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Ofhcial News-Letter of the State Council of Defense
To Editors: The
ms in this ¤¤··=¤¤ ~ THE UNIVERSITY OF KE
is prepared for the   Entered as second
press and is released   class matter at the
for publication on   __ P°St °ff'°° at L°X‘
recelph   e mgton, Ky.
September 1, 1918 LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Vol I N0 16
T *1 TY ENJOYS COLORED PEOPLE OF STATE Admin' tr t i K t lk V; P- tt · · ~
“`*1§§§§§ATIONAL SERVICE nnninxznn mn wom Dm, éZii5"si§’&s E$?p¥i»“§5m   ¥L‘2i‘LE?éi."‘°¥E“‘i?$s1“ Eliiliiiémiiili G°§§§§§¥‘i,’§’§,‘$§§§§ T°
____. · vice; Earl Gwin, Liberty Loan Com- have agnoad to do S0_ T CROP
The American University Union in _At a Conference Ot Colored people mimiei H- W- Brigmam lV¤1` Savings The organization has a large mail-
rum) of Whkh the Uuhersity of ct the State held at the Board ef Stamps; and (;_ A_ Toyebaugn) United mg list consisting of college men and The report of Dr. Samuel Halley,
¤ ` l3» ' ' ’ Trade building in Louisville 011 Aug- States B¤ys’ Working Reserve · -· ~ . f L ·' t h ‘ {
Kentuelty is an member, is l‘€l1d€1'lHg ust (Sth in connection with the work Th» t" n hlgh School gmflllatem and thmugh 0. exmg On, C ammm 0 the com
_ _ N _ _ _ C mG€ me Was called at the F9- the press, the 1111I11SlZ€I’S and educators mittce 011 Agriculture of the Kentucky
vital and mcmasingly largg Serving of the Ixentutzky (Jounczl 0l Datense lquest of Mr. Thruston to consider of the State, are ondaayorlng to reach C .1 iD f , , _
IO American College men in the more thaursixty 1'€l)1‘€S€I1f£l.T.1V€ 001- conditions existing at Corbin, Ky. every available young man in thc mmm O . eensey Outlmmg plans OI
_ _ _ __ cred men [rom as many counties 0f Matters of encrul ‘ - the Extension D€Pal`tm€¤t Oi UW Uni-
l;u1·0pea11 war and is cult1vm1H3' Yeni C1. , W _ _ _ g ““1°°“¤¤CBt¤ Wm SUNG- _
fiend] and hcl ful tenuous bcwwen » .u 151 wei- piasent. These d<—2le· work m the State were discussed. It il;-— verslty of Kentucky t° bring about
1 y I p · ~~ glue:. had been appointed by Gover- was decided to establish headquarters TEXT gp BULLETIN ON an i¤01‘€8S€d ¤¢1'€¤8€ of wheat in this
the universities of Amemcu and thosé ¤0i’ A- O- SWHIGY- at the Kentuck St·t F· ‘ ·‘ · `
_ , The COME, I _ d . _ _ _ Y _ d e al" ·‘” all W2"` CHANGING GERMAN NAMES State, and results so far attained
of the amid coummes that are dr CI l`€1lCG uste tile eutiie activities where information concern- -——- b. ht b f . th · · .,
destined to result in better CO_Op3m_ any. falit. Llnulce F. Huhlcin, Chair- ing each branch could be given. Mr. Following is the text of bulletin N0. .1Oug 8 me G commu at ets mee?
UGH in imemathnal educmimul Work   0 {le C9mm1U€€ 011 U1? Ofgall- Hines, Mrs, Helm Bruee and R_ C, 7_ Sant out by the Kentucky Council mg August Mthi the most Vita] ma?
