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Equine Doctorol Fellowships Blood-Typing Done Here Up the Job Lodder
UK has accepted an additional gift of UK soon will be home to one of two of- Good communications skills can mean  
more than $125,000 in corporate bonds ficial blood-typing laboratories for more frequentjob promotions, says Dr.
from the Maxwell H. Gluck Foun- Thoroughbref horses in the U.S. Beverly Davenport Sypher, a communi-
dation. Under a new contract with the jockey cations professor and National Associa-
The annual income from the bonds, · Club in Lexington which oversees reg- tion 1986 Great Teacher.
estimated at $10,000—$12,000 a year, istration of Thoroughbreds, UK will "A great deal of what it takes to get l
will fund the Maxwell and Muriel analyze approximately 10,000 blood ahead in business can be explained by l
Gluck Fellowship for an outstanding samples annually, beginning in january how well we communicate," she said. A
doctoral student studying at the Gluck 1987. "Nearly every job·related activity is a
Equine Research Center. The samples will be tested for the communication activity."
The $9 million center, now under presence of various genetic "markers" Sypher has measured four distinct ,,
construction on Nicholasville Road on which are inherited from the horse’s communications skills related to job lev—  
the UK campus, is due to open in May parents. With this information, officials el and upward mobility. They are Cog- `
of 1987. are able to confirm the horse’s parent- nitive dferentiatians the ability to judge i
It is made possible by a $3 million age and identification. other people in a variety of ways or di- {
challenge gift received in 1983 from the All blood samples now are analyzed mensions, as opposed to simple "black—  
late Maxwell H. Gluck and his wife, at the University ofCalifornia—Davis. or—white" distinctions; Sey'-monitoring:  
Muriel. The gift was matched by state With steadily increasing prices being the ability to pay attention to one’s own  
building bond authority and contribu- paid for Thoroughbred yearlings, the actions and know what constitutes ap- .
tions by persons in the horse industry of testing program "is cheap insurance propriate behavior; Perspective-taking l
another $3 million each. that the stated pedigree is accurate," the ability to understand how another ,
An anonymous donor contributed an said Dr. Ernest Bailey, UK professor of person views a situation; Persuasive  
additional $5 million to UK’s Equine veterinary science and director of the ability. pi
Research Foundation last year. new laboratory. In a recent four-year study of em- `
UK is one of only two institutions in The Jockey Club keeps extensive rec- ployees at a large insurance company, |
the world specializing in equine re- ords OH ThOI‘Ougl1bI‘€ClS ln tl'l€ U.S. 111 she fOUIld tl13.ttl‘1OS€ wl'10 scored well On ·l
search. The other is in Newmarket, order to preserve honesty in racing and tests measuring communications skills l
England. to maintain the integrity of the breed. tended to attain higher job levels more
The jockey Club plans to eventually re- quickly. ,
quire blood-typing of all Thorough- Of the four measures of communica-  
breds as part of registration. tions skills, cognitive differentiation was V
In addition to the service role the lab most closely related to upward mobility.
will perform for the equine industry, Sypher believes this is because the l
Bailey says the information gathered ability to view others from many per- il
will give researchers a large base of data spectives is the basis for other commu- {
useful in the study of equine genetics nications skills. j
and health. "Companies certainly would be mak- j
ing wise investments to develop com-  
munications skills training for their i
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ S $ $ $ $ ‘$ $ employees—not just public speaking l
S S S S S S $ S S $ __  $ S $ I   S S. but also in these skills we studied," said  
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