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f A publication of the GLSO

 Cover Photo From Left To Right: Jennifer Martin,
I F : Devan Michael, Theo Meacham, & Tuesday G. Meadows
ND E hold candles for the Transgender Day of Remembrance.
3 Traditional Hollday Dlshes...
Ranada provides readers with recipes for 3 of her
favorite holiday dishes “with a twist and sprinkled
with glitter.”
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Transylvania University hosts the annual Transgender
Day of Remembrance along with a week-long
conference dealing with transgender issues.
My Name Is Ella
Tuesday G. Meadows interviews a small-town
transgender Kentucky girl who has been in the news
lately about her recent transition.

 w V 1' “Ir
’ if? it ., r
lm G L s o
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 That’s What I’m * i
. 9 a”?! W k
Talkln About .. a
By Helena Handbasket
ow, where did I put that? I have we have technologies in place that And what about those people that
Nlooked everywhere and I just make our jobs simpler and require less seem to “steal” away our time? (I do
can’t find it. I know I had it once... but effort. Even as I write this article, I can hate a thief.) They are always asking us
somehow I seem to have lost it. Maybe hit the spell check to make sure my for favors or to tag along with them to
I should Check with lost and found. spelling skills are working. But “back help them take care of one of their tasks.
Maybe someone turned it in for me or in the day,” if there was a word that the Helping others is a good thing, but is it 7
maybe they have extra that I could have spelling was being questioned of, we okay to let your own house suffer while
that no one has claimed. I hate when I would have had to get up off our ass, you are busy doing for others? Are there .
lose things. I will be so much happier go find a dictionary, and look it up to enough hours in the day to do both? We
when I find it again. I have so many uses verify if we had spelled it correctly seem to “make” time to help others with
for it and I would even share with some or not. (Which could lead me to an things. So why can’t we “make” time
of my friends who are also in need of it. entirely different topic on the benefit of to do something nice for ourselves?
Are you curious yet about what I am getting off our ass to get the dictionary When is the last time you took a long
looking for so feverishly? I am trying versus just sitting on it and pressing a hot bubble bath and left your phone in
to “Find the Time.” Aren’t we always button. Maybe that is why my waistline the other room, dimmed the lights, and
saying that we will do this or that when is no longer that of a southern belle.) had a nice glass of chardonnay as your
V we “find the time?” We say things like, So, back to my point. We have so many only companion? How long has it been
“I’ll go on that trip as soon as I find the things to help us with mundane tasks, since you made your spouse or partner
time,” or “I’d like to volunteer to help which one would think would allow us your priority and just ran away from ,
others if I had the time.” “As soon as more time to do other things. However, the everyday realities and took a walk ‘
I find the time I am going to be more it seems that the very devices that were through the park or through the woods?
attentive to my family.” “I’m gonna try created to make our lives easier are the What we choose to do with our time ,
out that new recipe as soon as I find the ones that seem to occupy the most time really is up to us... so the next time you t
time to make it.” out of our days. We “spend” our time say something about trying to “find the ‘
So how do we “lose” time? As far on our mobile phones to communicate time” to do something, remember, it is ;
as I know, and please correct me if with others, even when we are in the right there.You don’t have to go looking
I’m wrong, there are still 24 hours in presence of other people at the time. for it. You just have to decide what and .
a day and there always have been. We We “spend” our time watching TV or who are most important to you and then
have as much time as people of other playing games even though there are “spend” your time there.
generations had, and they seemed to more important tasks that we should (Send comments or suggestions to
get so many things done in a day. Plus, attend to. HelenahandbasketKY@gmail.com )0
LinQ ,

