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    Minutes of the Meeting of thre executive Committee of the Board
of Trustees of the University of ;entucky.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky met in the President's Office at 9:30 a.m.,
Saturday, October 11, 1941.

    The following members were present: Judge Richard C. Stoll,
Dr. Lee Kirkpatrick, and Mr. H. S. Cleveland.   President H. L.
Donovan, Comptroller Frank D. Peterson, Dean James H. Graham, and
Secretary W. Gayle Starnes were also present.

     *A. Suit, Public Service Commission vs J. Dan Talbott, Com-
missioner of Finance, and Others.

     The Attorney General of Kentucky requested in open court
that certain employees of the University of Kentucky who receive
annual salaries of more than S.000 be included in this suit.   This
matter was discussed and the following motion was introduced,
seconded and passed.

        **l. iresolved that Governor Keen Johnson and Judge
             Richprd C. Stoll be authorized to employ coun-
             sel to represent" the University of Kentucky in
             this suit.

     B. Gifts.

     President Donovan announced the following gifts:

          a. Sears Roebuck and Company.

             The sum of 92200.00 was donated by the Sears
          Roebuck Company for. scholarships for young men
          working in the field of Agriculture.

          b. Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation.

             Letter from President of the Foundation.

  * Topics discussed are identified by capital letters.
  ** Board actions are ident-ified by Arabic numerals.



                     63 Wall Street
                     New York, N.Y.

                                    September 18, 1941

Mr. Frank L. McVey, President
     University of Kentucky
          Lexington, Kentucky

My dear Mr. McVey:

                  I am pleased to inform you that The
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation is this year renew-
ing its donation to the University of Kentucky in the
sum of $500..00 as a contribution to The Algernon Sydney
Sullivan Scholarship Fund established by the Foundation
by Deed of Gift dated November 3, 1937, and is to be
available for scholarships for the year ending in June,

                  It is intended that this donation shall
be administered by the University in accordance with the
terms outlined in the aforesaid Deed of Gift of November
3, 1937, and that this letter shall be considered an amend-
ment of that instrument.

                  Assuming that this arrangemenit will be
satisfactory to you, I am enclosing check of the Founda-
tion to the order of University of Kentucky in the sum of
Q500.00 for the uses and purposes above outlined.

                  With kind regards, believe me,

                           Sincerely yours,

                   (Signed)   William I, Bardusch, President

                     b* * **** * *

2. On motion, properly seconded and passed, these gifts
   were accepted and President Donovan was instructed
   to write letters of appreciation.

* * * * * it * *


     C. Proposed A. A. A. Office Building.

     There was a discussion of the proposed A. A. A. office build-
ing to be erected by the University of Kentucky, the cost to be
amortized through rentals from this organization.    No final recom-
mendation could be made until the ;. A. A. officials could make a
definite agreement concerning the lease of the building.

    D. Discontinuance of Mid-Year Commencement.

                           * * * * * * * *

     3. On recommendation of President Donovan, a motion was
        made, seconded and passed, that Mid-year Commencement
        at the University of Kentucky be discontinued.

                           * * * * * ** *

     E. Student Government Association Loan.

     President Donovan submitted a report on the status of the Stu-
dent Government Association Loan Fund,

             Student Government Association Loan Fund
                    Status and Recommendations

          When former president Fr-ink L. McVey came to the Uni-
     versity of Kentucky, the four undergraduate classes had
     class treasurers who endeavored to collect class dues, fre-
     quently without too much success.    During the early part
     of President McVeyts administration the students petitioned
     the administration to permit the business office to assess
     and collect fifty cents each semester from each student
     for a general class fund, this amount to be included as
     part of the regular incidental fee.    The request was

          For some years, the students handled the expenditures
     from this fund with little guidance from faculty members,
     but in recent years Dean Jones, the President and the
     Business Agent have exercised considerable control over
     the class fund.   In general the freshman class was not
     permitted to spend all of its money Curing the freshman
     year, so that some of the money collected remained for
     the sophomore year, and so on, the general plan being to
     spend more for the junior and senior years.    From the



senior class fund there has been appropriated annually one
dollar for each senior for dues in the Alumni Association.

