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_ Lexington, Kentucky M 2
A publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Service Organization
lickington Menis Chorus Sister/‘Sound Concert Bans/[it 550w
Tls the Season «Already?
"A Night 0" Broadway,“ On Friday, Nov. 3 at 9 pm there
Yes--- The holidays will soon be SisterSound’s Winter Concert, will be will be a Benefit Show at Crossings
upon us and it is not too early to on Saturday, NOV. 4. 8 pm at the for three Lexington girls (yes
mark your calendars for the Singletary Center for the Fine Arts. THREE) going to compete at Miss
Lexington Men's Chorus Holiday The evening Will feature a collection National at Large in Orlando,
Concert, " Tis the Season." The 0i Broadway music, some by the TU“ Florida later in November.
concert will be performed Saturday chorus and some by small ensem- Latoya Bacall, Tuesday
December 9th at 8pm and again bles. Music from The King and I, DeLaRouge, and Sundae
Sunday December 10th at 3pm in Beauty and The Beast, A” That Jazz, DeLaRouge are excited to be
the Recital Hall of the Singletary Cats, and The Sound of Music will preparing for nationals and invite
Center for the Arts. be included. everyone to come show support.
LMC is beginning it’s second There Will be old and new Performers for the benefit include,
decade with a new director, Tim favorites ranging from the humorous Latoya, Tuesday, Sundae, Tiffany
Giasscock, and a new two concert “l’m Justa Girl Who Can't Say N0"i0 Andrews, Rena Starr, Shenna,
season format. "Tis the Season" the more lyrical "if i Loved YOU" and Roxanne Cole, Lady Marmalade,
will feature such well know holiday the ShOWS topping “There’s No and others.
fare as "O Holy Night," with for Miss Business Like Show Business." This Admission will be $5.00. We
Kentucky, Melinda Cumberlidge, a will be one fun concert, do not miss invite everyone t0 stay for dance
fanfare arrangement of "God Rest it. music after the show.
Ye Merry, Gentleman," and medley Tickets are now available at “"‘”“"""" ' ' ' ' " “ ‘
of "Deck the Halls," "The First Singletary Ticket Office (254-4929.) i The Plnk Pages '
Noel," and ”Joy to the World." We anticipate tickets will be available ; are OUT
There will be a twist to "The the night of the show but it is always
Twelve Days of Christmas." as LMC advisable to call and reserve you more info page 2
sings each of the days and gifts in a tickets. Prices are $12 for adults, $8 u _ . .
different musical style from monas- for students and seniors, and $5 for 51‘ch _' _ .
tic chanting to ltalian Renaissance children under twelve. The women of éfibnSOFOftheMonth
Drrccrcr rrcccrc crrcc wrr read the crcccrcrcc rcr rrrc cccccrr and J
chorus in "Over the Skies of appreciatf your support. geegigjm“gg‘g
Yisrael," commissioned by the if‘“‘””"“75‘§?§"“”“"fl flwgfi%,%e
Seattle Men's Chorus for Solo and Ii c’ '~ 7' '4‘" ii ivg,
Men's Chorus as LMC continues it‘s ii miggfgyéggfi '{xjgcygvflljfl‘i‘ 7' ii i gctiillir“ 35%»;
tradition 0f attempting harmony i” ii see new "7’ i "" 245$”?
. .. :4 a ,7 i .:+....:c’~ ee‘czgrwéwyg
LMC...contrnued on page 2 ii , gmaguwmwc

 Men's Chorus continued from page1 plNk PAGES APE OUT
.._..‘ . , all languages and traditions.
4,21%“ GAY and S.A.N.T.A. (Disco Santa) may not The Pink Pages are in the mail
irate” LLSEIAN be traditional YET, but the score and at various locations around
“St; SERVICE. calls for a ”driving disco beat" that town. There are many ads from gay
ORGANIZATION should fill the hall with holiday joy. and gay supportive bus'hesfsesi
.. Lexington. Kentucky Tickets are $12 adult, $10 senior professmnals, and organizations
and student and $6 child and are and 3 WC“ tete'ehce Qu'de With
. available through the Singletary telephone numbers in the bagk- .
