- 2 -

Bratt has served the University and its faculty and students in many
arenas during her 18 years on this campus and read the following
resolution on her behalf:

      Carolyn joined the University of Kentucky College of Law faculty in
      1975. From 1984 to 1989, she was the Alumni Professor of Law and
      in 1989 was appointed as the W. L. Matthews Professor of Law. She
      has been recognized since early in her career as a skilled and
      dedicated teacher. She received the College of Law Outstanding
      Teacher awards in 1977 and 1979, the UK Alumni Association Great
      Teacher Award in 1985, the Faculty Advisor Excellence Award of the
      UK Student Organizations Assembly in 1989, and the Duncan Award for
      Excellence in Teaching from the UK College of Law in 1990. She is
      recognized by her peers locally and nationally as a leader in her
      profession serving as Special Justice to the Kentucky Supreme Court
      and receiving the Cassis Award for Excellence in Legal Research and
      Scholarship from the UK College of Law in 1989. She has also
      received numerous awards for her public service from local, state,
      and national groups to which she has willingly given her time,
      energy and incisive intellect.

      Some of Carolyn's greatest contributions, however, have been to her
      faculty colleagues at the University of Kentucky. She has served
      us faithfully, with forthrightness, integrity, and with deep caring
      and concern for our University in the highest areas of elective and
      appointed responsibility for a faculty member. She has served as
      the Chair of the University Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the Status
      of Women and co-authored its landmark report.. She was a faculty
      representative to the 1990 Presidential Search Committee, and has
      served as an elected member of the University Faculty Senate, the
      Senate Council and, from 1990-91, as Chair of the University Senate
      Council. In 1990 she was elected faculty representative to the
      University of Kentucky Board of Trustees. With this meeting, she
      concludes her term as a Board member.

      During the past year Carolyn has been the recipient of an American
      Council of Education (ACE) Fellowship, designed to introduce
      faculty to academic administration. I am certain that as Carolyn
      makes the transition into academic administration she will take
      with her an understanding and appreciation for the concerns and
      hopes of faculty and students whom she has served so tirelessly and
      sometimes at great personal cost. The faculty of the University of
      Kentucky are grateful to this outstanding woman for her service to
      us, and for myself and on their behalf, I would like to thank her
      for her work. I hope that my fellow members of this Board will
      join me in recognizing her service.

      Governor Breathitt thanked Dr. Powell and asked for a motion to
adopt the Resolution. Mr. Sturgill moved approval. Mrs. Plattner
seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted. Governor Breathitt
asked Dr. Powell to deliver a copy of the Resolution to Professor Bratt,
the retiring Dean and the new Dean of the College of Law.