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  Scope and Contents

Includes biographical clipping.

section false xt7qjq0stw34_1954 xt7qjq0stw34 .é’flflf/ T II E %//2/. Gmtlmzmz’s Magazine, AND Hifiorical Chronicle. V0 LUME XXXIII. For the Y E A R M.DCC.LXIII. I"?in?!'4':-7iniifz‘iifliéfiiléiléfiéfiéifiifi si‘FM-Z'iérlé‘fi #iflfiflfifiiflW‘fiW‘fikkfi-fihiyfim a; .~ I; wuwwu :55 21%“ ‘ 2“ M-M-c-a-M-z-H scan-3mm” W1" § PROMISE: 65‘ Dthcrsz M‘ -g\ I Pvamus UNUM. ‘ A‘ “we ,.~.+~..;.+ +'-M H mm; , 3 \ #:MM-z-ww-a-ww aim Mix-5 ElsiiéI-H-Zfii-I‘fi-E‘HéWEfiRifiT-z-ZMW-iFfiiéfiéifi‘fiéfiiifiififlémififiiéfifiéHit-5334551}:Ft-ZT-fififiw By SYLVANUS URBAN, Gem. fl W+P+'¢v+£-+ 5&‘5'19405'17-3-1957-531-331-{2 ~59:- T-l-i 2-:1‘5‘.‘ ‘2‘5‘4fiéiéI-Ei'li‘ii4‘ifs‘fi fi'dk'Md'QK-MQEMH L O N D O N : Printed for D. HENRY and R. CAVE, at ST JOHN’S GATE. To .717‘ U R B A N, m WNW/rating Vol.1} M F. XXXlll. of 1/12” GENTLENIAN'S NIAGAZINIC. ‘M: really in thc grcttrtl Dit‘trcfs, Mr URBAN, about the VCIlt’S thin Ygur; E \Vhy, Sir, it lliFJl'tiS no Sui i;€t oi Giirl, oi joy, :is I know or, or How, “15¢“- : 'l he \‘v' 'is (th', lintl the Pt: c has bent tliicutk‘d, us you Vtfly wcli know, ‘v, \Vinc, Gin, Porter, and Tobacco, :i lung 'J‘iinc Ago: your MAGAZI NE, Mr URBAN, is ftill tillcd with Ti'czilin’ts, But this you have told the \led often, in itll )Ictrcs :ind hicuiurts; You 111.1"; 5 ,, your BOOK for cvcr with Wit and Learning, hut )u: You‘ll allow, :1ltcr all, that tht-y’tc (till only Lcnrning :intl \Vit; I itaziii tell you, in (hurt, that without ionicthing c1lbntinlly nt-w, Aiit‘l‘ thrcc and thirty chrs, Longx‘rttulzuory Vcrl‘t; can “LVLT (lo. ’I‘hcic's \ViLKEs, indeed, the Owner of the Book that was tlole, thc ESSAY \VoMAN 05:, He‘s now, yc?» ltirt-ly, :is SAWNEY fiiyr, “ Hos .1 PhiL‘uomcnon 3“ But then you mutt grant, he (no b: no llcro in Form or Play, chut‘c :iticrztll hie l‘colzling and fighting, you know hc‘s run away : "I‘is Pity, {or to be lurc 1hr VVorltl nc‘ui liiw his Like in publick Spirit, Except honelt KIDGEL1., and he too fullbrk‘, O ‘, Grit-f ot~ Grids ! {or his chrit’. It he flioultl go off. lumult: I"()O‘AS litL'ti‘, and litle Boys halloo! Ah '. poor old LNGLAM) Y—if now Liberty's run It-JI)’ Religion {houltl follow 2—— Th: wry 'I‘hought fright: ”it“, ‘ti~; Uit'rtt'r, upon Dillrcl‘s, ‘tis V\'oc upon “'00, 0‘. \ViLKEs :iiitlLIi;i:t1’1't! Klimt Li. and RELIGION! 0! Ah ‘—Ah'. 0' But upon my \Vonl I‘m vcry thoughtlel) now I icflcé‘t Yes, than: is :m Evcnt, great indeed beyond rill I could cxpcft ; A noble Alliance, :1 Prince and Printers, the lH'LtVC and the Fair; A Man may live to the ;\gt of lVlETHUSALEM and not {be tiich :1 Pair : But ‘tis too late, and firm; I have been 12, ziblént and fillpll], I‘ll c‘cn leave them in bcttcr Planck, tholc of Altai: IT and CUPXD : I‘v’ly “fill is good, Ftlr Ut‘.13.’s.‘€,l)oili to thtm and to you, "Ii; unlucky; but w:'ic :tll fornctinus l‘r:1’;ctliill..—_Adiqu'