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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, June 2, 1885 - page 51

    The Board of Trustees of the Agricultural and Mechanical
College of Kentucky met in the office of Judge W. B. Kinkead
at 3 P. M. June 2nd, 1885 in annual session.

Present,                 W. B. Kinkead
                         P. P. Johnston
                         Phi lip Bird
                         L. J. Bradford
                         R. S. Bullock
                         J. M. Unthank
                         R. J. Spurr

     In the absence of his Excellency Governor J. Proctor
Knott, Ex Officio Chairman of the Board W. B. Kinkead was
appointed Chairman.

     The President of the College read his report and the
Reports of the Heads of the Departments.

     The Report of the Treasurer was then read. The special
feature of the report was a statement that the College is
now entirely free from debt, that all the obligations due
to Professors have been paid and that all notes due
contractors are settled.

     On motion Philip Bird and J. M. Unthank were appointed
a committee to examine and report upon the correctness of
the report of the Treasurer.

     On motion Dr. R. J. Spurr, Philip Bird and P. P.
Johnston were appointed a committee to carry out the
resolution of Philip Bird passed at the Annual Meeting   of
1884 relating to the application of surplus revenue of the
College to the purchase of land.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, June 2, 1885 - page 52

     On motion of Col. Bradford, Gentl. D. C. Buell was
appointed Trustee to fill the vacancy occasioned by the
death of Judge A. G. Rhea of Russellville, whose term of
office extended from January 10, 1882 to January 10, 1888.

     Judge W. B. Kinkead submitted a statement regarding
the necessities of the Normal School Department and substitute
certain changes in status thereto. After considerable dis-
cussion the matter was referred to the Executive Committee
with power to act.

     Messrs. Bird and Unthank asked leave to report on the
Report of the Treasurer. They reported as follows.

     1' We the committee appointed by the Board of Trustees
to examine the Report of Treasurer Bullock, beg leave to
report that we have examined the vouchers and compared them
with the statements made in the report of the Treasurer and
find them to agree in every particular."

                                        Philip Bird
                                        Jo M. Unthank

     Ordered that the services of J. W. Taylor as Instructor
in Latin and Greek be discontinued.

     Ordered that the salaries due Treasurer Bullock,
Professor Pence and Instructor Taylor and Thornbury be paid.

     The Minutes of the Faculty and of the Executive Committee
were submitted as required by law for the inspection of the
Board but were not examined before adjournment.



    All matters referred to in the Report of the President
of the College and not acted upon by the Board were
referred to the Executive.

     On motion of Maj. Johnston, authority to confer the
degrees of B. S. upon Messrs. Gordon, DeRoode, Gess, Thornbury,
and Scott and the degree of B. A. upon Mr. Lambuth was granted.
Also the degree of M. S. upon Messrs. Peters and Pence.

     On motion of Col. Bradford, President Patterson was
appointed to go to Washington and P. P. Johnston with R. P.
Spurr as attendants to attend the convention of delegates of
Agricultural Colleges called by the Commissioner of Agricul-
ture. The traveling expenses of these gentlemen to be
paid by the College.

     On motion resolved that the Ex. Com. be instructed to
examine the courses of study and distribution of labor with
a view to ascertain whether any modifications be required
and to make such changes as they may consider necessary, also
Resolved that it is the judgment of this Board that the Professor-
ship of the Normal Department should be equal dignity and pay
with any other in the colleges and that steps should be
taken to make it correspondingly efficient and that the
Executive Committee are instructed to carry out this view -

James K. Patterson                   W. B. Kinkead, Ch. Ex. Con.
   Assistant Secretary


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