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I H   = I D E A
  . · University of Kentucky
I   i·|··|»~t4··t·t·•·|»•••·|·4»+·t ·|··|»•|»·•·|•+·|··•·I»·•·•»·I»·•·o·O1
  0 The Choral Society of State 0 . . 4 Dr. J. Fred Wolle, famous O1'. P. A.      
4 University will meet Monday O O organist, will be the next at- Ol
i         O afternoon at 4:30 in the muslc O     ·I• traction to appear here under 0      
r 0 studio on the third door of the O O the auspices of the Lyceum O
_.1— O gymnasium. The studio will O — - ·|· Bureau of the University. Ho O éi.
2·• , .
Season Ends m a Tle Be- "' "° °°'“'°'“""’ "°°*°" °“" ““ * Y. M. C. A. Launches Cam- °' Y"' *’° “° "‘° F"" P"°"°”°" ° Ind d 0 · ·
l T O students of the University are O , , , _ O Ian Church, Friday evening, O epen ent rganlzatlon
. tween the WO O invited to join the society. The O palgn to Ralse Aslatlc ·|· February 26, and will render a. O WOPklDg in thé Illtéfésts
1   Teams. 4- membership of the society was ·|• and Blue Ridge Fund. O program of classical selections 01 of Prohibition
  ,_____ O very large last year and offers O   O and will make a short talk on O '
,_ U         G  O to every student an opportunity O O these numbers. Admission will OI
.o O to acquaint themselves with ·I•|$303     O be free to all. O 100      
` O rt f l . O i
  ¤¤ wo o·»·» ·¤¤ »··»¤-¤·»··o·· ¤·¤¤¤~ t jj; ;"f"f _ _ r _ r _ a _ ow. Robert K. M.....,·. an to the * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *1
the Kentucky Wildcats emerged vic- students Wednesday momma at me —---•-••..t The Intercollegiate Prohlbltlon As.
wrioul In both` The unt ended 22 regular chapel services marks the “ H s0c1°’t1°¤' r°pr°°°m'°d M Sum Umv"'
to 13 and the second 20 to 18.   S   A     my by on Pmmbmon
League, is an
· The Volunteers had not completely 0 mal beginning of the campugn to be independent organization of the col
recuperated from their trip In the tlrst conducted thll Week by the Y. M. C.         H l
game and were probably not at their A. for the purpose of raising $700. °g° and u°1v°”1ty °1‘°d°m° °‘ uw
best. but at that it WN 1lY **0 m00·¤’ iDean Massie's address was relative to ——e— United stm"' md is °'m"“°d with n°
slow. Christian work now being done in · 0*1101` °°110$1*1*0 °1’8¤¤1¤*1°¤· U 1U
The second contest was the hardest ODE of the MOSt Popular { Ching by Orggulzauons tn this country CO`€%i’l_F0rm Eintlge _?aSt of platform it has a slmplo cr••d: 1.
rough: contest puuod on ot the Audi- Students Who Ever {ue tanned that the students or xm- 10 Y00*` S 111 0' That ¢¤¤•¤¤ mon owl v¤m•¤ would
torium this year and from the start Attended Stat_€_ tucky stats fntgregt thcmnowgu tn tut, S0phl3.Il Play. aid in the solution ot the liquor prob-
it was "nlD and tuck" who W0“1d ‘Y1¤· _i._ 1work and contribute as liberally as ;'_"' 10m? 2- T11** *1*0 m•*h°d of ¤°1¤*10¤
Due to the intense rivalry of the two Iposutbts COSTUMING OF 1860 ia 8 national prohibition of the manu-
teams, which was aggravated by tho       This campaign Kwon Stato Univer., ? factvure, sal; md nag of alcohol];
determination of the Volunteers to "Y stty gn opportuntty to not into a move. · Cast of Characters. liQ\10l’|·
anhu tho loca or the uraht ootorcr William S. Thelslng, age 25, a 12_m€m arrocuhg rho wholo aourh and Mts, Mgrigh Dguglgs-Mgrlg Becker The Intercollegiate Prohibition As-
the game was considerably roush. $’0‘1“0*0 0* the C°11°$0 of M1"' *1**11the whore y°;·td_ Og tht. {700 {und Isabel Dougl•.s·—lna Darnall. Sooiation il not s political nor a re-
many fouls being called on both sides. M0*°11“"8Y· Y"' 1*111011 100* T1““"‘1*Y $350 ts to no town"; ynnnytng tn, tn. Marie Van Harlenger—Vlvian De llsious orxmisatlon. It do•• not of-
0 The Tannauao hoya woro In tho ln a mine accident at Paxton, Indiana dahtadhaaa or tho moo mdao_ No C__ Lane, tlllate with any churgh qt- my nn'.
