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     Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board
of Trustees, University of Kentucky, March 5, 1946.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Unli-
versity of Kentucky met in the President's Office at 10:35 a.m.,
Tuesday, March 5, 1946.   The following members were present: Judge
Richard Co Stoll, Chairman; R. P. Hobson, J. C. Everett, H. D. Pal-
more and H. S. Cleveland.   President H. L. Donovan and Comptroller
Frank D, Peterson, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, were also

     A. Approv jal of Minutes.

     The minutes of the Executive Committee of February 15, 1946,
were approved as published,

     B. Report of Loss of Service Building by Fire.

     President Donovan reported to the Committee the loss by fire
of the Service Building located at the intersection of Limestone and
Upper Streets.

     The fire occurred on the night of February 15, 1946.   He report-
ed that the building And contents were insured with the State Fire
and Tornado Insurance Fund, Frrankfort, Ky., in the sum of
$2161875.00, and that the book value of the building and contents
was fixed at $380,780.32.   He stated that the Central Heating Plant,
by reason of the close proximity to the Service Building, received
minor darmage, and that the steam lines were slightly damaged.  He
reported that the damage to the Central Heating Plant and steam lines
was fully covered by insurances   He stated that the officers of the
Lexington Signal Depot had been most helpful and cooperative to the
University, and th-t four trucks had been lent to the Uni.versity,
which wore enabling the Service Department to carry on until we could
purchase used, new Or surplus Government trucks.  IMembers of the
Committee wore also informed that machinery and equipment destroyed
might be replaced by purchase of surplus machinery and equ.ipment from
the Government.

     Co Authorization and Plans for a New Service Building.

     President Donovan stated that he had given much thought to the
proper location of a new Service Building, and had gone into detailed
consideration of the problem.   He stated that he had come to the con-
clusion that the old site should be used, reducing the size of the
foundation if the new building from that of the old,   He further
stated that It was most essential that the building be constructed
as soon as pbssible, and recommended that plans and specifications
be prepared at once.   Members of the Committee discussed further
the question and took the following action:



            1. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               it was ordered that a four-story service
               building, including the lower level, be erect-
               ed on the former site of the Service Building,
               and that Ernst V, Johnson and William B. Brock,
               Architects Associated, be employed to design,
               plan, prepare specifications, and supervise
               the construction of the building, and President
               Donovan is authorized to sign contract with
               the architects.

     D. Proceedings Contract for Financing Proposed Buildings*

     President Donovan stated that the Board had authorized erection
of a Men's Dormitory, a Women's Dormitory, with a Central Food Unit
to serve all women's dormitories, and the new Service Building.   He
stated that it would be necessary to finance the erection of these
buildings through the issuance of Building Revenue Bonds.   He read
a communication from a group of brokers offering to do all things
necessary to issuance of Building Revenue Bonds, and making a commit-
ment to the University for the purchase of Building Revenue Bonds
which may be issued.   He read the following communication:

                                        Louisville, Kentucky
                                        February 25, 1946



          For some weeks we have discussed with President H. L.
     Donovan and Comptroller F, D. Peterson your proposed issue
     of revenue bonds to finance your building program.    We are
     advised that the total bonds to be issued will be for a min-
     imum of $800,000 and a maximum of 0l,500,000,that the bonds
     will mature serially in not to exceed 30 years; that the
     Board of Trustees does not propose to sell same until def-
     inite estimates of the cost of construction have been secured;
     and that as funds are needed the entire issue, or part of
     the issue, will be advertised  for sale as your Board of
     Trustees determines,



     We have heretofore urderwritten rovenue bonds for the
University of Kentucky, and arc convinced that your Board
of Trustees will not authorize the issuance, or publicly
sell any revenue bonds until such time as engineering,
architectural and financial advice has carefully been con-
sidered as well as reasonably accurate estimates of costs
have been secured and the projected revenues from the
buildings are more than ample to service the revenue bonds
to be issued.   Further that your Board of Trustees will
not publicly advertise and sell the bonds until contracts
have been let and contractors bonded guaranteeing completion
of the construction as of a given date.

