I  .
  Harry Cannon recently underwent an operation in Baltimore, but is nowf.4-
3 doing nicely. He was in Atlantic City some weeks recuperating before beginnmgg
‘ Q his duties as instructor in the German Department of the University. Q
j Mrs. C. W. Leaphart (Mary Rodes) and baby daughter are spending the i 'I
Q summer in Lexington. I ·` june
I Murray Raney is now interested in chemical engineering and recentlyl . SPIUY
{ erected an experimental plant for Armour & C0. His address is: Care of Look-[ . WPC
  out Refining Company, Chattanooga, Tenn. j 1***%
9 Lewis Marks joined the ranks of "Proud Father" recently. Lewis has I`lOli` Mona
{ yet told us whether it is a boy or girl.   D
~` The California delegation, Hugh Sanders and "Nat" Scott are said to beg' her j
married. If the Secretary is wrong, please inform him and don’t fail to seudt _ next
I notices at the proper time. _ §¤ {
· You know we like to hear about all the members of the class, but unlessi Osbo
_ they write, there is little opportunity for finding out what they are doing. Tryl. I
¢ to write a letter two or three times a year and if you can’t afford to tell on youry comr
self, tell on the other fellow. _ Q enthi
’ ......-—-   all bi
, §. f
. `j CLASS OF 1911. ’; ’ C m;
` BY OL1.1N1; CRU1c1