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Vlhoa -
watch out!

Jaywalking is in no way
condoned by the
Kernel nor will we be
responsible if you get
hurt doing so. Having
said that, I do it all
the time. Here are
some strategies, pros
and cons of the next
Olympic Sport,


Start by looking left and
only left. The
opposing traffic does
not concern you, at
least not at this
point. Crossing even
numbered lanes
above four is asking
for trouble if there is
no median or divider.
Stop crossing odd
number lanes at

Stand ready to pounce
at a moment's notice
with the speed of a
wild cheetah, or
other really quick
animal. Anticipate
the gap, but beware,
not all cars travel at
the same speed.

Take command of the
center lane if you
have to. (Actually,
this may not be good
advice seeing as l
have been clipped by
mirrors twice now.)

Run like the wind in a
hurricane to the
other side.

Now some pros and

Pro: Get to class 18
seconds quicker,
although it feels like
five minutes.

Con: Mental pictures of
Mac trucks that stay
with you the rest of
your life.

Pro: Sense of
accomplishment by
avoiding traffic.

Con: Getting hit by
traffic and not living.

Pro: Heart gets more
exercise. not just
form running to avoid
the CATS bus, but
also from the
adrenaline that
causes your heart to
race until after you
have already gone to

Con: Die of heart attack
before you get hit.

Pro: You look all big and
bad in front of
someone you are
interested in.

Con: You fall in the
turning lane. rip your
jeans and have to
limp on campus the
rest of the day.

Pro: Strengthened

Con: Tearing a cold groin

-Ron Norton



No new emails for a
couple of days now. I
know it is mid-term,
"but where have all
the cowboys gone?"
Or at least readers?

7.1 4.8

It's going to be a
bright, bright sun-shiny

Kristi tir‘it‘t‘

VOL #8106 ISSUE 334


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Call: 257-1915 or write:



Keep your
head up

soccer falls in
soccer polls | 10




By Ashley York

By Amanda Yor_k


The UK basketball
team suffered two losses
Tuesday with the verdict
of Jules Camara's DUI of-
fense coming out guilty
and the resignation of as-
sociate head coach George

Tony Neely, the media
relations director for the
Athletics Department. said
Felton's resignation had
nothing to do with Cama-
ra's verdict.

Camara. a junior for-
ward. was found guilty

Tuesday in the Fayette

District Court by a jury of

five women and one man
on charges of driving
while under the influence
on Sept. 3. Camara pleaded
innocent to the charges.

Under UK's zero toler-
ance, alcohol policy. Neely
said the guilty verdict
means Camara will lose
his basketball scholarship

The alcohol policy
does not state when the
termination of Camara's
scholarship will go into ef-

Neely said it will be up
to the athletics adminis-
tration to decide upon a

Losing two: Coach Felton resigns to scout for Pacers

possible time of return for
(Tamara in the future.
Neely also said (Tamara
would no longer be al-
lowed to practice with the
team or take part in any
team activities.

[7K students said Ca-
inara‘s conviction hurts
not only the basketball
team. but UK‘s reputation.

"It‘s going to hurt
them as a team because he
is a good player.“ said Joe
Miller. a history and eco»
nomics junior.

"It‘s going to hurt

Miller said.

UK’s alcohol policy is
one of the strictest in the
nation. and has come un-
der question recently be-
cause it typically results
in a student-athlete being
forced to transfer.

Even though some stu
dents question the policy.
others do not because they
say it puts student-athletes
on the same level as the
rest of the student body.

"He got treated like
anybody else would have."
said Makessa Stickley. an
elementary education
freshman. “He’s a college

student just like the rest of


year's team. Felton. de
spite his resignation. said
Tuesday that [Tli basket
ball was "the finest pro-
gram in the country.”
Felton has been with
the UK basketball team
since 1997. He‘s spent the
last three seasons assist-
ing head coach Tubby
Smith in recruiting and
coaching. [K has won one
national championship.
two Southeastern Confer-
ence Tournament titles
and two SEC (‘hampr
onships during his tenure.
He will be leaving to
become a scout for the In
diana Pacers. a job he de-
scribes as a “lifelong

wry finds Camara guilty for DUI

look forward to a new ca-
reer." Felton said.

Neely said Felton
made tremendous contri-
biltions to the team.

"He played an instru-
mental role in coaching
the last three years. and
was part of the national
championship effort in
1998." Neely said.

Brooks Downing. the
associate director of media
relations for the Athletics
Department. said it didn't
surprise him that the l’ac
ci‘s wanted to add Felton
to their sittii‘.

"I am sure that's why
the Indiana Pacers wanted
to hire him as a scout

their image even more
than that because they
have had several instances
like that (in the pasti.”

