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Kentucky Presidential Primary To Be Held May 22 '
On Tuesday, May 27, Kentucky will and tax-deductible status. The Fed-
conduct its Presidential primary. eral Communications Commission has or-
Persons who are registered with either dered broadcasters to take into ac-
~ the Democratic or Republican parties count the views and concerns of all
will be eligible to vote in their re— "significant" minority groups within
spective party's primary. Independent their broadcast areas - including gay
voters are not eligible to partici- people. The Federal Bureau of Prisons
pate. The major candidates in the will now permit prisoners to receive -
Democratic primary will be Jimmy Car- nonpornographic gay literature.
ter and Ted Kennedy. (Jerry Brown, Recently, the practice byythquuS.
who has proven himself to be suppor- Immigration and Naturalization Ser-
tive of gay concerns as Governor of vice of excluding suspected homosexual
California, dropped out of the race in aliens from entry' into the U.S. has
. April, although he did so too late to been a sensitive issue to gays. Car-
get his name removed from the Democra- ter has joined with Congress to estab—
tic ballot in Kentucky.) The major lish a Select Commission on Immigra-
candidates in the Republican primary tion and Refugee Policy to look into
will be Ronald Reagan and George Bush. this situation.
(John Anderson, who has all but decided The Strauss reply to the NGTF
to run as an independent this fall. survey did not address the issue of a
made his announcement too late to be re- plank in the Democratic party platform
moved from the Republican primary bal— supporting gay rights; nor did it set ‘
lot in Kentucky.) forth a Carter position on legislation .
This election year may mark the pending in Congress which would amend
point where the concerns of gay people the federal Civil Rights Act to pro-
(as well as some traditionalists' con— vide protection against discrimination
cerns about gay people) become campaign based on sexual orientation. With re-
issues in their own right. While is- AM I REGISTERED? WHERE DO I VOTE?
sues such as Iran and inflation con—
tinue to dominate the political dia— If you're not sure you are regis-
logue, the stands of the various can- tered to vote in the primary or don't
didates on gay issues has been pursued know where you go to vote next Tues-
by some reporters and by a variety of day, give the County Clerk's Voter
gay activist groups. Registration Office a call at 255-7563.
What follows is an attempt to en— They are open from 8:30 till #:00 Mon-
capsulate the public positions the days through Fridays. If you're not
candidates for President have taken on already registered, it is too late to
issues of concern to gay voters as do so for this primary election, but
well as to try to describe what the the Voter Registration people can tell
attitudes of the men who seek to lead you how to get registered for the gen—
our country might be toward gay Ameri- eral election this November.
cans. Every possible attempt to main- . ,
tain objectivity in this report will spect to the five percent 0f govern-
be made: neither Th2 Gayzette nor the ment employees _not covered under the
Lexington Gay Services Organization 1978 giVll Servige Reform ACE’ Carter
endorses any candidate for President. :ays ei? pgsl 10?? are gothsu J?il
CARTER: President Carter, during 0t execu ive iscre ion a2 gs w}
his 1975 campaign, “stated his opposi- 29 sign an. executi¥fi or er .inning
ii iiiiiiiiiiiii marlin: :3 mtg. 52:41.32;
the federal government because of sex— d C ta ? 'tP t'
ual orientation“ said Carter campaign and ar er 8 p051 ion on an execu 1V9
chairman Robert Strauss in responding or er. t . d
to a National Gay Task Force survey, In. summary’ Car er ls on recoi
In his letter to NGTF, Strauss commits as being 1n general support Of equa
the Carter administration to "fully rights for gay people and some (though
enforcing" 1978 Civil Service Reform not €11) actions taken. by federal a-
Act provisions that "prohibits dis- anCl?S and Carter appOintees thus far
crimination in federal personnel ac- 1n 518 administration have been SUP-
tions based on private, non-job- portive. . However, Carter appears to
related behavior such as sexual orien- qualify hls support and heSitates to
tation". take overt action With respect to cer-
.Strauss went on to cite several tain issues of considerable concern to
administrative “actions which have gay people. Some Carter aides say
taken place under the Carter admini— the PreSident ls walking a tightrope
stration which have had favorable im- 2:Eggggingeiiln§l¥:::t§agsCOggirgznagd
plications f0? gays. Gay organiza— voters as possible in the Novem%e¥
tions now qualify for both tgxfexempt election. , i '

 KENNEDY: While Edward Kennedy and votes.
hasn't really developed much of any BUSH: George Bush's record on gay- '
sort of record on gay-related issues related concerns is probably the least
during his years in the Senate (no developed 0f any 0f the major candi—
Senator has), he has come forth with a dates, bUt his few PUbliC statements
number of pro-gay stands in his cam— to date are not encouragins- To a
paign thus far,which go beyond Carter's. large extent, he appears to parallel