lead 11 to 8 at the end of the flrat Hs W00 '*0¤‘11”$ 00 0- “Y1*°1‘ 11* *1*0 trginjng grgundg gm- ctn-tstgnn tender-. Col. William McMlllen—Ellzabeth ioua institution. The student volun-
harr and kept rr uhm about hvo mtu. mine, when a coal car jumped the amp and $350 toward promouua Y_ M_ Fm-ra_ teer movement sends ship loads ot
utes before the game was called. when ***01* 0110 °*`“0h0d 1111** 08'*11”* 0 "11’ (3_ A_ work tn Chiu; one ctttzsn nv- Dr. Blake—Stella Pennington, Bible and missionaries to torelgn
the Wildcats tied the score 16 to 16: 0* the m1“0· S0"0"°1 11°“” 0100000 hu; lu Fayette County has contributed Miss Madden—Mary Parker. lands: the Intercokgiate Prohibition
and a mlnute later this was broken 1’0*01'0 1*0 could be 1*000*10*1 *1'°m *110 3150 Ot this amount but tho students John Cason Gordon, alias Jack Association is striving to make lt lm-
when zerrom who who auhantutod for wreckage and he died two hours later. wm be grvoh thc opportunity ro aura t Cason-Martha vamon possible for those name ships to carry
Morgan, was particularly goodl His body was sent to his home at rho rcmahrdca Cards woro paaaod ar! Mr-s_ (;ord0n..Enzabeth Duncan, liquor from this country to those same
It would b6 h8.l‘d to DlCk tho stars C0v1ng1'0n’ Ky" where the funeral was ) [hg clggg gf the ghgpgl pgrjgd \Vgdugg.* RUSS G0l'd0l1—J\1dl[h   countriu.
for the Wildcats, for it took the beat 1l01‘1· M0“d"·Y· dgy and n large amount gf subscrtn- Cindy——Virglnia Stout. The Intercollegiate Prohibition As.
that was ln all of them to "brlng th0 Messages 000*108 *110 001`1`0w1111 111' tions were received At this timgi Henry—Mary Hamilton. Soolation has as its chlef functions the
bacon homo'-. hut rho work of Tuttle, telllgence that he had met his death $303 havo oooh courrrhurod Dancers ln Mlnnet-Elsie Speck, familiarlzing ot all college students
- who was SWl[Ch€d to forward, and were 1`0001Y0‘1 by the local chapter of A Mgt of thirty (ganvggggrg have been VlVl8.I1 DeLa,ne L0lS Brown, L0lB } with th9 DPOKTBIS of pl'0hibi[i0|‘| all
Morgan, was partciularly good. $19110 A1p11°· El’011011· S1**“1"10Y· The appointed and they wm can gn all [ Powell, Elizabeth Duncan and Flor- over the country, the education of col-
Mcspaddon undoubtedly dtd the news spread Ilke wildflre 0V€l‘ thé Cam- those who have not given It is almrencg Duncan, 1l€88 students 011 the IAYQBP f0[(\1|‘Q|
_ best work tor Tennessee. Not only 0**0 0***1 00'“0 00 0 1*00YY 010“’ to hls gergly hoped that no dtmcutty willr Dancers in Plantation Dance——Eliza-rot the problem, and the tralnlng ot a
was his guarding of the brightest   Hlany friendE and acquaintances here. be encountem in raising the desired   Alexander, Jessie Acker, Eleanor few students for active s€rViC0.
but he also accompllshed several dlf- 110 was 0110 of *110 000* 1'm0W0 and {und An the other- Qgllgggg of tnejliaker, Louise Dougherty and Lena The Intercollegiate Prohlbltlon As-
hculc aoahr most popular men who ever attended Sraro have alroady procured thotriolern sociation has a place ln college actlvl.
Tha line-Ups and ll1dlVld\l31 80819 *1*10 Umversitx A member of the assessment and only the State Univer-; —·—· *188 as DNC of U18 D&ti0!1·WldG m0V0-
scored follow: S1$m“ E1’“11°“ "“1"m1*Y· and °°t1v°|sity or Kentucky is behlnd with its ap-1 The Phllosophian Literary Society ment to eradicate the liquor tramo,
Kentucky-—Morgan (capt.) 2, Tuttle lu 0Y01`Y 000101 “11011` of 0**1*1011* 1110· portionmant The mon and women or h will present their second annual dra- AS State University has set tor her.
