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Date of kisses
State of lonesome and Blue
Feb 7, 1924,
Mr. C.D. Nolan,
Dearest dady
While think of you and no one else but you nothing would please me but you and you alone oh I wish I was with you to laying in your darling little arms I would be ok how are you fealing to day I am just find only a little tird hone your head got alright listen dady I could tell you was'n felling good I sure was'n please with those kiss I got but [coulden?]

 by by from yours
only Baby to my
sweet little dady,
R.R.4 Box 179,
C ville

FEB 19
Mr Commo Dare Nolen.
R.R 1. Box 20

 R B H B

 Clarksville Tenn
Feb 26, 1924
Mr. Nolan
Dearest dady 
time afford me no greater.
pleasure in ans your darling
letter which I recd a few day
ago how are you feeling by
now this leave me just fine
ta night and truly hope
my sweet little dady likewise
did you get home alright
sunday I sure did hate to 
see you leave me you
promis to stay all night
any way (smile) dady you
was sing every day will
be sunday after while ha ha

hope so listen dear you can 
please any one worried mine
I say you can I am telling
you the truth listen  [Commu?]
it was right funny this
eveng a cat come come to visit
my cat and I mean her 
fellow did you hear me 
laught  at you  home and
them I got angry and ran
him away I wish you had
seen him ha ha I have 
something to ask you dear
please don't say na when 
I tell you you are so
sweet untill I want to
be with you alway and 
you know that cant be

I rather be with you then
any one I ever know in my 
life I am telling you the 
truth from my heart
when I cant see you I fell
mity bad well dear I want 
you tu be [sweet?] before I 
have been dont you think
so oh dear I for got to tell
you please excause ne & 
sure did enjoy my cream
you brought me you are so
sweet dady untill I don't
know how tu thank you
love me dady I belive you
love me now last sunday
made me think about a 
while back I want tu ans

this letter I dont mean for
it to be a short one you can
write untill night if you are 
still working write me a 
long letter [illegible?] I sure 
enjoy reading them,
dady we didn have company
sunday but I had frist
thing monday morning tu see
how long you stay I will tell
you about it  ga ga we play
the part  that time I say we
did, Well I dont want the 
mail man tu go I will
close over there and get 
you I got your water we

 sweet untill I see you
I have something funny ru
tell you your sweet baby [illegible]
My sweet little dady
RR4 Box 179

FEB 26
7 PM
Mr Commo Dore Nolan
R.R 1 Box 20

 [no text on page]

do any better so you would 
write and I had it tu do [name?]
said I [lean?] you how tu tell
them and so I will keep my
word true as I promis [sic] you 
Comma, mama dont feal [sic] so
well tu day I be glad when 
she get better baby dear I 
want you to be sweet until
I see you I cant [see?] any other
way I dream last night that you
had a girl and was gone tu
Chicago and I come over there
and you was gone I was so
angry I didn know what tu 
do dont let it come true
Comma rember [sic] what I told 
you dady tu you my heart

Clarksville Tenn
May 19,  1926
Dearest Husband,
Your letter was rec'd tu day it
found your baby just fine and
hope tu find you likewise.
all the rest are well and we are
doing very Well, listen dady & 
dream about you nearly evry night
I belive  you have been  sweet,
I realy have, and can [proved?] 
that I have, listen dear Lonnie
is well and send  love tu her play
[toy?] smile, rember where we spent
the last happy hours at, I [shour?]
did feal bad sunday evry 
when we came home I went in

the room and I had a big cry tu 
myself oh [Lu?] I am so lonsome
without you I want tu see you my
dady bad, I am tired sleep
with Louie and the doll ha ha.
a [illegible] is longer [illegible] from
me, but dont let me me
hurry you & I want you to find
a job, if you can have 
spend that much and can't find
anything because, I am willen
tu go any place with you
now because I am tired of 
this place you know baby,
[true?] you are long time people.
think we [cant], no place, but I
hope that my little dady.