77{31:50 NEWS Ticket Office at 254-4929. Season in addition, there are h'5t9t'c
Tickets are available at a 15% discount phOtogtaphS 0t some 0t 0‘” "tam'ty"
VOL 15 N0. 1 1 by calling Shelby at 2310090 ancestors, and a look at the last
Published Monthly by; ______________________ century of queer history. GLSO
~ pride Center would particularly like to thank
. Jordan Summers, editor, Rose
The Lexmgtan Cay The next meeting of the Pride Helfrich, coedlmh Ginger Moore
Lesbian {Den/ice Center Committee of GLSO will be and Scott Ackerman sales people
, . 0” Thursday NOV 2nd at 7pm, 387 for the many hours they put into
Organization Waller. lfyou want to be involved in maklng lhls edlllon a success. We
52l Second bl: the plans for the new Center, this is would also like to thank the anona—
the place to be. If you can not mous donor for paying mailing
Ldl‘lZUf'S' attend this particular meeting. or it expenses and finally the advertis-
————' you are reading this after the meet- ers, your support means a lot to us.
Mary Crane Peter Taylor ing has taken place, you can call GLSO mailed out copies of the
Jane at 38975393 Pink Pages to most of our mailing
BUal‘d lLllemt’el’B OUt lease runs Otit at the and list and to advertisers. These early
Terr), Mullins. President 0t February and we are actively copies were not printed to our sat-
Peter Taylor. Vice President looking for a new Space. Our need isfaction and have been redone by
Mary Crone, Editor is for-at least 1,200 square feet. of the Copy Company. (They agreed
Anita VandeVenter. Treasurer handicapped accessible htttce that the printing could be improved
Clinger Moore. Secretary space that can be configured into a and were happy to put out a better
Kelly O'Ferrell var iety 0t meeting rooms. ti you quality edition.) Those of you who
Jordan summers know 0t SUCh a space, give “3 a received one of the early copies
Jerry flicks, call. may want to pick up the newer ver-
Jahn lZidner in addition to looking fora new sion at one of our many outlets.
LaTonia Jones space, the committee has a vision The plhk Pages can be found
for the Center to become a larger at The prlde Center, Crossings,
GLSO Annual dues Presence Within our community, Club 141, the Kentucky Theater.
and Newsletter: $15.00 With an office staff person, a phone Moveable Feast, Sqecial Media
Dues and Newsletter line, a library and more. Alfalfas, Metropolitan Community
for couples: $20-00 GLSO has written three grants Church, U. U. Church, and at some
0 Mom ex ma m me GLSO News t9 foundations to help support this of the businesses who advertised
pmmosefimeaummm do,“ “3‘0” and we w'” Still heed the with us. We are also interested in
necessarily represent those ofthe GLSO "hamlet SUpport oi the community- distributing copies in rural Kentucky
mefiggigsplggys Slimeggnée all; If you are interested in working with 5.0 if you know of a place that would
Mrwes the nghtto edusubmmms us to make a difference in our com- like some, give us a call. Anyone
and advemsemenlsasweuas me right to munlty, please come to the meeting wanting copies, call Ginger at 389-
mm any summons oradvmems' 0’ give Jane a call at 3897698 7698 or lexingtonglso @yahoo.com.
GLSO Page 2

 d -C _ m mu m tit .NewS ,
3’ ya“ gout-cg There will be treat—shirts, refresh- you can change a life. Please'give
5' Tiffany & Co. presents Fabulous ments and trophies. No fee to enter. us a call 252—2867.
1 Fall Follies to be held at Crossings For more information, contact Mark
on Wed, Nov 15‘ Showtime Wm be Johnson at 252-2371 X541 or call Discussion Group
3 10500931. with a cover of $300} all Larry at AVOL at 225-3000. The GLSO Discussion/Support
., proceeds to benefit Lexington GFOUD meets every Wednesday
t Fayette Co. Health Dept HIV/AIDS Social Concep+s night from 7-8:30 at 2216 Young
) Program _ Cjteht Services. Social Concepts invites all Drive, Suite 1. In November we are
t Featured Entertainers: Tiffany interested women to join us at 6 planning topical discussions in
t Andrews, Rayna Starr, Roxanne pm for dinner at Charlie Browns on addition to our usual support and
3 Cole, Jacqueline pamsh’ Miss Euclid in Chevy Chase. We then sharing.
t Sheena, Briana Carey and very spe- will go to the SisterSound Concert Scheduled topics are:
ciai guest Mescha. at 8 pm at Singletary Center. Nov. 8th - The election and what it
Come down and see the will mean to us, as GLBT people.
