11 a.m. announcement. A week later in the Derby Festival Classic in the same city all players were wearing Converse shoes because Converse has a deal with the all-star game. All wore Converse except one Rex Chapman who reportedly couldn't find a Converse shoe his size so he laced on his Nike shoes. Because of the shoe deal between the Derby Classic and the other company, game officials taped over the Nike logo prior to the game. But by the time of the slam-dunk finals at intermission some of the tape was gone and there was Nike for all the world to see . . . It's been a tough stretch for Converse around these parts. Cleveland's Melvin Tuprin, an ex-Kentucky All-American who has worn Converse throughout his career, played in a charity game recently at his high school alma mater. And because he had stepped off a plane from Cleveland (the Cavs missed the play-offs by one game) his playing equipment had not yet arrived. So he had to borrow a pair of shoes. Yep, you guessed it, Nike. . . Nike's streak in Kentucky actually started after the 1984 season when Sam Bowie signed with the company. That was jus^t a year or two after Converse went to Louisville and signed Denny Crum to a contract reported to be in six figures per year. A year later Converse scored a coupe by publishing a collector's poster featuring an arm-wrestling match between Joe B. Hall and Denny Crum with the slogan, "Either Way, You Can't Lose. "... Both Rex Chapman and Reggie Hanson will spend this summer in Lexington, working and working out. The two has said they hope to play some pick-up games with current Cats to get some much-needed experience of going against the big guys . . . Eddie Sutton hopes returning Wildcats will get some extra experience during Kentucky's trip to the Orient in June and July. NCAA rules prohibit incoming signees from making the trip but graduated seniors can accompany the club. That means Hanson and Chapman will have to look elsewhere for competition during that three-week period . . . Look for there to be more and more Mark Higgs carrying the pigskin this fall. One thing was evident last fall and that was the lack of calls to Higgs. Of course Higgs was coming off that terrible knee injury and he was feeling his way back, but his play in the spring has been outstanding although he has a nagging ankle sprain. If I were guessing today, the No. 1 and 2 running backs in total carries at the end of 1986 will be Higgs and Ivy Joe Hunter and you'll be seeing a more wide-open offensive attack . . . UK baseball coach Keith Madison said his club's recent appearance on ESPN against Auburn paid handsome dividends from high school prospects who watched the game on television. Although UK lost the game 5-4, the ESPN announcers came close to "cheerleading" more than once during the contest. Madison said his office had numerous telephone calls from prepsters in other states. &7i& (jat&' (cui&&
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Sutton Picks Ex-Wildcat Casey To Fill Assistant Coach's Post
Former University of Kentucky basketball player Dwane Casey has been named an assistant coach for the Wildcats, it was announced April 18 by UK athletics director Cliff Hagan.
Casey, a native of Morganfield, Ky., and a 1979 graduate of UK, comes to the University after serving as an assistant coach at Western Kentucky for the last six seasons. Casey fills the vacancy on the UK staff left by Leonard Hamilton, who became head coach at Oklahoma State in early March.
"I've always been impressed with Dwane," said Hagan. "He's always been a fine representative of the University wherever he has been.
"It's always great to have one of our players back working with us," Hagan continued. "Dwane has been a very conscientious individual who has worked hard in his career. He's done an outstanding job at Western and I know he'll be a fine addition to our staff."
During his career at Kentucky, Casey was known primarily as a playmaker and an outstanding defensive player. As a Wildcat guard, he played on the 1976 NIT championship team and the 1978 NCAA championship team. Casey served as a co-captain of the 1978-79 squad.
Following his graduation in 1979, Casey served as a graduate assistant under Coach Joe B. Hall at UK for one season before joining Clem Haskins' staff at Western Kentucky in 1980.
"I feel very honored that Coach Sutton selected me out of the numerous qualified candidates," said Casey. "Coach Sutton is one of the best coaches in college basketball and I consider it a privilege and an honor to work with him.
"Of course, it's great to 'come home,' so to speak, to my alma mater," he continued. "I look forward to working with Coach Sutton, Coach (James) Dickey, Coach (Doug) Barnes and Coach (Wayne) Breeden in con-
Dwane Casey
tinuing the great tradition of Kentucky basketball."