`· ` I V. 3 E ni1l0H Qt Colmcd People 191* lVar Ballard Thruston were appointed a of Defense to County Councils of De- ter OH its program of Pmjeeted Wal`
not mglely tldimg the pc-:110d 0i U19 WOIK, ot the kentucky Council Ot DG- committee to carry out this plan fense throu h t th S ‘ l
t wap but afterward. fensei presided-  - i immediate gacilon ln tell; inliiisifulni mg Lt H ll { d th t
. _ l V . .. _ _ x OC O1` 3 G U € -
The Umverslty OI kentucky nag AddI€$S€¤ WCPB made by Goveznor _ T substituting English equivalents for · y S gg S E . a Some
‘ t ‘ (1   1 ·(1 t· 1 A` O` Stanley H°“· Matt C°he“» C°m· REGISTRAR ANNOUL CES all Organizations in I- t I I . thmg Shvuid be done by me Govern-
Es gelieivie nouw gl .¤ is wil 0 Emslolm. Of Agl,iCumu,€, DL George MATRIQULATION DATES Gmmm name? Wn “°‘Y >€¤¤¤S mem, looking toward the purchase
. e 0 cwm , re 111* mg lI1€l`lC3.Il v_ l- — _ ·1 . » , _____ ·
. · g   ' Y ` l lmnlaynég Dlicctoi ol Negio Eco- h and storage of wheat which could not
oasualtlos and pllbonols gf nal, by 1 cs, cpaiitinent ot Labor, and Pref, E. L. Gillis, Registrar of thé To the County Councils be cared for by local millers After
me Executive Committee in Paris Of   H. Garvin, Emergency District University of Kentucky, a11n0u¤C6S of D€f€nS€;_ full d,SC , th fl _ `
the American University Union in jlegm _ · officially the following dates affecting Th K ` _ _ _ 1 uSSmn_ G Olowmg resolu-
Eum ei _ y E afternoon Sosswn was Opened 1,€giSU,miOH Of Students fm. the fom} G Sntucky C0unc11 ot De- tum was unanimously adapted;
t D · V H by an addtress by Ml; Edward \1v_ Coming Session: f€I`iS€ fGGlS that the time has
'Votad, to senzl to the irustees of g¤¤·33,. Cliaxrxmm of tlle' Kentucky University opens for nmwiculation Come when avery organization, RGSOIVECL That the Kentucky
the Union for transmission 10 thé Ounml ff Defense °}1Ummg the Dm" OE students September 16 and 17 0I` Suciéty in the State ofelien- Council Of Defense acquaint the
various members Of the Union the 190395 OL that organization in refer- at 3 a_ m_ , y . Federal Food Admiui**ra.ti0n of
I H i f m OE tam Bm ence to the oiiganization of colored Class work begins Sep*e=11b€r 18 at mCl`y' bgarmg a German name' th ,l-t- In
0 Ow ng or SA m _ I maple » or display. , _ c COH.1 ions prevai ing in cer-
. . 8 a_ m_ ymg 21 German sign, will _ _
"F01‘ Supplying i11f0r111atic11 Ccnstjtution Submitt°d" AgYiC“ltu¥`3l COUBEG ODGYS f01` class iu justice to its m€mb€I‘S be glad mu? ceumms of Kentucky where
d f J U .1 V ·`· N f`   Colxlllllttee On COnStitut.iOl.'l, \VOl`k October 14, 8 3,, ]'l']_ Home ECO- [0 ghgngg the Hanle to   Eng_ facllitles fgr   and storing
an or 21,l'lS\V€1lll;_, 1.1(lnlIll9¤ 10111 Z’Ll)l'JOl1'1t€d by the c011f0re11ce, and nemlcs courses in College 0f AgI‘iCl1l- llsh Equivalent the }3I‘g€ wheat crop, produced in
relatives and friends C()llC€l`lllllg €¤1¤D0SGd 0f C. H. Parrish Chairman t ll » ·l · ‘ · . . ,
D _ ·, , ure. cmever, w1lbeg1r1 at the same The K t _k C . 1918, have been msuffmlent so
American casualties 3.110 pris0n— `·B· Devlsi Se°I`etMYi Ph1lH·B1‘¤w¤, {imc 35 GlHSS€S at the UHiV@1"Sity. en uc y mmm] of De` - .. I
J H G . · . that this condition ma be re
ers of War, the Amwigan RC1! . . . mmci aud. A.· E. Meyzeek namely, September 18th, and subject muse Suggests that You bring , y me`
