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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,May 31,1899 - page 233

     The Board of Trustees met in the President's room
at 9:20 A. M. May 31, 1899.

     Present:          Messrs.    Boswell,
                                  Patt erson,

      Messrs. Gooding, Kennedy, and Stoll came a few minutes
later. Judge Holt canme at 11 A. LI.

      In the absence of Judge Holt, Cgptain Todd was
elected chairman protempore.

      A letter from Judge Landes requesting to be excused
from attendance during the present meeting of Board was read
by President Patterson.

      The excuse offered by Judge Landes was voted to be
satisfactory and as such was accepted by the Board of Trustees.

      The minutes of the Executive Committee since the last
meeting of Board were read, and in connection therewith
the following report was submitted;


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,May 31, 1899 - page 233-234

To the Board of Trustees.

      Your committee on the minutes of the Executive Committee
beg leave to report that they have examined the minutes of
the Executive as carefully as the time at their disposal
would allow.

      1. We find that the accounts of receipts and
expenditures seem to be correct.

      2. We recommend that the Board of Trustees purchase
from a guarantee and surety Company an indemnifying bond to
indemnify personal security to make bond to the War Department
to procure 125 cadet rifles and accoutrements for the use of
the college and an appropriation not exceeding $ZO.00 be made
to purchase same, and the President and Mr. Stoll are appointed
to carry this into effect. It is further provided that said
bonds shall be extended to procure, if possible, the Modern
Artillery recommended by the Executive Committee.

      3. We reconmmend that the By-laws be so modified as
to allow a meeting of the Executive Committee every 60 days
provided meetings every 30 days are not necessary.

      4. We approve the recommendation for payment, for
transportation of Cadets to camp amounting to $226. and
bill for tentage about $iOO.Oo.

      5. We recommend the appointment of a committee composed
of the President and Business Agent to control the question
of labor of employes and to have full power to employ and
discharge same.

      6. We approve the recommendation for $35 monthly
compensation to Thos. Aubrey.

      7. We approve the recommendation for two weeks'
vacation for Joe Dicker and add the names of J. E. Saunders,
S. C. De Bow, and Milligan.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEWS, May 31, 1899 - page 234-235

      8. We approve the recommendation of the Executive
Conumittee relative to any unappropriated funds which may
be in the hands of the Business Agent in the payment of the
indebtedness of the college to the professors and instructors.

      9. We recommend that the Board adopt the request
regarding an annual Encampment appropriating $250 instead
of $500.

                      (Signed)     E. H. Hobson
                                    J. C. Flournoy

      The foregoing was adopted section by section and then
adopted as a whole by an aye  and no  vote as follows.

      Aye - Boswell, Flournoy, Frazee, Gooding, Hobson,
McElroy, Marcum, Mathews, patterson, Peak, Stoll, - 11.

      No --

      On motion the Minutes of the Executive Committee with
the modification noted in the foregoing report were

      The minutes of the faculty were read.

      The report of the committee on the minutes of the
faculty was then read as follows:



                           Lexington, Ky. May 31, '99

To the Honorable Board of Trustees,
  Kentucky A. & M. College.

     Your committee appointed to examine the minutes of the
Faculty of the A. & Li. College begs leave to report that
they approve all the recommendations of the faculty, and
recommend that they be adopted, except in the following

      The recommmendations of the faculty antagonistic to the
annual military encampment are disapproved. lWhile your
committee thinks that it is advisable to have lectures
by the different professors of the college at the accredited
schools, yet your committee would recommend that no appropri-
ation be made for this purpose,  If, however, such lecturers
can be made without an appropriation for this purpose, it
would recommend that the faculty be given power to
give such lectures.

      All recommendations with reference to appropriations
by the faculty are disapproved. We also recommend that in
consideration of his ability and eminent gratifications that
Prof. John H. Neville be given the honorary degree of
Learned Doctor of Laws.

      Your committee would call special attention to the
method proposed by the faculty f or distributing honors at
the college.