     The investment dealers listed below have individually
and collectively Driven consideration to the financing end
of your project and make the following commitment, subject
to the action of your Executive Committee of your Board
of Trustees at its meeting March 5, 1946.

     WVe will cause to be prepared an issue of UNIVERSITY OF
KENTUCKY BUILDING- REVENUE BONDS in an amount not exceeding
$1,5O0,.OOO   The bonds shall mature serially beginning
three years from date of issue, and the final maturity date
shall be not more than thirty years.   The bonds shall bear
interest at not to exceed 2%.   The entire issue of bonds
to be noncallable for the first 5 years; callable at par plus
a premium of 3% if called after 5 years and within 10 years,
thereafter all outstanding bonds to be callable at par and
accrued interest.   In connection with the issuance of these
bonds we will pay all of the expenses incident thereto,
including the cost of preparing all of the necessary legal
documonts, printing of the bonds, cost of the approving legal
opinion, and cost of publicly advertising the issue or issues
for s al e.

     Te will assist the Board of Trustees in conducting the
public sale or sales and at such public soles we guarantee
to bid in the customary form a price equivalent to not less
than 102% for the bonds, carrying the maximum interest rate
as hercinbefore mentioned, providing such bonds are advertised
for sale within ninety days from this dateo   \.7hether or not
we are the successful bidder at such public sales we are to
be paid at the conclusion thereof and simultaneously with
dclivery of the bonds to the successful bidder, a sum equal
to 2% of the face amount of the bonds sold, and if the under-
signed fail to bid a minimum price as above provided such sum
is not to become due or be paid.

     We will work with the Board of Trustees in developing a
schedule of maturities such as the projected revenues will
service, such schedule of maturities to be acceptable to the
Board of Trustees and the undersigned.



         It will be provided in the advertised notices of sale
    that all bidders shall have the right to name their own
    coupon rate or rates in multiples of five hundredths of 1i&
    The bonds will be wideiy advertised and through this manner
    of permitting bidders to fix coupon rates the Board of
    Trustees will be assured of securing the lowest possible
    interest rate.

         Should the bonds not be publicly advertised and sold
    within 90 days the undersigned are to have the right to
    exte'nd its commitment to the Board of Trustees prior to.
    the expiration of the 90-day period for 30 days additional.
    In like manner the undersigned shall have the right to
    extend for additional 30-day periods their commitment to
    the University over a period of six months, and if at any
    time for any reason said cormitment is not extended by the
    undersigned then in that event your Board of Trustees will
    be under no obligation for reimbursement of any expenses
    incurred and shall be free to cnter into other contracts
    with the undersigned, or any of thaem, or anyone else.

         This proposal contemplates assisting your Board of
    Trustees in developing the best plan for financing through
    the issuance of revenue bonds your building program, and
    securing for you at the time the bonds are sold the lowest
    possible rate or rates of interest available in the market
    for your bonds at the time same are publicly advertised
    for sale.

                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                    The Bmnkers Bond Co.
                                    Security & Bond Company
                                    J. D. Van Hooser & Co.
                                    J. J. B. Hilliard & Son
                                    Stein Bros. & Boyce
                                    Fox, Rousch & Coo
                                    Almatedt Brothers
                                    Edward G. Taylor & Co.

                                    By   Thomas Graha

     Members of the Committee discussed the proposal submitted by
the group of brokers, and took the following action:



                         * * ** * * * * *

            2. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the Centract Proposal, as submitted by The
               Bankers Bond Company; Security & Bond Company;
               J. D. Van Hooser & Co.; J.J.B. Hilliard &.Son;
               Stein Bros. & Boyce; Fox, Reusch & Co.; Alm-
               stedt Brothers; and Edward G. Taylor & Co.
               and signed on behalf of the brokers by Thomas
               Graham, dated February 25, 1946, is accepted
               and approved, and President Donovan is au-
               thorized to sign the Proceedings Contract on
               behalf of the University of Kentucky.
                         * * ** * * * * *