changes were maktng at Crossings. SISTAHS IN THE LIFE Nov. 15th - The age old question
You'll especially like the new Solid Sistahs in the Life is social/sup- "What is dating???"
Oak Bar - Bigger and better than port collective for Lesbians of African Nov. 22nd - Our families and the
everll So grab a cocktail and come Descent. All black women ages 19 holidays.
and support a great show for a great and older are welcome to join. The Nov. 29th - What happens when a
cause! Keep an eye out for our big major objective is to identify a com- "relationship" begins?
Christmas Extravaganza Show on munity of black women and bring us The group is open to anyone,
Wednesday, December 13 also! to the same space at the same time. 18 or older. If you need sometime
We understand that there are to be yourself, talk with others who
Interweave ' degrees of "outness" so we strive to have "been there," or just want to
lnterweave, the Unitarian providea safe, confidential and wel- "gab" on one of the topics, come
Universalist GLBTA group will be coming atmosphere. For more infor- join us. Call Jane at 389-7698 with
having its monthly after church lunch mation call LeTonia 233-3751, or any questions or comments.
on Sunday Nov. 12. We are planning J03" 2522657-
to go out to a restaurant this time so "WOWHW‘ Community Church
join us at about 12315 at church and HWOIIIIO roast. October was a great month at
we will go from there. For more infor- October was a busy month for MCC. We enjoyed participating in the
mation about Interweave contact fund raisersforMoveable Feast. We Kentucky Fairness picnic at Vlfindy
Davina at 271-5174 or appreciate the efforts of Niagara Knoll. At MCC, we've been enjoying
artemlsgt27@yahoo.oom. Falls, Tiffany Andrews, and The studying the Apostles. A Native
Court (which did two for us this American worship service was
Volleyball League month!) it takes money to continue enjoyed by all. MCC'ers walked in the
The primarily GLBT volleyball to put food on the table. Lexington Alzheimer's Walk and also
league is continuing to play the first It also takes volunteers. at the YWCA Spouse Abuse "Take
three sundays in November and the Delivering meals is very easy; you Back the Night 2000." A Ghost Train
first two in December. Join us at come in at 5:15 and fishish by 7pm ride was a great time to celebrate the
Castlewood Gym between 4 and 6 (often earlier). You can usually get a Halloween season. An All Saints Day
pm. The tournament is set for specific route if you commit to a reg- Remembrance was held to remember
Saturday, Dec. 15 starting a 9 am. ular schedule. if you can drive a car _ .
Community News continued page 4

 Community News Continued groups are collaborating on the effort. at 252-0361, Ext. 257, or e-mail
our loved ones who are with God and Representatives from Kentucky Idavison@lextheo.edu, or contact
the service included rea din th , Fairness Alliance, and Bluegrass Dotti Berry at
names 9 6" Fairness willbeparticipating. dotti.berry@mindspring.co, or mobile
' 9 .