In his response to the NGTF sur- Reagan in his personal distaste of
vey, Kennedy said that he would sign homosexuality and opposition to af-

. an executive order banning discrimina- firmative steps and legislation to
tion against gay people in government protect gay people and bring gays more
employment and services; this would fully into the mainstream of American
include those jobs currently excluded society. At the same time, BUSh also
from the 1978 Civil Service Reform resembles Reagan in his assertion that
Act. Kennedy also pledged to support he ”wouldn't harrass" gays.

a plank in the Democratic Party plat— In the January Iowa Republican
form supporting "the rights of gay men debate, Bush stated: "I don't think
and lesbians to full participation in homosexuality is normal behavior and I
the social, economic, and political oppose the codification of gay rights."
life of the nation.“ Kennedy has al— Bush has also said: "I don't think Am
so said he will support legislation in erican society should be asked to ac—
Congress to add gays to the groups cept that homosexuality is a standard
protected under the Civil Rights Act. which should be held up for acceptance.

In some states, such as Georgia, I just don't believe that, and I'm not
gays have been actively involved in going to push for it."
the Kennedy campaign — even to the ANDERSON: Anderson has dropped-

. point of running as Kennedy electors. out of the Republican race and announ-
However, some Kennedy people were re— ced his intention to run as an inde-
portedly Uneasy with gay visibility in pendent candidate for President this
the campaign in the Georgiauu: fall. And while he is still on the

In short, while Kennedy has a con— ballot for the Kentucky Republican
siderably briefer track record with primary May 27, he will face legal
respect to gay iSsues than Carter, he obstacles in getting his name on the
has been quite supportive of our con- ballot in this state this fall as an
cerns thus far in his Campaign. independent.

REAGAN: While the conservative Of the Republicans responding to
ex—Governor of California would not be the National Gay Task Force survey, .
expected to be in the front lines of only Anderson was forthrightly in fa-
the battle for gay rights, there was vor of lesbian and gay rights. While
some indication some time ago that his doubtful Of the impact 0f party plat-
attitude would at least be neutral and forms on public policy, Anderson said -
open-minded; unfortunately, this has he would support a gay rights plank.
not proven to be the case thus far in He has been quoted in the Agyggatg as
his campaign. ’ saying: "I think if rights are to

In 1978. Reagan opposed Proposi- mean anything in our society they
tion 6, the anti-gay- teacher initia- ought to be codified." He says he fa-
tive which was defeated by California vors adding sexual orientation to the
voters. This opposition was apparent— categories covered by the Civil Rights
ly based mainly on ausort of conserva— Act. Anderson will cosponsor H.R. 6303
tive/libertarian "government should which aims to stop the U.S. Immigration
not poke its nose in people's private and Naturalization Service from barring
affairs" stance rather than any pro- suspected gay foreigners from entry into
gay sentiments on Reagan's part. this country.

While there can still be some doubt AS a member of the U.S. House Of
that Reagan would be inclined to lead a Representatives for many years, Ander-
homophobic moral crusade as President, son has had a chance to vote on at
it is also doubtful that gays could least one gay-related issue. Anderson
count President Reagan as an ally. In voted against a 1977 amendment that
a Los Angeles Times interview, Reagan WOUld have prohibited the use Of fed-
stated: "My criticism of the gay eral Legal Services funds in cases a-
rights movement is that it isn't ask— rising out of disputes over the issue
ing for civil rights, it is asking for of homosexuality; the amendment would

‘*Wa“recognition—and‘acceptancetof an a17-w ' have”'ai80“‘restricted“su0h_fundstfF0mmW'
ternative lifestyle which I do not be— going to gay groups. His 1978 pri-
lieve society can condone, nor can I. mary opponent tried to smear Anderson as
...in the Bible it says that in the a gay advocatewwhnderson refused to
eyes of the Lord, this (homosexuality) recant and now believes gay support
is an abomination." helped him win reelection that year.

Perhaps the most ominous portent Though his political future this year
with respect to the Reagan campaign is is still somewhat murky (particularly
the announcement by Christian Voice, a trying to et en the November ballot
right-wing group active in anti—gay, in Kentucky§, Anderson might well be
anti-ERA, and anti—abortion circles, the most receptive candidate bOth in
that it will raise funds on Reagan's his support 0f gay rights and in his
behalf. Left to his own devices, Rea- willingness to have say people active-
gan might well ignore gay issues alto— ly campaigning for him as an indepen—
gether (not necessarily a bad prospect dent. *****Most of the information for
considering his attitudes), but he may this article came from the Advocate
well feel compelled to follow the or It's Time (NGTF newsletters. Eng
wishes of any group such as Christian Gayzette will operate on a rather laid-
Voice which helps him out with money back summer‘schedule. Look for the next .

issue sometime in July.