While many l'K stu-
dents are concerned with “I am
the performance of this my


new challenge



By_Allen Silvey

ternet advertise



A body for th
I new millenniu

Health technology: New
strides in medicine involve
cells, genes and robots

Students who had the chance to
celebrate the onset of the new millen»
nium may be around long enough to
see the start of the next millennium.

Not only will we live longer. doc-
tors say. but the quality of our lives
will be better as technology advances
surgery, medicine and even birth.

“People don't know how close we
are to realizing all of these ‘science
fiction‘ medical advances." said Dr.

Encounterlink is a wireless, handheld connectivity dev e used by
physicians at the point of care. EncounterLink comratlent clinical
William Mers. a Cincinnati epidemi_ information into an integrated, digital medicalrecord and provides

connectivity between physicians' andkey health care participants .

ologist. “Most people who are under
40 years old will be utilizing these ad-
vances in their lifetimes."

Until just a few years ago. making
a baby boy or a baby girl was pretty
much a hit-or-miss affair. Traits such
as height. attractiveness and intelli-
gence were fairly unforeseeable.

Today. entrepreneurs on the ln«
eggs to prospective parents for a steep
price. According to the American So-
ciety for Reproductive Medicine‘s
web site. before the new millennium
is many years old. parents may he go-
ing to fertility clinics and picking
from a list of options the way car buy-
ers order options for a new car.

“In the future. parents will be
able to select their unborn child's
traits such as eye color. hair color.
height. IQ and how long they will
live.“ said Winston Morrisey. a Lex-
ington reproductive technologist.

In addition to customizing your
baby‘s physical traits. genetic engi-
neers will be able to insert genes that
will provide the child with natural re-
sistance to heart disease. cancer and
possibly HIV. Morrisey said.

Just about every cell in the body

See HEALTH on 2

In the
future, .
parents '
will be T
able to





Win Jammm’

The portable Win Jam MP3 player allows users to
download MP3's from the internet, storing them on
the device. The Win-Jam Is the first portable music
player to exclusively support Windows Media

TOM s3 RR; aw




because he knows basket»
ball talent." Downing

Dental student

buffs teeth,

By Kristi Martin

Most students come to [7K
to build up their minds with
knowledge. Eric Browning did
more than that: He came to UK
and built up his body too.

Browning. a first-year den-
tistry student. is featured in the
November issue of Flex Maga-
zine for his achievements in
bodybuilding and academics.

The current copy of Flex
went out on store shelves Oct. 3.

“I had no clue that I would
be in it." Browning said.

He said his first reaction
when he received an advance
copy in the mail was shock. He
said he thought he was going to
have a heart attack.

Browning said he knew he
might be in the issue. but noth-
ing was for sure.

The aiticle contains a biog-
raphy of Browning and a pic-
ture from a bodybuilding com
petition last year.

Last November. Browning
placed sixth in the Kentucky
Body Building Championships.
He was the youngest of the 60
competitors. He said he was

surprised with the outcome of

the competition. because it was
his first bodybuilding competi

”I started working out as a
(college) freshman just to keep
in shape, I had always been ac
the in high school with foot
ball and baseball." Browning

Browning competes in the
middleweight class. He's 3‘9“
and weighs ISIS pounds. IIe



Eric Browning, a
first-year den-
tistry student, is
featured in the
November issue
of Flex Magazine
for his bodybuild-
ing and academic
After graduation,
Browning hopes
to open a den-
tistry practice
and an athletic


gained 20 pounds of muscle in
the past four years through his
weight lifting efforts.

Over the years. he said
that friends encouraged him to
compete, in body building com-
petitions for fun. His friends
were more serious and wanted
him to get involved in competi-
tions with them. he said.

Browning is preparing for
another competition. The Blue-
grass Muscle Classic. in .Iune.
This will be his second compo

Browning enjoys working
out and also hopes that he can
continue to compete. He‘s opti-
mistic about the outcome of his
next competition.

Besides going to dentistry
school and brxlybuilding.
Browning is also a certified
personal trainer.

”I am not a personal trainer
right now becaiise I am too busy
with (dentistry) school. but I re-
ally enjoyed it when I was doing
that." said Browning.

Browning hopes to open an
athletic center and dentistry
practice after he graduates
form dental school.

Browning said that he is
receiving calls about the article
from fitness model agents that
are interested in signing him
for advertisements. He said the
calls have been flattering. and
although he does not plan to
pursue the endeavors he said
he is keeping his options open.

