(Proposed additions are underlined. )

(1)  Insert as a new third paragraph in Part VII, A, 1:

         The Honors Program is an educational unit which is equivalent to a
         department and administratively responsible to the Dean of Under-
         graduate Studies. Its chief administrative officer is a director who
         is equivalent to a department chairman.

(2)  Change Part VII, B, 3 to read:

         The Dean of Undergraduate Studies has the function, under the pur-
         view of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, of integrating and
         strengthening those aspects of undergraduate education of common
         interest to those appropriate colleges in the University System. He
         serves as chairman of the Undergraduate Council. He administers
         offices and programs designed to provide more effective instructional
         resources. He also has general responsibility for those undergraduate
         programs of a University-wide nature such as the Honors Program and
         the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Program. HIe shall have
         the same authority and responsibilities as those of a dean of a college
         in the administration of educational units that might be transferred to
         or developed under his office.