     E. Budget Changes Authorized.

     President Donovan submitted a list of budget increases which
he stated had been necessary to approve since the last Board meeting
and recommended that the increases be authorized.    The Committee
took note of the increases and took the following action:

                         * * * * * * * * * *

            3. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the
               budget increases recommended are authorized and
               approved and the Comptroller is directed to trans-
               fer from the unappropriated surplus of the Uni-
               versity funds to the appropriate departments the
               amount indicated, and a copy of the detailed
               budget increases be filed with the Secretary of
               the Board.
                         * * * * * * * * * *

     F. Agreement Form to Be Used for Making Contracts between the
Experiment Station and Farmerss

     President Donovan presented a letter from Dean Cooper* and Agree-
ment Farm which he wished to use in making contracts with farmers to
do certain experimental work.   He read the following letter!



                                        February 22, 1946

     President He Li Donovan
     University of Kentucky

     Dear President Donovan:

               I am enclosing copy of a proposed agreement
     to be made by the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Sta-
     tion with certain cooperating farmers, for the growing
     of crops for experimental purposes.   As I understand
     from the rules, it is necessary that this agreement be
     approved before we enter into it.   I shall appreciate it
     if you will present this to the proper authority.

                                      Sincerely yours,

                                      (Signed) Thomas Cooper
                                              Dean and Director

     The Committee took the following action;

            4. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the Form of Agreement is approved, and Dean
               Cooper is authorized to enter into contracts
               with cooperating farmers for experimental
               work deemed necessary by the Director of the
               Experiment Station, and he is to submit to
               the Board of Trustees each agreement so signed.
                         * * * * * * * * * *.

     G. Gifts,

            a. From The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundations

     President Donovan stated that he was pleased to report a gift of
?2500 from The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation for a scholarship
fund, and read the following letter:


                        New York

                                    February 21, 1946

University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

Attention of Mr. T. T. Jones

Dear Sirs:-

     Your letter of February 11th was received.   Our
Board of Trustees have considered your suggestion to in-
crease the Algernon Sydney Sullivan scholarship fund this
year to $2,500. and it is my pleasure to inform you that
the increase has been authorized.

     Accordingly, I am now enclosing herewith check of
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation to the order of
the University of Kentucky for Q2,000. which, with the sum
of $500. forwarded to you last December, will constitute
a scholarship fund of @2,500. for this scholastic year.
This fund is, of course, to be administered by you in ac-
cordance with the terms of The Algernon Sydney Sullivan
Foundation estabished deed of trust dated November 5, 1937.

     We are indeed gratified to have your assurance that
the Foundation's scholarship fund serves a genuine need.

                                    Very truly yours,

                              (Signed) William E. Bnrdusch



                                   February 25, 1946

Lr. ,William E. Bardusch, President
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation
63 Wv'all Street
Newi'" 'York, N.Y*

My dear Mr. Bardusch:

     Dean T. T. Jones has just brought to me your check
for $2,000 made payable to the University of KentuckyJ
for the purpose of increasing the Algernon Sydney Sulli-
van scholarship fund to the sum of $2,500 for this year.

     May I express to you the appreciation of the Board
of Trustees and the administration of the University of
Kentucky for this very generous gift?  It will mean much
to a number of young people who are striving to secure a
higher education.  17e shall endeavor to see that 'those
who are the beneficiaries of your scholarships are worthy
in every respect of this aid.   Thie Alge;rnon Sydney Sulli-
van Foundation has done much to contribute to the intolloc-
tual and. cultural life o:' our region.

                                   Cordially yours,

                                   (Signed) H. L. Donovan

                    * ** ** * ** **

       5. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
          the iAft of $2500 for scholarship fund, from
          The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation is
          authorized accepted and the President is di-
          rected to write a letter of appreciation for
          such a generotts gift to the President of the
          Foundation on behalf of the University of
                     * * * * * * * * * *



    b. From the General Education Board.

