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     Semi Annual Meeting Dec. 8, 1903.

     Regular Semi-annual meeting of Board of Trustees Dec.
8, 1903, at 2 P. M.

     Present:                    President James K. Patterson
                                             R. W. Nelson
                                             R. C. Stoll, and
                                             W. R. Ramsey.

     There not being a quorum present Board adjourned to
meet Wednesday Dec. 9, 1903 at 9 A. M.

     Board of Trustees of the  A. & M. College met in
Trustees Room in Gymnasium Building Dec. 9, 1903 at 9 A.
M. with following members present:

                        Messrs:   Hopkins
                                   C lay
                                   Ramsey , and
                                   Patterson - - 11.

      Absent:                      J. C. W. Beckham
                                   Stoll, and
                                   Barker    -  -   6


MINWYPES CF THE BOARD OF 'IRUSTEES,Dec. 9, 1903 - page 2335-234

      Mr. Clay in the Chair.

      The roll being called, and a quorum being present,
in the absence of the Chairman, Mr. Frazee, President
Patterson moved that Mr. Clay act as Chairman of this
meeting, which motion was seconded by Judge Hager, put to
a vote and duly carried.

      Thereupon Mr. Clay took the chair.

      Reading of Minutes dispensed with.

      Upon motion of Col. Nelson, duly seconded and carried,
the reading of the minutes of the last meeting was
dispensed with.

      Reading Minutes - Executive Committee.

      Thereupon the Secretary read the minutes of the
vaxious meetings of the Executive Committee since the last

      After the reading of the minutes of the Executive
Committee was completed, it was moved by Judge Kinkead and
seconded by Mr. McChord that the resolution of the Executive
Committee, passed on August 11, 1903, found on page 111
of Minute Book of the Executive Committee, requiring all
students, as a condition precedent to receiving their
traveling expenses at the end of the year, to sign and
swear to a statement to the effect, that they had not consci-
ously violated any regulation of the College against good
order or good morals during the past year, be disapproved
by this Board, and be now annulled and held for naught.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 9, 1903 - page 234

      Thereupon it was moved by President Patterson and
seconded by lur. Clay that the Minutes of the Executive
Committee, be referred to the standing Conmmittee on
Minutes of the Executive Committee.

      Said motion was objected to as being out of order,
which objection was over ruled by the Chairman, and said
motion held to be in order, and to take precedence of
Judge Kinkead's motion to annul.

      Thereupon upon the call for the question on the motion
to refer, a roll call was demanded, and upon said roll
call the vote stood as follows:

      Ayes:  Clay and Patterson   -   2.

      Noes: - Hopkins, Carpenter, Hager, Nelson, Kinkead,
McChord, Ramsey,   - 7.

      The motion to refer was lost.

      Thereupon followed discussion of Judge Kinkead's
motion to annul, after which the following motion was made
by Mr. Ramnsey, and duly seconded.

      That the consideration of Judge Kinkead's motion to
annul be postponed until this afternoon; which motion was
put upon its passage and carried.

      The reading of the minutes of the special faculties
was dispensed with.

      Thereupon that being next in order, President
Patterson read his report, which Is as follows:


      MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 9, 1903   page 235

                                     President Report.

      Gentlemen of the Board o.f Trustees, Agricultural
and Mechanical College of Ky.

      Ordinarily the report which I have to honor to present
to the Board at the December meeting is not lengthy, and
happily this is no exception.

      The current collegiate year opened Sept. 10th, with a
full attendance. The work of matriculation had not gone far
till it became apparent that the year would surpass all
previous records. Up to date I have entered an increase of
nearly 100 over that of the last year. Taken in connection
with the matriculation of the several sunmer schools we have
an aggregate of nearly 700 since June 1903. This number
will be still further increased after the mid-winter
holidays when if former precedents are followed we shall
enter about 100 more.

      While it is gratifying to see this annual increase
in the Number of students, this increase is bringing with it
corresponding embarrassment. For several years past the
classes have been all together too large for one person to
handle. This is notably true in mathematics, in English
and in Physics. The Senior class of this year numbers 77.
The Junior 85 , the Sophomore 92 and the Freshman 133. The
result is that these classes have to be sub-divided into
sections if as in most instances the classes are instructed
simultaneously requires a corresponding increase in the
staff of assistants. This means that more rooms are
required for recitation purposes and more money
required for the payment of instructors.

