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Let us pause for a minute or two on this last Journey
with all that retains of our friend on earth.

hr Bazire was only 59. Another victim of the Great War.
You have read his DIOglaphy with all his awards and decor—
ations elsewhere. There is no need to recall that to your

We .ethodist pinisters live under a constant disadvan-
tage — we never remain in one Church long enough to be able
to really get to know the various intriesting personalities
in our vicinity as we would like to know then. It took longer
than 2% years to know hr Bagire, but it only took me one
visit to be greatly attracted. he was unlike everybody else
I knew. his personality was distinctive, it was unique.

he was for 22 years Private Secretary to Lord moulton.
I hed to find that out for myself ~ he did not tell me.
Mr Bazire was a scholar. He knew much — but how delightful he
Was with all his knowledge. he was so unassuming — he neither
reminded you of his learning, nor yourself of your ign

He was very proud to belong to the Savage Club. It was
surely reciprocal. Yet he wns no "Savage" — a most courtly,
hospitable, warm~hearted, gracious Gentleman. It was a sheer
delight to drop in to tea. he could never explain to m
satisfaction why he belonged to the Savage Club.

The Scouts, too, had his unstinting loyalty. You know
more of that, for his interests ran over Many years. It is
fitting that you a.e taking pa‘t to—day. Yen have lest a
loyalist, your strong champion.

I lo e that little story, so typical of our friend:
"nether, pr Smith is coming in to dinner on Ehursday — hive
him a good one; it Jay be a long time before he bets another?
and all of us WHO know that most br: how she
loved to respond. Our thoughts ‘n u» , ‘ ., '. and

prayers go forth for her and hers in all ays.

Jay the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, The Comforter,
be with us all eVGrnore.