monument in honor of the great ornitholo-
gist was unveiled in the city of New York in
the presence of his granddaughters and a
large number of prominent people. The
monument is in the form of a runic cross, it
is twenty feet high and stands in Trinity
Church Cemetery over the spot where Audubon
and his sons lie buried, and within sight of his
old home on the Hudson.
  Here in New Orleans we have as yet only
our beautiful Audubon Park to perpetuate his
name; but, we trust, the day is not far distant
when among its grand old live oaks and near
the mighty river he loved, patriotic hands
will place a noble statue in bronze of the
Great Naturalist of Louisiana, a familiar figure,
as he was in life, in hunter's dress with dog
and gun by his side. Let it be the pride of
the women of New Orleans, with whom " to
will is to do," both to undertake and to ac-
complish this long-delayed tribute to the mem-
ory and genius of Audubon.