Imp erral C ourt of
en uc y eWS
By Christina Puse
reetings, Lexington! Fall is a $5 donation at the showroom door : fl
Gbringing that beautiful palate starting at 8:30 pm, and the show 'i 2'7" x {fif‘r
of color changes that so many people begins promptly at 9:30 pm. Watch for n ‘rr . ‘ r
anticipate and love this time of year. Facebook announcements, and look for 5:; “ *§ ‘5“ I g “,4? "
Not only is the cooler weather feeling the flyer hanging up at the Bar Complex 'i (3437/ r; §W it 3:
wonderful, but it allows everyone to for more information on this show. 7’ " a?”
. warm up by coming inside to socialize. Every year, the Imperial Court of _ 53" -: . f ,
As a social organization, the Imperial Kentucky likes to switch things up a it I g i IQ}...
Court of Kentucky loves to interact bit and give the regular performers , " l .. .4 3;“? fit
with the community and create events a break for a night so that their male ' f 3 a: cwé
so that everyone has aplace to gather to counterparts can step up and see fl: .A f ‘5‘
do just that: socialize and help donate what it’s like to fill those heels for an i H t 1.
to the charities of the ICK. Speaking of evening’s worth of entertaining. Friday, >- f: ‘ 5:
events, grab those calendars and make November 14, at Crossings Lexington, :' g .1
sure to markthese amazing shows down. that switch will be happening. Join His The Imperial Court of Kentucky
You will not want to miss a single one Most Imperial Majesty, Emperor 33, would like to ask anyone in the
coming up in the month of November! Tim Logsdon, and the Emperor’s Line community who has pictures from past
The Bar Complex and the Imperial of Descent as they don the gowns and events to please take a moment and
: Court of Kentucky have teamed up wigs for an event entitled, “Emperor’s upload those to the ICK’s Facebook
‘ to present an event on Wednesday, Turnabout.” Most of these guys have page, or email them to the Reigning
‘ November 5. Please join us for a night never done drag before so this will be a Monarchs, Emperor 33, Tim Logsdon
full of great entertainment from your night for the memory books! All of the (tlog57@hotmail.com) or Empress 33,
‘1 favorite performers of the ICK and fun begins at 9:30 pm! Christina Puse (chocker85@gmail.
the Gilded Cage Divas. There will be There are a few more events com).
‘ ?¥ ff. 7 .. {fa} ~ scheduled for November, but at this If you have any questions or would
Eggs, . {3% (if time, if you haven’t already, please like more information aboutthe Imperial
. tfir fan" will}??? join the Imperial Court of Kentucky on Court of Kentucky, please visit our
,gfi fig?“ Facebook and bookmark the website website at www.imperialcourtkentucky.
a; ‘ ,I a: i. , www.imperialcourtkentucky.org for org or Visit us on Facebook under The
/ . p g 't‘ firrther information on these upcoming Imperial Court of Kentucky. Happy
33%;] .. dates. Fall, everybody! V

By Tuesday G. Meadows
Transgender Dysphoria Blues, Part 2 “They hold their breath not to catch the sick.”
ince I started to transition, I have 140 miles per hour, but it still was not wanted to see her grow up. I made her a

S given more and more thought enough for me. Daylight driving on the promise that I would stop being reckless
and reflection to my own experience of interstate, passing cars in the emergency with my life and be there for her future,
gender dysphoria. In Part 1, I discussed lane, eventually got to be boring and not firll-time as a woman. My decision to
the broader topic of GD; in this part, I enough risk. I soon progressed to driving stay alive and to make my transition
will discuss my own experience. at those high rates of speed at night with later did not make my GD disappear. In

For a long time, I lived only going my lights off, and next going the wrong fact, it was there every day, every week,
forward, never looking backward. So it way, and finally with my eyes closed. At every year.
was very painful for me to even think that rate, my recklessness was going to Idid fulfill my promise to my daughter
about events in my life. Living life end very soon, and I was not only going and I saw her grow up. However, I
only for the moment meant that I was to take out myself but potentially some continued to struggle with my emotions
engaging in high risk activities. At the innocent person. and my physical health. I wonder now
time, I would not have said that I was There was a great disconnect between if the stress of GD contributed to my
suicidal, but that I was causing my wife the person I knew I really was and the heart disease and coronary bypass at the
so much pain because I wanted to be a person that I had to be every day. I could age of 43. Last year, I started to fulfill
girl and thought that she would be better not block or bury my need to be a girl. my promise and began the transition,
ofi‘ Without me in her life. Now I know Every single day of my life as far back including hormones. I have also started
this was part of my gender dysphoria. as I can remember, I knew that I was to seek perspective and support with ‘