      The recommendation as your committee understands
it, is, that the honors be given in each separate department
of the College. This your committee considers an excellent
things and cheerfully recommends it to the Board.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,May 31, 1899 - page 236

     All recommendations of the faculty not herein dis-
approved are recommended for adoption.

                 (Signed)         J. B. Marctu
                                   W. F. Peak
                                   R. C. Stoll

      President Patterson moved to amend the report of the
committee by introducing a provision for striking out the
words " Bachelor of Science " in last paragraph on page 217
of the minutes of the faculty and inserting instead " Bachelor
of Agriculture."


      The amended report of the committee on the minutes
of the faculty was then received, approved, and adopted.

      The committee on Internal Expansion reported as follows:

To the Board of Trustees of the State College: -

      The committee on Internal Expansion beg leave to
report, that, upon the call of the chairman of the committee,
they met in the President's rooms in the college building,
on the 10th day of May A. D. 1899, and devoted two days
in the visitation required of them in order to ascertain
the condition of the several departments of the college,
and the committee are glad to be able to say, after a
carefully and laborious investigation made within the time
to which they were unavoidably limited for their work, that,
while they discovered that there is room for improvement
in all of the departments, and that there have been
and are many obstacles in the way of obtaining the best
results in most of them, upon the whole they found a
degree of efficiency and progress which commends the
industry and ability of the heads of the departments and
their assistants.


MIli-UTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Iayr 31, 1899 - page 237

      1.  The committee found the department of Mathematics
and Astronomy well conducted under Prof. White, its able
and efficient head. But they are impressed with the belief
that there is needed in this department additional assistance
which would enable the head of the department to devote more
attention to the various classes under him. The committee,
therefore recommend that the head of this department be pro-
vided with adequate assistance, in order that he may have
sufficient time to visit and supervise all of the subordinate
classes in his department to the extent that may be

      II. The committee commend the zeal and ability of
Prof. Neville, the head of the department of Greek and Latin
as an instructor in his department. But they entertain the
opinion that the arrangement of his work in his classes is
not the best that, with proper care and skill, could be made,
involving as it does a useless expenditure of both mental and
physical energy. In fact, they find also in some other depart-
ments a failure to classify students as strictly as is contemplated
by the rules and regulations of the college. In view of these
conditions the committee advise that the heads of all of the
departments be required to classify upon actual examination
the students for the courses of study in their several
departments strictly on the lines laid down in the
schedules of studies for Freshmen; Sophomores, Juniors
and Seniors, as published in the catalogue.

      III. The committee are gratified in being able to
vote and report that they found the department of English
and Logic, (Prof. Shackleford) and Mechanical Engineering)
Prof. Anderson) both well conducted and in a satisfactory
condition of efficiency and usefulness. The former depart-
ment however needs books of reference for use in study and
instruction, which the committee advise shall be provided
and kept in charge of the head of the department in his
class room.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,May 31, 1899 - page 238-239

The committee also found everything in good shape in the
department of Civil Engineering (Professor Brooks) and that
the work in that department was well and efficiently done.
There is need in this department of the aid of an assistant
for at least two hours a day, which the committee recommend
shall be allowed, and provided for by the employment of
an incumbent of a fellowship.  The committee found that the
work in Electrical Engineering under the charge of Professor
Sturdevant, one of the assistants in the department of
Mechanical Engineering has been so advanced as to render it
expedient to establish for it an independent department,
co-ordinate with the other departments, as soon as suitable
provision therefor can be made by the Board of Trustees.
The committee also found the work of the department of
Geology and Zoology under Prof. Miller, making satisfactory
progress, and they commend the head of the department for
his earnestness and zeal, and for the good results of his

      IV. So far as the Committee was able to examine
into it, they found the work in the department of Botany,
Horticulture and Agriculture, under Prof. Mathews, as
satisfactory as the conditions existing would allow. The
head of this department has manifested commendable diligence
and energy in bringing his classes forward. He has labored,
however, under the disadvantage of being required to divide
his time and labors between the college and the Experiment
Station. As long as this continues the best results in
either department cannot be attained.  The committee there-
fore advise that arrangements be made to enable him to
devote his entire time and energy to the colleges and
that necessary additional equipment be supplied for the
work of this department.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,May 31, 1899 - page 239-240

      V. The committee found the department of Modern
Languages under its accomplished head, Prof. WIfernicke, making
good progress. There is a pressing need in this department
of a library of books of reference for the uses of the
students, and of an assistant, and the committee advise
that the sum of $100 be allowed for the purchase of books
of reference, and the assistance of an incumbent of a fellow-
ship be provided for this department.