UK Head Coach Eddie Sutton called it, "a great day for Kentucky basketball.
"We're extremely pleased that Coach Casey has agreed to join our staff," said Sutton. "He has established himself as one of the outstanding young coaches in the country.
"With his background as a native Kentuckian
and a UK graduate, he is a natural for us. His loyalty to this University is very strong and that impresses me. Dwane will make a fine representative for the Wildcats."
Sutton added that Casey will assist in all areas of the program. His appointment takes effect immediately.
Casey celebrated his 29th birthday on April 17. He is single.
Lady Kats Sign Two Basketball Stars
The Kentucky Lady Kats' coaching staff traveled near and far to land two of their most coveted prospects on national signing day (April 9), Coach Terry Hall has announced. Davitria "Dee" Harrell, a 6-foot-4 center from Memphis, Tenn., and Shannon Freeman, a 6-1 forward from Portland, Ind., were both signed to national letters-of-intent.
Harrell, a versatile athlete from Memphis' Kirby High School, could emerge into an outstanding college player, Hall said. She averaged 22.7 points and 14 rebounds while leading Kirby to a 17-8 record this season. Old Dominion, Memphis State and Missouri were three of the many schools who sought Harrell's signature.
"She has played organized ball for only three seasons and really hasn't gotten that much attention," Hall said. "But she has a great deal of potential. She moves exceptionally well and she's a hard worker and a good student. We'll expect her to play immediately."
Freeman is a much-heralded high school star who was runner-up in the balloting for Indiana's Miss Basketball this year. She averaged 26 points and 12 rebounds while leading Jay County High School to a 20-3 record before being eliminated by eventual state champion Ft. Wayne Winthrop in the regional tournament. Freeman's hometown of Portland' is a short four-hour drive from Lexington.
"We are very excited to get what we consider to be the best player in the state of Indiana for the second year in a row," Hall said. "She is a good outside shooter, an excellent ball handler for her size, and sees the court real well. She's a natural for the No. 3 forward spot."
Freeman was named Gatorade Player of the
Year in Indiana. She'll play for the Indiana All-Stars and has been named to every All-State team.
Freeman also excels in the classroom. She has a perfect 4.0 grade point average and is ranked No. 1 academically in her senior class.
A thank you song to those amazing Wildcats and their magical 1985-86 basketball season.
Send $7.95 (includes tax and shipping) check or money order for cassette only to:
KENTUCKY BLUE P.O. Box 22095 Louisville, KY 40222
Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Full refund if not satisfied.
IT'S "KAT'S SPRITIONAL" Basketball Scores Big For Bluegrass In '86
Fans, However, Get Too Carried Away
What a year for college basketball. Exciting, thrilling unbelievable, and surprising are a few words that describe the 1985-86 year.
The Louisville Cardinals are the national champions. They deserved the championship because of their great team play. Denny Crum has always made sure that the Cardinals play a tough non-conference schedule. They may get beat but Coach Crum doesn't worry about the December schedule. All he wants is to get his team prepared for the NCAA Tournament. . .that's everyone's main goal.
You can't praise the Cardinals enough. At the end of the year, they had so many weapons that they were just too difficult to defend. The Cardinals' defense turned into a very tenacious, switching-type group.
Each player learned his role and the team's chemistry worked very efficiently. That's why they are the kings of college basketball. Congratulatons Cards!!!
Pulling For The Commonwealth All The Way
Strange as it may seem a lot of UK fans were hoping that Duke would win in the Final Four finale. When someone asked me if I was pulling for Duke I said, "No".
Dicky Beal
Cats' Pause Columnist
They couldn't believe that I was pulling for Louisville. However. I would be for any
Kentucky college in any situation.
It doesn't matter unless one of those teams were playing the University of Kentucky. Then, I change my tune.
The fans get caught up in the Louisville-Kentucky rivalry more than the players do. Each team respects the other's ability. There are no harsh feelings. True, each team plays hard to win, but after it's over. . .it's over.
The fans really make the meeting between the two schools more than what it really is. It's nice for the fans to stand behind their respective teams, but remember it's only a game. I hope I don't offend anyone but let's keep this thing in perspective. UK fans should congratulate the Cardinal fans and the U of L fans should accept victory graciously.