Maybe it was hard for me to recognize female. I also knew my family needed therapy. My friends and family often ask
what was going on with me at the time, me to be there for them emotionally and if I am happy now. My answer is, “Well,
or I thought I was “just being one of the financially, and I did not see a way then at least I am me, now.” And, in case you
guys.” From the consumption of large that the two needs could be compatible. were wondering, my biggest supporter
amounts of alcohol and drugs to standing I had no idea how to solve this great is my daughter; not too long ago she told
on the rail of one of the highest bridges conflict going on inside of my head me, “You should have done this sooner.”
in the state, I was taking risks that did except to keep taking risks. You may write me at tmeadow5828@
not seem to be excessive to me at the However, one morning, I woke up gmail.com or follow me on twitter at
time. Ibought ahigh—performance sports after a night of excess and looked at my TuesdayM@trishgigi. Now Tuesday’s
car that could easily hit speeds of 130 to 3-year—old daughter and just knew that I gone with the wind! 0
. Line .

Around The lerary:
Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
' :' '7‘ After they meet, on a snowy Chicago who is really, really gay, and also the
, -‘ I ‘ night, their lives become intertwined world’s gayest person who is really,
if.“ . I and show that no life is without struggle, really large.” Tiny lives life as openly
anl'” : :: c" ‘ no matter what it looks like from the and exuberantly as he can and begins a
Will gl- 9‘ 5“: ’ outside. Will Grayson A struggles romantic relationship with Will B that
4." to truly live, believing that numbly pushes him to ask why he is so angry.
.4 5‘ ' _ m. going through the motions is the safest It is through Tiny and Will B that Will
i . 9' “3’53”“ approach. Will Grayson B is angry and A begins to question why he lives as he
By Amy J0 Retucci unable to let go of his anger. When Will does. Does either Will truly change?
his book is told in an alternating A introduces Will B to his best friend, Stop by the library and see for yourself.
Tfirstpersonnarrativeperspective, Tiny Cooper, life truly begins to change This book is a new addition to the YA
showcasing the writing styles of both for all. Will A states that Tiny is “not fiction section.” A v
authors, with each author writing from the world’s gayest person, and is not @299
the perspective of a teen boy. Both teens the world’s largest person, but I believe
just happen to be named Will Grayson. he may be the world’s largest person W’i"
5:. 5 W 9 REAL ESTATE-9
, (m _. 29:93
‘ ,3; ,i .
.- _ 319 South Ashland Ave.
ll ' [1/9" Lexington, KY 40502
3‘ r’” Cell/Text: 859948991150
Fax: 85992937018
Teresa COIan, Realtor teresa@towneandcountryky.com
ABR, GRl, QSC www.yourbluegrassrealtor.com
Assisting Buyers €3~ Sellers for 20 Years! Become A Fan!
” Oh, by fill”: 1/5/51}, 177021: Midis! WWW.Facebook.com/TeresaCombsRE