will make good of the trip, well
dear I am going our home
thursday tu help Ma as I told
you. I was but I wont stay all
night baby your girl ask about 
you Ruby did I miss you. she 
know I did she mad me angry
ha ha, and my [friend?] are sick ha ha,
baby evry night I wake up I
want my dady. very bad.
I [bout?] hurt my finger but once
I am saving the job for you I 
mean I hope you ben good and
[ I am going?]  because I am baby I hate
tu tell you because but I will play
untill you retire tu [illegible] that
night untill

I hurt my finger smile, we had 
to rain and it very cool tu day.
baby I  [where?] I would be more
satfied with you, you know 
how it is we around the baby
all the time but Mama and then 
are sweet and good as they can 
be, I fix the worms for you .
I did for get them that make 
me think you are not going back,
are you think about fishing.
I hope you know just what we
are going tu do. and write and
tell me because I will tell no
one I have realy learn a 
lesson by talk and telling 
so thing so I think you be the only

[illegible] I rather tell you about  [name?]
mother when you come home
but it was  so what I told you 
about her,  we had a Banana
pudding for supper it was good 
I mean it was tu and we have
[illegible] I wish you have had some 
of it well dear I am so blue
tonight wish for you , dear 
write and tell me just when you 
comeing home and what
you are going to do. You know
baby we cant stay here all the 
time be sweet your baby wife [illegible]
My darling little husband.
Martha Nolen

 [postage stamp in red ink]
MAY 13
430 PM
Mr. CommoDore Nolen
511 So. Harding [Hul?]
Terre Haute 

R R Box 2[?]

is given prey give your tu
me we lock them up tu
gather and thow away 
the key baby dear pease
come over sunday I get u
lonesome here alone
well dear I show do
enjoy being with you than 
any one I know baby dear
you have mad me love you
and I cant help it if I want
tu well be sweet untill I 
see you if it dont rain
I shall look for you
be sweet dady
Your baby tu my dady
Martha Washington
R R 4 Box 79

A happy Thought
The World is so full 
of a number of things
I'm sure we should all 
be as happy as kings.
R. L. S.

 [printed ]
FEB 15
530 PM
[postage stamp in green ink]
1 CENT 1
[left side of page]
Hello there Comm.
how are you [by?] this
listen dear come down
town tumorrow.
Iona found your 
cuff button tu day
meet us down town
about one o clock
[right side of page]
Mr. C. D. Nolen
R. RI Box 20

 Clarksville Tenn
Feb 19, 1924
Mr. Nolen --
Dearest dady
Yours was rec d a few day ago
Your sweet welcome letter
a hundred tongue could not
express my love tu you
how are My little dady fealing
tu day I am fealing ver well
tu day I have  [blues?] smile,
dear I wish I was a flower
I wish I were a rose I wish
I was at my dady house tu
talk tu him every hour
I really mean that  listen,
Commu what make you 
so sweet you hove [even?]

sweet way I rather be with 
you then any one I every  know
in my life  prey tell me have 
my little dady been sweet
I want tu know dear you
ask me was I look for
you I had give you out
I was' en going tu get angry
like you why do you do me
that way when you know
what and talk about your
sweet mama but a sweet
little dady  like you will
make a dog brake his chain
ha ha dady esin that true,
baby dear why dont you
like tu kiss me prey tell 
me you have fun kiss some

one [be?] fruits grow in my 
garden apples on my tree
When you get tired sleeping 
alone  come and sleep with 
me I will make room for  you
tu night smile, you made
me realy angry you when you
said you was save your kisses
for Iona,  Mable something 
[lu?] ha ha, if you don't I 
know wha will all alone ha ha
I will be over in town one 
day this I dont know what 
day did you get home
alright sunday did Ray
come for you well dear
I wish I were with you tu day
Mable you would tae the

blue away I have them mity
bad I realy love you I must
tell you  bout I tell truth
baby dear the flowers
sweeter seems tu blosom
the world more bright
shine for every time I 
Breathe your name my 
heart said you are mines
Well dear ans my letter and 
tell me what time will you 
be over sonday if nothing 
dont happy please dont
waite like you did last sunday
do your water is on (smile)
I hope I am not ask you 
tu much I want you tu be
sweet write you  please do