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tail of the parade had yet to leave
MARCH ON WASHINGTON the staging area. Supportive crowds
lined the route at both the start
On Sunday, OCt- 14, 1979 the lar— and the finish and gave everyone a
gest national group of gay men and boost. In addition, supporters of
women assembled for political action the march——ranging from socialists
marched down the streets of the na- to libertarians—-were busy working
tion's capitol. We were marching to the crowd and one had to be careful
demand an end to repressive legisla— not to accept more literature and
tion and attitudes and in support 0f pamphlets than one could reasonably
the federal gay rights bill now expect to carry-—much less read.
pending in Congress. We were also There were only a few counterdemon—
marching to demonstrate to a nation- strators, who kept their distance.
al audience--——via television and Once at the rally site one could
radio—-——that gay people from across easily be overwhelmed by the sheer
the nation and from all walks Of numbers of gay people and supporters
life could unite together and stand gathered under the Washington Mon—
up for our rights. There were ap- ument. Gays had come from as far
proximately 75,000 of us-—-young and away as Alaska and Canada as well as
old; rich and poor; black, white, other distant states and countries.
brown, yellow and red; men and women Each state or delegation had a ban
and—-—-perhaps most gratifying——-- a ner of some sort and the‘ assort—
fair number Of parents Of gays mar— ment of colors and people made for a
ching OUt Of pride over their gay spectacular sight. A large number
offspring. of speakers addressed the croWd;
There were about twenty—five men their different attitudes and styles
and women in the Kentucky delegation blended together after a while and
While most were from Lousiville and the central message was GAY IS GOOD.
Lexington, there were also gays from We know this and with more work and
Bowling Green and Owensboro. The effort on our part no person or
parade was sectioned Off by geo- group will be able to ignore this
graphic region; Kentucky was in the fact any longer. Speakers included
middle to rear of the marchers. In Robin Tyler, Eleanor Smeal, Kate
addition, the march was led by child Millett and Rep. Ted Weiss, A spon-
ren, older pe0ple, and handicapped sor of H.R. 2074——the federal gay
persons to insure a moderate pace; rights bill. Music followed the
therefore, the parade was fairly Speeches and included songs by Tom
slow in getting under way. The Robinson, a British rock singer and
organizers did a good job in getting gay activist.
everyone in line and in helping US Once the march and rally were
pass the time while waiting to march over and the participants had re-
one entertainer favored the crowd turned to their respective cities
with his rendition of "Give me that and states, it was almost as if the
old lesbianism" (to the tune of That event had never occurred; coverage
Old Time Religion). of the event by most of the major
Once underway, the march lasted media was light to moderate. Much
for well over two hours. We were of the coverage centered around con-
aligned in rows of eight and more flicting reports of attendance.
than stretched throughout the entire Crowd estimates ranged from 25,000
two—mile route; the head of the par- (national park service) to 250,000
ade reached the rally site next to (some march organizers and partici-
the Washington Monument while the pants). At least a couple of essen-

tial points seemed to get glossed ANTIGAY MCDONALD RESOLUTION l
over. First, it took a good deal on
the part of many of the participants The following is an official
in this particular march even to transcript of the "McDonald Resolu
show up in the first place; many had tion", House Concurrent Resolution
to return home to places that are 166; submitted to the House July 4
less than enthusiastic in their sup- 1979:
port for gay rights. Second, this
represented (along with the lobbying Expressing the sense of the Con—
visits at Capitol Hill the next day) gress that homosexual acts and the
the first concerted attempt at in- class of individuals who advocate
fluencing the United States Congress such conduct shall never receive
and educating individual Congress— special consideration or a protected
people to gay concerns and griev— status under law.
ances. The National media, by and Whereas homosexual individuals
large, did not seem attentive to have over the last several years
these points. pressed their conduct and behavior

But, of course, it is easy to strikingly before the eyes of the
lose some sense of perspective when public in an attempt to gain legiti—
one is part of an event so over— macy, acceptance, and recognition
whelming as the gay march on Wash— under law; the need has arisen for
ington was. The news media probably this great legal body, the Congress
gives inadequate coverage to any of the United States, to finally ad—
number of important movements across i dress this class and their conduct.
the country; the important thing is A man's abomination against God
that tens of thousands of gay people may well be at times a matter solely
did march and rally in Washington between his maker and himself in the
and do intend to continue to press pursuit of his eternal salvation.
our demands on our government. It also can be stated that no
Equally important, we met 'gay man should ever hold malice toward
brothers and Sisters from all across another based upon this irreconcil-
America; we exchanged information, able conduct.
attitudes, and we came away from the Nevertheless, it is unequivocal— .
experience a little more unified and ly clear that consensual sodomy and
a little more determined. ° ' .and a other homosexual acts should never
lot less alone. In the thoughts. of be accepted as legitimate in this
one speaker: Gay epople aren't JUSt Republic, nor should the class of ,
as good as everyone else; we're bet— individuals who advocate such con—
ter. We've had to be JUSt to sur— duct gain special consideration or a
Vive all these years and to keep on protected status under law.
gOing. The idealism of this Republic