    President Donovan reported to the Committee a gift of $2000
from the General Education Board to be used for expenses in con-
nection with a "Workshop on resource-use education to be held during
the summer of 194611. He read the following letter:

                     GENERAL EDUCATI0IE BOARD
                              New York

                                             February 21, 1946

    My dear President Donovan:

               I am pleased to inform you that the General
    Education Board has made available to the University of
    Kentucky the sum of Q2,o00, or as much thereof as may
    be necessary, toward a workshop on resource-use education
    to be hold during the summer of 1943.

              The grant was authorized pursuant to the letter
    of request dated December 15th from Dean William S. Taylor,
    which I assume had your approval.   it was noted that the
    University will contribute a like sum toward the expenses
    of the workshop.

              Please let us have a copy of the budget for the
    workshop md inform us when it will be held.   Will you also
    indicate how payment of the grant is desired? Shortly after
    the close of the workshop we shall require a statement of
    income and expenditures.   The termination date of the
    grant is December 31, 1946, and any part remaininv unused
    on that date will tevert to the Board.

                                             Sincerely yours,

                                          (Signed)  W. W. Brierley
    President H. L. Donovan
    University of Kentuclky
    Lexington 29, Kentucky.



                                      February 25, 1946

    Mr. W. W. Brierley, Secretary
    General Education Board
    49 West 49th Street
    New York 20, N.Y.

    My dear YMr. Brierley:

          May I express the appreciation of the Board of
    Trustees and the administration of the University of
    Kentucky for the grant in the sum of $2,000, or such
    part thereof as may be necessary, toward a workshop on
    resource-use education to be held during the summer of
    1946.   I know Dean Taylor will be delighted to receive
    this grant.   I shall request him to send you a copy
    of the budget for the workshop, as per your request,
    also to indicate how and when the grant is desired.

          The Comptroller of the University will administer
     this grant in acardance with the request set forth in
     your letter.

                                      Cordia-lly yours,

                                      H. L. Donovan

            6. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the gift of $2000 from the General Education
               Board is authorized accepted, and the President
               is directed to write a letter of appreciation
               to the General Education Board on behalf of
               the University of Kentucky.

     H. Recess for Lumcheon.

     The Executive Committee, at 12:30 pam., recessed for luncheon,
which was served in the office of the President, and again returned
to the business on the agenda at 1;23 p.m.


     I. Purchase of Pre-Fabricated Houses.

     President Donovan stated that he had invited 11r. Jack Bryan,
Director of the local Federal Housing project, to be present to dis-
cuss the Federal Housing program.  He reported to the Committee that
the University had an option in regard to the first 200 pre-fabricat-
ed houses secured from the Charleston housing project, with the ap-
proval of the Federal government.

          (1) The 200 houses could be purchased outright by the Uni-
versity for sl per house, and the University bear all costs incident
to movingly re-erecting and establishing the project for the 200
houses on the Lexington site.

          (2) The University could receive the 200 houses and permit
them to remain the property of the Federal government and to be op-
orated under a project management plan under the supervision of the
Federal Government, the houses to be leased in accordance with Fed-
eral regulations.   The University would -receive partial rcimburse-
ment from the Federal government for the expenses incidental to
moving and erecting houses on foundation.   However, the University
would not be able to recover any capital investment made on the
project from University funds.

     fr. Bryan discussed the matter and answered various questions,
and after a full discussion, the Committee took the following action!

            7. Upon motion made, seconded and carried, the
               Comptroller is authorized to purchase the
               first 200 pre-fabricated houses received from
               the Government ifor $1 each and take title to

     J. Commendation of Mr. Jack Bryan.

            8e Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the Director of the local Pu'blic Housing
               projc t is thanked for his help in securing
               Federal surplus houses for the University
               of Kentucky, and for his assistance in dealing
               with and working out arrangements with Federal

                         * ** ** * * ** *




     K. Resolution Sent to Mr. Wilson Wyatt.

     Whereas there is at this time a study being made conmerning
housing shortage throughout the country, and new Federal housing is
being studied, and whereas there is an acute housing shortage in all
colleges and universities throughout the country, which shortage will
become more acute unless some action is taken by the Federal govern-

     NOW, REIkEFORE, be it resolved that Mr. Wilson Wyatt be asked
on behalf of the University of Kentucky, and other universities
throughout the country, to see that some provision is inserted in any
new legislation, which may be submitted to Congress, to provide a
priority for dormitory housing materials in the erection of any dormi-
tories to alleviate the housing shortage for students attending col-
leges and universities.

