Editor's Foreword
INCE it is difficult to make the subject matter in a College Annual different from year to year, the Staff this year has changed the style and arrangement of the book, wherever expedient, thus hoping to make the 1915 Kentuckian different  from those preceding it.
It has been the editorial policy to give each and every person a fair representation, and if we have failed in this it is due to mistakes of the head and not the heart. While it is true that the book contains more raillery than those which have preceded it, nevertheless it is done with malice toward none.
"Originality" has been the watchword and while a few ideas are adaptations, the majority are original.
Many mistakes have crept into the book due to its being the work of many hands and to the limited amount of time consumed in its compilation.
It has been our aim to give to the Class of 1915, which is the greatest in point of numbers, good fellowship and ability, a book commensurate, in a way, with their prestige. We hope you will like it now and that it will help brighten passing years by recalling some half forgotten memory of the happy, care-free undergraduate days.
To the Class of 1915, and to their friends, by whom and for whom this book is primarily written, with the knowledge that they will be lenient in criticism of any discrepancies, the following pages of the record of our Class and University, is respectfully submitted.