      Our resources in both directions, - Space and money,-
are exhausted and overdrawn by our requirements. This
of course emphasizes the necessity of an appeal to the
next legislature for more money for building, and more
money for current expenditures.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 9, 1903 - page 236

      The College Home for Young Women on Limestone Street
is approaching completion and will be ready for occupancy
when the January term begins. It is a well constructed
building. W. K. Patterson, representing at his request,
the chairman of the Building Comm-ittee has given it unremitting
attention. he has been on the premises every day and has
scrutinized closely all the work that has been done and
all the material which has been used.

      I think it would be well to  dedicate the building
sometime in January a d to invite the Governor, State
officials and members of the General Assembly to be present
on the occasion. A suitable entertainment should be provided
in the dining-room of the building for the guests and such
arrangements made for their comfprt as would make their
visit pleasant for them.

      The time has come when we cannot any longer go on
under existing Conditions. We require more space for
class room and laboratory work and additional equipment.
This is especially true of Mining Engineering which may be
said to have as yet neither space nor equipment. The
Mechanical, Electrical and '-'ivil Engineering courses
are also crowded beyond comfort and efficiency. The
department of Physics is in similar condition and the
necessity for enlarged accommodations for Normal
School work is urgent.


MINUTES OF THE BOA-RD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 9, 1903 - page 237

     For buildings an appropriation aggregating not less
than $150.000 is needed, and an annual increment of $15,000
to meet increased expenditures for assistant instructors
and general expenses. These are conservative estimates and
I am hopeful that the General Assembly will appreciate
the situation and deal liberally with the College.

      The Board at its last meeting appointed me Chairman
of the Committee on Legislation with power to name my
Fellow-committee-men. I have selected for that duty Messrs.
Nelson, Carpenter, McChord, Ramsey and Clay. We shall also
without hesitation call upon other members of the Board to
give us their aid when the work of legislation comes

      I feel that now when the State is free from debt
and the Treasury full is an auspicious time to make a united
and concerted effort to obtain from the General Assembly
what the College needs.

      In order to inform senators and representatives in
advance of their arrival at the State Capitol, of the
necessities of the College and in order to shape public
opinion somewhat in advance, I have written and addressed
to each member a personal letter.

      I feel constrained to call your attention once more
to the recommendation which I have made in almost every
report which I have made to the Board for the last three
or four years, viz: that a competent person be employed
and his salary paid out of the funds accruing from the
fees received by the Experiment Station from the analysis
of fertilizers, whose duty it should be, in connection


MINUTES OF THE BOARL OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 9, 1903 - page 238

with the Bureau of Agriculture, to organize and conduct
Farmers' Institutes throughout the state of Kentucky. In
my opinion, an opinion fortified by the experience of other
states, no better service could be rendered to the farms
and no more effective service done for the College.

      This College will never fulfill its mission as an
Agricultural College until it leads the way in the organization
and conduct of Farmers' Institutes. The fund derived from
the analysis of fertilizers is ample to meet this
expenditure. I desire to press this matter upon
the Board with the view to immediate action.

      Farmers' Institutes:

      Upon motion of Colonel Nelson, duly seconded and
carried, it was resolved to hold before the Board for consider-
ation by it, that part of the President's Report referring
to the establishment of Farmer's Institutes.

      Thereupon Judge Kinkead made the following motion.

      It is moved that the Secretary be directed to go
and invite Prof. Scovell, Director of the Experiment
Station, to come before this Board at once, and make a
statement with reference to the advisability of establishing
Farmers' Institutes. Said motion was duly seconded by Col.
Nelson, put upon its passage and carried.

      The considerationi of the matter of Farmers'
Institutes was postponed by tacit consent until Prof.
Scovell's presence could be obtained and other business
taken up.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 9, 1903 - page 239

      Reading of the Minutes of the Board of Control
dispensed with.

      Upon the call for the report of the Committees.

      The Finance Committee asked for further time which
was granted.