      VI. The committee regard the Normal Department which
derives benefit and assistance, more or less, from all of
the other departments of the college, as of the greatest
importance and interest, in view of the great benefits result-
ing from its work to the people of the State at large, they
are therefore much pleased to be able to note and report
that they found the work of this department under its
accomplished principal Prof. Roark so systematically and
efficiently conducted, which they are sure must prove of
great value in the education of the teachers of the
Commonwealth. What is most needed is a separate building
for the normal work. The committee, therefore, recommend
that, as soon as the requisite means can be obtained, a
separate building be provided for the accommodation of
this department.

      VIII. The committee found the department of
Anatomy and Physiology, in charge of Professor Pryor, in
admirable shape, and they believe the best results will flow
from the work in this department. They also found that
the work in the department of Physics, under Prof. Pence,
has been done with as much efficiency as the accommodations
for his department would admit of.



     For the want of suitable rooms and accommodations,
for which the head of the department is in no sense
blameworthy, his work has been in great measure hampered
and curtailed. To remedy this want the coyrmmittee advise
that, as soon as the funds at the disposal of the Board of
Trustees will admit/it, additional and suitable accommodations
be provided for this department.

      VIII. The work of the Academy, under Prof. Walter
K. Patterson and his assistants Proffessors Logan, Davis,
and Muncy, continues to be so well done that nothing need
be said about it further than to commend the Principal and
his assistants for their ability and faithfulness in their
work of instruction, and for the firmness and strictness
with which they have complied with the rules and regulations
in doing the work assigned to they.

      IX. The committee found the department of chemistry
under Professor Kastle in a very satisfactory condition
and they experience great pleasure in conmending the head
of this department for his ability and energy in the work
assigned to him. The good results that will follow will,
in the opinion of the committee, be inestimable.

      X. The committee were greatly pleased to find that
good progress has been made in the department of Military
Science, in charge of co-mmandant and Professor, M;Eajor Jones.
There are four companies of cadets, numbering 358 in the
aggregate, and consisting of one battalion. The committee
had the pleasure of witnessing the drill of the battalion
by the commandant and his subordinate officers. They feel
gratified in reporting that perfect harmony prevails
between the commandant and his officers and the rank
and file of the battalion. The friction that appeared in
the early part of the session has happily dissappeared,


MINTJTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESMay 31, 1899 - page 241-242

which is due the committee believes, in great measure, if
not wholly, to the action of the Board in allowing compensation
to be paid to the subordinate officers of the battalion, and
to the organization and influence of a military committee
among the officers for the purpose of co-operating with
the commandant in his active work and to the change
in officers uniform.

      XI. With regard to the experiment Station in charge
of Director Scovell and the Board of Control, the committee
lound satisfactory conditions existing. The Director concurs
in the suggestion already made respecting the employment of
Professor Mathews of the department of Botany, Horticulture,
and Agriculture. If the arrangement in this regard as
suggested be made, it will then be necessary to employ an
assistant who can devote his whole time to the station work
now assigned to Prof. Mathews, which course the coiL-mittee
advise. The comrmfittee also advise that an assistant be pro-
vided for Professor Garman the Entomologist and Botanist in
the work of the Station, whose duty it shall be to look
after the San Jose 6cale.

      The comrmittee ascertained that the regulations
concerning the reporting of the grades, etc. of students have
not been as strictly'adhered to as the interests of the college
work seem to require, they therefore advise that henceforward
each Professor be required to submit to the Board of Trustees
at its regular meetings the book in which his daily records
are kept, and that the law regarding the records of class
work, merits and demerits, be strictly complied with, and
that such action be taken by the Board in the premises as
may be deemed necessary to bring this about.


MINTJTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Ylay 31, 1899 - page 242

      In conclusion the comittee were gratified to find
the work in the several departments of the college, upon
the whole, in so good a condition as it seems to the
committee to be.

      And yet, they were deeply impressed with the necessity
of enlarged accommodations for most of the departments, This,
of course, means more money, and suggests the necessity of
an urgent appeal to the next Legislature for the necessary
funds to provide the buildings required.

                          Respectfully submitted,
                            By the Committee

Lexington, ky.        Signed    ( D. F. Frazee,
May 12, 1899.                   ( J. K. Patterson,
                                ( J. I. Landes

                 Report received.

      On motion of Mr. Stoll ordered that the paragraph
suggesting that all Prof. Mathews time be given to
college work, be stricken out.

      On motion of Mr. Stoll ordered the report provide
for the purchase of books to the extent of one hundred
dollars for the department of English.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,iviay 31, 1899 - page 243

      The foregoing committee report as modified was then
received approved and adopted by ayes and no's as follows:

      Aye - Boswell, Frazee, Gooding, Hobson, Holt,
Kennedy, McElroy, Marcum, Mlathews,  atterson, Peak, Stoll,
- 12.

      No -O.

      The President of the college next read his annual

      The report was received.

      The committee on the President's report submitted
the following:

      To the Board of Trustees A. & M. College.

         We your committee on the President's report beg
leave to make the following report.

      1. As the arrangement authorized by the Board in
June 1898 for the management of the mess at the dormitory
has not proven satisfactory; we would recommend that all
students shall have the privilege of making the best
arrangements they can for meals or board in quarters of
their own selection adjacent to the college, or if this
cannot be done satisfactorily that they may have the use
of the kitchen, dining room, and fixtures in the dormitory
in such Mess arrangement as they may desire subject to the
supervision and recommendations of the President.


MINITUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,May 31, 1899 - page 243-244

      2. As to the military department we endorse the
recommendations of the President as the best possible arrange-
ment that can be made.

      3. We recommend in addition to those already in

      That one fellowship in the department of Civil
Engineering be created for one year with a compensation of

      That one fellowship in the department of Modern
Languages be created for one year with a compensation of

      That one fellowship in the department of Mathematics
be created for one year with a compensation of $150.00.

      4. We approve the President's recommendation that
the Deans of the several courses of study be required to
organize their classes in strict conformity with the hours
of recitation published in the schedules of courses in the

      5. We recommend that all Deans, professors and
instructors be required to conform strictly to the orders
of the Board in making their reports to the President of
the College and to the parents and guardians of the
students, and that they each be required to present to
the Board at its regular meetings the book or books in
which the daily records are kept, setting forth not weekly
or monthly summaries, but daily records of work done,
necessary allowance being made in the case of lectures
and laboratory classes.


MINUTES OF TIHE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,May 31, 1899 - page 244-245

      6. We recommend the adoption of the recommendations
of article 6 of the President's report.

                           Respectfully submitted,

                           (Signed)  J. B. Marcum
                                       Thomas Todd
                                       W. F. Peak

      Report received.

      Ordered on motion that section 1, the prargraph
relating to board be referred to the Executive Comnmittee
with power to act.

      On motion the report as modified was approved and

      The President of the College offered the following:

      Be it resolved that the sum of $150.00 for the
coming year be appropriated for the benefit of athletics
in this college.

      That said sum be paid on the 1st day of October to
the Treasurer of the Faculty advisory committee, by them
to be selected.

      That said advisory committee shall have sole power
to disburse said funds in their discretion.

Carried by ayes and no's as follows:



     Aye - Boswell, Flournoy, Hobson, McElroy, Patterson,
and Stoll.

      No - Frazee, Marcum, mathews, Peak,

      Mr. Gooding, and Judge Holt not voting.

      The reading of the minutes of the Board of Control
was dispensed with.

      The following was submitted:

                                  Lexington, Ky. May 31, 1899.