     When the Student Government Association was estab-
lished. the class fund was assigned to the new organization.
Class fund balances totaling $3620 were placed to the credit
of the Student Government Association on November 13, 1939.
During last year the Student Government Association wanted
to appropriate the balance of the fund - on June 30, 1940
it was $2337.13 - to start an additional student loan fund..
After some discussion between student and faculty members
and Acting President Cooper, certain safeguards were estab-
lished and adopted by the Student Government Association
and Acting President Cooper agreed that $500 should be al-
located to the Student Government Association for the purpose
of making loans under certain approved conditions.   The
Student Loan Committee is to be composed of three students
selected by the Student Government Association and two
faculty members appointed by the President, with the ap-
proval of the student legislature, and the Dean of Men
acting as an ex-officio members   The rules governing the
loan of this money are as strict as, if not stricter than,
those governing the Student Loan Fund administered by Dean
T. T. Jones.

     For your convenience, a copy of the last printed audit
of the Student Government Association is attached.    The
1940-41 report has not been printed.


             C. P. Johnson, Jr., Treasurer

Transferred from Class; Funds:

     Inactive Funds ......*......$   176.72
     Class of 1938  .............    209.11
     Class of 1940  ......... ....  1,048.65
     Class of 1941  ........... ..  1,205.92
     Class of 1942  ...........      708.60
     Class of 1943  ............     271.00   $3,620.00

Received from Student Fees      ..       .. e  1,877.00

Miscellaneous .... * .... ..* .............. . .    1.80





Kentuckian - Class Pictures .     .........  742.50
Alumni Association - Senior Membershipse     500.00
National Student Federation of America,
   for Dues and Convention Delegates....     115.00
 Stenographic Work a ....................      12.25
 N. S. F. A. for Membership.                 32.50
 Scholarship Awards (Women) .               27.30
 Election Expenses .      .7................  .50
 Kentucky Kernel - Printing, Stationery,
   Election Materials, Dormitory Rule-
   Books .    .............................  76.97
Woments Vocational Conference ........  .     505.86
Student Welfare Committee ............        11.00
Junior Prom:
   Decorations .   .......... . 's15.00
   Radio Studios ............... 15.00
   Flowers   ...............    14.00
   Orchestra ...............     350.00
   Ballroom Rental ............ 52.00
   Union Guards ............... 10.00
   Programs    ............. . * 81.00
   Bids and Placards ..........    7.50
   Telegrams, Booking Band..      .88      545.38

 Community Chest  .    .....................  25.00

 Miscollaneous            .     .            10.22

 Senior Ball          ...                   535.19

 Organization Fund Expense                   15.00

 Balance, June 30, 194Q .       ...........................  2,337.13

 Balance, June 30, 1941 ............................       2,979.67

     I recommend that the executive committee of the Board
of Trustees formally approve the appropriation of five hun-
dred dollars from balances from the treasury of the Student
Government Association to be used as a loan fund and admin-
istered by the student-faculty loan committee as at present
constituted.   This approval would apply for the school
year 1941-42 only.     It would seem wise also to make these
notes payable to the University of Kentucky rather than to
the Student Government Association, because the Student
Government Association is a body with a constantly shifting
group of officers and there might be some legal difficulty
in collecting money due such an organization.



                        * it * it * * * * *

         i. On motion, properly seconded and passed, the
            report was accepted and approval granted for
            the appropriation of $500.00 from balances
            from the treasury of the Student Government
            Association to be used as a loan fund and
            administered by the faculty loan committee
            as at present constituted.   This approval
            applies to the school year 1941-42 only.
                         * *F * * * * * * * *

    F. Summer School Recommendation.

    President Donovan made the following statement and recommenda-
tion concerning the administration of the University of Kentucky
summer school:

         If there arc any fundamental changes to be made in
     the reorganization of the University at this time, it ap-
     pears logical that they should be made at the beginning
     of my administration.