      Report Exp. Stas

      The Committee on Experiment Station, through Judge
Kinkead, its Chairman, reported that the Committee had gone
over the account up to last June, andi found them to be

      Mustaine Salary. -

      The Conmittee on salaries being called for Mr. McChord
raised the question of raising the salary of Mr. Mustaine,
the physical director, and after considerable informal
discussion, and various statements being made as to the
understanding with Mr. Mustaine at the time he was employed,
the following motion was made by Col. Nelson, and seconded
by President Patterson:

      Be it resolved that the College pay to Mr. Mustaine
a salary of a $1,000 a year, from the beginning of the
present collegiate year, from Which is to be deducted
any amounts which he may have received in the way of
fees from outside pupils.

      Upon the roll call on said motion the vote stood
as follows:

      Ayes:  Hopkins, Carpenter, Hager, Nelson, Clay, Kinkead,
McChord, Ramsey, Patterson, - 9.

      Noes: - - None.

Re-reading of Minutes regarding Farmers, Inatitutes.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 9, 1903 - page 239-240

      The motion was carried unanimously.    At this point
Pro&. Scovell came before the meeting. Thereupon President
Patterson re-read the part of his report referring to the
establishment of Farmers' Institutes, and other documents
and made the following motion.

      Directed to employ conductor of Institutes.

      Resolved that the President of the College and the
Director of the Experiment Station be authorized and directed
to employ a competent person, whose salary and traveling
expenses shall be paid out of the income from the Fertilizer
Fund, whose duty it shall be to organize and conduct in
cooperation with the State Bureau of Agriculture, and under
the general direction and control of the President of the
College and Director of the Experiment Station, Farmers,
Institutes for the education of the farmers of this
Commonwealth; and whose entire time and services shall be
given to the Experiment Station, when not engaged in Institute
work. Said motion was duly seconded by Sour. Clay, and after
statements by Prof. Scovell, President Patterson, and
general discussion among the members of the Board, the
question was called for and upon roll call the vote stood
as follows:

      Ayes: Hopkins, Carpenter, Ferguson, Hager, Nelson,
Bell, Clay, Kinkead, McChord, Ramsey, and Patterson, - 11.

      Noes: - - None.

      he motion was unanimously carried.

      Prof. Scovell then invited the members of the Experiment
Station, and thereupon retired.

      Business Agent's Report. -

      That being next in order, the Business Agent read
his report to the Board, and tendered the report of the
Experiment Station and the Secretary read the report of
Mr. Charles Meriweatier, Expert Accountant, upon his
investigation of the accounts of the Business Agent.


MINUTES OF' T-HE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec. 9, 1903 - page 241

      Upon motion of Mr. McChord, seconded by Judge
Kinkead, the Report of the Business Agent, the Report of
the Experiment Station, and the Report of the Expert
Accountant on the examination of the accounts of the
Business Agent were all referred to the Finance Committee.

      Thereupon the Secretary read a communication from
Mrs. Blackburn, which is as follows:

      A. & M. College of Ky.

                                     Lexington, Dec. 7, 1903

      Communication of Mrs. Blackburn.

To the Board of Trustees.


      I wish to submit for your consideration the following

      Co-education of the sexes even under the most favorable
conditions involve great difficulties and responsibilities
have been greatly augmented since the erection of a gymnas-
ium common to the use of both sexes. Whilst the girls have
been forbidden to be present in the gymnasium building
except when under instruction by the directress of
Physical Culture or for other legitimate reason, the
prohibition has been evaded and males and females, ignoring
class duties and chapel service, meet in the building to
chat and waltz together.

      Since a hall for Physical Culture has been provided
in the new dormitory appropriated to the exclusive use of
the girls, what objection can there be to transferring
instruction in that branch of training to that building?
It is true that the same provision may not be made in
the woman's dormitory for Athletic training, but we want
to promote Physical Culture in the girls and not to make
Athletes of them.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 9, 1903 - page 242

I think it incumbent upon the College authorities to
throw all safeguards possible around the young women. There
have been no cases of scandal as yet - but of late some ad-
verse comment from others and things which have fallen under
my own observation have added greatly to the anxiety and
responsioility of the position which I hold as guardian to the
extent of my power, over the girls of State College. With
much regret and for the first time since my connection
with the College I make the statement that some of these
young people of both sexes have been subject to discipline
by the faculty and Board of Discipline for violation of
the regulations relating to their presence in the gymnasium
building during forbidden hours. In consequence one
young woman was dismissed from College and others
made subject to reprimand and admonition.