In November, MCC looks ahead HUGS f [h B'bl phone 48947 1
t . . . . 0 e l 6
F08: nggfgrLSfaltzgaZTauéfiyne; m It: Starting this tall, Dr. Lisa WOMEN WRITERS
Veterans Day Remembrance service Davison, Assistant Professor of Old CONFERENCE
will be held Sunday November 12 A Testament at Lexington Theological Plans are under way for the 22nd
Service of Thanksgiving will be offered Seminary, Wi” be leading HUGS or annual Kentucky Women Writers
on Sunday November 19 M00 the Bible: Hearing, Understanding, Conference: "Claiming Identity
invites you ’to come and bé part of and Growing through Study of the Through Writing," TOUT days Of writing
Gods awncluswe love Dom settle Bible. We areatotally inclusive body workshops, readings, and panel dis-
for tolerance- expect celebrationi Of Christ, seeking ongoing communi- cussions to be held March 2225’ at
Worship is offere d every Sun da ' ty with one another as well as reach- the Carnegie Center for Literacy and
morning at 1030 am at 385 Wallei/ ing out to welcome and affirm all Learning. Invited participants include
Avenue besidé lmp‘en’a, Plaza God‘s Children including but not lim- Maud Casey, Janice Eidus, Mary Daly,
’ ' ited to Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Linda SCOH DeRossier, Pat Mora,
STOP THE H AWE RALl Y Transgender and Allied Persons. We Nancy Mairs, Kelly Norman Ellis and
A Stop the Hate B ally and Vigil are not connected to the Seminary. Crystal Wilkinson. $120 with some dis-
will be held from 6'30pm-7'30pm in We plan to meet on Sundays counts. Full details available by
Le xington's Triangle .Park on. Sunday from 11 am. to 12:30 p,m_ if you December 1. Call 254-4175 for more
November 5. Anumberof progressive have questions call Lisa at her office 2:23:20“ or e-mall: kywwc@hot-
a, Real Estate Servnce Wlth
fie? “W » ' ' -
e i 1-. REALTORS
59’? ' , Serving Lexington
3 I3 NTEGRITY & All of Central Kentucky
Scott Ackerman '
Mobile: 606-338-8483 EDICATION
Voice Mail: 606-294-2055 '- ,
Office: 606-269—7331 E - 9
E-Mail: SAcker4224@ao|.com ' NTHUSIASM W W
.. . REAUOR’” o‘xwummu
Call me with all your Real Estate needs
GLSO Page 4

 wall a . - . - , As an adult in the middle part of autobiographic documentary charts
act meg Wlth Pnde’ the century Ellis lived with her com- the influence oi the filmmakers six-
at Ruth Ellis @ 100” panion of over 34 year, Cecilene year experience as an African
Dlle TWO films by African American "Babe" Franklin in Detroit Michigan. American woman in Taiwan. Wei w-
Lesbian film maker Yvonne Welbon They provided a meeting place for tang, Yvonne's Chinese persona,
Wiii be Show" on Thursday, NW 9th the African American gay community finds Taiwan to be a "racism-tree
at the Central Library Theater iOi- in their home. (Many gay bars dis- zone".
lowed by a diSCUSSiOTl With the film criminated against African Welbon juxtaposes her experi-
Tnd maker and a reception. Diversity Americans at that time.) An entre- ence with that of her grandmother
ers Films, The Humanitarium: Center preneur, Ruth was the first woman to who immigrated from Honduras to
ity for Culture & Diveleityi and the own her own printing business in work in South Dakota in the1940's,
ng University Of KY- Women's Studies Detroit and taught herself photogra- facing american racism that had not
is— Program are sponsoring this event. phy. not previously been part of her lite.
at Some additional films and discus- When Welbon searched for Linking their stories with that of earli-
nd sions Will take place 0" UK campus archival footage of black gay and er women in their family, the richly
:le The featured film on Thursday lesbians from the 1940' through the textured memoir blends dramatic
ly. Wt“ be LiVihQ With Pride: RU”? Ellis 1970's, she found none. “i made my sequences with documentary
8. @ 100 and Witt be shown second at own" she says, using actors to recre- footage.
id 7330- The film has received audience ate what Ellis and her friends (most Variety magazine comments :
3- accolades for best documentary at still closeted) told her about those "Yvonne Welbon's pungent com-
)y bOth the San Francisco and L05 days. mentary on racism and self-realiza-
ie Angeles Film Festivals. it is particu- By 1979 many of Ruth‘s con- tion sings with ideas. Welbon as a
it- larly fitting to be able to see this film temporaries had passed away and creator shows purpose and ability."