         After a careful study of the manner in which the
     summer school is organized and its relation to the Uni-
     versity as a whole, I am convinced that our present ar-
     rangement does not represent the soundest administrative
     policy.   At present, the University is administered by
     the president, a dean of the University, and deans of the
     several colleges for two semesters or thirty-six weeks
     of the year.   Then, for the next ten or twelve weeks,
     the director of the summer school has been largely re-
     sponsible for conducting the administrative machinery.

          It is my judgment, after much study and delibera-
     tion, that now is the logical time to make a change in
     the administrative organization of the University with
     respect to the summer school,   I am, therefore, recommend-
     ing to the Board of Trustees that the summer school should
     hereafter be administered in the same manner as the gen-
     eral session of the University, and that the presidents
     the dean of the University and the deans of the several
     colleges be given the responsibility for its organiza-
     tion and administration,   The summer school should be
     an integral part of the school year, and it is my desire
     to have each college do its own planning for this period.



          In many colleges of the United States students havo
     been advised to speed up their college work by attending
     during the summer, and thereby reducing the time for
     graduation from four to three years.    If the deans of
     the several colleges administer the summer school, they
     can prepare their schedules so as to enable students to
     shorten their college period.   This is especially desir-
     able at the present time in view of the fact that many
     young men are now being called into the service when
     they reach their twenty-first birthdays.

          I am recommending this change in the administration
     of the summer school solely to provide a more logical
     administrative organization.   The University has reached
     that period in its development when its educational pro-
     gram should extend over the entire year.

           In making this recommendation I should like at this
      time to express a word of appreciation for the outstand-
      ing work which Dr. Jesse E. Adams has done in developing
      the summer school over a period of years.   He has demon-
      strated administrative ability and professional leadership.
      he took the summer school when it was small in numbers and
      by his leadership he has developed it until it is now
      enrolling hundreds and hundreds of students, and has be-
      come one of the major activities of the University.
      This change is not being recommended because the summer
      school has failed in any respect, but it is being proposed
      because it appears to offer a better and more consistent
      method of administering the University as a whole.

           I am asking your immediate approval of this recom-
     mendation so plans may be made for the summer school of
     1942 under the proposed administrative set-up.

                          * * * * * *t * * *

           5. On motion, properly seconded and passed, the above
              recommendation was approved.

                         * * * * * * *E * * *

     Go. A2ointmcnt of Acting Dean of Graduate School.

     President Donova.n recommended the appointi-ent of Dr. Jesse E.
Adams as Aicting Dean of thie Graduate School for the second semester
during the absence of De;a*n W. D.Funkhouser evho was granted a sab-
batical leave of absence for this period.



                       * * * * * * * *.* *

          6. On motion, properly seconded and passed, this
             recommendation was approved..
                       * * * * * * it * * *

    H. ApDointment of Committee on Anniversary Celebration and In-
auguration of President Donovan.

     In accordance with the action of the Board of Trustees at its
June meeting, the Secretary presented the Committee appointed by
Governor Keen Johnson to serve in making plans for the 75th Anni-
versary Celebration and the inauguration of Dr. Herman Lee Donovan
as President of the University of Kentucky.  The Committee follows:

          Dean Thomas Cooper, Chairman

          Judge Richard C. Stoll, from the Board of Trustees
          Mr. R. P. Hobson, from the Board of Trustees
          Dean James H. Graham, College of Engineering
          Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, College of Arts and Sciences
          Professor E. F. Farquhar, College of Arts and Sciences
          Dr. Statie Erikson, College of Agriculture and Home
          Professor Frank Murray, College of Law
          Professor M. E. Ligon, College of Education
          Professor R. D. McIntyre, College of Commerce
          Professor Emeritus E. L. Gillis
          Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes, Dean of Women's Office
          Dr. Leo ivi. Chamberlain, Registrarls Office
          Mr. Lee McClain, Alumni Association
          Mr. E. G. Sulzer# Department of Public Relations.

