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THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into as of the fiday of Octobery 1967,
b_ and between Mountain law/fitment, Inc. , herein called ”Owner" and f E E Q )Q 0"?) Q5
%Z7rz Q/Q iZU’l/l/al’jherein called "Buyer",
_V_V_1 I_N_E_S_S_E_ T. .12:
THAT WHEREAS "Owner" has offered to sell to "Buyer" Lot No. ’7 2 located
in its Wheelwright sub—division, Floyd County, Kentucky, and shown on map or plat in File 348,
Floyd County Court Clerk's Office and improvements thereon except as hereinafter set out for
the sum of $ $472 Z (2’6 , which is to be paid as follows:
35 3 7é €2.07 Downlpaymgr’n/me‘receipt of which is hereby acknowledged,
0 (2
balance of $ 3 VQ 0 ~ on date of closing, and upon delivery of deed of conveyance to
"Buyer" with c’ovenant of General Warranty of Title, subject to reservations of all utilities,
lines, meters, connections, easements and right of ways and restrictive use of same, all coal,
oil, gas and minerals and easements as reserved by Island Creek Coal Company in deed of con~
veyance dated November 9, 1966, of record in Deed Book 191, Page 504, at Floyd County Court:
Clerk's Office. Easements and rights of way granted Harold Telephone Company and T el—Com,
Inc. for operation of telephone and t.v. cable system by written instruments dated June 15, 1.967, ‘
of record in Deed Book 193, at Page 271, 273, Floyd County Court Clerk's Office,
/’ It is agreed that in event "Buyer" is unable to finance or pay the unpaid balance after
___ [5! days from date hereof then the down payment herein shall be refunded in full less $30
for survey plat used in filing application for loan, which plat has been paid for by "Owner" and
this writing is then void.
It is further agreed that at the time of closing and/ or refund of down payment all rents
and utilities due "Owner" shall be fully paid.
The closing shall be at "Owner's" office in Prestonsburg, Kentucky,
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, "Owner" has caused this instrument to be executed by its duly
authorized officers and "Buyers" have duly executed same as of day a <1 year first herein written,
Attest: Q ’4 ‘2 M Q __
Secretary WW

   357i? /M
' ,Obw/