]_ Zgrfoggr substitute, 1, forwards; Ser- B111· 38 1l0 was D0DU1¤l`1Y known. 01*1 Kentucky gtuto Should give freely to r matic production, "A Kentucky Belle," self a high standard, scholastlcally, gg.
ver 2, center; Scott and Gumbert, 1. *10* *0'g0* 1*10 Studies- 0*1*1 W00 0100*0*1 such a cause, and S0 when the solid-18E the Armory, Wednesday evening, clally and morally, she cannot afford
guarda proo goalsébiorgan 6_ to the honorary engineering fraternity. tora approach you gtvo thorn a word   March 3. to overlook the greatest evll or the
A Tennessee-Klein 1, and Clinard 1,"1`8¤ 80*8 pl- He WHS 8 m0¤1b0¤` of of encouragement and whatever, The story of the play in interesting day, nor refuse to lend her support
rw ras. Groohwood 2_ center; Mc. the Glee Club, and not only had a good aruouur ou cau anord_ 1and attractive ln plot, and as would toward the ultimate etfaoement of pro-
fo a . y
spadden 4. and Jacobs. guards- Free V°1°0 1**** was 0100 ***1 °°°°m¤11°h0d A v. M. c. A. nomlnatlng ccmmuteerbo expected in a drama with a Ken- ¤il>iti<>¤·
g0als—Kl0ln 2. 010010*- composed of one studgnt tron; eachrtuvky theme and setting. the whole There are about a hundred voters
R€r6r,0a__Kohh or Richmond State Uurlng his stay here, he became a couo o or rho Uuivorah was ah, plot centers around a love affalr and connected with the league who have
. g y ,
Noruuah Mystic Thirteen. and a Key. and ron- uouncgd at ch·p81 yastgrdayg Thiglli horse race. bound themselves to fight until the
, resented his fraternity in the Pan- ooruruhtoo wut norninato tho Omoo,-nr 'l`he most interesting feature of the State of Kentucky is in the Prohlbi·
The Contact for the grading or smh H0l10¤l0 C0¤¤0ll- He W8¤ 8 good 8th- and cabinet men of tho Y_ M_ ty A_ presentation will be the male roles in- tion column.
Fr ld m w we Ammon _ mh lm wd ¢¤¤*¤ vm *¤ sevml k*¤¤¤ of for next year who will me their Orterpmtou by me pretty Coeds. who , __
° was ' athletics making the gym team in his hoop A 1 » · -
· pril lst. The committee will_11¤V0 0**00**0*1 *1*01* 1“d0P0¤*100'~0 1’Y Following thelr custom Tau Sigma,
°°""`°°1‘°"’ M 02 °°"°° °' cumc yard S¤¤¤<>m¤¤<¤ Y0"- 10 1110 S0“10" Y00·" meet Saturday at 1:30. r8¤¤¤¤“1¤S *1*000 r<>le¤ *1*0¤*001"00· 1** the honorary musical traternlty, held
*0* 01*011* *000 0111110 Y"d“· Mn An` he w“ ¤¤1>¤°'1¤*1°“ m“n“g°1` 01 *118 The popular association quartet, stead of 001*1118 **0010***11*`0 1*0*11 *110 lts initiation banquet Monday evening,
derson was awarded the bid 0V0|' 1{*`11*“"111“"· composed of Messrs. Hall, Kennedy, *110 1*0Y=‘- **0 was *10110 100* Y0"- February 15, at the home of Tom Jack-
‘ seven other contractors. When com- **111 10 1*00* 1'0'“0m1’01`0*1 1*Y 0 lSl`0¤* Rodwtnn and [)enn_ gang ··Tnne  Other novel features of the play will uon_
plated Stun Fiqh] wu] be one of the u\8|lY people 88 l>!'0¤1d6!1t0ftll6 St|‘0l· tvor-kathy u very Mauutful and ntting be the costunllug which will be ac- Those initiated were Graham Pad_
largest and most up-to·date athletic 101`“• *110 1°°“·1 111°“m°·*1c °111b· and 8** number, at the beginning of tl1e`<‘0*`*111*g to *110 0*Y10 of 18*10· **1111 *110 ley. Frallklln Corn and Nelson Souls,
tlelds in the South. ‘*""'((r0mrh'u"0d' hh Pago TWO) ' ` services. r’_“‘ri,;)Krr`nhah ’hn"r,aé;.rQvO_r ' ” making the full complement of eight,
Come “Z 'o See “‘A Kentucky Belle"
At th A M h th Th' d
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