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Peal accession no. 9044d.

section false xt7qjq0stw34_4029 xt7qjq0stw34 WHOM THE GODS LOVE "The Flower of England perished in this War" I Shall we then downcast fare with mournful eyes, Wear veils of Cyprus, swaths ourselves in black, Because those high-hearted Venturers came not back To homely solace, from their great emprise! Shall we, made small by sorrow, send regret To dog their radiant course, who now are eped On errands of immortality and fled Beyond our finitude of toil and fret? Shall we not rather, knowing them so far From all that racks us,— safe from grief and time's Intolerable familiarities With tme shuddering flesh and spirit — like a star Of gladness set their memory that sublimes All sorrow, in our night of agonies. II For could they choose, be sure they'd not return! Nor love, nor fame could lure them who have lnown The ravishment of the Spirit gladly blown By winds of perilous purpose to the bourne of wild, exultant, ultimate escape, From beggaring Life, and Death's largesse have taken, In glory of youth, in Splendour of wills unshaken, These rode down time and left Old Age a-gape. Think you they would come back, they who have wrung The honey and gall from life in one great hour? Who have been given the Freedom of God's City? Triumphant be their dirge who were the flower Of mourning England — Shame them not with pity. Whom the Gods love die young: — die young: — die young: Amelie Rives (Princess Troubetzkoy) 7th August 1917