     I. Aipointments and Other Staff Chanpces.

     President Donovan presented staff appoinGments, reappointments,
salary adjustments and other changes requested by Deans and Heads
of Departments.

                  College of Arts and Sciences


     Mr. Cecil C. Sanders, graduate assistant in the Department of
Political Scionce for the first semester of 1941-42, at ;t50 a month
for the five months Period.

     Mr. Clay Lancaster, assistant in the Art Library, quarter-time
at 9200 for th*s ten months of 1941-42.



    Miss 3Beatrice Mdioretti, student assistant in drawing and paint-
ing studios, quarter-time at W*200 for the ten months of 1941-42.

    Miss Jeanne Bowne, student assistant in print ma'ing and
painting studios, quarter--ime, at 4200 for the ten months of 1941-42.

     Mrs. isatalie Wood Bailey, graduate assistant in the Department
of Social Work, part-time for the academic year 1941-42, at a
stipend of 4200.

     Mr. Seymour Busch, observatory assistant, from October 1, 1941,
'co May 31, 1942, at  15.00 a month.  Mir. Busch is to wor'k a total
of fortyy hours a month.

     MIr. Morton Reitman, junior technician in the Department of
Bacteriology, at a salary of 300 for the period October 1 to June
30, nine months.

     Dr. S. H. Wander, instructor in Chemistry at 1800 a year.    Dr.
Wender is to be paid wi200 a month .-or the reomining nine months of

     fMrs. Eunice Stackhouse Campbell, graduate assistant in the
Department of Chemistry, for nine months, October through June, at
a salary of ;540 for the nine months, to succeed- C. B. Ellison,

     Miss Jane Haselden, Assistant Dean of Women, appointed part-
time Assistant Professor in the Department of Romance Languages, at
no additional salary, to teach either three or six hours each se-
mester according to needs.

     Mr. William H. Nebergall, instructor in General Chemistry, nine
months, October through June, at a salary of X,1600 for the nine
months, academic year 1941-42.

     Mr. Kenneth D.Willis, graduate assistant in Chemistry, at a
salary of 2600 for nine months.

     Mr. Dirk Verhagen, graduate assistant in Chemistry, at a salary
of 4600 for nine months.

Leave from Class

     Miss Margaret I. King, instructor in Library Science, is to be
relieved from her teaching duties for the remainder of this years
beginning October 1.   Miss Semmons will carry the class taught by
Miss King.




     Mr. Francis H. Weiland, Art Library Ass istant, for 19'21-42. Mr.
Weiland has been called for military service.

     h.-r. John W. Travis, piano tuner, for the year 1941-42.  Mr.
Travis expects to be called for military service.

     Dr. James L. Gabbard, instructor in Chemistry, effective Septem-
ber 30, 1941.  Dr. Gabbard has accepted a position at the College
at Ypsilanti, Michigan.

     Mr. Henry Guhr, graduate assistant in the Department of Physics
for the school year 1941-42.   Mr. G-uhr will enter military service.

     Mr. Larry Landis, junior technician in the Department of Bac-
teriologys effective October 1.

     Dr. Charles F. Krewson, instructor in Chemistry, effetotive
October 7.

     Mr. C, B. Ellison, graduate assistant in Chemistry.

     Mrs. Patricia S. Robins, part-time secretary in Department of
History.   Received no salary for September.