0 0 0
3 Tr a dltlo 11 al H 0 11d ay 1.
D . ' ' a! .. '
lshes Wlth A TWISt
A O 0
nd Sprlnkled In Glltter
By Ranada West-Riley
t’s the holiday season, and a love-hate relationship at its finest. Take these 3 recipes to help spark a conversation and
Ismooth out any family gathering or holiday party.
Gingered Cranberry Relish in a large mixing bowl. Put mixture into a lightly greased l
- 16 ounces fresh cranberries, picked over and rinsed l/2-quart casserole dish.
- 2 cups granulated sugar 3. Bake at 350° for 30 minutes or until thoroughly heated.
' 1/2 cup water Sprinkle with marshmallows and bake 5 additional minutes
° 1/2 cup fresh orange juice or until marshmallows are golden.
° 1 tablespoon finely chopped ginger
- Zest of 1 orange Garlic Rosemary Roasted Potatoes with Pancetta
1. Combine all of the ingredients in a heavy saucepan. ° 2 pounds potatoes, mixed 0010“ or red skins
Cook over medium heat until the berries pop open, about 10 . 2 tbsp olive Oil
minutes. Remove from heat. ' 4 ounces pancetta
2. Skim foam off the surface with a metal spoon and discard. . 1 large garlic clove, minced
Cool to room temperature and serve. Store in the refrigerator, ' 1 “2 tbsp fresh chopped rosemary
covered, for up to 3 months. ' Zest Of two small oranges
- Salt and pepper to taste
Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole 1. Preheat the oven to 375°. »
° 6 medium sweet potatoes 2. Chop the pancetta into cubes. Cook with a half tbsp of the
- 1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar olive oil until just browned. Set aside. .
0 1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted 3. Wash the potatoes but leave the skins on. Cut into quarters.
° 1/3 cup orange juice 4. Add the rest of the olive oil, garlic, rosemary, zest,
- 1/4 cup bourbon pancetta, salt, and pepper.
- 1/2 teaspoon salt 5. Toss with your hands until all of the potatoes have been
- 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice coated with the rest of the ingredients.
- 1 cup miniature marshmallows 6. Lay them out on a cookie sheet in a single layer.
1' Cook sweet potatoes in enough boiling water to cover 7. Place them in the oven and bake for about 50 minutes to
for 30 minutes or until tender. Drain and cool, then peel and an hour, until they are browned. Toss the potatoes after about
mash; hand mash to put the love in. 20 minutes of cooking to ensure even cooking.
2. Combine mashed sweet potato and the next 6 ingredients 0
LinQ ,

 Transgender Day of Remembrance
By Zoey Peach
The Transgender Day of approach that recognizes and emphasizes
Remembrance seeks to recognize othersystems ofoppressionthat alfecttrans , ‘
the disproportionate impact of violence on people as well, such as racism, classism, ,
the trans community, connect the greater and ableism. '7
Lexington area to resources, and celebrate Organizers have invited a number of
the lives and resiliency of trans individuals. organizations from across the area to take
This year, organizers have scheduled a part in the week’s activities and participate of a Trans Identity: 7 pm, University of
week of activities to honor the lives of trans in a resource illumination fair as part of Kentucky Student Center
individuals lost and bring greater awareness the Remembrance Ceremony, to connect -Movie Screening: To be announced
and understanding to the issues facing the attendees to organizations that work for -Friday, Nov. 21; Trans Day of
trans community. socialjustice. Remembrance Ceremony: 7 pm,
Accordingtoa2012reportbytheNational -Monday, Nov. 17: Trans Policy and Transylvania University William T. Young
Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, Legal Issues Panel: 7 pm, Transylvania Campus Center
73% of all Victims of anti-LGBTQ* University Photography Courtesy OfSarah A [big 0 r1
homicides were people of color. Young -Tuesday, Nov. 18: Positive Aspects
people, homeless people, and people with V
disabilities were also disproportionately
impacted by anti-LGBTQ* hate violence.
A study from the Organization ofAmerican . I ., v s ‘ ‘
States found that in the month of July 2013, ‘ a ‘ ‘
murders of trans individuals occurred at a 'r l ) ‘ ..
rate 50% higher than their gay and lesbian t ‘ . r p
siblings. p ‘_ \ _' U .. 1} 7- z _ 31*-
Trans people face numerous challenges . ‘ j - ,7“ ' x 1 n "
in addition to violence, such as housing '- )9 ‘- f“ V I y p ,'
issues, access to healthcare, discrimination i i '7 x _ ,p ' - ‘ ._"":Ql ‘ l »
in schools, workplace discrimination, and x i“ ‘_ Fa?
issues in the legal system. The week’s ; .e ' """ " a ‘
programs will explore issues affecting the -n§ " I‘ I ‘i'k
trans community using an intersectional
a, ' .
. ”a 9’ 3:3
. A, o
. ‘7 .. F l V . 0’ .- .. A ,
‘1‘. :9 £5 , ‘
u \ ..‘. \x . '0 ‘ ' _‘ ' 1
j i? «if \t ' " I, - -' 1 p ,
”HQ 9