To the Honorable Board of Trustees:
         Kentucky A. and IM. College:

      Your committee on the Experiment Station begs leave
to report that we have consulted with Director Scovell and
investigated the condition of the Station. We fLind it to
be prosperous and everything running smoothly and

      The additional land purchased is well adopted to the
purpose for which the Station will use it, and we consider
it fortunate for the Station to get hold of it at such
a reasonable price. Improvements are bing made on it, such
as fencing, repairs of houses, etc. which we approve.

      The recommendations of the Director meet with our
approval and we ask their adoption by the Board as follows:

      First, That the $15000 from the Hatch Act and the
income from the fertilizer control, the pure food law, and



the farm account and the interest accruing from these
accounts, be appropriated for the use of the Station.

      Second. That authority be given the Director to employ
two additional assistant chemists, at the rate of $50.00
per month, such compensation to be paid out of the funds
of the fertilizer or food law as their work might determine,
their duties to be assigned by the Director, and the employment
of either or both to terminate at any time during the year,
if for any reason their services are not needed.

      Under the operations of the new fertilizer law and
the pure food law, the work in the laboratory has accumulated
so that immediate relief is necessary. The Director is of
the opinion that the employment of two assistant chemists,
as stated above, with the additional help which he has se-
cured for the vacation will enable him to keep the chemical
work well in hand. He recommends in his report that Mr. IN.
H. Scherffius be given the first place and that Mr. W. A.
Beatty be given the second. Mr. Scherffius is already
trained in the duties  that will fall upon him.   He is one
of our graduates this year. Mr. Beatty is a Post Graduate
of this institution and Director Scovell selects him on
the recommendation of Prof. Kastle. We approve these

      Third. We recommend that Prof. Garman be given an
assistant, whose compensation shall not exceed $50.00
per month.

                 ( Signed )        J. B. Kennedy
                                   R. C. Stoll
                                   J. C. Flournoy,


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Iday 31, 1899 - page 247

      The minutes of the Board of Control were approved.

      On motion the report of the committee was received,
approved, and adopted as follows:

      Aye - Boswell, Flournoy, Frazee, Gooding, Hobson,
Holt, Kennedy, McElroy, Marcum, Mathews, Patterson, Peak,
Stoll, - 13.

      No - - 0.

      The Board then adjourned to meet at 2:30 P. M.

      The members present during the forenoon reconvened
at 2:30 P. E. Judge bolt, in the chair.

      The Committee on Finance reported as follows:

      Your committee on Finance has carefully followed Maj.
Bullock our Treasurer, through his books and vouchers and
find all correct. His bond is complete as usual. Our
Treasurer is true and careful, but our expenditures are so
extensive that we find but a light balance in Treasury
May 29th, as follows:   To credit of College     $5807.95
                        11   It Expt. Station     1721.33


                               J. B. Kennedy,
                               H. Boswell
                               A. P. Gooding


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRTJSTEES,1,ay 31, 1899 - page 247-248

      On motion the report of the committee on Finance was
received and approved.

      The committee then submitted the Treasurer's Bond
which is as follows:

                                Lexington, Ky.
                                   May 31, 1899.

      We R. S. Bullock principal and S. Bassett and J. W.
Appleton, his sureties all of Fayette County, Kentucky do
hereby covenant to and with the Commonwealth of Kentucky that
the said R. S. Bullock Treasurer of the Agricultural and
Mechanical College shall faithfully perform all the duties
of said office and he will pay over all moneys that shall
come into his hands to his successor in office or to such
person or persons as may be lawfully entitled to receive
the same.

      Witness our hands date above written.

                                   R. S. Bullock
                                   J. W. Appleton
                                   S. Bassett

      On motion the Bond of the Treasurer was accepted and
approved by the Board of Trustees.

      The Secretary was directed to enter a copy upon his
records and forward the original to the Governor of the
Commonwealth for safe keeping.

      Mr. Kennedy submitted the following:

      Your committee appointed to examine the accounts of
the Business Agent and the Treasurer beg leave to report
that a comparison of the books kept by these two officers
shows that the accounts are kept accurately and are correct
in every regard. The report of the business agent shows


MII'IIJTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,U.ay 31, 1899 - page 248-249

the finances of the college to be in a good condition and
such that with proper economy the institution will probably
be out of debt a year hence.