`cmss has esmbiisima a Bureau fill; ltsfrsg-,01-t, Whleh 1S "°“’ i" me ‘° the Same MBS °f “’gi“““°“· this *°q“8“ “’ the ““€¤“°¤ 0f died bmw the nm wheat hm"
· l -¤ is Q e committee on the or- Examinations to remove conditions all organizations and ' t‘ ‘ Vest and mu, assurance ef this
of Home C0111mu1.11cat1011S (HOS- !ZiH1Z21ti0r1 0f colored ee l f - ‘ . · ` Some IGS m
I I V T · D D6. or wai imposed on students of the Univer- your County stm beai G fact be given to the farmers of
pltal and Hama gal-VICE) To ya. ;\ O1 » of the Kentucky COlll']Cll of De- sity will be held September 11, 12, 13, r ng a er- Kentucky in Order that they be
lieve the demands on the cable (mee and 14. man namei O" displaying a Sigii ’ _
and to Secure, as fm. as lmssimgy 1h§t€$€lg?;;l`let;CAm€€t1Hg, arranged for Examinations lo remove Conilitlons in Germ;m_ 6U€0¤¥`3g€d IH thé SOWmg Of a ~
prompt, Consistent and SutiSmC_ fegmn Couigl   6512 ;3‘;f;>l;;€Jer§ %r;t;§;c1g1tu1r§l lsltudegitizwill be held The Kentucky Council furtlier laigei acmgge °f wheat this
tory service, answers tn i11q11€r- Ph0€H?X Hill Park, approximately ,....._.’ an A Sgggesis that due pumicjty be aupunx an U
n _ 4 ‘
ies are sent through the Red @000 "eY”`eS"’mmV€ ¤€SF¤ <¤ifiZ€¤S LARGE ATTENDANCE §;·;;1iz;t;;?g2ri1j;ieEam€ O; tile (3 m· Er, That the Kentucky
Cross Office at Paris to their miie Dmsene ,_ EXPECTED THIS FALL new name selected Y, an t 9 Ouncll of-Ieafense Offer to the
Office at Washington and thence Y eolnlnnnlcnmm from leading mem The mmspaper · iu Food Admm1stra.ti011 the full co-
· V ‘ - 1 . . _ _ _ ’ S XVI , . _ _
transmitted to the parfieh QOH-     lqe;§;`9;1€<>‘tht0 1·(ih1‘1stmas Judgmg from mqmplos by young Sum, be only too glad tO`;ib1?;; Opératlcu 211141 asmstance of its
'° ·¤ * ~ 0 G te ai] Mer- men anl vo th ~h ‘ A ‘ -· -
ceruedl Acting in harmony with Chants. Association for mformation State and gsplglgglly brougtufzlutt thi accounts of suoll chgingés as an C0mm1Ul€€ OH Agllcllltlllé, and
· . . and guidance . ’ . y _ GH S 0 ·>~*¤<1¤¤¤e Of thé patriotic posi- thc assistance of its County Coun-
suggestious from the Red (hose. Q · high $@0015, f01` 111f0I‘H12lt10H COD- tion taken by the or a · {
Nv ’· : . Ill ' '
the American University Union ;9§l€i~S` D¤'¤pp·¤9 German Names. c€1‘n1ng C0u1‘S€S Of Study at the Uni- and the loyalty of its ilemzsoeony CHS m preventmg the recurrence
in Europe transmits to the Red C0 @161 from. the Jeffemen County versity of Kentucky, enrollment fOl‘ IS` °f the Condition Set forth above-
omss Bureau Such mqumes as it Ggffgisn   C£$it;1S$> hélggzesting than the fcnthcoming session win be gram- By O"d"({` °f use K"“L“°ky __’_""
_ . * ·· — V ICI r t' -. f·‘ _ »0u11c' f D f
recefvas, togethei wlth tlic name lllglll nlupes be mquested iomghaialg yglggsilgrgze d b 1 0 6 €nS€’ JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT
and address of the lnqnlrmx and H W, _ g ·- g mn Y th€ G0V€1`¤· EDWARD W. HINES PUBLISHES STYLE BOOK
_ iam to Enslish equivalents was ment f ` ‘ ’
rcphes are in Lum Sem by the Sidgmd by the E- ' _ J .COI`l— OF S€I`VlC€S 0f tl‘3.1!18d men and Chairman,
Red Cross Bureau in Paris for A bumym Cqrlwfhicilllvc (iOI'l]l]lltt,€@_ wcmen, as emphasized by the stti- PENDLETON BECKLEY, A U · - - ·