      Therefore I make this appeal to President Patterson
and the Honorable Board of Trustees to replace the room
used by the Philosophian Society in the main building and
to exclude female students from the gymnasium building
excepting on occasions of public functions.


                  ( Signed ) Mrs. L. B. Blackburn



      Thereupon the following motion was made by Mr.
McChord, and seconded by Judge Kinkead: -

      Young ladies to do Gym. Work at Girl's Dor.

      Be it resolved that the young ladies of the college be
given instruction in physical exercises at the Girlts
Dormitory from and after such time as the Executive
Committee may decide that the building and the hall
is in proper shape for their reception, and

      Further resolved that during forbidden hours no young
woman shall be permitted in the gymnasium building under
penalty of dismission; and until the hall for physical
culture is completed and equipped, no young man shall
be permitted in the Gymnasium Building under penalty
of dismission; and

      Resolved further that the Faculty be directed to enforce
the penalty of dismission upon any person of either sex so

      It is further ordered that the President and Business
Agent provide as soon as they can, a room in the main
building for the meetings of the Philosophian Society,
after which no meetings of the Philosophian Society
shall be held in the Gymnasium building.

      After full discussion, said motion was put upon its
passage and carried.

      Thereupon, upon motion of Col. Nelson, duly seconded
and carried, it was

      Resolved that the Resolution last above passed, be
read by the President to thee students in chapel.

      Thereupon the Secretary read a communication from Prof.
Norwood to the Board, which is as follows:


MIINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,Dec. 9, 1903 - page 244

      Com. of Prof. Norwood.

Mr. D. C. Frazee,
    Secretary, Board of Trustees, State.
A. & M. College.
    Lexington, Ky.

Dear Sir:

      At the June meeting of the Board of Trustees, President
Patterson presented a supplemental report I had made to him
in which request was made, for a special appropriation of
$200 to be used for a building for the Mining Laboratory
until permanent quarters could be secured.  My information
is that the appropriation was made, but since some oversight
the fact was not recorded in the minutes the amount could not
be credited to this Department. As a consequence of this
omission from the minutes, I have been unable to give
the course in ore dressing which should have been
given during the first term of this session, and for which
some apparatus has been procured (including a concentrating
table) I have been unable to set up what machinery I have,
and of course have been prevented from, procuring other
pieces. President Patterson willrecall the matter. I will
thank you if you will call attention to the matter when the
Board meets, and have the minutes properly amended.

                            Very respectfully,

                               C. J. Norwood

      Dean Dept. Mining Engineering I may add that I am
trying to utilize the old frame structure and a mere frame
it is - formerly used to house the cannon, so far as it will
go, toward  housing the concentrating table, etc. but as
you know it is much decayed, and will have to be repaired
and extended.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 9, 1903 - page 245

      Thereupon President Pattersorn made the following
motion, which was seconded by Col. Nelson.

      Be it resolved that the appropriation of $200 asked for
by Prof. Norwood in communication Just read, be now made.

      Upon roll call the vote stood as follows:

      Ayes: Hopkins, Carpenter, Ferguson, Hager, Nelson,
Beel., Clay. Kinkead, McChord, Ramsey, Patterson, - 11.

      Noes: - None.

      Motion was unanimously carried.

      Sec'y. read com. of Prof. Anderson.

      The Secretary then read a communication from Professor
Anderson and Faig, with reference to the Summer School of
last year, and making proposition for conduct of summer
school of 1904, involving m appropriation of $150 for
advertising, and the use of such coal as will be
necessary in the proper conduct of same. Said
report and communication is as follows:

      Prof. Andersons Com.

Names K. Patterson,
  State College of Ky.
      Lexington, Ky.