( Signed )

J. B. Kennedy
A. P. Gooding
H. Boswell

     Report received and approved.

     Ordered on motion of Mir. Stoll, that in addition to
the salary of last year the salary of Major M. B. Jones be
increased by $100 for the next collegiate year.

      Ordered that $150 be appropriated for the compensation
of Miss Miriam G. Clay, assistant in drawing during the
next collegiate year.

      On motion of Mr. Mathews ordered that all sums hereto-
fore paid, as expenses for class day exercises, be now

      Mr. Stoll m6ved that an appropriation of not exceeding
$50 annually be made to cover the expenses of class day
exercises hereafter including this year.

      Mr. Boswell moved to amend by striking out $50.00
and inserting 035.00.

Amendment carried.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRTJSTEES,Klay 31, 1899 - page 249-250

     Original motion as modified was then zarried.

     On motion ordered that the three foregoing items viz:
$100 for Maj. Bones commandant, $150 for instruction in
Free hand drawing, $35.00 for class day expenses, and also
$100 for books for the department of English, $100 for books
for department of Modern Languages, $150 for the benefit
of Athletics, $200 for benefit of association of Alumni,
and $250 for the expenses of an encampment, be included
in the Budget for this year.

      Mr. Frazee submitted the following:

The estimated income of the college for the next collegiate
year is:

      From the fund of 1862        $8644.50
      i'   "' ii    i 1890        21375.00
      "  State Taxes              33500.00
      "  Fees                      1200.00
      "  Rent                       450.00
           Total -    -      -     65


MINUTES OF TH-E BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,May 31, 1899 - page 250

     The comnitt'ee on appropriations recommend that the
following appropriations be mdde:



e Department of Botany
it   -11     1 Chemistry
W    II Wi Civil Engineering
,,    ,,it      Geology
II    i      It IMechanical Eng.
      "I     " Military Instruc.
      "        F Normal Instruc.
"I    "I "i     Physics
"I   "I "i Physiology
nI    tt     tt Zoology

Fuel and Lights
Repairs and Improvements
Salaries of Profs. and Instructors
   it   "i Employes
Students Labor
  It  Traveling Expenses
Traveling Expenses
Trustees meetings
Emergency fund
Association of Alumni
Class-day Expenses
Department of English
Department of Modern Languages
Jones,(Commandant) increased pay

7O0 .00







MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,ay 31, 1899 - page 251

      On motion the foregoing schedule of appropriations
for the collegiate year 1899-1900 was approved and adopted
as follows:

      Aye - Boswell, Flournoy, Frazee, Gooding, Hobson,
Kennedy, McElroy, Warcum, Mathews, Patterson, Peak, Stoll,
Todd, Holt , - 14.

      No- -0.

      The committee on salaries submitted the following:

To the Hon. Board of Trustees:

      We your committee on salaries would recommend that the
salaries of all officers, professors and employes for the
ensuing year shall be and remain the same as now fixed
and allowed by former order of the Board, except the
salary of J. R. Johnson assistant in the Mechanical Engineer-
ing Department which we think should be increased to one
thousand dollars per annum.

                             Respectfully submitted

                                   W. F. Peak
                                   Thomas Todd
                                   C. N. McElroy

      After some discussion that part of the report referring
to J. R. Johnson was ordered stricken out.

      Report of Committee on salaries was then approved.

      Mr. McElroy, was excused to return home on account of
pressing legal business.


MINUTES OF TEE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,may 31, 1299 - page 252

      Mr. Gooding submitted the following:

      Your committee on Military Instruction and College
Discipline to whom was referred the report of the Board of
Control for Military matters, appended hereto, would respect-
fully report that we approve the report above mentioned
and report the same back to the Board as covering all the
ground for which this committee was appointed.


                                   A. P. Gooding
                                   J. B. Kennedy
                                   Thomas Todd

      The appended report follows:

To the Hon. Board of Trustees of the A. and M. College of

      The Board of Control for Military matters appointed
December last, consisting of the undersigned beg leave to report
as follows: