University by Bitterman & Sons but hoped to do so by the next meet-

ing of the Committee.

            Motion made, seconded and unanimously carried that the

Comptroller have the Tornado Insurance renewed on Patterson Hall

and was requested to report to the Executive Committee the cost of

similar insurance on each of the buildings of the University.

            Judge Lafferty brought up the subject of advertising

 in the way of making small posters with a view of the University
grounds on same, some of these to be tinned so that they will hang.

Motion made seconded and unanimously carried that the Business

Agent be allowed the sum of $30.00 to be used in advertising the

University and Summer School.

            Upon motion made seconded and unanimously carried, it

was resolved that the Business Agent of the University buy a

Loose Leaf Minute Book, such as used by the Executive Committee,

to be sent to each of the members of this Committee and a copy of

the minutes be sent to each of the members as soon after the meet-

ing of the Executive Committee as possiblei paper to be used the

same as that which comes in the Loose Leaf Book. It is understood

that these books are the property of the University to be returned

when the owner ceases to be a member of the Executive Committee.

The books are to be marked - "This book is the property of the

State University of Kentucky".

            Lieutenant Kelly presented the following letter:-

                                      " Lexington, KYry., March 17, 1911

"The Executive Committee, Board of Trustees,
      Kentucky State University, Lexington, Iy.
            I would like to respectfully call your attention to the
 following matters. It has been customary, heretofore, to pay the
 cadet officers in the military department certain small sums for
 their services.  This is essential as the officers are taken from
 the Junior Class that is not required to drill and it is hardly
 thought that it would be possible to induce students to take these