Okay, I may be asking too much, but you, the fans take the rivalry too seriously.
With U Of LOr UK You Can't Lose
Fourth Time Was Not Charm For 'Cats
Both teams had a great year. No matter who wins the NCAA championship, it's a championship that's in the Bluegrass for all to admire.
Watch Out U of L, UK As WKU Is On The Rise
What about the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers? They had a tremendous year. They really played well against Louisville and Kentucky.
Western had Denny Crum's team down by as many as 13 points at one time. The game, however, was played early in the season at Freedom Hall. WKU didn't win the game, but they got the respect that they deserve.
Playing the Kentucky Wildcats was really an emotional ballgame for the Sun Belt entrant. I felt that Western's inside game would give the 'Cats trouble. Clarence Martin (6-foot-8, 225 pounds), Tellis Frank (6-10, 225 lbs.) and Kannard Johnson (6-9, 220 lbs.) can bang with any front line in the country.
It just so happens that on this day Kenny Walker was his usual self  awesome. Walker scored 32 points and showed that he can hold his own against guys who are physically stronger.
Billy Gordon showed why he is one of the top flight guards in the Sun Belt Conference. He has the uncanny ability to shoot over people. Billy will be missed, but this Western team has so much talent that they can pick up the slack.
Point guard will also be a strong position for the Hilltoppers. I really like Kurk Lee (freshman) who showed a lot of composure. He made some mistakes against UK, but that is to be expected from a first-year player. Lee will mature into a fine point guard before his college career is over.
James McNary also is a solid point guard. He plays hard and has a lot of confidence.
If there is one thing that I don't like about McNary. . .it's his attitude. I hate to be critical of anyone but I don't feel like a person should say derogatory things about a team before you play them. That type of stuff is put on your locker to remind you of the opposition. Even in defeat McNary really didn't give UK credit. It's nice to have confidence, but there is a fine line between being confident and being good enough to say it.
In the future Western Kentucky will be heard from. Even with Clem Haskins leaving, whoever takes over the WKU position will have an enormous amount of talent to work with.
Western should and will get the recognition that they deserve.
Asking Too Much From The Wildcats
It was certainly unfair that the 'Cats had to play Alabama and LSU in the NCAA Tournament. It's tough enough beating a team three times in a season, but four? That's really asking a lot. I really don't think the selection committee felt that the teams (SEC) would go as far as they did.
Kentucky was at a disadvantage because it was on an emotional rollercoaster. Playing Western, then Alabama and LSU were all emotional games. It makes a big difference when you have to get fired up for games that will make or break your season. Playing Georgia Tech or Illinois would have helped the 'Cats. I really feel they could have beat both of those teams. No matter, the Wildcats had a great year.
Taking Timeout For A Special Cause
Sometimes we don't appreciate what we have in life or where we may be headed. Dwight Marshall, 20, has a brain tumor and life to him may end at any time. At the age of 20 you say to yourself, "Why?" Only God has the answer.
Kenny Walker, Leroy Byrd, Paul Andrews, Irving Thomas, Charley Andrews and myself went to see Dwight at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lexington. We hope the visit from some of the Wildcats helps Dwight's spirits.
I would like to thank those guys for taking time to do something that really means so much. Each person was very busy yet they found time to see Dwight. All of the guys showed that even though they are stars they don't let it go to their heads.
You won't find better human beings than the guys listed above. We certainly hope Dwight gets better. He's a champion in his own way. He's battling for something that's more important than anything in the world  life. <7k& (Sato' &au&&
UK's Offensive Line Hopes To Find Answers
'86 Unit Beginning To Take Shape
Kentucky's running backs plus its offensive line equals ! plus ?, or transcribed in another term  backfield (!) plus offensive line (?) equals (?). Currently, that's a big problem facing the Wildcats.
We know how good Mark Logan, Mark Higgs and the rest of the backs are. Heaven knows what kind of impact Mr. AI Baker will have when he has the opportunity to churn his way forward with pigskin in grasp. What in all likelihood will determine the backfield's success, though, is how the offensive line improves as the 1986 campaign gets closer and closer to reality.