iUSt a month attel Ruth passed away she was living a more isolated exis- The Women’s Studies Program
. in her home in Detroit. tence in a senior citizens building. will be showing two other of
Born JUN 23, 1899, in When a young woman came to Welbon’s documentaries on
Springfield, “iihOiS, RUth EiiiS W35 teach the residents self-defense, Monday, Nov. 6 at 7:30 pm. at the
the oldest "OUt" African American les~ Ruth, then 80 years old, decided to Young Library Auditorium
bian known when Welbon undertook take another leap of faith. She invit— "Missing Relations" is an exper-
the project 0i making a film about her ed the young woman to dinner, and imental dramatic documentary which
life. MS- EiiiS was considered a came out to her. This young Lesbian explores loss and denial in an
national treasure among the lesbian, was charmed by Ruth and promptly African American family through the
gay, bisexual and transgender com- introduced her to the post Stonewall filmmaker's story of her kidnapped
munityi known as much for her ener— community of gays and lesbians in twin sisters, erased from family his-
gy as for her deep commitment to the area. tory for 24 years.
human rights. AUthOt Alice Walker in her 80’s and 90’s Ruth Ellis "Sisters in the Life: First Love" is
called her a woman 0i "power, became a treasured member of the a dramatic documentary/narrative
audacity, and iOY-" national LBGT community, traveling starring Donna Rose, a thirtysome—
- Film maker Welbon uses inter- to many women's music festivals thing black lesbian. It is based, in
views, photographs, archival and sharing her history and her spir- part, on welbon’s first experience
footage, and dramatize recreations it with younger generations. Yvonne with love as a fourteen-year-old.
to create a touching portrait 0i RUth Welbon captures the wonder. of On Friday November 10 at
Ellis. The extensive interviews with Ellis’s lite story and her ongoing abil- Noon in Student Center Room 206,
“um are particularly enchanting. AS ity to live with Pride. Yvonne Welbon will present "The
a child. Ellis lived through the race Before this titm, we will be show- History of African-American Women
tiOtS 0t 1908 in Springfield that ing another of Welbon's documen- Filmmakers", a talk and video pre-
resulted in the formation of the taries at 6:45, Remembering Wei Yl- sentation. The public is invited to
NAACP fang, Remembering Myself. This attend.
GLSO Page 5

Its «QM;
only “a“???
95 V"
veg HolidAys fROM
lnlamallon v2»; & WATCH fOR
[all liflll ' Miss MARY
859-252-3014 CI—IRiSTMAS
“It Imperial CW"

 Election Confusion'Z? LEX-Fayette URBAN CO. COUNCIL: neck on the line for our communities
Here are Jeff‘s Dicks 2nd District: Jacques Wigginton (4) with his vote for the Fairness
bq Jeff Jones 6th District: AI Mitchell (5) Ordinance. I feel he deserves our
Based upon my years of follow— 7th District: \Mlly Fogle to) communities’ support in return.
ing local campaigns, elected officials, 8th DtSttiCti Robert Moreland
and voting records on GLBT issues, 9th District: Jennifer Mossotti 6th District City Council Race
GLSO has asked me who I feel are Clarifying Some Positions: Important for GLBT Community
the best choices in the upcoming (1) Baesler's previous record on hy Michael Taylor
Nov. 7 election. These are again my GLBT issues while in Congress was _ AI Mttchell, the Incumbent 6th
personal choices and do not reflect poor, but he appears to have educat- District City Council member, voted
the views of GLSO or any other of ed himself greatly since then. He th the mthOhtY EighthSt last Yeats SUC-
the groups with which I am affiliated. has publicly expressed support for an oessful Lexrngton Farmess Ordinance.
I have chosen the following can- inclusive hate crimes law and overall Mr. M'tChe" stated. '" ahocmbe' 14th
didates based on these criteria: pub- appears more sympathetic. Herald Leader intervrew that he
Iic policy statements about GLBT (2) Damon and Hottman have p00, WOU_|d try to repeal the Fairness
issues, voting records where applica- voting records on GLBT issues. Ordinance If he IS re-elected. .