"I am not sure that I want
to be a fitness model or a com
petitive body builder. but I am
going to keep my options










The Low-down

I’m cute
in gym
shorts! I’m
slim and
trim and,
you’d be
I’ve got

-I.anyl(ing. CNN

talkmeister. to
The Washington
Post, after CBS's
“F ace the
Nation" host Bob
Schieiter ques-
tioned how King
might look in gym

UN chief appeals for Mideast talks

JERUSALEM , Amid scattered new out~
breaks of violence in the West Bank and Gaza
Strip, UN. Secretary-General Kofi Annan
appealed Monday to Israel and the Palestinians to
get back to the bargaining table and end the cycle
of killing. Tuesday was a day of intense diplomat-
ic activity. including talks with both Israelis and
Palestinians by Annan, Russian Foreign Minister
Igor Ivanov. and European Union security chief
Javier Solana. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak
also spoke Monday night with President Clinton
and French President Jacques Chirac. the prime
minister's office said.

Top U.S. official visits Belgrade

WASHINGTON , In a show of support for
newly installed President Vojislav Kostunica, the
Clinton administration will soon reopen the U.S.
Embassy in Belgrade and also hopes to re-estab-
lish diplomatic relations with Yugoslavia. The
State Department also announced Monday that
James C. O'Brien. the senior U.S. official for
Balkans development. was flying to Belgrade to
meet with Kostunica. a further reversal of the icy
distance that marked Slobodan Milosevic‘s rule.

Gore-Bush II: Expect nice guys

WASHINGTON w The presidential cantil-
dates are going after each other offcamera Is Al
Gore trustworthy enough to be president? ls
George W. Bush qualified? but when the lights
go on Tuesday for their second debate. voters can
look for both men to turn on the charm. Neither
candidate wants to risk any further voter back-
lash hy openly going on the attack. whatever their
negative. ads and quote-slinging surrogates are
saying elsewhere.

The pill and breast cancer linked

CHICAGO Birth control pills may raise the
already heightened risk of breast cancer faced by
women with a family history of the disease. a
study suggests. Among sisters and daughters of
women with breast cancer, users of the pill were
three times more likely than nonusers to get the
disease. If at least five family members had breast
or ovarian cancer. pill users faced an 11-f0ld risk.
the reseairthers report in today's edition of Journal of
the American .I lediml As‘u'mtiorz.

Bloomberg may run for N.Y. mayor

NEW YORK Financial media titan Michael
Bloomberg transformed his start-up company
from pipsqueak to powerhouse in less than two
decades. and along the way amassed a personal
fortune estimated at $2.5 billion but can he be

Tuesday II he
could choose to
be any woman
for a day. it
would he
Secretary of
State Madeleine
because he
"respects her."

Daryl Hannah
has become the
latest U.S.
actress to
appear on the
British stage.
starring in "The
Seven Year
Itch" at the
Theater in
london's West
End. Following
in the wake of
Nicole Kidman
and Kathleen
Turner in
London's the-
ater land,
Hannah took to
the stage on
Monday night in
a remake of
Billy Wilder's
1950 comedy.

elected the next mayor of New York? Bloomberg,
58. has said nothing publicly about entering the
mayor’s race, but has hired a wellconnected advi-
sor, met with political leaders to discuss his
chances and has changed his registration from
Democrat to Republican during the past several
days a move that would help distinguish him-
self from a crowded Democratic field.

Nasdaq ends down 115, Dow falls 44

NEW YORK — Stocks fell sharply Monday as
investors girded themselves for earnings reports
amid persistent worries about technology shares.
The tech-heavy Nasdaq closed down 115.00 at
3,240.56, according to preliminary calculations.
The Dow Jones industrial average tumbled 44.03
to 10,524.40. On the NYSE. losers led gainers by a
6-to-5 margin.

Yankees, Mariners set for ALCS

NEW YORK em The New York Yankees fought
off the pesky Oakland Athletics to face the Seattle
Mariners starting Monday night in the American
League Championship Series. While the Mariners
enter the series well-rested following three days
off, the Yankees are drained following back-to-
back cross-country flights. Freddy Garcia (9-5)
starts for the Mariners against Denny Neagle (15-
9). who didn't even pitch in the first~round against

Compiled from wire reports.



The video being shown by the Christian Stu-
dent Fellowship follows the progression of a cou-
ple from courtship to growing old together as a
married couple. For more information visit
httpfl 'www.communitiesmsn.com/SOSatUK




Continued from page 1

has the instructions to make a
complete human. Most of those
instructions are inactive, and
with good reason: The last
thing you want is for your
brain cells to start churning
out stomach acid.

The only time cells have
the potential to turn into a spe-
cific body part is very early in
a pregnancy. when our first
few cells, or stem cells. haven’t
begun to specialize yet. Scien-
tists are now discovering how
to harness the power in these

“Most diseases involve the
death of healthy cells: Brain
cells in Alzheimer's; cardiac
cells in heart disease: pancre-
atic cells in diabetes; to name a
few," said Dr. Andy McNeil, a
Louisville surgeon. “In the fu-
ture doctors will be able to iso-
late these stem cells. direct
their growth and furnish pa-
tients with healthy replace-
ment tissues and organs."

