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Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, December 8, 1978, no. 254 text The Green Bean, December 8, 1978, no. 254 1978 2014 true xt7qjq0ss912 section xt7qjq0ss912 -·; E   ; ?     ® R E E N     `` l:· ’        
,12/8/78 5   NO. 25M
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8 December ~ Administrative Council, 8:30 am, Patterson Office
Tower, 18th floor, Rooms F—G.
8 December ~ The Gallery Series ~ Baroque Music for Violin and
I Harpsichord. ,
_ 15 December —·—· Library Staff Organization Luncheon A
15 December ~ Medical Center Christmas Party I
Current Exhibits: VHenrik Ibsen Sesquicentennial anniversary, King
. South, Lobby,
. It · · [ , A ‘
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Contributors to this issue: Pat Boyle, Jean Robinscu, Larry Greenwood,
Susan Csaky, Rebekah Harleston (editor), Rhoda Channing, Faith Harders,
‘ Bill Bull.

 - 2 -
Henrik Ibsen
This is the Jubilee year marking the l50th anniversary of the birth
of Henrik Ibsen. There have been a series of events all over Norway,
throughout the year, aimed at encouraging as many as possible to
discover for themselves that Ibsen's writings are as relevent today
as they were when they were first published.
The Norwegian Information Service has made available a series of
fifteen posters commemorating various aspects of Ibsen's life and
work. The collection is on display in the lobby of the M. I. King
South library through December.
In the spring semester the UK English Department will offer a course
on "The Drama of Ibsen and Strindberg."
Business and Economics Library
The Business and Economics Library Users' Survey was undertaken in an
effort to test certain policies of the Library against user prefer-
ences, and to determine sources of frustration which might be
remediable. The survey had only 9 questions. We received only 89
replies, but clear trends emerged. Fewer than l/4 of our respondents
- smoke in the Library, and most of our patrons object to smoking. As
a result we no longer permit smoking. In asking about the use of the
Library after l0 pm and ll pm we learned that a majority of the
respondents use the Library after l0 pm but that attendance drops off
sharply after ll pm. We are not planning to shorten hours at this
time. Saturday hours came in for some questioning when it was
observed that some branches were open in the morning and others in the
Business Library users clearly preferred the afternoon hours, but in
the minority opinion almost half the replies were indications that the
Library should be open both morning and afternoon. In answer to other
questions, the overwhelming majority had found trouble finding a place
to sit, and our users stated, by a margin of 4-l, that the Library was
quiet enough so that they could concentrate.
Perhaps the most interesting responses came to the last, open—ended
question. Users were asked to list their biggest source of frustra-
tion in the Library. In order of frequency of mention they complained
of: lack of space and seating, copier noise, noise in general,
including typing, smoking in the Library, the brevity of the weekend
hours, heat and stuffiness in the room, the split collection and lack
of all relevant materials in one place, difficulty in locating materials
Each of the following was mentioned once: availability and working
order of the reader—printer, long lines for copier, stolen materials,
dirty photocopies, and uncertainty about what our holdings were. We
have ordered signs announcing our no smoking policy, and asking for
silence. We have a new serial printout to help our patrons to know
and find our holdings. The photocopier has been serviced with some
improvement in the quality of copies. In short, we have tried to antic-
ipate and respond to user preferences and problems. Of course the

 ' .-5,-
` major problem is one we are powerless to solve: the space problem.
The survey was useful and will probably be repeated in altered form
every few years.
Closing the Card Catalog Task Force Q l
The Closing the Card Catalog Task Force has just returned from the A
Library Information Technology Association's "Closing the Card
— Catalog Institute." For your convenience we have tapes for most of
the sessions. Those not taped have appropriate notes. A list of the
topics and speakers with short annotations of the talks are available
in the AIDS/Media unit for listening or reading by all interested
United Way
I would like to extend my personal thanks to the Library staff for
again showing that it is a concerned and generous group. We
increased our gift this year by nearly l0 percent. The annual
,appreciation coffee for the Library staff will be held as soon as we
receive the official results from the Vice President's office. In
the meantime the Academic Affairs Division is trying to reach the
goal for this year. An additional $8,000 is needed. If anyone was
missed in the earlier campaign, there is still an opportunity to
participate. Call John Bryant (7-3801) for information.
V - John Bryant
Have a Merry Christmaswfarty V _
The Library Staff Organization will have its annual Christmas party
_ in the old Rare Book Room at ll:30 on the fifteenth. If you haven't
already told Emily Lihani what kind of dish you plan to bring, let her
know as soon as possible (Engineering Library 8~2965).
Have a Merrier Christmas
This year, give a helping hand to others. Bring a toy, wrapped and
tagged for a needy child in the community.
Again this year, please fill the gaily decorated money box in each _
department and branch. This will help to buy a small gift for every
child who spends Christmas in the Medical Center Hospital. Give
enough and it might even stretch itself for a homesick adult.
(Joyce Turner, Acquisitions, 7-3811).
Medical Center Library_Seasonal Celebration
The staff will have its Christmas party in the Dean‘s Conference Room.
Christmas is Almost Here & Today We Heard of a Real Need
The Florence Crittenton Home for new mothers and babies needs are
great. These girls stay at the home for 6 months. They learn to care
for their baby and find a job.
This is a new project and all the girls are from foster homes or
adopted and they have no one to turn to. This means they will not have

 I _ N.
— a Christmas unless someone helps. So if you are interested in helping;
they need baby clothes, baby beds, play pens, or any baby item. If
you would like to give money we can buy diapers, powder, etc. The
mothers could use some help too.
There will be a box at Jean Robinson's desk if you would like to help.
Rita Tongate, one of our former employees, is now the Director of this
» home and we would like to give her a helping hand.
Tag Frye, Suzanne O'Neil1, Janet Stith, and Barbara Lucas will be in
Cincinnati this Thursday and Friday attending the annual meeting on
MEDLINE update.
Bernie Baldini has returned from New Orleans where she attended a `
meeting on the closing of the LC catalog.
_Janet Stith and Sara Leech will be in attendance at a continuing
discussion of interactions between KENCLIP and the KOMRAIL region.
Watch for information on a workshop on the use of census data.
Librarians in Print ·
Librarians ABOUT—TO-BE in print.
LT I (nights) · Circulation
LT III — Education Library. If interested, see Faith Harders by
December 13.
Audio/visual librarian, UK Medical Center.
Administrative Secretary, Grade 19, Medical Center Library. If
interested, call Sara Leech, 3-5726.
The Reclassification Unit needs extra student hours during the
semester break. We will give those interested as much as 40 hours
per week from Tuesday, Jan. 2 through Friday, Jan. 12. We are
especially interested in students already on the library payroll who
would like extra hours during the holidays——at the new $2.15 pay rate.
Anyone interested should see Joan Gatewood, Reclassification Unit,
Social Sciences Bibliographer, University of Alabama. Salary: $12,00+.
Available: immediately. Deadline: January 31, 1979.
Assistant Librarian, Planning & Development, University of California,
Riverside. Salary: $22,000-$36,000. Available: April 1979.
Head, Catalog Department, Southern Illinois University. Salary:
$20,000 minimum. Deadline: January 31, 1979.
, Director, Carbondale Public Library, Illinois. Salary: $12,928-$17,725.
‘ Deadline: January 1, 1979.