            9. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the above resolution is ordered spread upon
               the minutes and copy sent to Mr. Wilson Wyatt,
               Federal Housing Expediter.

    Le Appointments and Other Staff Cbng~ese

    President Donovan submitted staff appointments, reappointments,
salary adjustments, leaves of absence, resignations, promotions and
other staff changes requested by deans and heads of departments.

                   College of Arts and Sciences


     G. L. Tiller, Instructor in the Department of Mathematics and
Astronomy, April, May and June, 1946, effective April 1l

     Merton England, Instructor in History, effective March 20, 1946,
to replace an instructor on leave.

     John L. Rezatto, as Instructor in Voice, effective February
11, 1946, to July 1, 1946.

     Maona S. Eaves, Librarian-Secretary in the Department of Libra-
ry Science, on temporary appointment, effective February 16, 1946.
     Ruth Theobald Young, Instructor in Library Science, for the
Spring Quarter, effective March 25, 1946, Mrs. Young will substitute
for Miss Azile Wofford, who will be on leave for the Spring Quarter.


    Harry C. Lancaster, Instructor in Physical Education, for
April, May and June, effective April 1, 1946.

    Joseph A. Bryant, Instructor in English, for April, May and
June, effective April 1, 1946.

    J. C. Eaves, Instructor in Mathematics and Astronomy* for April,
May and June, effective April 1, 1946.

    Barbara Shipp, part-time secretary in the Department of Journal-
ism, for the month of March.  Miss Shipp is employed because of the
illness of Miss Geary.

    Amp Frank Hicks, student assistant in the Department of Zool-
ogy, for April, May and June, effective April 1, 1946.

Correction in the minutes of January 19, 1946.

    The appointment of Marion Naff, graduate assistant in the De-
partment of Chemistry, should have read for the period January
through June, 1946, instead of for the months of January, February
and March.

Leave of Absence

     David R. Lincicome, Instructor in Zoology, has returned from
military leave of absence, and is reinstated in his position,
offective March 26 through June, 1946.


    Louise Wallace, Librarian-Secretary in the Department of Libra-
ry Science, effective February 15, 1946.

     Constance Sims Goldberg, Secretary in the Department of Bacteri-
ology, effective March 1a 1946.

             College of Agriculture and Home Economics


     James E. Wright, Assistant County Agent, Fayette County (orien-
tation), effective February 5 to June 30, 1946.

     Josiah E. Anderson, Field Agent in Farm Labor, effective March
1 to December 31, 1946.   Mr. Anderson.. resigned and is re-entering
Extension Service.

     William M. Pryor, Field Agent in Farm Labor, effective February
14, to November 30, 19469



     Eyla Collis, Field Agent in Farmr Labor, effective February 13,
to April 30, 1946.

     William L. Costel, Field Agent in Farm Labor, effective Februar:
18 to April 30, 1946.

     Frances GX White, Assistant Home Demonstration Agent in Chris-
tian County, effective March 1 to June 30, 1946.

     Clyde M. Richardson, Senior Assistant County agent, Fayte
County (orientation), effective February 19 to June 30, 1946.  Mr.
Richardson resigned to enter military service and is re-entering Ex-
tension work.

     Estil Noffsinger, County Agent, Fayette County (orientation),
effective February 15 to June 30, 1946.  1Mr. Noffsinger is re-enter-
ing work after resigning to enter military service.

     Christine Beasley, Stenographer in the Department of Farm Labor,
effective February 25, 1943.