And what if you don't need
a new liver just yet? Organ

banks will be available for you
to store healthy organs for
when you do need them. For
those who can't afford to store
their own organs. science has
an army of new surgical robots
on the horizon.

Brian Haggady. a graduate
student in robotics at the
Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, talked about how
robots of the future will re-
place a majority of human sur-
geon’s duties.

“The patient will be laid
on the operating table with
any number of robots hanging
from the ceiling," he said.
“Most likely human anesthesi-
ologists will still put the pa-
tient out, but then the robots
will run the rest of the
surgery. Humans will he need-
ed only for maintenance of the
robots and supervision of the

Haggady goes on to say
that the precision of the robots
will minimize the time it takes
to perform a surgery and re-
duce recovery time.

The future of medicine
may seem distant and far-
fetched. but it’s closer than
one might think.


Swing groups in key states

- In”: "'h‘ 'm.! '0' '8‘“!
worldly at least 20 hours a wash

we men, age 3-64, who an m
coins mm













Ho's cool.

Ho's (loan.

He's a love machine.


‘ . ‘ _
~ N». ladiesmanmovre (cm 7 ' ‘

R «3-97.‘


Guam-61W, the lgl



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UK Student Center

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call 257-8867

* Passes available at the Student Center
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Passes required. Seating is limited and not guaranteed. Please arrive early.

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v—v—nr Ar‘ {tr—I




it im' “jay “fig. r”'wroiitsoitj_ocro'acatr. 2000 | 3





e. . i .
. . . . UK through an interview Via the
r Renewn‘q connectlons: After Climbing the career center. She left me ex-
. tremely enthusiastic about
lg corporate ladder, alumna works to help UK working for the company."
ig Franxman said. “She exemplir
. fiestheatit z“v .
Cl' 91M recruited me through the p to and leadei‘stiilipethtatunlia‘iteesniitjdt-
'1' 5”" "R”‘R grant Rh“ h was a great help. ple successful at Procter & Gam~
a- ‘ . . Price. born in Pennsylva- ble." ,
t5 , Q“? "9”}? highestrankmg nia. came to UK for a variety of Alfonso Corie] a financial t
he Sgdiitlefll'ls‘ugédilyiiigiitft grinstiii masons“ . analyst 01: pet‘sonaihealth care
19' dent Center "I d9(71d9d I0 attend UK for 3 finance for Procter and Gamble. .
i 7 Gretchen W price “(.9 total experience. i was seeking a said that he doesn't know of any-
” president and treasut'eroi Proc good‘educatto‘n. hang tun and one who would not speak highly .
, ter & Gamble lectured to gm: meetmga variety 0f D9091? from of her and she is truly an excepr t
l.‘ j g ‘ ‘. different backgrounds. Price tional woman. l
is deilits ahnd falculty on creating said K ti M k fi 1 l
r va ue t rou r mer 'ers an ac» ' . a 9 ‘A ar 5- 'd “311C“ 11’“ .
; quisitions. R s l’l‘lt‘i‘ has renewed hercon» marketing senior. attended the l
Perhaps more intriguing 119C110“ Wllh [K b," becoming 'd program because of her curiosi- l
19 than her topic is the fact she is member Of Uh 5 b.u51“955 part- I." anti 111101‘951 in T119 company. 3
r- an UK alumna. EGRSPIP‘bm‘m-R hlbt'h‘iildb g“ en “1 have been job searching :'
n Price graduated fI-On] the 9’ ‘9‘“0” 0 get “‘ on him since last year. We went to Proc- 3

UK in 1976 with a bachelor's in
accounting. A month after grad.
uating. Price joined Procter 8:
Gamble and began her career
with the company despite hav-
ing no prior business affilia-

"I connected with Procter &
Gamble through UK's place-

pus and strengthen connections.

Individuals who work close
with Price set her apart from
others. Jill Franxman. associate
director of personal health care
finance for Procter & Gamble.
remembers the day she first met

“Gretchen is personally re~
sponsibie for recruiting me from

ter & Gamble for a financial
management association meet-
ing and I fell in love with the
company.“ Marks said. “i want
to work for a large corporation
where I can incorporate both of
my majors. 1 enjoyed the compa-
ny because it is very modern
company geared towards
younger adults as a work force."



Bridaestone/Firestone Inc. CEO Masatoshi Ono, left, follows a security agent to a waiting car as he
leaves a Nashville, Tenn. hotel on Monday. Ono spent the day giving a deposition to lawyers represent-
ing customers who have sued the company over faulty tires.



inent office." Price said. "They




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