that is embodied in its codes, pro-
tected under its laws, and emulated
' by its institutions would be clearly
DISCHARGE UPGRADING BROCHURE debased by the acceptance of such
_ _ _ . . action.

'The American CiVil 'Liberties The time has come, America, to
Unionr Of_ southern California 15 turn our hearts back to God and away
distributing a brochure Wthh ex- from the secular humanism that has
plains how lesbians and 9a¥ men led us to this day in our history.
with less than honorable military Let us finally have this turning
discharges may have their dischar— take place with this issue and let
ges upgraded to honorable if they it begin here and now. Be it,
apply before Jan. 1' 1980- For a therefore, Resolved by the House of
COPY Of the brochure, send 20¢ to: Representatives (the Senate concur-
ACLU Gay Rights Chapter, 633 50- ring), That it is the sense of the
Shatto Place, L.A., CA 90005' Congress of the United States that

 homosexual acts and the class of in— vious" signs (as if they were really

dividuals who advocate such conduct necessary to distinguish us——most of

shall never receive special consid- us looked like Christmas trees with

eration or a protected status under our keys, earrings, lambda necklaces

law. and handkerchiefs), so we had to

, rely on our gay radar. As is was

? explained to me, gays emit high fre—

; STRIDENTS FOR A THEOCRATIC SOCIETY? quency beeps which only bats and

1 other gays can hear; it worked re-

i A new lobbying organization markably well. By the afternoon, we

called Christian Voice has started started arriving inforce and there

an anti—gay campaign in Congress, were herds of us roaming (cruising)

and is using the religious broad- the streets. We now felt secure

Casting networks to reach up to enough to wear our buttons, which

a million voters a week. Christian were guaranteed to at least prompt a

Voice is the first legal lobbying smile or "hello" from brothers and

effort against gay civil rights. sisters passing from the opposite

Other groups, such as Anita direction. This was a 'welcome

. Bryant's Protect America's Children change from the usual stares one
are supposedly restricted from di— gets while walking the streets.

rect lobbying activity in order to During the daylight hours, the

maintain a tax exempt status. places to hit were the art galleries

Christian Voice claims a million of course. If it was artsy, it was

dollar campaign fund and expects to bound to be hot. And if a bit of

have a million supporters in its shopping for that special souvenir

first year. More than 70 million for that special someone back home

Americans say they are "born again" was in order, the cutesy boutiques

Christians, and as Christian were a must. If you were looking

Voice's co—founder has said, "If for a portrait of the Pope (halo op—

! Christians unite...we can pass any tional), you were in luck. Or if

law or amendment. And that is ex- you wanted a more compact Pope—token

. actly what we intend to do." the t—shirts or buttons were just

It was at this group's urg— the thing.

ing that the McDonald Resolution in Unfortunately, the key word of

‘ Congress is being considered. (See the weekend was money. I believe it

preceding article). would have been possible to be quar-

' ter and ”dollared" to death. There

;' were the standard March t-shirts and

. I LOVE A PARADE'°"' buttons, but also an awesome variety

; _ of other articles: flags, brochures

‘ . Washington was ours for the en- newspapers, official programs, lamb—

} tire weekend and we were gOing to be da jewelry of every imaginable form,

5 gay With a vengeance. The Holiday etc. Perhaps the worst of it was

; Inn where my brother, three of hlS the pink triangles, which came in

. friends, and I stayed (Can you ima— various sizes to suit your mood. I

gine five queens in one room? It's really am surprised someone didn't

; a wonder we didn't tear each other's think to sell small bundles of wood

, eyes out!) was quickly converted in— and kitchen matches for that ”Inqui—

~ to a gay resort. . . or should I say sition look." And at every gay es—

last resort. They say the best sur- tablishment there was the contribu-

prise is no surprise; apparently the tion box, "all the proceeds" of

second-best is charging three times which went to the march. I really

, what they quote over the phone. didn't mind all of this though; I

Anyway, . the. other gays started kind of considered it a gay Gatlin-

; trick(l)1ng {e by mld_mernlng on burg. But the most flagrant abuse

Friday. At llrSt we were heSitant of gay clientele came from the bars.