Dear Sir:

      We have the honor to herewith submit our report relative
to the summer school in Mechanic Arts for the summer of' 1903,
showing receipts and expenses.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec. 9, 1903 - page 246

      Will you  kindly transmit this matter to the Board
of Trustees with the following recommendation:

      We are willing to again conduct the Summer School in
Mechanic Arts, and take the responsibility relative to
the payment of instructors and to give our own services, if
the College will agree to pay $150.00 for advertising and
meet the expenses of the coal used in running the machinery.
All fees to be used in paying for instruction given by
employed instructors, and the services of F. Paul
Anderson and John T. Faig, and such drawing material and
shop supplies as are actually used by the summer school

      It is necessary each year to run the shops for making
the necessary repairs on machinery and for building such
drawing tables and equipments as are necessary to take care
of the increased attendance each year, so that the expense
of furnishing coal is one that the college will be compelled
to meet whether the sumner school is conducted or not.

      If this plan does not meet the approval of the Board
of Trustees, the undersigned are willing to take the responsi-
bility of conducting the summer school, the college to assume
all responsibility for the payment of instructors, includ-
ing reasonable compensation for the undersigned.

      The Simmer School in Mechanic Arts in this institution
will ultimately be an important feature of the industrial
work; but in all probility it will require a few years
of close attention before the school reaches any important
magnitude. If the first plan is accepted the amount that
the college is responsible for is practically only $150.00
for advertising and the character of advertising is such
as to be considerable benefit to the engineering courses.
In order to make the advertising effective, it should be
sent out shortly after January 1st, 1904, and for this
reason the whole matter should be passed upon by the Board
of Trustees at this meeting.



        Report of Receipts and Disbursements.
           Summer School in Mechanic Arts
             State College of Ky.

             Rec eipts
      J. C. Shipley               $25.00
      A. Ma Elam                   25.00
      T. W. Freeman                 25.00
      J. DX Pollack                 25.00
      D. C. Kinkead                 25.00
      A. R. Tanner                  255.00
      E. T. Strong                  25.00
      H. H. Megee                   25..00
      E. T. Dowling                 25.00
      C. P. St. John                25.00
      C. E. Blessing                25.00
      L. A. Carlisle                25.00
      A. T. Lewis                   25.00
                                  $3-S . 06


      W. M. Marks, Instructor    $100.00
      Jas. G. Scrugham, in
strength of materials and
calculus                           75.00

      The instruction given by Prof. Scrugham was paid for
by private tutoring given to prepare him as Assistant Prof.
of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada.
This work given Mr. Scrugham was entirely outside the
regular course of the Summer School work. The work done
by Prof. Scruglham could not have been  duplicated for $75.00.
Railroad receipt blanks .50V Total $175.50. The net cash
balance left after paying expenses is seen to be $149.50
Bill owing to Summer School                         25.00


MINUTES OF THE BOAkRD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 9, 1903 - page 248

      During the summer school term there were made for the
Junior Drawing Room fifteen tables which were necessary to
accommodate the large Junior class in Sept. 1903. The labor
on these is estimated at $4.00 each, which is less than
they could be made for outside. Total 15 tables at $4.00
each $60.00 - Expense to College

Advertising      $150.00
Coal & Lumber      60.00
Total   -    -    -      -     -   $210.00

Credit by drawing tables made
for College                          60.00
Total       -   -   -   -   -

      In order to make full use of the machinery during the
time it was operated for making College repairs and building
the new drawing tables the privilege was extended Mr. S0. M.
Morris for building a minature locomotive which will be
exhibited at the St. Louis Exposition.

      Mr. Morris for two years has been instructor in our
machine shop, and the concession to use the tools was
given to him f or two reasons; first to partly compensate
him for his services as instructor, ald secondly, with the
understanding that the locomotive that he bore the entire
expense of, was to be sent to the St. Louis Exposition
as a part of the exhibit from the State College of
Kentucky .

                              Yours truly,

               signed  _    ( F. Paul Anderson
                            ( John T. Faig


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 9, 1903 - page 249

      Thereupon the following motion was made by President
Patterson, which was duly seconded:

      Summer School - Mechanic Arts.

      Be it resolved that $150.00 be appropriated for
advertising the Summer School for the surmer of 1904; and
that Professor Anderson and Faig be allowed the use of such
an. amount of coal as would otherwise be necessary for
collegiate purposes if the summer school were not in
operation, to be determined by the Business Agent
and President Patterson.

      After discussion, said motion was put upon its passage,
and upon the roll - call the vote stood as follows:

      Ayes: Hopkins, Carpenter, Ferguson, Hager, Nelson,
Bell, Clay, Kinkead, McChord, Ramsey and Patterson.