bIe, ability to win, and voter educa- They did vote to support HIV/AIDS .Dale . Edinger, JI’., running
tion materials from the Fairness web- funding. I give them an edge over agelhet MItChe" In the 5th DISttht,
site (http:l/www.tairnessQQ.org). their unknown Republican chal- said _In the same Herald Leader
I am only listing Fayette County Iengers because Democrat-con- lntervrew that he thought Federal and
candidates in contested races. trolled committees have shown State laws covered such dtscrimina-
Fortunately some of our elected offi- themselves to generally be more tion and that a local ordinance IS
cials with the strongest voting favorable to GLBT issues. therefore redundant. In conversations
records on GLBT issues are unop- (3) Duncan's positions on GLBT With Mt- Edinger srnce that intervrew,
posed in the general election. ' am issues are unknown. His challenger, he has said that based on what he
biased in my choices against third Stan Lee, however, is the chosen DOW understands, he "doesn’t know
party candidates unless: a) there are successor and ideological heir to Why he WOUIdh’t be supportive, Of the
no other decent candidates in the Stan Cave, the most anti-gay Iegisla- Fairness Ordinance.
race from a major party (pure protest tor from Fayette County. MI ‘Edinger appears to be _a
vote) or b) they are in a race where (4) Vtfigginton voiced his support in CempaSStOHate. reasonable and tatt-
they have a reasonable chance 0' the Lexington Herald-Leader for vig- minded tndrvrduat. He talks wrth
winning. orous enforcement of the ordinance ease about knowmg gay people as
You can view incumbents voting while his opponent, Lonny Demaree, friends and neighbors. He describes
records thanks to Bluegrass Fairness viewed the ordinance as unnecessary. himself as a Dine-collar family man
at: http://www.fairne5599.org/tair- (5) Mitchell voted against the Vtho wants to eliminate waste In the
nessQQ/votingrecordhtm Fairness Ordinance but did support a 3:3" budgethindhbrirzig befitgtaxldollatts
- - - our neig or 00 s. isaso cri-
PRES'DENTN'CE PRESIDENT: 2%?Iumtcfigfiicg $631352: :3: icaI of the current City Council’s lack
A. Gore and Joe Lieberman _ protections but not housing protec- 0f SUPDOh 0' the efforts 0f the Ethics
US REPRESENTATIVE 6th DiStr'Ct tions. His challenger, Dale Edinger, Commission.
Scotty Baesterti) Jr., is on record with a number of The neighborhood of the 6th
KY SUPREME COURT JUSTICEI anti-gay editorials and says the ordi- District are the Meadows, Deep
James Keller nance is redundant. 80, Mitchell is Springs, Rockwood, Hi Acres,
KY REPRESENTATIVES: probably a better choice than ‘hts oppo- Warrenbton, Hermitage Hills, Lex.
39th District: Robert Damron (2) nent. (see belowtor anotheropinion-ed.) Manor, Johnson Heights and
45th District: Bob Duncan (3) (5) Fogle and his opponent Larry Eastland. I encourage all Fairness
55‘“ District: Joe Barrows ASh'OCk are both supportive and minded people in the 6th City Council
_ 62nd District: Chariie Hoffman (2) 900d guys- Fogle: however: pUt h'S District to support Dale Edinger.
GLSO Page 7

 . _ l WEDNESDAY 2 Tili—EKSDAY 3 FRIDAY 4 SATURDAY ‘ i ' g -_
‘ 6:30 pm MCC Bible Study 7:30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA 6:00 pm Social . ./ ~J"’v”[/ ‘\ .-._
7:00 pm GLSU Discussion 9:00 pm Benefit Show Concepts (Charlie ‘ l" I, 1' i’
Group (Crossings) Brlrown) ' ‘9 ' ~ . I
8:00 pm. Gay/Lesbian AA 8:00 pm: SisterSound ' I ' . '
Concert (Singletary ‘
5 ~ - 6 ‘W‘* W-- 8 ~-—-—- 9-~-----—--- ir"”“—“— rr-—-—-—-— Restaurant
10:30 am LMCC 8:00 pm AA Step Study 915:0?1’.” 8:111:35" (1 6:30 pm MCC. Bible Study 7:30 pm Fairness. 7:30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA
10:45 am UU Church 0‘” mg l 0“ an 7:00 pm GLSO Discussion {Pride Center) °
4:00 prr. VolleyballtCasttlewoodl) Lanes) Group ' 5 5 7 SO leCStone
5:30 prr.. Men’s Chorus 8:00 pm Guy/Lesbian AA A I ‘
Rehearsal (St. Michael's) ,- LCXlIlgtOl’l, Ky.