                      CoiE of A riculture

Amtointment s

     Miss Esther Taylor, instructor in home economicn, effective
September 22, at a salary of Q1500 a year on a ten months basis.
     Air. Henry H. Pope, Jr.,changed from assistant county agent in
Pike County to acting county agent in Menifee County, effective Octo-
ber 1, 141, at a salary of 41600 a year, to fill the vacancy cre-
ated in that county by military leave being granted to M41r. Wallace

Extension of Appointment

     Pir. Julian Smith's appointment as graduate assistant to include
the month of October at 6O0 a month to be paid from the General Edu-
cation Board grant.   His appointment expired September 30, 1941.


     Miss Pattie M4cCormack, clerk in the Department of Administra-
tion, Experiment Station, since September 8.   Her resignation is to
be effective at the close of business September 12, 1941.



    Mr. James Chad Mullins, County Agent in Clay County, effective
August 31, 1941.

     Mrs. Mary Louise Ellington, clerk in the Department of Animal
Pathology, Experiment Station, effective September 30, 1941.

    Miss Mary Louise Weisenberger, clerk in the Department of Mar-
kets aad Rural Finance, effective October 2, 1941.

                     College of Engineetinf


     Mr. Samuel A. Mory, Jr.s at salary of $315, effective November
1, 1941.

                      Colle e of Education


     IMrs. Helen Caldwell Randle$ supervising teacher in home econom-
ics at the University High School, for the year 1941-42 at a salary
of 2l00.

     Miss Rebecca Louise Jones, as music assistant in the University
School, at a salary of 4400 for the year 19'1-42.

    Miss Grace Leigh Oliver, music assistant in the University
Schools at a salary of 4400 for the year 1941-42.

     Mr, Louis Clifton, Professor of Education in the College of
Education.   Mr. Clifton teaches a course in visual education, and
has the rank of Professor of Extension in the Department of Uni-
versity Extension.

     Mr. W. Gayle Starnes, Assistant Professor of Education in the
College of Education.   Mr. Starr.%s teaches. a course in visual
education, and has the rank of Assistant Professor in Extension,
Department of University Extension.

                     Student Union Cafeteria


     Miss Pattie McCormack, bookkeepers at salary of .90.00 a months
effective September 13, 1941.





     Mrs. Emma Jane Walker, requisition and order clerk, substitute
for Mrs. Miary A. Sullivan, who has requested leave due to ill health,
for four months, at a salary of $100 per month, effective October 7.

Leave of Absence

     Mrs. Mary A. Sullivan, leave for remainder of first semestEr of
1941-42, due to ill health, effective October 15.

                         Kentuck]Y Kernel


     W. D. Grote, pressroom foreman and compositors $50.00 per week.

     Harold Hartzers pressman, 80 cents per hour for 48 hour week and
$1.00 over-time.

    A. J. McFadden, pressman, $25.00 for 44 hour week.  No over-

    N. B. McMillian, compositor, $1.00 per hour for 40 hour week.
No over-time.

     Ao F. Williams, pressman, 85 cents per hour for 48 hour week
and $1.10 per hour for over-time.

     William W. Hopewell, Assistant Director of Publications and
Graduate Manager of the Printing Plants 4175 per month.

    Miss Mary Louise Naive, Secretary and Bookkeepers $100 per

                        Changes in Salary

     Salary of Dr. Jack Campbells instructor in Chemistry, changed
from $1550 to $1800 for academic year 1941-42.

    Salary of Dr. Gerald Grillot, instructor in Chemistry, changed
from $1500 to 1800 for academic yeas 1941-42.

    Mr. William Cox, Stenographic Bureaus changed from $90.00 a
month to 4100.00 a month,


                 * * * * * * * * * *

    8. On President Donovan's recommendation, by mo-
       tion and second, the above appointments were
       approved and record ordered made in the min-
                 * ** ** ** * **

J. Ad.iournment.

    9. On motion, properly seconded, the Committee
                 * * * * * * it * * *

                                     W. Gayle Starnes
                                     Secretary, Board of