transmission through their Vvash HOU V ~ ~~ 51111: out this sugges- tude 0f the \Var Department in its Executive Secretary mong · mverslty pubhcatmns pm-
mgwn Ummm C {as sent no each Oy the County "gn]ig{; and go to mnegeyy Cmlmgn   ' pared d“"‘“g the summer ‘“°mhS is
TELEGRAM DEFINES PLAN of Y an ed th1`O‘1gh()l][ the lor the encouraging outlook for at- BOARDS OF INSTR, book, Dubhshed by the Dgpartmem Ot
OF S A T C INDUCTI0} ;·¤t€· '1}`l9·S11gg’€sI;l011 of Mn Hugheg lonllanco UGTION Journalism and intended primarily
‘ ‘ ’ ' I uga): publlgltbg UG given to tha Old   Tha Iiéntucky Council of D fan for use   Students of   dgparti
_ -1 GS 211 ti qa . , e Se·
’Pl`€S1d€¤t MCVGYY Uilivevsiiy of by oaon cO,mu§m?;\;Snslgngiidiclolgtgi BGYS UFGED T0 "FNI·IST fouowmg an mtérvieiv wiih and ap- ment. _
kfllltllcky, has received the following [llc patrioiic position Of the mcg O AND GO T0 COLLEGE" Fmval Of thé plan by Major Henry F_ The w¤r1~ undertakes to Set forth
telegram from the Committee On Emp OF th   _ y ' _ _ · Hmm GFS ————— Rhodes, Chief gf lng Selective S __ 09Y1`€0t USBSB ill DI`€D&l‘21ti0¤ of I`H&tt€l`
cation and Spgqjgl Tl-aln:ng_ nlfcclmg Cm,pO;1;a(;1?r;1et1$1g§“;Za§1OnS was i¤· H In_ llursuencg of U163 GOVe1·11ment’s Vi0€ Départment of the State of KSL for Publication bY I1€WSD&D€1`S Bild
Students entering the S€l€CtiV<% Army To lnsum Rsd (E 1€tm' epllst and go *0 college" movement, lucky, authorized the Jefferson County periodicals and seeks to gcqugjnt tho
mcmth, which oxnlalnq itgelf: Cross for aid f_ E American Red and referred bY UNB State Council of OOUYUY & Board of Ingtructinn for men beset the Pnth“`¤Y of U18 YOURS F6-
yvashingtom D. C' CH Of DEFQHSQOW UF Kentucky Coun- Déifenw to W. D, Cochran, of hfays. in the dl-af; porter and copyreadcr.
I August 22, 1913. On the logyaltv   p;;;;;};=T;fT ;€D01‘hS   $h&11‘11iH1? Of the Committee on Th? Selectives waya called to these \Vhil€» as its Di`€f¥1¤€’ 8¥l¤0\1H§6S, _i€
P1'G$1dG11t Frziula L, Mevgyy Dloved bv tl' R _ 0 e em' a mni at Its Ashland 1¤€Gti11g in meetings by their legal boards In_ does net Claim to be 9~U·1¤0l¤S1V€ lll
U¤i*'·>1‘Si*y Of Kentucky. Enigma 5,, la; E$gC;Q°SS‘ "'“S."°“‘ J“]y‘ M"· C"°h““ met by ¤¤r>¤i¤t· S"““_“°¤ was given them in mllttel-S its ‘“S“`“°“°{‘ and its **dm°¤iti°¤· it
    1 in of in   m¥;&i°i1““‘““ii   if'; 22* ai   “" “’·   “’ “"’“ °"“m°* · to me   ‘“"“‘g“ me *‘°“ “‘“‘ "‘
{O Ml, R C Elm d y vas Sent · I1 e · PI`€Sid€Ht of Center Col- ’0V€I`¤m€11t, as wgll as to prepare will be found of will Servme not only
S*ll(l(']]lS ()VQl‘ gjghteen YGHYS agcr An]é1_iC'Hn LRa§ ThruS`0n’ Diary lege' and Caljtain   N· Rnydgn, COITP thgrn for rapij pl`Og`l`€$S in luilitary to Students but to IHOPB Inatured nB`vS
Old will 0ll{€1` the S. A, T, Q_ alloy lucky and a 'bull   CTOSS f01`_ I\eU‘ mandent at Ehé University of Ken. €d¤€Hii011 after joining the Army li¤I1dl€1`S, in that it goes into interest.
wgistl-qlion (lam umm]. the of meh CO_ t 8 m Le the Ch¤11`m€1H mem'- and With these men adgptgd S0 Successful was this plan but mg d9€i1US COUC‘5l`lllIlg correct use of
"’“°“d°d Selective Service act by yl-om {his Oiggc Comm was Issued plans, t° f“"{he" the m0V€¤1<~>¤t and Meier Rh0d€S requested tho €Stal,nS;]_ “’°"dS· °aPit”·“Z¤ti0¤» D¤¤¤¢¤1&ti0¤.