      Noes: - None.

      The resolution was unanimously carried.

      Prof. Roark's Com.

      Thereupon the Secretary read a communication from
Prof. Roark.

      Upon motion of Judge Hager, seconded by Mr. Hopkins,
said communication was referred to the Special Committee
on Legislation.

      Thereupon the Secretary read a communication from
Mr. Greife, a student.

      Mr. Greife's Com.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 9, 1903 - page 249-250

      Thereupon Col. Nelson made the following motion:

      Resolved that there be appropriated the sum of $300,
in accordance with the request contained in the communica-
tion from Mr. Greife, to be turned over to the students,
for the purpose of assisting in the publication of the
" Annual " for 1903-04.

      After discussion, it was moved seconded and carried,
that said communication from Mr. Greife, be referred to the
FExecutive Committee with power to act, with reference to the
contents of it.

      Comrn of Mr. Gardner.

      Thereupon the Secretary read a communication from Jas.
H. Gardner, President of Patterson Literary Society, asking
the appointment of a Trustee for the Crum Fund.

      Mr. McChord made the following motion which was duly

      Pres. Patterson to invest Crum Fund.

      Be it resolved that President Patterson be directed
to invest this Crun Fund of $500.00 in such securities as he
may deem safest and best, and to report his action to the
next meeting of this board.

      After discussion, this motion was put upon its passage
and carried.

      Thereupon Judge Kinkead called up his motion which had
been postponed and asked the consideration and disposal of
same by the board, said motion relating to the annulling
of a resolution of the Executive Committee, requiring
sworn statements by students before receiving their
traveling expenses.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES;Dec. 9, 1903 - page 250-251

      After pretty full discussion, said motion to annul
was placed upon its passage and carried, and said resolution
is now annulled.

      The Chairman thereupon announced that the Minutes
of the Executive Committee, other than the resolution above
annulled, stand approved as read.

      Professors to attend Chapel.

      At this point President Patterson communicated to the
Board the request of certain professors that the regulation
heretofore passed requiring all professors to attend chapel
exercises, be rescinded; and the President made a statement
with reference to said matter.

      Thereupon it was moved by Judge Hager, duly seconded
and carried.

      That the minutes of this meeting show that the request
of certain professors for the rescinding of the order re-
quiring the attendance of professors at Chapel exercises
was considered by the Board and that the Board now declines
to rescind said order.

      Prof. Johnson's Conm.

      Thereupon the Secretary read a communication from Prof.
J. R. Johnson, requesting to be made a " Associate Professor "
at a salary of $1400 and to be increased annually $100
until same reaches $1800.

      Thereupon upon motion of Colonel Nelson, duly seconded
and carried, Colonel Clay was substituted in place of
Colonel Nelson, upon the Special Committee to determine
the Status of salaries of subordinates, and the communication
from Prof. Johnson is referred to that Committee.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 9, 1903 - page 251-852

      Thereupon Mr. McChord made the following motion which
was duly seconded.

      Athletics Investigate Football Game.

      Whereas, the attention of the Board of Trustees has
been called to the published statements of the newspapers
of the State, that members of the faculty and students of the
College employed and imported from other States men who
participated in a game of football on the College campus
in aid of the student football team, in a recent game
with the ball team composed of student3 and others from
the Kentucky University in violation of a rule heretofore
adopted by this Board.

      Be it therefore, Resolved that the Chairman of this
Board appoint a committee of three members of the Board who
are directed and empowered to call before them such students
of the College and members of the faculty and others as the
Committee may designate, and examine them touching said
charges, and any other improper conduct in connection
with said game. said Committee will also enquire as to
the source from which the money was obtained from which said
men were paid for their services if they were so employed.
The Committee will in their report to the Board make such
recommendations as to them may seem fit and proper.

      Thereupon after discussion, Judge Kinkead made the
following motion as a substitute for Mr. McChord's motion,
which was duly seconded.

      it is moved that this Board resolve that information
has come to it, of various irregularities with reference
to the football game recently played on the campus, and
that the Board in the most emphatic manner denounces it;
and that this Board states to the Athletic Association
of the College that such conduct will not be tolerated
by this Board, and it hopes it will not be indulged
in again.