That an additional Assistant in the Department of Math-

ematics be employed:

           Also that two new professors be constituted in the Col-

lege of Arts and Science, one in Philosophy and one in Zoology:

           It was recommended that the tuition be placed at 420.00

throughout the University."

           Mr. Stoll moved.      - First, that Associate Professors

be made members of the Faculty.

           Second, that an Assistant in the College of Mines and

Metallurgy be employed at a salary to be fixed by the Executive


           Third, that an Assistant Professor of Mathematics be

employed, the salaxy to be fixed by the Executive'Committee.

           The Board of Trustees having already authorized the

employment of a Professor of Philosophy, no recommendation was


           The President of the University was requested to report

whether, in his opinion, an additional Professor in Zoology is

necessary; and the amount of tuition to be charged by each Depart-

ment to be recommended to the Board., and the President of the

University be requested to furnish to thase Pepartments the amount

of tuition charged.

           Notion mad-e and carried that tVose resolution5 be passed.

           Motion made, seconded and unanimously carried it was

resolved that subject to the Board of Trustees that the Committee

on Appointments be abolished and the professors, instructors, and

assistant professors be employed by the President of the University

subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

           Judge Laffery reported that he had not as yet been able

to get an itemized account of the claim filed against the