 Ella & N lckl’s Story
By 'Ihesday G. Meadows
6 (People can’thate you ifthey know Z; ' W313? E! 2.; g l1 E If ,_ '5}: I '5 5 g p I j 5;
yourstory.”- JennyBoylan , - 5 fl ‘ j :I j IE: 5 3’ '5 if 5.; I I»; I '5'.
.. I: ’55I» 5;: z :5 ;
. :- ,w I 5:5: 1:57
Nicki and Ella are exactly like every _» _ 5 3:395 - ‘ ' .I- " ' ~. I ‘ -I 4;:
mother and daughter that I have ever met ‘
inmy life. It’s obviousthatthey love each - -:,:— 553:}. L I, I} " i .1 I II . £4
other and look out for each other; they ~ — j; ‘I , , , 5 1251’ *
-.. A" ”,7 I . . 13‘ :5 .. .5: v u: i ‘~\ .9 ,7 .
frequently glance at each other to make , ,3 J. 4.x- ) tar: I; “Mg, 3: I” ‘Io.
a. ‘ . - . "5 r ' ~| , 1"
sure the other is doing all right. Nicki is m 5'31?! _: ’5 3 ’n “‘ 1 .
.. I. .. :~ . .» II . I
a young mother raising her children in -‘= , it *‘ .~ . ‘5 1x \ 7-2;... I _ Wit: 5*“ v " l“ -
a small town just outside of Lexington. .‘ .V: I 1 , '5" 5: x ‘5 «$5 .. if » ‘5' "5 if“ u \i 53' l
. . . I» 2+ . I s I» *5 . .. - I t.
Ella is a beautiful 7-year-old 1n the 5;! s 11- a}, 5 .3, w “i? ¢ gm «5:: \ .
second grade. She enjoys school and 5 V” 7‘ fl.‘_ ., “:5” “‘4'“ WW \ , .
she loves Ha Potter Teenage Mutant ‘ - ' ‘ 5 5 5" a! ' i § 2 ,'
rry ’ I; .. I?! i w J .. . o 0 \
Ninja Turtles, and many of the shows on f‘ ‘ “a; 55 1, j ( . . . é}
. 5 . ~ a U Q .5 \
Nickelodeon. Th1s should be the end of J- i . . j
. . . » « _ ' :z ’2. A
this story, but dlt 1s not—because Ella IS I Q I - a ' ,. _4 1.. _‘ . w ‘5 ‘. ‘; ._
a so transgen er‘ Ella with her mother and cousin at the GLSO Pride Center
Ella had a secret that she confided to
a friend last year. She called it her “girl As far as school goes, Ella made her how toturnthe lights on and went several
stuff,” and she later told her mother and transition over a weekend in September days without using the restroom all day.
other family members about her secret. of this year after her mother had given Nicki is working with GLSEN to see if
It didn’t come as a big surprise to her the school a two weeks’ notice. School they can have Ella use the girls’restroom
mother when Ella said that she wanted oflicials wanted Ella to put off the at school.
to live her life as a girl. She said that Ella change until Christmas or Spring break When Ella first started telling her story,
had always preferred girl—oriented toys because they said it was going to cause she was understandably shy talking
for as long as she could remember, and a “hellstorm.” Nicki said that she knew about her situation. I don’t think very
that she had displayed several noticeable that Ella was ready and saw no reason many of us can imagine doing what she
female characteristics at a young age. for her to wait. Ella immediately started is doing at her age and getting asked I
Nicki said that she did not know much, sitting on the girls’ side of the cafeteria challenging questions. Just before she I
if anything, about being transgender, but without problems. But not everything left to go home, she drew me a picture of
tried to read and learn what she could has gone smoothly for Ella. She said that a flower getting rained on, and the sun
from the internet. She said that she has she has been chased and grabbed on the was starting to come outwith a big heart
relied on her sister Beth, who also lives schoolyard, which of course was scary in the middle. She handed it to me and
in Owen County, for strength and that for her. Also, the school administration said“1 drew this for you.” When I asked
even though they had not lived there designatedEllatousetheunisexrestroom, her to tell me about what was happening
long she worried about what kind of switched her teachers, and moved her in this picture, Ella said, “The flower is
reaction Ella might receive from some down the hall to a classroom where the getting rain, but it also needs sunshine,
of the locals. She remarked even though restroom was inconvenient. Ella would and has to have good soil to grow. The
Beth had been a strong supporter, other rather just use the girls’ restroom. When heart shows that the flower is loved.” I
family members had struggled With she started using the unisex restroom, know a few grown-ups who can learn a
Ella’s journey. Ella told her mom that she did not know thing or two from Ella. V