"We've stressed to the offensive line that we have more speed and talent at running back than we've had since we've been at Kentucky," said Farrell Sheridan, instructor
Nick Nicholas
Cats' Pause Columnist
of the offensive tackles. "The backs can break tackles, they hit the hole quick, and have great acceleration.
"We've stressed with the offensive line  "If we know what we're doing and get ahead of the right people and sustain our blocks for a short amount of time, then those backs will gain yardage.
"They (backs) are talented, there's no doubt about it."
Last season the Kentucky staff figured the stability of the offensive line was the least of its problems. The group was experienced  four of five returning starters  and supposedly very talented. And, when the starters took five they could be replaced by capable second and third stringers. . .or so everyone figured.
The Right Scenario Didn't Take Place
Something, however, didn't jell when Vernon Johnson (6-foot-4, 259 pounds), Brad Myers (6-2, 263), Ken Pietrowiak (6-2, 235), Jim Reichwein (6-3, 256) and Tom Richey (6-4, 262) lined up to battle in the trenches. The same held true for their backups.
This was not the scenario that was suppose to be. They weren't the biggest group in the world but they had lined up together for a season or more.
In 1984, the offensive line had helped Jerry Claiborne and his Wildcats dispose of nine opponents, including a bigger and more talented foe, Wisconsin. Unfortunately for Kentucky things didn't materialize as the offensive line struggled at best in '85.
"Ugh. . .well, number one was strength," Sheridan responded when asked about the problems of last season's offensive line. "There were a couple of people playing for us that didn't have the strength to move people. They didn't have that explosiveness out of their stance."
With only one starter (Myers, who now weighs 271 pounds) returning this season, you would imagine Sheridan and offensive guard coordinator Jake Hallum to have their hands full. You're right. . .they do, but now they have the opportunity to mold bigger prospects.
"It feels a lot better when you can look up at them," said Sheridan with a confident glimmer in his eyes. "They seem to make you a better coach. We've got some good, young bodies to work with. We've been going against big defensive linemen (in the past) but now we can counter that with some big offensive linemen."
Mike Pfeifer quickly comes to mind as one of those gentle giants. The redshirt freshman who this spring was switched from defensive tackle to offensive tackle is listed at a towering 6-6, 276 lbs.
Two weeks prior to the Blue-White scrimmage Greg Kunkel (6-4, 275-pound junior) was ahead of Pfeifer for the right tackle spot. Kunkel was also a former member of Rod Sharpless' defensive tackle crew.
"Greg has come on quicker, with the reason being is that he's been in the program longer," Sheridan said.
Playing on UK's defense last season and a former tight end as a prepster give Kunkel the experience and "quick feet" which will be needed. According to Sheridan, Pfeifer has "made a great adjustment" but his quickness needs to develop if he's to get the upper hand against SEC foes.
"There's improvement every day and we're looking for big things from Mike in the future."
Rigger Rodies On The Offensive Front
Another move, this one within the offensive line, has senior Joe Prince at offensive tackle. Pr; ice, a product of Mayfield High School, is fighting sophomore Bo Smith (6-3, 263) ior the left tackle position.
Sheridan says senior Sam Rotella (6-3, 260) could play either tackle slot and if he continues to improve in the weight room over the summer then he will be a factor.
"Bo Smith is really having a real good spring," Sheridan said. "This is his second
year at tackle and he is a little more familiar with the position. He takes good steps and knows what he's doing a little better than Kunkel and Pfeifer right now."
Some of the younger tackles have been making steady progress, too. Freshman red-shirts Tom Crumrine (6-4, 276), Tony Nash (6-5, 255) and walk-on sophomore Mike Jones (6-foot, 246) "are big kids and work in the weight room. They've got a good future if they keep working."
Guards Dermontti Dawson and Myers will have to provide leadership if the line is to be successful. Both have the experience  juniors  and the talent  can bench press more than 400 pounds. Though it was those two words  experience and talent  which were suppose to be in the line's repertoire last season.
Overconfidence could have been, and probably was, the damaging blow. Sheridan admitted even the coaching staff was a little too confident. The assistant coach termed last year as a possible "blessing in disguise."
Sam Rotella
Farrell Sheridan
In other words you may be able to fool Claiborne once, but twice. .