6230' prr. Stop the Hate Rally
(Triangle Park) 2 5 3 '00 1 4
12 13 14 15 1 6 l 7 l. 8
10:30 am LMCC 8:00 pm AA Step Study 9:00 pm Rainbow 6:30 pm MCC Bible Study 7:30 pm Grant/Lesbian AA °
10:15 am UU Church Bowling (Southland 7:00pm GLSODisc-usaion featurlng the famous
12:15 pm Interweave Luncheon Lanes) Group
(UU Church) 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA GLSO Niiaws DEADLINE. Alfalfa W eekend BrunCh
4200‘ pmVolleyball (Castlewood) SUBMIT ADDITIONS ,
530er Men’s Chorus AND/0R 9013“?“th servmg blueberry
Rehearsal i St. Michael ‘3) FOR NEK‘T (“AULNDAR
. era-1.5%---- buckwheat pancakes,
19 20 21 22 _ 23 'IIHANKSEFINZT 271"" ~__ 5? ° 1
10:30 am LMCC 8:00 pm AA Step Study 7200 pm (.iLSO Board 6:30 pm MCC Bible Study 7:30 pm Gar/Lesbian AA eggs benedlCt $1.110 d,
11:45 am UU Church Meeting (Pride Center) 7:00 pm GLSO Discussion .
4:00' pm Volleyball {CastlewoodD 9:00 pm Rainbow Group SpaHISh ome ettes
5:30 pm Men’s Chorus Bowling [Southland 8:00 pm Guy/Lesbian AA
Rehearsal iISt. Michael‘s) Lanes) gougmet (I‘llesserts’
an muc more
:26 '— _ 27 28 _ 29 30 _~"—" __ __ ____ _
10:30 am LMCC 8:00 pm AA Step Study 9:00 pm Rainbow 6:30 prr.. MCC. Bible Studv “SE "1.5 D’I‘ECFOR‘ 3°" '4?“le All Of our breads and
10:45 am UU Church Bowling [Southland 7:00 pm GLSO Discussion Maghggigliz‘iyfiréns d t I. b aked d ail
51123313111 Irina/E3150? LaneS) Gmup VOLUNTEERS EVIERY DAY. CSSCf S a C y
e earsa '1 t. .' ' me '5) 8:00pm Gav/Lesbian AA CALL 252-2867 ' ‘
' 1n our kltchen
Free Evenmg Parklng

 STA R comfortable place, she realized that And, as Samantha took a closer
by Kelly O’Ferrell her feet had left the ground. look, she realized something even
“What if I fall? What if I die?” more - that each path the woman,
Samantha wandered around her Sitting there, dangling her feet from a that she, chose eventually lead to
baCk yard as it for the first time, her star, she decided to just go along for something, someplace, someone
mind seeking the answers in the the ride. Somehow with this thought wonderful.
night. Whenever she had time, like her whole body relaxed again. “Reach for your place now and
this, to herself, her mind had been So, she leaned back and know that all decisions lead to one
asking that same drive-you-crazy watched, as the star took off into the place - the place you came here for."
question - “What if ..?". What if she night. And Samantha reached and felt
made the wrong decision? What it “No one is watching," the star the ground beneath her feet and the
she'd done things differently all those murmured, knowingly. paths melted away before her eyes.
years ago? ‘Then why do I feel I must make “No one knows your path. No
She had written out the pros and the right decision, always wanting to one can watch from here but me," the
cons. She had even weighted each measure up to something I can't star whispered.
one like her friend had told her about. even see ?" Sam asked back. “4" she heard.
She‘d said “YESi"; she'd said "NO!" - “No one is watching," she ‘ 'That‘s it!" Samantha thought. I
all in her head. replied. want to make my own decisions with-
So, she just stood there and “5" she heard in the distance. out so much tear. lwant to live this
looked Up "“0 the sky 50 black that Sam knew that she wanted to life - this one life!”
each star was visible. Sam was so know before the count was zero. “3"
tired of thinking about this decision She wanted to know before her life Samantha closed her eyes and
that she decided to give it all a rest was over. saw once more the paths. This time
for a while. But she realized that she _ The star flew fast and stopped she remembered seeing people cry-
WOUld have to replace the obsession abruptly, shining a tunnel of light ing at some and laughing at others.