     Roy Haynes Hunt, Assistant in Radio and Exhibits, effective
January 28, 1946.   Mr. Hunt is to fill the position left vacant by
the resignation on Mr. Brewer.

     Lawrence M1iller, Fire Warden and Lookout, Robinson Substation,
effective February 1, 1946.   Mr. Miller replaces Greenberry Size-
morf, rsigned.


     James Ilaurice Drake, Assistant County Agent, has been trans-
ferred to 4-H Club work as Field Agent in Club Cork, effobtive
March 1, 1946.

     Henry Corley Brown, Field Agent in Club Wfork, transferred to
Jefferson County as Associate County Agent, effective February 28,

Leaves of Absence

     H. Grady Sellards, Field Agent in Animal Husbandry, has re-
turned from military leave, and has been re-instated in. his former
position, effective !Mearch 10 1946.

     William Charles McClure, County agent, has returned from mili-
tary leave, and has been re-instated in the Extension Services Fay-
ette County (orientation), effective February 15 to June 30, 1946.

     George D. Corder, County Agent, has returned from military
service and has been re-instated in the Extension Service, Fayette
County (orientation), effective March 1 to June 30, 1946.



     D. 77. Bruner, Associate Bacteriologist, promoted to Virologist,
Experiment Station, eff'ective February 1, 1946.  Dr. Bruner has
returned from military leave and has bcen re-instated in the service
of the aEperiment Station.

~Ja ry AdJlus t m e nts

     Ellsworth W, Kesle?, Field Agent in Farm Labor, salary adjust-
ment, effective March 1, 1946.

     Elmer C. Alexander, Field Agent in Farm Labor, adjustment in
stallary, effective l-4rch 1, 1946.-

     Lois Wlagner, Clerk, Administration, adjustment in salary, be-
cause of part-time employment.


     Geanevicv  Gee, Home Domors tration Agent in Jossaminc County,
effective February 23, 1946.

     Henry A, Quiscnberry, associn.te County :ient, Jeffcrson County,
effe ctive February 28, 1946.

     Frances Ray Arnold, Stonographer, effective February 28, 1946.

                   Office of the Dea.n of Women


     Ervargaret Bruce Cruise, assistant to the Dean of Women, effec-
tive Fobruary 18, 1946.   Mios Cruis; succeeds iMiss iviargaret OCon-
nell, resil.;ned.

               Ocfice of the Dean of the Univorsity


     Ethel S. Rix, secretary, effective February 25, 1946.    Mr s
Rix succeeds Mrs. Price, resigned.

                    Uirsit     H      Service

Resi rnri tion

     Dr. Robert J. Griffins Physicianr effective February 18, 1946.
Dr. Griffin resig'ned to enter private practice,



          Depatrtment of Business Management and Control


     John Hennessey, senior account clerks Purchases and Storest ef-
lective February 18, 1945.

Post Orfice

Leave of Absence

     Adrain Bradshaw, clerk-carrier, returned from military leave
of absence, is reinstated in his former position, effective March
1, 1946.


     Edmund Smith, mail carrier, effective February 28, 1946.

           Division of Maintencace and Operations


     Sally King Denny, Clerk-Stenographer, effective February 1,
1946.   Miss Denny replaces Lars. Helen Scully, resigned.

     Joanne R.. Gaskins, relief telephone operator and typist, ef-
fective February 1, 1946.

     Raymond Pelfroy, policeman, effective February 7, 1946p

                          Botanic Garden


     Irby S. Jones, superintendent of the garden, effective February
14, 1946.

                          * ** * * ** ** *

            10. It is moved, seconded and carried, that on
                President Donovan's recommendation, the
                above appointments, reappointmonts, salary
                adjustments, leaves of absence, resignations,
                promotions and other staff changes be con-
                curred in and record made in the minutes.

* * * * * * * * * *



M. Ad cournment

                    * * * *.** * * * *

       11i. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carrieds
           the Executive Committee adjourned at 3:15
                    * * *** * * ** *

                                       Frank Di Peterson
                                       Secretatry, Executive
                                       Board of Trustees