o o o o
Addressmg Disparities:
Talking To ServiceProviders About Transgender Domestic Violence
By Todd Ryser—Oatman
There’s been a lot of coverage many of the obstacles faced by the LGB gender identity, but we need to step up.
surrounding domestic violence community, such as lack of resources; The Office for Victims of Crime lays out
in the past few years. Some groups, confidentiality issues; fear of threats, some helpful ideas to remember when
however, receive more attention than harassment, and police violence; and working with transgender clients. First
others from scholarly research and from fear of losing child custody due to legal of all, don’t make assumptions about
media outlets. In particular, the LGBT system discrimination (National Black a client’s gender identity. Mirroring
community is scarcely mentioned Justice Coalition). But there are many the terms that a client uses to refer to
in larger discussions about domestic additional obstacles this community themselves helps cultivate respect and
" violence, even though they experience faces, such as abusers manipulating openness, and creates trust. If you need
. it disproportionately for a minority clothing, hormones, and prosthetics clarity, ask. More often than not, it’s a
1 group. The LGBT community faces for control; withholding health care; sign of respect to ask for clarity about
many challenges when confronting verbal abuse specific to gender identity genderidentity labels and shows thatyou
domesticviolence,suchaslowreporting, and expression; and a lack of shelters want to be informed and respectful.Ask.
stigma and discrimination from service that house transgender individuals. appropriate and relevant questions, and
providers, and lack of resources for Furthermore, there is a lot of potential when asking questions about sensitive
support. Even more seldom discussed is for re-victimization due to high rates information, giveanexplanationforwhy
the alarming rate at which transgender of abuse and harassment from teachers, you need the information (so you’re not
individuals in particular experience heathcareproviders,andlawenforcement just asking a tough or overly personal
domestic violence. officials. What does this mean for the question out of the blue). Additionally,
The transgender community is rarely transgender community? There is an it is important to see the whole person
discussed when it comes to domestic increased risk of victims experiencing — not just their transgender status. If
violence. There are different findings post-traumatic stress disorder, increased they come in for services about domestic
around this issue, but they all paint hyper-vigilance(constantlookingoutfor violence, serve them for that issue! You
a grim picture. The Huffington Post potential danger), self-harm, addiction, don’t need to refer them to general or
(2014) reports on findings that one in two isolation, and many more issues (Office community transgender services; that
transgender people are victims of sexual for Vlctims of Crime). makes the assumption that they need
violence, and that often services to help As service providers, we can help end aid and support for their identity. Try to
5' survivors are more harmful than helpful. this vicious cycle. It can be intimidating, see the person holistically. When you
' The transgender community shares as there is a lot of complexity around encounter service-related questions or
1 issues, it’s also okay to askyour client, as
, - - - ' - , , , ' they have “knowledge and experience,
m ‘H_ L ' , i \\ ‘ v.',‘ "g" [which,] coupled with your professional
$ _ j ‘1'. '0 | , knowledge and skills, will result in a
' .I ~ . ‘ '1 “' ' t' .ll. respectful,workablesolution.”Finally, it
" i '1" i i I , ‘ ' r ' 3 I is keytomanageyourcuriosity aboutthe
“2% n: ,' "' ‘ - -
I! . ,' , .. , _ |_ communlty, and to focus on then needs
. '.\ A . ' 1 " :19“, and how you can serve them. Sometimes
' x: . ( » ‘ i_ ' - .' f people from minority communities are
p , a i ' ~ happy to educate service providers, but
a g M E3 T Ii V! a; E N i E this should only be done after you have
' ' . -‘- ' “.2 met their needs.