indivirlunl mm]-y mmm Cm   to Q L g‘Y§h“ the `“d°S‘ "°iS“’“’ ”“"“°“’· m-em °f "°"`“‘S °* l“$““°“0¤ in mh abb”m“°“’ S‘°e““g’ ”"""“““°“ °‘
mir €11l1StH1G11t. This Cllanuo is At Lb _ ‘ "aV° ab"- e PUYPOSQ of this movement, as or ih€ counties of our Stat COPY. D1‘00fr‘€&d1ng, construction of
made in View of the p1_O\mbT`€ rg- ml Of hicfqueet of thi? CO1l11ty Coun- Smffid by the War Department, is to Kéiltucky Council of Defengé 1};; news St0¥`i€S» and g€H€l‘ul Style 0f p1‘e—
rluclicm of tho dl-all nga to eign UVB Conugilséen Covniy the EX€Gl1· provide for th€ ·V€l‘Y important needs “l`id€I`t%1k€n, through ll-lo County Coun Senmtion in th€ C0ll1mI1S of the press,
'€<’¤ filvl D1‘Ol1;1ble flxlng of the mg Of gumgGq“HtC2;1séde1‘;l the Cl0$· ogflihe e1`mYf0Y` highly trained men as ellS» to c0—0per;;_to `vith the loca] In addition to the HIOTG technical
registmtien gale about Semen? _ h ‘ V *1 uea at 6 D. 111. 0 `lC€1`$· Bllgineers, chemi¤ts_ doctors Sléléctive Service Boards il __ _ Dh&S€S of the contents of the bnl.
  10. This chau1geir1thed1·aft I;?°CO§I2;,.3§f‘ ";‘,,S‘T’““*S       ““" °“’"S ‘°*"’“i· °““ ms "‘*"“6S*· I mymg ]°““‘ W"' “"*"""` i   °* “‘°
“$°· ““’°lVi¤%' the culling or men, advise;] thqtgma m' MR Hm WFS healed Ceuege Smdguis Over the nge T0 that Bud the council of Defense law Of mfel as it affects newspapers
Pighteen te twonly.on€_ Qmqim, mg ` Czmsiée it 0 matter lvm 1'P·CGiv- ef Glght€f¢¤ HH opportunity to onllat $¤gE€StS that local Selective Service and e brief diSS91`£&ti011 011 accepted
lhfm Drcviousaly ealllnalca wm Council drawn by the NHUOHPII m UWB military forces gf tha United lwards gf all counties have _O_ t usage in preparation of no]-1·€SDOnd_
  mdjusmm or   www m§‘;L l,“"“ “ *“’? S““"""‘”“ S“"°S aid “’ °‘”““‘ “‘““"“g “‘ me ""”““gS °‘ ““’" C ¤¤¤¤ Us ~vi¤iJ€$1·=   bl “°“°g"“"‘“‘*”S·
]\lrll€tal'y Training Plall lllld lxcud.   al ln€8t,BnrSGnt to h1D]' ' Colleges Ul Order   they nlay bg IOCHI b()Q]‘d$ SO   the “/Ork deqjred . The fOl`t.hCO]]"ll]']g publication, \vhiCh
Mic VV0l‘l< Regulgitiona and Sug_ v,lQ_i0uS I _ m ’_ ee the head? Ot the D]`_elm1`ed fer m0I`€ €X&Cti11g’ forms of te be acwmplished oan be thor` rh IS Gxriected to be off the press the
gmtions wm be Sent as mm] TS me OffiC‘la1fat;tlV;t1€S 111 Ixentuoky at imlitary servioa ly discussed Cue ` HTH week in September, will contain
,1- _   " GO 0’tl~l ·, V ,-   ` I ._ . .
j];@‘;;‘jijQl€d E*¤¤¤>¢ wi qiwuges nnmé, August`°§‘§h"°{§,,°{’lQ§Q§§."[ ,9;h§.§‘§,§“§§§’.€§1‘*§*“**"‘S*""’ h€’*°‘¤¤H*‘· ]Ol‘§‘J°' R“°d€S has ¤¤¤i¤e