With something else, so She began to down a path. Samantha watched, as But no matter which road or path,
COUht 00W". 8'0le from, "0h. piCk a story unfolded with characters Samantha had made the choices and
20," she thought. i ‘ coming and going - all of it moving found the flows.
20, 19, 18, 17, "Slower," she and flowing with great ease and “2"
heard, “slower and breath." , ' speed_ - She was never alone on any of
~ 16 15 14 13 “Slower, And she watched as she saw a the roads for very long.
deeper,” child - herself - show up. Noticing “1” ,
12 11 “all night, all your life..." that the things the child left undone From that far up shevcould see
10 9 “no Where to 90-" lead down different paths - and yet, ahead on the path. There had
8 7 “Reach Up “OW as the star gently pulled back - how always been someone waiting ahead
before you get to six.” all the paths lead to where she stood for her.
it wasn‘t so much a thought as it counting in her own back yard. The star nudged Sam as she lift-
was a feeling, and her arm raised up Samantha knew she was close ed back into the night sky.
above her head and she touched to understanding. The star stayed “Zero," Samantha said out
something hard, yet safe. Afraid to still and rested and waited. loud with peace and resolve at last.
move, afraid to stay, afraid 0i zero, Samantha looked hard and long “Everything I’ve ever done was
Samantha moved toward the hard at all the roads and all the little necessary - not good or bad, right or
object. paths. She followed each with her wrong - but necessary, to get to
' AS She came closer, she knew eyes. Some meandered, some were where I am right now."
She was tOUChihQ a star. A star SO straight, some moved far away from And when she thought about it,
delicate and SOit She was not afraid the main road. But, eventually, all she liked where she was and how
and yet 80 hard that she could Sit and of them lead to where she stood _ '
rest. When she had settled into a counting, ....conflnued on the next page
GLSO Page 10

 she’d gotten here. I decided to just write the next word ym
“It's just one decision," she in my head.
thought. “What if I just pick one and I’ve been thinking that there’s a Need AnothegGood. Reason to
trust that if it’s not the best one for right and wrong decision. I’ve for - :lotebl Demtocraftic 'S Hiv'gg All" an“?
me then circumstances will change gotten that I can always change my rou e V0 ing or CO y. 'c as
d l 'll . t ‘t' l k h t d . A . . Moore, cultural observer and politi-
an Wl in Ul ivey now w at o o mind. nd, embarrassrng to admit, cal critic, has pointed out an inter-
Samantha walked inside her it requires. control of the US House. Twenty
house, letting the screen door bang After I wrote that story, I drew two members of the Congressional
close behind her and stood in the my own map in ‘96. lsawthat all of Black Caucus are in line to head
kitchen as the coffee brewed, the the decisions I made - relationships, committees and. sub-committees
smell filling the room. She breathed jobs, where to live - brought me to a due to the" seniority 'n the House. .
in deep, not just to smell the won- place I enjoyed - sometimes quick - ‘ll :ep. JCT; C%nhyers 0f 0??”
derful aroma of the coffee, but Iy, sometimes slowly and painfully WI ecome- e a'lli‘a“ 0 e
. . . House JudICiary Committee, Rep.
because she had room in her body Even when I picked something Charles Rangel of New York will be
to breathnow. - familiar but not necessarily good for the chair of the powerful House
For now, she wanted to draw me, the pain from that decision lead Ways and Means Committee, and
the path she had seen from the star. me to something or someone Rep. Julian Dixon of California will
So, she poured the coffee into absolutely wonderful. head up the House Intelligence
the tea cup she dearly loved and Perhaps it’s simply a matter of Committee. Three of the most
wadded into her space and time until flipping a coin sometimes and trust - important committees '” Congress
France came home. ing that The Universe is watching. 3"" Eetlid by African fitmencans for
Iwrote that story in 1996 when e "5 me In our '5 ory.
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