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    <`. ms Bu//viz); No 6;. " A   
Y,. ii];   In the preceding table we have given in the iilrst  
j,   f'· column the name of the brand , next, where the sample-  
3 '‘,” i"   , was taken; then the " station number," and. lastly, the  
Y ~·   analysis and valuation. The same order is preserved in    
    ° the table as in the description of the samples, hence it is  
·;; ·, _j' not necessary to repeat the name of the manufacturer. g.  
  `   '· In the case of each brand, the official analysis is iirst  E; f
  Y, if given, in bold-faced type, for comparison. This oiiicial  
  J·. ij,. analysis is the same as the analysis that was on the tag-7  
  . . attached to the sack irom which the sample was taken-  
~•r_   M. A,. SCOVELL, Director. .   Q
j' i A. M. PETER, g . , V
I .' H. E. CURTIS, S Ohcmtsts. ·
  , V December 31st, 1896.  
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