W ..M ,.., .... .—. ..
M ii ._ . . '
M M With A Cost.
By Chad Hundley
2015 Lexington Pride Festival Chair
As a volunteer for many years education, awareness, and public gfifilgr V i [91:45]“
for the LGBTQ... community services we provide. That could not be é'wgw : w ' (73%;; p .
here in Lexington and Kentucky, I more wrong! Our organizations need " m V! en“: , V
have seen what it costs for us to be to fight harder than ever to support, “if," W‘dfi " 3,,
free to show the public who we are educate, and bring awareness to the q?” “Jr‘i ‘ 31"” u
and how we deserve equality. Even public in order to maintain the gains E; (“7’5” -.
though many states now recognize we have made and not lose ground.
same sex marriages, we still have so I know this article is not as light- 0f your time to volunteer, if not for
much work to do besides marriage hearted as the Pride updates usually the GLSO’ then for one Of the other
equality. We still need a variety of are, but we need your help! The GLSO great organizations in the area.
laws passed, addressing issues such is the non—profit organization that With everyone’s contributions’
as adoption, hospital visitation, presents the Lexington Pride Festival we can expand our festival and the
transgender protection, and perhaps LEXINGTON programs that we offer to the many
most importantly, a statewide fairness peoplethatuseourcenterasasafehaven
law to ensure that every Kentuckian in to come to when they need help With
the Commonwealth has equal access ! a problem. My hope is that everyone
to jobs, housing, and services. 2015 reading this article will contribute at
Yes, we have come a long way in least $5 a month to the GLSO. If you
just a short time, but all of this has to over 20,000 individuals across do this, you will not only be helping ..
come with ahigh cost. Our non—profit the region. It is with support from the Lexington Pride Festival, but
organizations are continuously donations and contributions that the you will also be acknowledged as a t
running out of money because people GLSO has been able to provide many GLSO Donor on our website so that
think that the progress we have services to our community for over 37 everyone can see how PROUD you
made has lessened the need for the years. really are! Ialso invite you to visit the
Fig W!“ gag—3i? _. a; If you are saying, “Oh, no, this is a GLSO Pride Center, located at 389
. ”Sr, 1% t5; f ,3 cry for money!” you’re not wrong! Waller Ave., Suite 100, in Lexington,
" ~ ‘31, , j‘fl‘ With the holiday season upon us, if you haven’t already. I look forward
,_ _ : 1237-35,; 7 this is a great way to give back to to seeing each and every one of you
a?” i v the community. If you cannot give a soon. And remember, PRIDE does
"th little bit of money to the GLSO (all of come with a Cost!
which is tax deductible), please give 0

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71/1 49/7/21 R U ,4: I . ~. October Pride Sub-Committee Meetings
, wwwul ,\ M g 0 Not Pictured: IT/Website, October 8, 6:00 RM. @ Starbucks, 3101 Richmond Road
’jm fay... ’ y, tln" Top Lefi: LogisticsNendor-Liaison, October 8, 6:30 PM. @ Common Grounds Coffee House
I? . .' ’ __ E3 ' . Wmmw mo 11': Top Right: Advertising/Marketing/Merchandising, October 12, 3:00 RM. @ Coffea
V - _ . . ‘SMILLION :- g '_ . . a I Bottom Lefi: Fundraising, October 13, 7:00 RM. @ GLSO Pride Center
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