MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Dec. 9, 1903 - page 236

      The College Home for Young Women on Limestone Street
is approaching completion and will be ready for occupancy
when the January term begins. It is a well constructed
building. W. K. Patterson, representing at his request,
the chairman of the Building Comm-ittee has given it unremitting
attention. he has been on the premises every day and has
scrutinized closely all the work that has been done and
all the material which has been used.

      I think it would be well to  dedicate the building
sometime in January a d to invite the Governor, State
officials and members of the General Assembly to be present
on the occasion. A suitable entertainment should be provided
in the dining-room of the building for the guests and such
arrangements made for their comfprt as would make their
visit pleasant for them.

      The time has come when we cannot any longer go on
under existing Conditions. We require more space for
class room and laboratory work and additional equipment.
This is especially true of Mining Engineering which may be
said to have as yet neither space nor equipment. The
Mechanical, Electrical and '-'ivil Engineering courses
are also crowded beyond comfort and efficiency. The
department of Physics is in similar condition and the
necessity for enlarged accommodations for Normal
School work is urgent.