to wear our buttons and other ob— Although they normally do not charge


a cover (I'm assuming this because In some ways the book is like
they used a Magic Marker to check the WIZARD OF OZ (a running meta-
that you paid; you can imagine how phor through the book), with its
chic El Marko all over your hand crazy, warm, wild, wicked charac—
looks.), they were charging two dol- ters, all scrambling to unscramble
lars until 1 a.m., then raised it to themselves-~usually by magic. It's }
three. This didn't even entitle one like a life that is taken into the
to a drink. I am reasonably sure "rabbit hole" or "over the rainbow” f
none of this money went to the and swirled and twisted to a place
March; if so, they had no signs or where you meet beautiful and fright
notices to that effect. And the ening people and laugh and cry at
bars were so crowded! It took up to the beginnings and endings of rela-
an hour to get into some (and it was tionships but finally you find more
quite cold outside, too.) More than peace "in your own backyard."
a few people cruised the waiting There is a recognition that un—
line and didn't make it as far der the rainbow is a good place to
as the bar. be and that over the rainbow is at
Monday was rather sad. We best a fleeting Visit that lacks
weren't so obvious any longer and substance.
just about everyone had gone his/her Until I had finished the book I
merry way. Practically every person didn't know where the twister was
on the subway going back to the air— taking me. I frequently felt de—
port had come for the March, so we pressed and angered by the Oz-like
had some nice conversations. The characters. Although joy presented
feeling of unity had not totally itself, it seemed always surrounded
dissipated. As a matter of fact, I by dread and dark attempts of try-
met a guy from San Francisco who had ing too hard. Over and over I was
some friends in Lexington (take confronted with value questions.
heart, gay Lexington, they know Not that they were labeled as such
we're here.) but my own values and sense of mor-'
All in all it was a most moving als were confronted, questioned and
weekend and well worth the time, ef— attacked. The book is good mater
fort and money, regardless of the ial for such personal investiga—
fact that a bankruptcy trial is in tions. ‘
the offing. Kantrowitz is an English pro-
Joe Lincoln fessor and some very common lite—
rary themes run through the_book.
, The search for truth, the battles ‘
BOOK REVIEW over social injustice, the struggle
for peace and honesty, efforts to
Under the Rainbow- Arnie Kantrowitz distinguish between truth and hon-
(William Morrow & Co.) esty, and the gnawing fight (which
is no fight at all) to know a High—
Arnie Kantrowitz's search for er Spirit. All of this, in the
that illusive "inner core" is the context of growing up gay, smoothly
basic premise of Under the Rainbow. flows into a very readable book.
Kantrowitz carries us along on that Because of my failure to real-
search through his childhoos, ado- ize I was on a journey which was,
lescence, college years, his fears indeed, a man's search for self, I
of his feelings, his family rela- didn't really feel a closeness to
tionships, his work with GAA, his Arnie until the final chapters of
lovers, his communal living experi— the book. I found myself saying,
ence, his experimentation with "Where is the substance to this
drugs, his visit to Europe (perhaps man?" At times he seemed so mind- .
the best written chapter), but most less. But, of course, the sub— ‘
of all he takes us on the search of stance was there; it was just scat—
a person finding himself. tered all over the place. Upon

