Jeanette  Torrance  Bell.   A.B.,   Fulton
Sorores Amoris; Horace Mann Literary Society; Vice President of Pennyroyal Club (3); Captain of Class Basket Ball Team (1); Idea Staff (4); Treasurer of Y.  W.   C.   A.   (4);   Vice   President  of   Senior  Class   (4).
-----"And   my   beart   began   to   swell,
As   down   tbe   glen   away   sbe   went, My   lost   Kentucky   lielle."
One doesn't have to know Jeanette very long to understand why she won the popularity contest last year. She is a capable student, an energetic worker, a loyal friendthat is "why." 'Tis strange that one of Jean-ette's fastidiousness could tolerate anything "Dusty." She doesn't care much for the "mighty pin"; and has her  own  ideas  about   "individualism."
Robert  Louis   Bierbaum,   B.S.Agr.,   Louisville
Cheer Leader   (4);  Captain  "D"  Co.   (3); Agricultural Society,   Fruit Judging  Team   (4);   Louisville   Club. "My   name's   robert   Louis."
There's no doubt that "Beer's" name is Robert Louis he told the Commandant so! He is one of those city Agriculturists that have heard the call of the soil. While leading the yells, no situation was so tense as to cause Bob's pomp, to be disarranged. We won't say a single  little  word  about  that  cannon   episode.
Horace P. Bird, B.S. Agr., Shelbyville
Saddle Horse Judging Team; Class Football (2, 3); Agricultural Society; Student Representative to V. M. C.   A.   Convention   at   Kansas   City,   '14;   Turtles.
"He  who  by  the   plow   would   thrive Himself   must   either   hold   or   drive,"
"Buzzard" is sure one astute business man. That crew at Mrs. Arnett's boarding house has never succeeded in making a squirrel of Horace although he is a "Turtle." Horace has tried all kinds of college life from Fatimas to Tango Teas, but best of all he likes to take one of his many friends behind him on his motorcycle   and   strike   for   the   open   country.
Albert   Ricketts   Blackburn,   F..M.E.,   Petersburg
Mystic Circle; T 2; T H K; Glee Club; University Quartette; A. S. M. E.; A. I. E. E.; Dynamic Engineering Society; Turtles,
"There is no voice, whose  tones inspire Such  thrills of rapture through my breast."
If music hath charms to soothe tbe savage breast, "Blackie" can hypnotize a cage of monkeys with his sweet and mellifluous chords. His warbling was always a feature of the Glee Club concerts and with his brothers of the Tau Sigma, he is still occasionally seen on Saturday evenings, seeking whom he may serenade. Aside from" his musical ability and his propensity for athletic girls, he has acquired considerable knowledge of mechanical   engineering.