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Peal accession no. 7940d.

section false xt7qjq0stw34_3810 xt7qjq0stw34 OLD TOKEFI ELD, CRAN LEIGH, SURREY. December 5th, 1928. My dear Ralph, many thanks for your note, cheques, accounts, and statements. I am interested at getting so much nmre from.D.D.% on account of 'Lucklings' than I expected. I only hope We shall not find them deducting Lost of it from subsequent accounts ac ’overpaid royalties.’ A: to the Hutdhinson accounts, there are one or two things that range my curiosity. I'll just mention them, yin case you are ahle to tell me anything. - ‘ - ‘,y ;l SUMMER STORM. I thought they had remaindered the balance of the original edition; yet there are FOOOV cepies in the present account, with 8 copies remaindered. In this a re- print9 If so, it may he a 35. Ed. edition9 YQUNG FELIX. 39 copies are given as 'on hand' I presume these belong to the no. Ed. edition. I thought this had been printed specially as a 35. 66. edition. was it simply :a binding up of the balance of the 73. 6d. edition?fqu there was a special printing for 5ek_6d., have they really solo it 1 a119\_‘_=_. - ~ - y = ~ HALF~CROWN EDITION generally. I am pleased to see that a few copies of this have been sold. But it seems to me that they might sell more copies if any readers of my hooks were aWare of the exietenoe of a halfaorOWn edition. For example, there was no mention on the dustacover of 'A Brood of Ducklinge' that the edition existed, and I never see any advertisement.of the edition such as other publishers frequently insert when they are 1esuing a new hook by an author. When we were recently up in the north, I mentioned to the Literary editor of 'The man- cheater Guardian’ (a Swinnerton enthusiast) that the edition had been published. He was surprieed, and said ’We haven't had it'. I said 'NO‘ for some reason hutchinsone did not send at all to the press.‘ He said 'Pity.' Well, I don't like inseing, and it is Hutchinsone' business; hut i do think an effort might be made to bring the hooks to the notice of those who like nw'hooks. After all, there must he larger numbers than those we have had returned to us (as sales) who would huy and who would give the hooks. I am not taking the Author% point of View; but anxthinking of what I ghould have done at Chattos, supposing the firm had reissued ten novels in a uniform style. Don't make a fuss With Wally about this: it isn't worth it. But if one day you are talking amicahly with him the matter might perhaps he mentioned incidentally. He will no doubt shortly be issuing 'Nocturne' in this form; and it would be a good opportunity to raise the point. I ymy exeg— aerate the importance of an occasional advertisement; and Wally would probably be able to say that the set Was travelled and in~ cluded in trade lists and so on. However, what I am after is I think, that Whereas uniform efiitions of Walpole, Lawrence, ana others get advertieed in ’The Times Literary Supplement,’ no effort seems to be made to impress the public with my own work in bulk. I do not wish to 1ngt1tute comparisons with the two men I have named (they could not he sustained); but I think some- thing might be done to suggest to the world that after all I am in existence. See what I mean? Yours ever, J. Ralph Pinker, Esq. I return the accounts herewith; but have kept the cheques.