 finishing the book I was able to rock, blues and jazz. Catapulted
connect to the substance which had along by Southside Johnny's gutsy
begun to fall into place, each vocals, this album never lets up
small shred made from past experi- for a minute. Though it is Johnny
ences, struggle, pain, bits of joy, who is the focal point of attention
and mostly from turning to appre- the entire group is outstanding.
ciate the man. Just an ordinary Notably, guitarist Willy Rush and
man struggling, waiting, wondering, the horn section add dimension to
through his own particular search the ten songs. The band proves it-
and able to write quite well about self to be as good with a ballad
the process he followed. (Wait in Vain) as on the uptempo
Interestingly and sadly it has numbers which dominate the L.P.
been similar failures that have
kept me from closeness with a
rather large number of people. POP
This is one of those books _—_ '
that should be read in its entirety Melissa Manchester - Arista
The real power of the book comes
only when it is considered as a Manchester's eighth album for
whole. Half—traveled journeys are the label has her tackling some
usually unfulfilling. spicy rock-oriented tracks in addi—
Doug Burnham tion to her trademark ballads.
"Pretty Girls", the first single
from the set has Manchester at her
393 lusty best, while another uptempo
rocker, "How Does It Feel Right
Robert Palmer - Secrets Now?" also shows more spark and
spunk than past Manchester releases
With each album, Palmer has come But the best cut on the album may
closer to hitting the rock/pop be a mellow, softly sung version of
mainstream but never has he been "Whenever I Call You Friend" which
more on the bull's—eye than with she co-wrote with Kenny Loggins and
this album. Palmer's distinctive which he made into a top five sin-
style, encompassing blends of R&B, gle a year ago. Tower of Power
pop, and rock, all meld into a co- horn section augments a six-man
hesive and accessible musical form. rhythm section on several of the
In addition to his own material, cuts.
Palmer interprets Todd Rundgren's
"Can We Still Be Friends?" Pal-
mer's singing is razor sharp and POP
expressive and the playing by Pal- ___
mer's band rocks solidly. The pro- Nicolette Larson - In the Nick of
duction, like the album's contents, Time
is clean and intelligent. Solid Ex—backup singer larson, who
band backup. Best cuts: "Bad Case scored a big hit with Neil Young's
of Loving You", "Jealous", "Can We "Lotta Love" is back with a strong
Still Be Friends", "Under Suspi- second set. The production value
cion", "Love Stop". on the LP is superb as is the musi-
cianship provided by some of L.A.'s
first rank sidemen. Larsons
£93 throaty, husky vocal style is in-
tact as she ranges over rock, pop,
Southside Johnny and the Asbury and jazz flavored tunes. Strings
Jukes and horns embellish the final pro-
- duct, one that should not be missed.
This veteran group's first for
Mercury is a high-powered blend of

 I There, that's better.
. Where did I put that necklace?
Am I proud that I'm gay? Right in front of me.
Am I proud that I have blue eyes, or If it had been Anita, it would have
that my hair is blond—brown, or prayed for me.
that my teeth are straight? Cigarettes, lighter, bracelet, keys,
I believe the question is more one wallet, rings, change, watch,
of not being ashamed of my in— comb, sunglasses.
clinations, rather than pride. Don't tell me I'm ready.
I am not ashamed that my lover has a
moustache, dark curly hair, and God, I hate going to the grocery.
stubble on his cheeks by the end
of the day. Joe Lincoln
I am not ashamed that my love for .
him is physical and passionate.
I am not ashamed that he loves me, SHORT TAKES
too. . . and shows it.
If this is pride, then yes, I'm Lesbian and gay male patients
proud. at Boston City Hospital's Inten—
But it seems so obvious. sive Care Unit will be able to be
Joe Lincoln . visited by their lovers under a
new hospital policy. Previously,
patients could only receive visits
II from immediate family members.
‘ After some discussion about what
Only three hours to get ready before to call their lovers, the hospital
I have to go out. decided on the term "significant
Hope I can make it in time. others."
My nails are clipped, I've shaved, GCN (via LC)
my beard is trimmed. —_
Oh, God, didn't I use the last of The Swedish government has pas-
the conditioner this morning! sed a new bill which declares dis-
No, I think there's enough left. crimination against homosexuals
Let's see, guess I'll get my illegal.
shower. . . maybe think of what GCN (via LC)
I'm going to wear while I'm in
This humidity! My hair will never CALENDAR
dry. . . well, what's left of it Jan. 7th ~ Monthly business and
anyway. planning meeting at 8 p.m. at the
At least I did the laundry this yalton Avenue Center - ls} Jalton.
weEk. 5‘4. J , fly, . 4..
Should I go butch or queen or butch/ fan',4”h+& €Oté -.3?p éLPPQ’ ab
gueen? i p.m. a? the soutniang Drench of‘
Are these jeans too tight? the Public Library - jzl ooutnlanc
Impossible. The Lexington Gay oerVices urges;-
Probably not tight enough. recognizes the need for a diversity
Hmmm. If I wear this shirt, it will of opinions. accordingly, opinions
make me look tanner. I need all expressed in The Gavzette are those
the help I can get. of the individual author and as such
Which earring? The sapphire should do not reoresent the viewpoints of
d9. . all other GSO members. Please send
How in the hell do you fold this your opinions and comments to G S O
handkerchief anyway? That's not 3_Q. Box llh7l, Lexington, Ky. #0511
right; it looks like I've got a
sheet stuffed back there.