more! The doctor said so. I heard him whispering to
Jemmy, when he thought I was asleep, and I made her tell me.
She did n't want to, but she thought I 'd better know....
It isn't as if it would kill me to have them, Mother-that
would n't matter! But it would kill them. It takes too long.
Something is wrong about me."
  Kate glanced at Philip in shocked questioning. lie nodded
  "So now you know the sort God is, Mother! Cruel, cruel!
Just because I wasn't good. . . . Think of it, never any
babies! No one to play with, and pet, and take care of.
No one that needs me, or wants me...."
  Philip bent over her, " S\y darling, the world is full of
  "But not mine. Not one that wants me.- Oh, how my
breast aches, how my breast aehes."
  "This won't do," murmured Jemima, anxiously. "She 's
working herself up into a fever again. I 'm going to call the
  Philip whispered something in her ear, and she hurried to
the door.
  There was a sound outside that stopped the frantic words on
Jacqueline's lips. "W7hat 's that" she breathed. It came
again; the fretful whimper of a sleepy child.
  Jemima came into the room, carrying small Kitty, newly
awakened from a nap on somebody's comfortable knees, and
naturally resentful.
  "O-oh!" gasped Jacqueline on a long-drawn breath. "Give
her to me! "
  Presently, held warm against that aehing breast, Mag's baby
slept again; and Jacqueline looked from one to the other of
those about her with the first dawning of her old, wide, radiant
  Soon her own eyes drooped. The three tiptoed toward the